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DLHughleyLogoNoSloganopen-armsD.L. Hughley is one of the most popular and highly recognized standup comedians on the road today has also made quite an impression in the television, film and radio arenas.First and foremost a standup comedian, he stars in his 5th stand-up comedy special “Reset” which is currently airing on Showtime. In addition, D.L’s first humorous book title, I Want You to Shut the F*ck Up, is out in bookstores. DL also created and starred in the satirical documentary special for Comedy Central “D.L. Hughley: The Endangered List” and is a part of the groundbreaking “Black and Brown Comedy Get Down” tour.
Known for being astute and politically savvy in true comedian style, D.L. served as host of his own late night talk show on CNN “D.L. Hughley Breaks the News.” D.L. was mostly recently heard on the New York airwaves, as host of the morning show on WRKS-FM. DL also serves as a weekly contributor to the nationally syndicated radio show, “The Tom Joyner Morning Show.”

DL’s tapped into his playful side participating in the 16th season of the hit ABC show “Dancing with the Stars,” alongside partner Cheryl Burke.

As the star and producer of his namesake television show that ran on ABC and UPN “The Hughleys,” D.L. is also well known as one of the standout comedians on the hit comedy docu-film The Original Kings of Comedy. A veteran of numerous talk show appearances D.L. switched the tables in 2005, hosting his own talk show on Comedy Central “Weekends at the DL.” He is a regular on the late night talk show circuit, including always-memorable appearances on “Real Time with Bill Maher,” and “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” He is frequently requested as guest host on such shows as, “The View” and “Live with Kelly.”

D.L.’s first love always has been, and always will be, standup comedy. “From the minute I first walked onstage and picked up a microphone,” he says, “I knew that it was what I was meant to do.”

As the host of “The D.L. Hughley Show,”– a daily themed, music intensive afternoon drive radio program from 3-7 pm ET– Hughley, takes listeners on a no holds ride of humor and reality in the afternoons, stating, “I’m fast, funny, and topical. I make people laugh a lot and think a little. Some people want to push the envelope – I try to see if I can singe it a little.”

new-group-tape-shotJasmine Sanders is a rare find. In an entertainment world of superficiality and inflated egos, this beautiful diva with a mega watt smile is as down to earth as they come with talent that is simply undeniable. Once seen on a network that reached over 20 million households as Co-Host of Centric TV’s lifestyle show, “Culture List”, her voice now graces the airwaves in over 50 markets across the country with one of the Original Kings of Comedy and TV Superstar, D.L. Hughley. As Co-Host of the top ranked and Nationally Syndicated “The D.L Hughley Show”, Jasmine is a force to be reckoned with.


Steve Wilson is one of America’s fastest rising comics. Steve grew up in Buffalo, NY in a house full of women which helped shape his warped comedy style on life, family and relationships. Steve has appeared on several T.V. shows including, B.E.T Comic View, TV One The Comedy Spot, Showtime at the Apollo, ABC’s Samantha Who?  and Comics Unleashed, Comedy Central’s Live at Gotham and VH1’s reality show Let’s Talk about Pep, Headline News CNN’s Showbiz Tonight. He also was the Co-host of the DL Hughley Original radio Show on 98.7 KISS FM in NYC.

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The D.L. Hughley ShowFriday, February 24th, 2017 at 8:05am
The D.L. Hughley Show
The D.L. Hughley Show
The D.L. Hughley ShowThursday, February 23rd, 2017 at 10:42pm

#Media is a movie everybody is going to be talking about, so watch it live on TV One this Saturday, February 25th at 8/7C! #MediaOnTVOne

Allison Armstrong-Robinson CAN'T WAIT!
Ankh Ra Heru Hahaha my sis Penny! Lol
Cindy Seifen There.
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The D.L. Hughley ShowThursday, February 23rd, 2017 at 2:42pm

A mother who is pregnant with a severely deformed/sick baby is giving birth and bringing the baby to term in order to donate organs to those in need. Mind you when the baby comes to term he or she will be in excruciating pain. Do...

