Kier “Junior” Spates

Kier “Junior” Spates, a native of Houston, Texas, is a gifted comedian and entertainer whose impressive resume boasts notable roles across a variety of media platforms. As co-host of the nationally syndicated Steve Harvey Morning Show, Spates is known for his hilarious and high-energy commentary. Airing weekdays from 6-10 AM on more than 100radio stations, the program is heard by nearly seven million weekly listeners and is the #1 syndicated morning radio show in America.Prior to joining the program, Spates performed on stages across the globe with such greats as Aretha Franklin, Lyfe Jennings, Musiq Soulchild, Maze and Frankie Beverly, Gerald Levert, Anita Baker and Anthony Hamilton. In 2012, he appeared as the opening act on Steve Harvey’s Grand Stand-Up Finalecomedy tour, with numerous critics dubbing him “The next big thing in stand-up comedy.” Spates also lent his talents to USO Tours in Japan and Bahrain and was one of the primary acts on the popular Rickey Smiley and Friends Show Tour.In addition to receiving wide acclaim on the improv circuit all over the United States, Spates’ stand up has been embraced on college campuses as well. He’s performed to sold-out crowds at the University of Southern Los Angeles, Texas A&M, University of Houston, the University of North Texas and Texas Southern University. States has made many appearances on the small screen, receiving rave reviews for his roles on BET’s Comic View and Getting Paid, just to name a few. He also appeared in the film barbershop Blues as “Dre” alongside New Edition’s Ralph Tresvant. Spates has traveled with many hit stage plays, including Hinton Battle’s Love Liesfeaturing Brian McKnight and Angie Stone, as well as confessions, starring the late Gerald Levert, Kelly Price, and Tommy Ford. In 2013, Spates signed on as the national celebrity ambassador for the Sickle Cell Disease Association of America, Inc. (SCDAA), after speaking out about his struggle with the disease. Together, SCDAA and Spates launched the “Rise Above” initiative, which aims to educate and raise awareness about the blood disease across the nation.Spates is a spokesperson for the popular dating site LocateYourLove.com.

Junior - Steve Harvey Morning Show
Junior - Steve Harvey Morning ShowMonday, December 11th, 2017 at 12:41pm

How can you call out #TheChamp Nephew Tommy .... you can’t... #TheChampIsHere

Junior - Steve Harvey Morning Show
Nephew Tommy calls out Junior of the Steve Harvey Morning Show
Nephew Tommy calls out Junior of the Steve Harvey Morning Show
Estella Conway Poor Tommy he never gets enough.
Junior - Steve Harvey Morning Show
Junior - Steve Harvey Morning ShowThursday, December 7th, 2017 at 1:48pm

THE CHAMP IS HERE! Get your limited edition T-Shirt for $10 plus shipping! All to benefit the Kier's HOPE Foundation Incorporated. Tax deductible and celebrate with the CHAMP! Go to http://kiershope.org and get yours today!!!! #TheChampIsHere #TeamJunior #KiersHope

Junior - Steve Harvey Morning Show
Junior - Steve Harvey Morning ShowThursday, December 7th, 2017 at 8:39am

Did Nephew Tommy forget they lost against Deion Sanders too?! #TheChampIsHere #TeamJunior #KiersHope

