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DLHughleyLogoNoSloganopen-armsD.L. Hughley is one of the most popular and highly recognized standup comedians on the road today has also made quite an impression in the television, film and radio arenas.First and foremost a standup comedian, he stars in his 5th stand-up comedy special “Reset” which is currently airing on Showtime. In addition, D.L’s first humorous book title, I Want You to Shut the F*ck Up, is out in bookstores. DL also created and starred in the satirical documentary special for Comedy Central “D.L. Hughley: The Endangered List” and is a part of the groundbreaking “Black and Brown Comedy Get Down” tour.
Known for being astute and politically savvy in true comedian style, D.L. served as host of his own late night talk show on CNN “D.L. Hughley Breaks the News.” D.L. was mostly recently heard on the New York airwaves, as host of the morning show on WRKS-FM. DL also serves as a weekly contributor to the nationally syndicated radio show, “The Tom Joyner Morning Show.”

DL’s tapped into his playful side participating in the 16th season of the hit ABC show “Dancing with the Stars,” alongside partner Cheryl Burke.

As the star and producer of his namesake television show that ran on ABC and UPN “The Hughleys,” D.L. is also well known as one of the standout comedians on the hit comedy docu-film The Original Kings of Comedy. A veteran of numerous talk show appearances D.L. switched the tables in 2005, hosting his own talk show on Comedy Central “Weekends at the DL.” He is a regular on the late night talk show circuit, including always-memorable appearances on “Real Time with Bill Maher,” and “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” He is frequently requested as guest host on such shows as, “The View” and “Live with Kelly.”

D.L.’s first love always has been, and always will be, standup comedy. “From the minute I first walked onstage and picked up a microphone,” he says, “I knew that it was what I was meant to do.”

As the host of “The D.L. Hughley Show,”– a daily themed, music intensive afternoon drive radio program from 3-7 pm ET– Hughley, takes listeners on a no holds ride of humor and reality in the afternoons, stating, “I’m fast, funny, and topical. I make people laugh a lot and think a little. Some people want to push the envelope – I try to see if I can singe it a little.”

new-group-tape-shotJasmine Sanders is a rare find. In an entertainment world of superficiality and inflated egos, this beautiful diva with a mega watt smile is as down to earth as they come with talent that is simply undeniable. Once seen on a network that reached over 20 million households as Co-Host of Centric TV’s lifestyle show, “Culture List”, her voice now graces the airwaves in over 50 markets across the country with one of the Original Kings of Comedy and TV Superstar, D.L. Hughley. As Co-Host of the top ranked and Nationally Syndicated “The D.L Hughley Show”, Jasmine is a force to be reckoned with.


Steve Wilson is one of America’s fastest rising comics. Steve grew up in Buffalo, NY in a house full of women which helped shape his warped comedy style on life, family and relationships. Steve has appeared on several T.V. shows including, B.E.T Comic View, TV One The Comedy Spot, Showtime at the Apollo, ABC’s Samantha Who?  and Comics Unleashed, Comedy Central’s Live at Gotham and VH1’s reality show Let’s Talk about Pep, Headline News CNN’s Showbiz Tonight. He also was the Co-host of the DL Hughley Original radio Show on 98.7 KISS FM in NYC.

The D.L. Hughley Show
The D.L. Hughley ShowWednesday, April 26th, 2017 at 2:42pm

Talib Kweli Says Trump Is ‘America’s Revenge’ For Having A ‘N-Word’ (Black) President? Do you agree? #DLQ