Kelley Ray Selfless❤️🙏. God bless her. We need to remember that the doctors will take away the pain of the child for the few days he or she is alive. And that the child will take away the pain of many families. Pray for the mom who's pain may never go away
Stephanie Hamme Selfless. This is what choice looks like, she could have had an abortion and I wouldn't judge her one bit. She made the choice to give life to others which is admirable, selfless and heartbreaking, my prayers for her and family.
Alison Prescott If the baby is sick wont the organs be no good?...if they were then the would be fine...idk i know how chronic pain feels so i would not put my baby through any suffering
Robin Hayes My heart goes out to this mom who has carried this baby and to find out that her baby is sick and may not live long past birth and this mom made the heart filled choice to donate her baby's organs so that someone and or others to continue life. For this mom the loss of her baby will forever be with her. I pray that God will forever give her comfort & peace.
Anne Roberts Bless her; a truly selfless act. Once born the baby will immediately be taken into surgery unless she wants to see/hold the baby so the amount of pain will be minimal if at all; more than likely there is a team standing by waiting for the birth.
Kenneth Fleetwood It is a selfless Act I myself had a child born with terminal birth defects I thought he wasn't able to donate because of the amount of damage we would have if we could have saved another parent pain
Kathryn Wilson Selfless act....I am a heart transplant recipient of a 21 year old young man it's 4 years today that I received his precious gift. I can not imagine the grief and strength to unselfishly think of someone else. I will forever be grateful to his mother and his family. My daughter was also the same age as him he would be 25 now. May God continue to bless them
Elle Jamison Well...is abortion selfless or selfish?....Hmm Listening to show I hear a whole lot of "I".... Personal opinion...selfless. That takes a lot of sacrifice and personal conviction to make that decision...but in this situation, to each his own, it's a tough one to make.
Zita Vigier How do they know if the baby will be in pain? If the baby thrives then it is meant to be. If then donate. The heartache this pregnancy brings along t with the heartache is too much. I was almost in her shoes and it hurt holding my breath for 6 months.
Deniyell McMillian As selfless as it may be to bond with a baby in your womb all to watch it suffer and die .true others will be given a chance at a better life due to this mother's sacrifice. I just can't see it. The decision is extremely hard either way.
Cheryl Mimms Wow. This sends chills down my spine. It's the moms choice. However, when the question is asked "are the organs any good" sound like she is producing and delivering a flawed product for consumers to purchase . Doesn't sit well with me but IT IS HER CHOICE!
Renata Bowen Stupid,,, are they going to kill the child???? Severely deformed does not mean its dead... what if he or she just lives in excruciating pain...this is disgusting.
Valerie Tynes Common sense.... Obviously there could be something wrong with the baby and some of the organs could still be viable for donation. If the baby has any chance outside the womb, I'm sure the mother would change her mind. But with the amount of technology we have today, it probably doesn't look good so she's prepared for the "just in case." The point is, she could have aborted the baby knowing it would never be able to live outside the womb, instead she's able to help others by carrying to term. Completely selfless.
Carol Gilmore Lomax I just recently heard of a situation similar to this. The parents decided to have the baby as the trusted God to heal. The baby was born with NONE of the problems the doctor aid the baby would have!
Bonnie Johnz Selfless. The baby will experience pain en utero by being aborted at least by being born others will get to prolong their lives.
Wanda Radd Imagine what type of MOTHER she would be 😢 completely selflessly thinking of another person in her demise. I'm touched by this great woman.
Wendy Johnson Selfless, cause if it was me I would do the same to see your child in pain .all day everyday I couldn't stand it.god bless her.
Glenda Cage Barner Has technology crippled us? What if she had no idea until the birth that this child would have issues. Would she still be selfish?? Seems to be pretty selfless! And remember this mother will also experience emotional pain of the attachment of 9 months to this child after the child leaves
Sheree Collier Selfless, most definitely. Anyone who can see it as anything else is ridiculous. This is a way also to fulfill the life of her unborn child through helping others. God bless her and all affected.
Michelle Ramsey SELFLESS✌What an Heroic, Life Changing Action of LOVE, this is far from A Perfect World, and with So much Progress in the Medical field, the baby discomfort will be held @an High priority. God, Bless this Young Woman, her baby & God working with her, about her desicion ❤
Colleen Merriwether Selfless, she is giving life to another. So her child will live through others. She probably won't see the baby, so there will be no bond made. I lost a baby at 6 months never saw her because she was stillborn and wasn't fit to see because of deterioration. I thought of that day many a year, but it has been over 50 years now, don't even remember the date.
Carrie M Rhodes This is beyond selfless. She is spending everyday carrying a child she knows she'll never see grow up. But to think of all the lives that she will be saving and all the children that will have a opportunity because of her is the ultimate gift
Sarah Gray It is not our business to judge this mother. If anything, we can offer our support for whatever she and her doctor decide is best for this particular diagnosis.
Sonya Moore I think it's selfless... But I hate the baby is in so much pain. I don't think I could handle knowing that my child is in so much pain in my stomach.
Ver Steeg KJ What a horrible decision to have to make as a mother. I take it this means the baby is going to die immediately. I couldn't stand to have to make this decision and I don't think it's my place to answer if it's selfish or selfless. God bless the baby and his or her mother.
The D.L. Hughley Show
The D.L. Hughley ShowWednesday, February 22nd, 2017 at 2:42pm