Ernest W Butler
Nancy S Henderson
Tiffany S. Hendricks
Lynn Johnson
Sharon Elmore Johnson This is so fake, Tommy had him by a long shot, he claimed to pull a muscle to key junior when. Junior had no form at ALL. With Tommy being a jokster, I feel it was a joke. Becuase Tommy stride is much longer then Junior baby steps. So, when looking at it, it is clearly a fake pull muscle to key Junior win. Nevertheless, it was Fuuny
Estella Conway Tommy ask for a rematch
William Ibarrondo Tommy really had him until he pulled up.
Blossom Smith Junior please go get some oxygen and an IV baby. We need you around. 😉
Pamalyn Ward Team Junior the champ is here.
Zakiyyah Salaam Nephew started to hard to fast.
Cynthia Reeder Alright Kier Spates you did that!! Champ is here!!
Donna Fry-Brown #thechampishere. I been lol for 2 days #oatmeal lol
Cole Parker Kier Spates Your form is terrible, I would've smoked you!
Paul Nelson Yeah I saw that early yesterday LMAO
Kenya Samuels Congratulations Junior! Good clean fun!
Blossom Smith Tommy looking like “that Kappa.”
Mechelle Smith You guys make my day. Go champ!
Davina McKinney Congratulations Junior!!!!!!
LaShunda Andrews Lol!! Y'all stupid!!🤣🤣🤣🤣
Jim Alexander Big fun.
Dre Wynn Lol get money
Chandrise Ross
Gayle Ross The champ is here
Tony Reeder The Champ is here!!
T Franchesca Howell Congratulations Junior!
Lanae Greene Team Junior
Shalonde Dozier-Calhoun Zaphir Dozier
Cathy Butts Junior ain’t gonna ever let poor Tommy hear the end of this.😂😂😂
Doni Graham Y'all did Tommy so wrong this morning on the show....but it was funny as heck. Everybody knew Tommy was gon lose 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Aletia Tyson Congratulations. I listen to y'all every morning. It be too early for y'all's craziness. I be rolling.
Kahlia Salvatore Yr lil self was gettn ittttt tho!😂 🏃🏽💨💨💨 💨💨 Congrats Kier! 🏆
Nikki Phillips Heard y’all this morning!! Too funny! Congratulations Junior! Better luck next time Tommy😜😜
Joanne Hall I couldn't stop laughing this morning at one point I felt so sorry for poor Tommy 😂😂😂😂😂
Dorothy Albert That's ugly Junior.....
Tay Anderson Goooo champ!!! Lol y'all are hilarious
Jacki Lewis I knew you would win!! #DCfan
Ernest W Butler
Nancy S Henderson
Vivienne Jackson Jones Pryor
Natheia Warner
Vivienne Jackson Jones Pryor You did your best Tommy. Good job Junior
Carl Godwin Both are slow as two 3 grader 😂
Vivienne Jackson Jones Pryor Run Tommy faster
Elsie Johnson #teamjunior, congrats
Jamica Nashell Congratulations!!! Don't forget to pay Ms. Kay!!
Shawanna La'shay Nooooo. Dont do him like that😂😂😂
Keeteekete Starks Good morning
Shannel Worten Congratulations Junior
Quintina R. Buckner Lol... Wow
Iamkaotriceburns Burns 😂😂😂Bye
Dee Bobb Funny!
Milliesobeautiful Parker CTFU
Junior - Steve Harvey Morning Show
Junior - Steve Harvey Morning ShowThursday, December 7th, 2017 at 8:04am
Dorothy Albert Big mouth won okay congratulations anyway...
Kahlia Salvatore Yr little self was getttttn' it 🏃🏽💨💨💨💨💨 Congrats Kier! 🏆
Tee Baker Junior-sing that, i went down to my mommas house.
Contena Smith-Dixon I knew my Boo was gonna be the winner!!! 😁😁 Congratulations!!
Laquetta Fancher I'm glad you won junior I routed for you.
Sylvia Ballard Team Junior all the way,,,, THE CHAMP IS HERE
Kimberlee Rucker Congratulations Kier. You deserve to win..🏃💨💨🏆
Shelley M. Brown CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!
Tonya NyceTee Foster Congratulations
Albert Ponder You guys are crazy
Brandon Achane Need the video!
Junior - Steve Harvey Morning Show
Junior - Steve Harvey Morning ShowThursday, November 9th, 2017 at 9:58am

Heading to the second job!!! Steve!!!

Junior - Steve Harvey Morning Show
Ruth Sinclair Good morning Junior! Did you get that suit. shirt and tie together?
Debra Pinkey Henry-Harrell Junior good morning. You and Tommy got Steve this morning
Bobby Walker Jr. Stop muddling the phone can't hear you that good
Ciller Washington Great morning to the both of you.
Deidre Daniels Ok just get some better writing on tv have uncle Steve lose the desk
Tee Foster Cobb So what suit you're wearing 1st
Dawn S. Marie Christian Sorry 😐 it took me so long to get to u but I hope 🤞🏼 u r having a great 👍 afternoon
Dawn S. Marie Christian Sorry 😐 I got on late but I hope 🤞🏼 u been having a great 👍 Thursday
Bigjune Dula stevie wonder lil brother lol
Bigjune Dula what you rollin in a 79 pinro on dubs
Revivalist Roderick L Woodson Bless you Brothers
Ortese Parker Good morning fellas!
Emik Klouse Mother£€}|. 42 million you had me rolling
Tavane Eddings Sup,jr.
Beverly Dunn Hi Junior
Emik Klouse Good morning
Tara Triplett Norris Good morning
Tara Triplett Norris Heyyy Jr
Margie Bonner Good morning
LaTara Meyers Morning
Felicia Motivatedonhigherground Good Morning!
Tricshon Hunt Good morning Jr
Christal Robinson Hi Junior!!
Letricia Womack Good morning
DAndrea Patterson Good morning
Junior - Steve Harvey Morning Show
Junior - Steve Harvey Morning ShowThursday, November 9th, 2017 at 12:43am