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Mahva Jones Of course. This country has always been white supremacist. This is just the worms coming out of the woodwork. President Obama's name has been said more times since Shitler started his regime than when he was in office.
April Butler Hell yea they voted for trump to get back about Obama and everything he stood for! Matter fact all tye laws he created the Republicans refused to even hear or read about they are now tweeking those same laws and rewording ti make as if they did it!
Lola Mezzrolla The openly racist speech dismissed as "talking politics" festered and became the rancid cyst that is this administration. Let the zit pop soon. While all sorts of egregious crap is being normalized, I wish eight years had been enough time to normalize a black president.
George Sims IMO, that is oversimplifying things and painting all White Americans with a broad brush. Let's not overlook the fact that approximately 47% of the American electorate didn't even bother to vote, and HRC failed to get her platform properly identified and communicated across the country. Say what you will about POTUS-45, but dude DID get his hustle on with all this campaign events and speeches....IJS 🤷🏾‍♀️
Teronica Mays The N word that's Trump ass he is the N word wit his ugly ass I couldn't stand that man the first time his face hit the tube and as for him being some kind of revenge for our wonderful President Obama that is B.S. that man got in office for us to be able to see him go down in front of all our eyes and I'm just waiting to see how this plays out now I've never hated for any reason but that man makes my ass itch I truly hate him and want to see him get his in the strongest way ever it is not a threat it's a wish
Robert Manns A lot of Trump's supporters and sympathizers connected with his unabashed rhetoric, because under the radar, they agreed with him for various reasons. I think in a way, Obama's previous election did somewhat influence some voters. But in essence, even if Obama hadn't been previously elected, I still think Trump would have won this election.
Tracy Kidd No!!! Him being a Lyricist. He could find other words of expression. Sounding like the nightly show host when he bombed. Last alternative was to call the president a n#$$@. Ignorant. Damn
Claudia Collins That thought seems to be the general consensus from many lay ppl and analysts... of course I feel the same... ironic thing is the haters benefited from Prez O than they would of under McCain if he would of won....
Rashida Jarmond Yes, but what they're getting is Montezuma's revenge, because they 💩'd on themselves. When his policies start kicking his racist supporters behinds, they won't be able to handle it!
Rudy White Nothing but old racist bigots running the goverment. No diversity, dosent represent the population of the country.
Arthur Levone Jones I would like to disagree with Kweli yet i see he have a point. I just think some white people want to see a President do better then the last President which happen to be a black man that actually wanted change for all. This President just clueless to keeping the good run going. Undoing errything Obama did isn't going do nothing but cause more havoc yet some white people see what Trump is doing & still support him. It's going take another crazy white person to feel he or she want a name for themself by taking a shot at Trump hit or miss for Trump to actually get a clue. Sad to say that yet I can see it coming cause all the evil Trump doing he feel he doing nothing wrong. This isn't a video game you can start over.
April Williams When God freed the Isrealites out of Egypt from the pharoh and they got to the wilderness and Moses left them to go get the commandments of God they got impatient and asked Arron make us a god that we can see so Arron told them to take off the gold from thier ears and around thier necks and Arron made this god niw they knew what it was made out of but that did nit stop them from worshipping it so God god angry and he sent Vipers to kill them and the vipers killed a lot of Isreal then God told Moses to take his staff and put a viper on it and hold it up in the air and the other vipers stopped killing now Anerica is like Isreal it asks for a god it can see and God has let viper loose to kill and it will take another great Viper to stop them trump is not our punishment he is our profesy of Gods truths to Isreal
Myra Izevbizua I dnt sum ppl seem to say nigga az wht or black maybe if ppl put effort en all do far az the dream martin king rosa parks made it wouldnt matta wht trump say rt
Katie Kfunk Sapp hose who voted for him more than likely felt this way; the same haters hated the fact that there was a black prez; for the country, O was a giant step 4wrd & Trump is 2 giant steps back.
Tammy Beamon Jr. @DLHughleyRadio @TalibKweli sentiment is not new. @VanJones68 said it, in tears on election night
Charles Wright Sr. Trump is the last stand for White Supremacy...if he can't restore it, he'll destroy America and the world.
Alicia Miller Blakely HELL NO I don't agree. Trump presidency just shows how RACIST and UNEDUCATED some Americans are!!!
DeeDee LaDawn Trump can eat monkey nuts as far as Im concerned..Old tangerine face, white ring around the eyes motherfucker
Mark Stefan Reinoso Lots of people voted for Obama in 2008 and 2012, but then voted for Trump in 2016. It's about jobs
Geri Avent Yep..just like with O.J.....they got us back with Zimmerman👿😈
Irving Sherwood No. I don't agree. Bernie would have cleaned the floor with Trump, and it's DNCs fault he didn't. Thanks, Donna.
Sandra Rachelle Barack Obama was the opposite of a N-word
Cynthea Douglas Go to "hell in a box" Talib Kweli !
Willitpro Long with out a doubt! I agree...
Terry Tmadd Mitchell Think about and he's. Right.
The D.L. Hughley Show
The D.L. Hughley ShowTuesday, April 25th, 2017 at 2:42pm

A young woman’s story has gone viral about her being savagely beaten by a group of other women. The common belief is that men are more violent than woman. In this day & time, is that still true? #DLQ