Sage Steele Of ESPN Said," She Experienced More Racism From Black People Than White People. Does She Have A Point? #DLQ

Call now and weigh in: (877) 242-2426
Photo Credit:Urban Intellectuals

Anthony Mace I've come to find that most black people give the disrespect that white people do towards them a pass but when it comes to black people they hold them one hundred percent to the fire for it
Nicole Lee Each person's experience is different. I would not use the word racism but I have experienced what I simply label as ignorance from my own people. I am in the deep south right now and all my neighbors speak to me except all the black neighbors nearby. Our people can be very judgemental. From stating you are talking white or acting white. It is just ignorance.
Cynthia Berry Greene She needs to first educate herself about the difference between racism and prejudice. Racism is when a people of a particular race control the institutionsame of power and use that power in favor of their race and to the detriment of other races. Prejudice is when one pre-judges something and makes assumptions based on their own ideas, beliefs and/or cultural norms. Black people in America cannot be racist. What she experiences from other Blacks may be Prejudice but it is not Racism
Melissa Smith She didn't experience racism from black people, she experienced racism from niggas. Black people uplift each other. Niggas criticize you about your skin tone, the way you talk, your success.
Kim Mckinney I have to disagree with some of you, living in the south for all my life people don't understand proper enunciation, so when other African Americans speak who use the tools (language usages) that they were taught as a child people take that as trying to act white. So it not racism it more ignorance, not knowing any better. They are not mocking or trying to treat you badly , they just understand the dialogue .
Al Mosley I feel that institutional racism, made it an actual way of surviving for certain black people to absolutely hate other black people, like the field hand and the house nigger. I do feel today that those very things that have been law in the entire White Supremacists seat of power plague us today. How else can you explain our nurturing of the most wicked things we do to ourselves like calling each other Nigger? We do this all over the world in one way or another. And we make all kinds of excuses to hold on tight to the wicked self hatred we were taught, like "they gave us pig guts, but we turned them into chitterlings!" Yum, Yum I just love myself some self deprecation.
Shirley Davis The only thing we as black people NOWADAYS, trying to figure out is whether or not she really mixed or does she belong to ISIS Nation. Shoot girlfriend seems really confused allowing someone to TOUCH her HAIR. HUH, she not BLACK; she's bla-fusioned!!!
Monsoon Elliott She have gotten more ignorant remarks from black people but I wouldn't call it racism. How do you ask does she have a point tho. It's her experience. That's like you saying "I had a Shitty day at work" and I ask somebody who wasn't there, does he have a point?
Daryl Davis This the same trick that complained about her flight being delayed when Trump's Muslim Ban disrupted the entire nations flights? Yeah, F her.
Pamela Spann Page really needs a history lesson on Racism! That's Asinine! I wish we didn't treat each other with so little respect. but racism is on a another level!
Stephanie Whaley No what Mrs steel is experiencing is white people being fake, polite, and politically correct. But behind her back....... okay. Now black people on the other hand tend to keep it more real especially if she behaves as if she is white.
Derrell McCollum Of course she might be right cause she's a success beautiful black woman working for a major sports channel. I can see where she can be right on her comments.
Vita Gibson True working for black people, especially black women is not racism. That is genocide. Because rest assured there is a white person behind them either coaching or letting it happen, given their approval. Now that is racism. Please do not use my name. .
Elisha Rhea You know what I have a lot of light skin relatives and they could tell you some disappointing experiences from some of our darker skin people toward them. It's sad that our people are not dealing with this issue in our community. As for today's question ..we don't know the path of this woman's life.It's not fair to judge her just from a 30 second sound bite. Her comment about her experience should open the door of discussion about the shades or skin tone biases within our community and not ridiculed by our own community because we suppsedly know how she feels and what she experienced in her life. Its not right..we should be deeper than that.But being shallow is a close relative of assumption...it's easier to judge someone and ridicule someone from a distance rather than get close to know the facts and feelings of someone. Sad for everyone who ridiculing this sistah because they assume they know every detail of her life. (Anyway the Webster definition of racism ..the last time I read it is the belief that one race is innately superior or inferior to another race.)
Chris Croix Racism without power is nothing. If she is worried about a few people when there is a whole system dedicated to oppressing, incarcerating and murdering people of color from cradle to grave then she has issues that are unresolved hurts rather then racism. She is extra special with sauce and over due for therapy. Her hurt feelings vs a people's marginalization to the point of genocide...is she seriously? Her sensitive ass needs to have several seats.
Emmannuel S. Self She ain't wrong, though. Shit, I have to remind these assholes that I'm black too and even then they be like "not with that voice". I'm all up for unity and everything but I'm also for taking responsibility and the same people talking about "black power" are the same people who'd give you shit for reading a book or dating outside your race or some shit like that. And yeah, I'm aware that not all black folk are like that but still...take responsibility and raise your kids to not be as shitty.
Michael Alec This is stupid. How can a black person experience racism from people of the same race?! That sounds like an oxymoron. I know she's biracial but you would not know it unless she told you. Sage no matter how light you are which is not much and just because your husband is white your ass is still black. I think you are using a poor choice of words.
Denise Lester What Black people? She was so busy acting white and catering to them, that I'm surpised that she even noticed any Blacks, or gave them the time of day!! Lol.😂😂😂
Terrance Odom I dont feel it was racism but a sens of of disappointment i no me as a black man knowing what you as a black women have endured how can you i feel more disappointed than anything
Sta Bu Sometimes it's not just a matter of experience but perception.... yes i believe some are naive enough to feel the same way that she does....that is all
Larry Bolt NOPE she's incompetent if she thinks white people and black people of different if you were Gemini Black Rider purple your Donald Trump Kanye West Purple Rain Maxwell and a whole shit of them Marky Mark Clint Eastwood it's personalities Miss Gemini shut your ass up
Patrick Hailes It's actually not racism, but I understand what she's talking about. When will this ignorance stop?
Dee Diamond Racism is systemic, prejudice is forming an opinion based on looks.
Terry TheLegacy Sims I disagree, black ppl (in the U.S.) can't be "racist" prejudice yes, racist no!
Cheryl Mimms She's confused with the terminology of racism, prejudice and bullying.
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The D.L. Hughley ShowTuesday, February 21st, 2017 at 2:42pm