We still going

Junior - Steve Harvey Morning Show
Kimberly Shegog If you stay in the fall colors you can put a burnt orange shirt and some cognac colored shoes and a tie that has those colors in
Ella Russell Ellis Go with the first one pink and blue all the other colors are too churchy look too much like a preacher
VaShaun Mosby Classic never goes out of style
Kellie Mock Bailey Is he your stylist, BFF, or roommate
Kellie Mock Bailey Is this your stylist or your roommate
Lecreta Knight You gonna need 5 cups of coffee in the morning lol
Tee Foster Cobb Darker blue suit with a popping gold
Ortese Parker Kier I may roll through since it's closer. I'll let you know.
Ortese Parker We been waiting on these shoes!
Ortese Parker I really do like that. Let's see the shoes.
Ortese Parker I don't wanna fight either Lol!
Ortese Parker Lol! But he really is doing a decent job with the matchup
Ortese Parker It's the chocolate and blue.
Ortese Parker Lol. Well we picked out the chocolate suit.
Ruth Sinclair I wish I could come have a great show!
Ruth Sinclair That pink is a NO you ain't going to no baby shower
Tee Foster Cobb Those blue and chocolate shoe on point
Ruth Sinclair Junior have you been drinking Vitamins W.I.N.& E🍷 or are you sleepy
Ruth Sinclair Blue suit with lavender looks good!
Rosalyn Jaye I was so happy when you all came to Houston. I was streaming you from a station in Atlanta
Rosalyn Jaye Go to bed junior. You have to be at the station in the morning
Michelle Hamilton Will be listening in the Am
Michelle Hamilton Who going to put all that back lol
Michelle Hamilton Brain do the gray suit now
Cathy Butts It doesn’t matter what colors you wear. You will be great anyway and take pictures.
Junior - Steve Harvey Morning Show
Junior - Steve Harvey Morning ShowThursday, November 9th, 2017 at 12:09am

Man! I’m back ! Ain’t packed nothing!

Junior - Steve Harvey Morning Show
Rokesa Tarver Imma need for you to dress warm for VA...Don't wanna hear about you had another crisis! My friend had Cycle Celll Anemia and she can't do cold weather too long!!! Stay safe Kier❤
Rokesa Tarver Junior...quit turning the phone sideways cousin!!!!
Rokesa Tarver Is Junior out for the count?
Rokesa Tarver I feel like I'm kickin it with one of my homies here. love this live feed. Kier is real! 💯💯💯
Rokesa Tarver LOL!! you can't please everyone and be happy Kier. I'm 47 years old and just realizing this fact!
Rokesa Tarver Kier...frfr go to sleep fam. that Hen has kicked in! Trust me...I know.
Rokesa Tarver But you are real and that's rare AF!!!💯💯💯💯💯We will hold you down fam....
Rokesa Tarver I'm off for two days!!
Euniquely Matts Can you turn the camera😂😂😂
Ortese Parker The best morning show!
Ortese Parker Support system is always important. Keep those friends close!
Ortese Parker Brian is something else! He's dancing on his own disco floor!
Jakita Morgan Junior are you inebriated?
Tee Foster Cobb I just don't want him to loose his job
Michelle Hamilton You messed the phone up it’s sideways again
Michelle Hamilton Junior you ain’t going to last for 3 hours
Dawn S. Marie Christian Boy listen 👂 to us ur phone is side ways
Dawn S. Marie Christian Yes turn the phone 📱 the right way
Dawn S. Marie Christian I can’t wait 😊 for his show he makes me laugh so hard when I am in a bad mood
Jay Scott Yes I wake up every morning to listen to the show every morning and when I don’t hear it my day don’t be right
Carla T. Mayo That's because yall keep it eal
Carla T. Mayo when you make a little more I'll be your Chef lol
Brenda Faye Hunt Please turn camera around!!!
Desiree Arsene Junior and his randomness is hilarious.
Desiree Arsene I’d rather see him on here like he is Than trying to be behind the wheel of a car
Junior - Steve Harvey Morning Show
Junior - Steve Harvey Morning ShowWednesday, November 8th, 2017 at 11:09pm