Chi La Men are definitely more violent,its not to say there are no violent women.but a look at this world will tell you men are more than willing to kill innocent, women and children to get whatever they want to aquire. Is it all men no,but most men.
Casandra Anewme Jones No, women are definitely more violent than men are! I myself find that when my other half and I are in an argument, I am quick to make physical contact whether it is pushing, slapping, etc...
George Sims I don't think women are anymore violent than they were before...it's just that social media and reality television have increased the visibility of this truth... Men typically will "fist fight", whereas women will bite, kick, scratch, and literally tear at hair and skin like a savage animal... I've heard many men say they wouldn't want to get into a fight with certain women, cause they're concerned they'd literally lose an eye and definitely need some stitches...
Chris Johnson Women are worse because they know that they can not only hit you and get away with it, but they can also get other people to fight you just by lying.
Dorian Gibbs These guys these days can't fight. They swing like girls and the girl squaring up like the guys use to do. The females are going around jumping people like the dudes use to do back in the days. I seen on social media where a group of girls jumped a young man. When I was growing up you pop a few of them and they would back off ( and no I'm not saying hit females ). These guys just dont have no ump ( no snap power ) behind their punches.
Gregory Prentiss I saw a video the other day where this young lady beat up a wheelchair bound lady and other ladies were instigating. Quite shocking.
Nicola Daugherty I think men are more violent than women but we have so many young ladies are joining gangs and this is why I think it looks like women are more violent these days
Carolyn Elliott In these days and time it has even but women at times can get really violent
Tesynia Aries I have a criminal justice back ground and I'll tell you straight up women are more violent.
Andrew Elmore Jr Women are worse. Tits flying no panzies skirts that's not fighting it's a wrestling orgy women more violent
Rashida Jarmond I think the conversation should be about why are these women acting violently and not about whether whom is more violent.
Deborah Staton Snowden Women are worse when come to fighting but men are turning to gun violence and shooting!!! Wow 😳
Tarsha Vance I think it's even men and women both violent they have no empathy for a human being a animal or anything this day and time
Mez Titus I say Men are speaking like politically but in Life da Hood hands down Woman for the wrld not see it & this makes it more dangerous...
Keith Larkin These ain't chicago women are they? They crazy!
Farrah Fryar Men. Hands down.
Faith Smith Cuevas Nowadays women are definitely more violent
Jamal Tigerfantom Both
Victoria Parks Probably
Stephanie Spurlin Pugh Women are worse!
Ran Mckin Weave makes you violent
The D.L. Hughley Show
The D.L. Hughley ShowMonday, April 24th, 2017 at 2:42pm

There is a phenomenon called “stealthing” ― the purposefully nonconsensual removal of condoms during sex. Should this practice be charged as a sex crime or is this just the chance you take when having sex? #DLQ

Call now and weigh...