Do you think step-parents should be able to physically discipline their step-children? #DLQ

Call now and weigh in: (877) 242-2426

Cortez Bogard Step Parent yes, boyfriend/girlfriend No! That's even a gray space, if the child is turning on the gas stove at 5 or putting their hands in a fan, I would be very upset if they didn't spank the child's hand and say No! So it really depends if the person is a responsible adult. Marriage is a package deal, that requires responsibility, it takes a village.
Serita ShowMe Sullivan Yes I do. I had to adopt my husbands son to keep him with family; and yes I disciplined him. I will NOT raise a child that I can not discipline. There's a BIG difference in discipline and abuse. You SPARE the rod..you spoil the child. ..
M Demontreal Haynes I'm a step parent. My wife and I have been together for 7 years and I have been the parent. I believe that if you want me to be the parent there should be nothing I shouldn't be able to do, barring abuse. I do run it by her to let her know what I'm going to do and why. Often times, she puts discipline in my hands. I see nothing wrong. If you trust him with your body and everything else, then why not your kids.
Andrea Lee Rice Jenkins Yes. Legal step parents, that is. And... spanking, not beating. If not, you create a situation where the child can tell the step parent, "I don't have to listen to you! You're not my REAL daddy/mommy!"
Kory Duck Yes it's ok. If you living in my house then you my child. The moment a child knows you can't or won't touch them, is the second they start planning what to wear on dr. Phil show. My child won't listen episode. All Step parents don't abuse their step children.
Rochell Handley You can't live in my house and eat my food and not respect my rules. Knowing that there are consequences for breaking the rules.
K Nicole Brown If the step parent has the child's best interest at heart and had taken on full responsibilities for the child then yes. But if this person is just a boyfriend or girlfriend with no good intentions heck no
Haneefah Adams If you are "Married" and the Step parent is Helping to raise the child, then you should be able to discipline the child. If He can pay bills, buy clothes and food, cook and clean behind the child then yes he the Step Father can discipline. If you are a Boy friend, HELL NO you can not discipline the child.... And there is a Huge difference with Discipline and abuse. This was flat out ABUSE!! #DLQ #GreatTopic
Marcellus Reed I remember when the whole neighborhood would beat your ass if you did something wrong, then tell your parents and you would get another whooping. If that person is man or woman enough to take on somebody's else responsibility, then yeah he should whoop that ass
Chastity Price I feel that if you are raising the child then yes. Of course you don't beat them too sereve but a couple of licks never hurt anybody. I'm actually going through this right now with my daughter's father. I have remarried and he has a problem with my new husband discipling out daughter. He has never put his hands on her but he does send her to time out which my ex still had a problem with that. But then again to each their own.
Debbie Mccarter Let me get off this page because the dumb stuff I'm reading from some of these people's are ridiculous. Have some pride women. Stop laying up with these broke ass niggas and letting them beat your kids and eat up all the food in the house. He driving your car while you working and he's not. Just so you can say you got a man.
Layton Chris Lemon As a kid who got whipped, and as a stepfather. I believe that a certain amount of discipline is sometimes necessary, but abuse is never acceptable.
Chico Cheek Only if you have raised the child (been in their life since 6 or before), the child sees the step parent as their mom or dad, the step parent treats then like their own in every other way, and both bio parents have no problem with it.