Packing process for Richmond

Junior - Steve Harvey Morning Show
Michelle Hamilton Amen Laughter is good for the Soul...it takes your mind off your issues...you speaking a word the truth...Always aim for the top!!
Darcell Russell Cover your mouth. lol I am in Richmond and it will be cold. Don't you come here wearing no damn shorts. smh
Carol Ray Well it's about 1am here and I have to work tomorrow so good night guys Come to Philly soon Kier 😘😘😘 good night
Bigjune Dula get a gallon of moonshine wear you shorts and tims get you a pack of newports 3 piece chicken dinner you be ok dog
Carol Ray U had that color on in philly it was nice
Carol Ray Philly is 50's too cold!
Carol Ray It's already Thursday here lol
Erika Harris Jr. do u have Sickle Cell...both of my kids do..i would love to chat with u about it
Rokesa Tarver Whatever you choose to be....go hard!!!
Rokesa Tarver Thanks for sharing the process fam!!
Rokesa Tarver When are you coming to Oklahoma? I'm from Long Beach Cali but I live here. so.....when are you coming ?
Rokesa Tarver That's why I listen to The Steve Harvey Morning Show while getting ready for work!!!
Darcell Russell Yes Kay Davis he coming to RVA!
Darcell Russell Turn it up some more baby! Thats my song!
Darcell Russell Put it in the body bag cause you will be killing it Junior!
Darcell Russell I love me some chocolate!
Darcell Russell I am tryna wait to see shoes and accessories.
Darcell Russell Where are you performing at Junior?
Darcell Russell lol he dancing with the clothes get it boo!
Darcell Russell Well make sure you pack to keep yourself warm. Its gonna be cold here.
Ortese Parker Amen! You never know who you're impacting! A blessing!
Raheim S. Muhammad Hi Jr hru bro I would love to say congratulations on your success
Ortese Parker Good evening! That's true, we all care about you!
Emik Klouse Good night. I will hear you in the morning EST.
Love Hubbard What's in that red cup..lol
Junior - Steve Harvey Morning Show
Junior - Steve Harvey Morning ShowMonday, November 6th, 2017 at 9:14am

Happy Birthday @mississippimonica Your the best producer in the world! Love you so much! Thanks for everything!!!!

Torey Mama-Bacon Aye Aye! Happy birthday from one Scorpio to another
Sirlena Woods Happy Birthday Mississippi Monica #itsscorpioseason
Darlene Burrell Happy Birthday MississippiMonica!!!!!
Angela Brewer Happy Birthday hope you have a bless day
Deidre Daniels you and jay need to work more better on the tv show
Jennifer Dennis Happy bday Ms.Monica
Ernest W Butler Happy Birthday!!
Gennifer Aaron Happy birthday Miss Monica.
Stephen Askins Happy Birthday
Regina Adams Happy birthday
Juanda Turner Happy Birthday
Sophia Lilly-Miller Happy Birthday!!!
Sholanda Edgeston Happy birthday
Christine Merritt Happy Birthday!
Angela Villines HAPPY BIRTHDAY
Lisa Glenn Happy Birthday
Jamica Nashell Happy Birthday!!
Diane Turner Happy Birthday!!!!!!
Marian Williams Happy Birthday!!
Carl Scott Happy Birthday.
Stacey Ahearn You're ***
Regina Cargile Enjoy your day Mississippi Monica
Karen Sennie Happy Born Day Mississippi Monica!
Debbie Sapphyre Sanders HBD Monica!
Junior - Steve Harvey Morning Show
Junior - Steve Harvey Morning ShowThursday, October 5th, 2017 at 3:38pm
Abby Lynn Morgan #teamjunior
Darlene Pryor https://www.facebook.com/nikki.houzah/videos/10210707970473134/