Kimberly Anderson (sigh) but the FEELING in your soul when you know you've been deceived and the violation and the rage. I bet you it would be a crime if people got infected. I bet it would be a crime if someone got stabbed, cut or burned after doing it. But no, it's not new. Not phenomenon, unless we're going for the Webster's definition. For the someone I'm sure it is "phenomenal". Ugh.
Eurydice Stanley I hate that this topic is even discussed as a "sweeping trend" because it might give some Knucklehead the idea to try the same thing with some unsuspecting victim! So much for trust...hopefully, this will serve as more support for people to abstain from random, casual sex... #StuffTodayWillKILLYou!
Art Green This is basically way too hard to present evidence to a court of law. Like having a house full of people who know the rule not to leave just a sip of juice in the fridge. All here say... Unfortunately, this happens all the time and marshall Law on everyone is the only way to get the guilty one. We cant give that kind of power to the DoJ especially with this current administration...
Chuck Dorsey Wow, really? Child support and all the bs that comes with it is still on the table. Men are paying for kids they didn't want already, so who the hell poke holes in a condom. There are thousands of "broken condom" kids walking around today. Who gets charged with a crime when neither person is happy about becoming parents. I don't understand why men think they have any input on when they become fathers besides having sex or abstinence. There are so many women that AFTER they've had a few kids, they pick measures to make sure they NEVER have another. A man can't do anything to women when THEY decide THEY are not having kids. We only matter in the beginning when nobody should reproduce. I'm 42 with 4 bio, 3 stepkids, and a grandchild and NEITHER kid was planned or a good idea at the time. And most of the ladies I've met, after the age of 27, got their tubes tied and didn't want em any more or wished they would've done things differently.
Brian Chamberlain So who would be charged, the wearer or the wearers partner? It's not just men v women. I think it's idiotic to call this a crime. Distasteful and incorrect, yes. But criminal? Unless casual sex becomes so, the risk is in the consent to act. 😎
Tracy Harris D.L. Hughley, Yesterday (4/24/2017) while you were telling the truth about america (approximately 10 minutes before you started talking about the stealthing thing) you were taken off the airways for nearly 9 minutes in Detroit. I was driving and listening intently to you speak honestly about the hypocrisy of white elite america,the politicians, and trump. You were stepping on toes! All of a sudden the radio station went to dead air and stayed that way for 7-9 minutes. I hate that you were censored again. I wonder if you are aware when they take you off the air like that.
Shannon Acker They act as if this is new. How many thousands of unwanted children did it take to come up with this? But, I'm glad this is being addressed because there are women walking around or having to take care of children that they might not have if the man hadn't taken off the condom. In some Instances the father gets off Scott free without having to help take care of the child. There are actually some people who have no idea who their fathers are for this very reason. Should it be considered a crime..... if it results in a disease or aids.... YES, this is assault. If it results in a child.... well, get in line!!
Regina Friend Omg I didn't know this was a Thing. This happened to a friend a couple months ago & she got infected with trichamoniasis (trich). Curable but still. Wow.
Ashleigh Branch Come on naw! This is clearly assault. First, you know it's wrong if you have to sneak and do it. Secondly, if a woman comes away with she didn't bargain for like chlamydia, syphilis, HIV, AIDS or KIDS then she's left holding that bag of bs.
George Sims Engaging in "casual sex" involves acceptance of certain risks. I'm not convinced someone can make a claim of a sex crime in this situation? Nonetheless, doing something like this is not only wrong, but only aids in making it that more challenging to establish trust with your partner, if they've had this happen to them...
Melissa Mills Yes it is a crime, we're using the condom for protection, and if I don't tell you to take it off, 911 on yo butt. I dont know what you got, and I dont want any more kids, so you're violating a**, hell!!!
Gerald Stanley I would love to see an episode like this on Law and Order.
Pace Ti I think AIDS, STDs, and pregnancy makes a civil and if STDs or AIDS is involved criminal suits
Yvonne Candis For those who say its not a sex crime, what if you get an incurable STD from it? Then what?
Richard Ironfist How can you sneak a raw penis into a willing vagina? Doesn't she feel it? Doesn't she have eyes?
Dionnia Slythia Martin I'm assuming these ppl that are doing that are men, but i would consider that rape at that point.
Khabzela Khabzela You guys just know how to keep me going, really love your show....listening live online from South Africa
Tammy Beamon Jr. Yall CANT believe that ANYTHING is 'new' about sneaking condoms off other than #MelllinialTerms Its just as 'new' as poking holes in condoms, skipping pills, or pulling out #Pahleez!
Raya Elvis This sounds like some young immature foolishness! Grown mature people should not indulge in this behavior.
Charles Marshall Rolling the dice. Especially sleeping with strangers it's a chance you take.
Mahva Jones It's a sex crime. Don't get naked with people you can't trust. If there's even a slight doubt, friend zone.
Kimberly Mabry-Pannell Yes it's a crime because i didn't consent it's for protection for both i don't know what you got, who you been with and if they're doing this with alot of females he's putting everyone at risk. Same as if a woman doesn't take her birth control pill but telling a guy she is same LIE different form. VIOLATION OF CONSENT I DIDN'T ASK FOR THAT. and too any men that thinks its ok you will catch the right woman like me i touch alot and if i don't feel it yes i condom check while having sex if it's gone HOLD UP STOP IT'S ABOUT TO GET UGLY FOR HIM MY SOLDIER SKILLS OF COMBATIVES SELF DEFENSE HE WON'T NOT HAVE NOTHING LEFT TO NEED A CONDOM.
Neftali Valentin A sex crime. Because of pregnancy, diseases and at that point it's not consensual. It's almost rape. Fellas it ain't worth it, take no chances. Smh
Saundra White Condom ...stealting...birth control pills. ..good intentions
Chris Burke I know two sisters who said they pulled their mans condom off because they wanted to get pregnant and didn't tell him they both pregnant today
The D.L. Hughley Show
The D.L. Hughley ShowSaturday, April 22nd, 2017 at 9:53pm
The D.L. Hughley Show
The D.L. Hughley ShowThursday, April 20th, 2017 at 3:16pm