Patricia Lewis Yes I do think step parents have the right to disciplined if it's done out of love. I was raised by my step parent from age 8 and she disciplined me and we have w wonderful relationship today. But no boyfriend or girlfriend has that right and if the step parent is doing it just to be evil then Hell have no fury when it comes to mines
Adrian Jeffries Brewer In my opinion, it depends upon at least three other factors. 1) What is the relationship between the "step" parent and the child? For example, older children have a hard time accepting someone new in their lives. So, discipline will be awkward. 2) Are both biological parents actively involved in the child's life? What's the biological parents' take on the "step" parent's role in that child's life. 3) How does those this person factor into life from the child's perspective? Is he/she just my parent's husband or wife or do I see this person as a "second" mom or dad..
Michael Williams My wife and I have been married for 14 years. We have a blended family. Even the she has given me the OK to discipline I only do punishments because even though all of us have a great relationship who's to say of the kids doesn't report child abuse if I lay hands on them.
Barbara Hampton This is why living together isn't good when you have kids. Your just my boyfriend/girlfriend and you putting your hands on my child? See that's what you will go through. When your married and its until death do you part you better talk about all of this before you say I DO!!
Cruse-James Cynthia I am a step-mother of 3 and one birth child. They range in ages from 38 to 25. They all call me "Ma". The same butT kicking I gave to the one son I birthed is the same butT kicking I gave them all when needed. The word step has a negative connotation. It was never used in our household. They are my husband's kids therefore they are my kid's and the butt kickings did not discriminate( don't disciminate now I don't care how old they are). LOL!! They all know right now today if they call I'm there whether Daddy or "birth Mom" is there or not. I answer their calls 24/7. I get down as low as I have too, if they fall, in order to lift them up. SO YES THIS STEP MOTHER WILL TARE THAT BUTT UP !!!!! I do not believe all step-parents should spank step-kids it depends on the Family unit. The new millennials should not spank anyone..... I'm just saying !!
Sta Bu If there's any doubt in the biological parents mind regarding if its ok to let the step parent discipline their child, then the parent is to blame for picking the wrong damn companion and placing their child in harms way.....that is all.
Sherron Williams-Singleton It depends....i ad sum...and i ad nightmares.....but...they having my repeats.. Yes..i would av but.2.3.yrs..so i raised them..my rules..wen i say no pops would say yes..no respects..house tun.up..pure tings..these modern....kids u dont av.2 wipped dem jus show them...they alredy noe more than.us tink....but.i love respect..i..
MrsLynette Ledeay I think step-parents should be able to discipline only by talking to them, i don't won't anyone else hitting my children. If there's a problem that I can't handle then we'll come together and discuss the issue, then decide how to handle whatever it may be.
Renee Frink Fuck No! If he's allowed to discipline him that way then ain't no telling what he's doing to that boy! he could be prepping him for rape he could be a predator!
Charlene TrustingGod Only in my Child is trying to kill them... It it have to be life or death 💀 I don't think someone should be beaten for something fixable
Allen Chatman Yes if theirs a mutual agreement between all parents that is respectfully in the child's life, remember it takes a VILLAGE to raise a child....No boyfriend or girlfriend but husband or wife
Ann Anderson No such thing as a step parent or a step child. You do not step over each other. You are a parent and that is a child in your care and if they do wrong then yes.