What’s more to blame for negative situations in the Black community, the system or Black people themselves? #DLQ

Call now and weigh in: (877) 242-2426

Mark Stefan Reinoso 65 years ago, the majority of black families lived together, they were ALL employed, well dressed, hard working, well spoken and generally educated. now look at the black community as a whole TODAY....and lets ask the question: Is the system more or less racist than it was 65 years ago?
Michael Woodland The problem is our successful Black people tend to move away from the rest of our people. They become very successful and very wealthy but they live, shop and pay taxes in predominantly white areas of the country. They send their children to private schools that teach them how to continue to grow the gap between successful blacks and poor or working class blacks. The tax dollars, shopping dollars and recreational dollars spent in those white communities, could and should be added revenue to predominantly black areas. This will make the people in these areas have pride and want to contribute to further improving the black community instead of striving to get out. Successful blacks should start building high-end sections within the black community and create a place for working blacks to work, shop, eat, and enjoy. This will keep black dollars within the black community longer than it does, currently. Every time successful blacks spend their money in another community, they incentivize other blacks to do the same.
Nathan Myles Both are, but historically it's been the system and that system works like a charm on us. I honestly feel about 75% of white america holds some degree of racism, and conversely I feel about 75% of the black community suffers from some level of mental illness and it all is a product of the every-growing, ever-evolving system of white supremacy that has been in firm place worldwide for about 450 years now. I could write a thesis on this question, there are so many angles to it. Wish I had the answer on how we can really overcome it without either a victorious war or total acquiescence, because we see what straddling the middle results in.
Dana Carpenter We are our own worst enemy. We want crime to stop, but won't help the police. We want better schools, but wont go to the current schools to help improve that, we want well behaved kids, but act a fool in front of them and will participate in a street brawl with the kids, we want better jobs, but will not continue our education, mentor or organize. We want better neighborhood but will not clean where we currently live...
Lois Smith Black people are more the blame than the system. Just like racism is being taught to each generation, black none product attitude is being taught. Don't get me wrong there is a lot of blocks put forth to stop black people but this is the same shit that was happening when I was a child. If you are smart in the black race you are taunted. If you are pretty, you are taught to be a whore male /female. We are the only race of people that argue about light and dark skin, which is also being taught. The baby boomers had a chance to change or improve things but the decided to buy ass and drugs and also live for the moment. So we are still at the starting line. The problems with blacks is blacks themselves.
Allan Dodson We all know about the system but,It starts with us. You can come up with percentages about the black community vs the white community and all that other crap. The fact of the matter is that we have to take care of us and stop making excuses for why we kill each other and take take pride in were we our neighborhoods. Living in Memphis I know what I'm talking about. It's like night and day.
Casalan Brown System .. they make believe that it's black peoples , but you can change the people . But you can't change the system because it built on racism / racist.
T Lynne Joiner I'd say both factors contribute. Systemic racism may block success, but one can't rightfully claim his/ her piece of the American dream if he/she chooses a path of ignorance and self-destruction.
Alison Prescott Black ppl themselves...because they so damn ignorant and the system gets tired of them abusing every damb thing they just give up
Joycelyn Cannon It's both! I think about the time 1865-1968. As a community we have never been more united because all we had was each other! The system founded on racism and sexism will never go away because it wasn't written for us. Fear and trust will always keep us divided. There should be a successful and thriving Black Wall Street in every major Metro area in this country.....
Karen U Shadie El Simply put, our people are drowning in an Abyss of ignorance which stems from the root planted by the "system". It's issues such as this which causes me to beg the question, why don't you invite Brother Sabir Bey as a guest on your show? LMBO, I know, it's the "system" not you Bro! LOVE/PEACE(*
Amonn Medlock Sr. Sadly its our black people! DL mention the fact that unemployment in our communities are at very high numbers. Also the education system is still one of the worse and we have a large ratio of black educators. The unemployment problems in my opinion is due to local entrepreneurs in the black community. We do not think about opening businesses that can hire more than 5 employee. If we are forced to seek employment outside of our communities then our monies will follow, ultimately keeping a stranglehold on the local stimulus. If we continue to wait on the government to fund our community, schools, housing, feeding, and childcare programs, then we will continue to deprive ourselves any hope of growth. Right in my community there are several black Churches which have bought former grocery stores just to enlarge their congregations... just imagine if they would've reopen those stores how many people could they have employed? So again, in this day and age it's us!
Tony Harris Both! The system has been rigged from the beginning to favor the well to do regardless of race. The old divide and conquer tactic works as well now as it ever has. It works because people no matter the race buy into the sound bites they're being fed and never opening their eyes to reality. One of the best movie lines to fit our system is "Don't pay attention to the man behind the curtain!"
Kim Mckinney Black people, we hate to see each other's success, it eat us alive when we see , smell , or witness someone greatness. We are our own crown of thrones.
Abiyah Yahu Men like D.L. Hughley standing next to a fellow comedian who called a black woman a black bitch. Black youth often times imitate what they see. So if you can embrace and get matching tattoos with the same devil who disrespected a queen than you have no room to talk or ask questions about shit.
Michelle King-Huger I'm in agreement that both components can be blamed for the negative impact in our communities. The system has always systematically destroyed us since we were brought over in slave ships, and we as a people must always be stronger and braver than others. Many of us fall but we must all remember that each one must teach one in this rat race we call LIFE. Dr.M.K-Huger ♡
Diamond Hill There are too many Blacks doing well in America for us to keep blaming everyone else. We are responsible for our own actions and behavior. Bad choices lead to bad situations.
Cazzy Oxford I don't think it's productive to try and discuss the issues within the Black community in regards to blame. We are not just a product of our environment we're also participants in the conditions that create our environment. The most important factor is our involvement in the system and what effects that involvement has on us. Integration into a burning building is intuitively unhealthy. Black people have always known we were not truly included as citizens or accepted as valuable to the society. We were and still are referred to as the cause of "the Negro problem".
Alberto Chiquitin Rivera Lamentations 2:14 Thy prophets(lying pastors)have seen vain and foolish things for thee(Malachi 2:7): and they have not discovered thine iniquity, to turn away thy captivity(Deut28:45-48): but have seen for thee false burdens(Jeremiah 23:16)and causes of banishment(Hosea 4:6,Matthew 15:14).
Tess Smithen Black people. Go to any site, right now and see the comments 90% of black women are saying regarding the pregnancy of Serena Williams. It's disgustingly pathetic.
Buddy Lewis Honestly I say Both! We already know the system is Fucked Up, so us as black people need to fix ourselves. Stop waiting on the system to do something. We have to start back loving each other and ourselves again and stop killing each other... when I was growing up my parents and grandparents taught us to be proud to be Black! Look out for each other, help each other. So we as Black People have to do better!!! I teach my kids the same. I'm Black and I'm Proud!!!
Jason Stewart Both: The system is made up of rich white males who legislate to make their crimes legal and keep inflation rising and pay checks low which in turn demoralizes minorities and they or we turn to drugs and crime. And the one who don't and do well enough to eek out a living look down on blacks who haven't done well, and worship white culture. At this point it becomes our fault because we don't start good honest hardworking businesses or support black owned businesses so we can create our own society inside theirs. And lastly, I know some will be upset with me, but black men are too busy chasing ass, and black single mothers don't push education or self love to the children, especially the boys who then terrorize our community or act feminine with ass showing, they are left to raise by the terrible choice of man she chose to procreate with. And black parents do not teach their children about black history good and bad and our place as thee first humans to create all the rest!!! Rant over lol!
Emmannuel S. Self A good combination of both. the system hates pretty much anyone that isn't a rich white guy but if you ever go into the hood, you can sorta see some black people ruining each other just because that's kinda all they know.
Diamond Hill Too many Black males have no problem selling poisonous illegal drugs to their own people. These same Black males have set the negative tone in Black communities. It does not matter where the drugs and the guns came from. If we allow it in our community then we are the biggest part of the problem. No one has forced us to sell illegal drugs in our own communities, have multiple babies with multiple partners, and remain uneducated when free education is available to everyone regardless of skin color.
Gloria Wellington The term 'snitches get stitches' is one of the most detrimental phrases in the black community. People are literally afraid of the bad element. Thus, leading to turning a deaf ear and a blind eye for fear of retaliation. We can say that the system should protect us if we stand up against the drug dealers. However, we have to share the blame.