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Radio host, actor, comedian, producer, entrepreneur Thomas Miles, aka “Nephew Tommy”, is making his mark on the world of entertainment. As co-host of the nationally syndicated Steve Harvey Morning Show, which airs weekdays from 6-10 AM on more than 100stations, Tommy entertains nearly seven million weekly listeners. The program, which combines heart, humor, music, and celebrities from the world of sports and entertainment, is the #1 syndicated morning show in America.Tommy’s prank phone calls, which are a fan favorite of the radio program, have been compiled to create top-selling CDs; Nephew Tommy’s Prank Phone Calls Volume IVwas released in November 2010. That same month, Steve Harvey Morning Show debuted on the Centric Channel.The hour-long program, The Steve Harvey Project, aired nightly Monday –Friday presenting the best of the morning show and was filmed daily with bits by fan favorites like Sister O’Dell, Eugene, the Pastors, and many others.A multi-faceted entertainer and comedian, Tommy hosted the 2010 Essence Music Festival and recorded a one-hour comedy special in the famed Motor City Casino in Detroit, Michigan. Currently, Tommy continues to keep ’em laughing as he tours nationally in his sold-out stand-up comedy shows. He once toured the U.S. for nearly three years as the exclusive opening act for the late, great Luther Vandross. “I had the choice of hundreds of comics to choose from, but in the end, I choose Thomas Miles. His skill as an actor and comedian fits in perfectly with the classy and entertaining show I believe in presenting,” said Vandross. Though he enjoys a successful career as an entertainer, Tommy has also set his sights on the creation of a broader empire.Listeners of The Steve Harvey Morning Show often hear Tommy refer to his affinity for curvaceous women. With an eye on designing clothes to make plus-size women feel sexy, comfortable and confident, he launched a fashion line called Big Luv Denimcatering exclusively to full-figured women, which hit stores this spring.
At the center of Tommy’s body of entertainment works and business, ventures beat the heart of a gifted thespian. With years of experience starring in over a dozen stage plays and independent films, earning a Theater Arts degree, and working with the Royal Shakespeare Company of London, Tommy has honed his craft as an actor on both stage and screen. He is currently at work on material for an original stage play, and he executive produced and starred in a pilot for the sketch comedy show, Alley Cats. In 2010, Tommy appeared in movie theaters across the country in the feature film N-Secure and co-starred in the one-hour spec pilot Boulevard West. Whether it is for radio, television, stage, big screen or stores, “Nephew” Thomas Miles continues to demonstrate his remarkable talent and exquisite taste to the delight and pleasure of audiences worldwide.


Nephew Tommy
Nephew TommySunday, December 9th, 2018 at 2:48pm

Proud Papa watching my son run his first 40 yds.
You Gotta Hear His Response!

Nephew Tommy
He looks just like his mom. He’s a cutie
We are going to do what we have to do
Alright NOW!🤩
Training is love!
Adorable! Keep it up young man!
We going to do what we got to do 👏🏽👏🏽
💯father and son time
Fire Cracker! God Bless!
Awesome job
Charles Gibbs
Nephew Tommy
Nephew TommySunday, December 9th, 2018 at 1:58pm

@therealearthquake and I rocked the house last night in Detroit along with @johnnywitherspoon John "Pop" Witherspoon.
Then we hung out with @lilduval .
Trust me HE'S A ROCK STAR NOW!!!
I LOVE IT!!! #comedy #nephewtommy #comedian

Nephew Tommy
Nephew TommySaturday, December 8th, 2018 at 4:09pm

This week, everyone hits the road as the remaining 6 women and 3 men go on vacation together.

Everyone under 1 roof, things are sure to get interesting. Find out Saturday on all-new Ready To Love at 10pm! #readytolove #nephewtommy

Nephew Tommy
They should do the same show format but using those over 50. Only problem, everyone would be in bed by 11:00pm, always cold, and always talking about their grandchildren lol
I love the show nephew but I want to know how Alex is doing? Broke me heart when I heard the news about his condition!,😐
I am usually not into colorism, and I could be dead wrong. I would love a serious but respectful chat about this. The show feels familiar in the dating scenes in Black America. I feel the guys already knew they all most desired the lighter skinned ladies from the start. Now that the men Alexx and Michael are down to 2 women a piece, and despite the difficulties of Tiffany and Shay, they will ultimately choose them. I actually feel sorry for Ashlee and Shantava (msp?), not because they are lovely darker girls that they aren’t most desired and probably won’t be selected. But the men don’t really want to stick their necks out to fight for them, and the girls do not demand it. It is like these beautiful darker women are often trying to be the”no problems” fun girls but also maybe used to men not feeling they are worth any struggle to catch. (Kudos to one calling out Michael for not checking up on her after getting grandma cancer notice.) Don’t get me wrong, light skinned Angel is sweet, also outwardly “non-struggle” woman, too; and her real value is overlooked by Aaron as well. But unlike the final chocolate lovies on the show, Angel’s looks will still have her selected ultimately by Aaron over all. I would not be surprised that show producers, in attempts to mix up the color thing and discourage colorism in dating, really encouraged the guys to select at least one or two darker girls in their final round. I just couldn’t help but notice the guys think the deep ebony sisters are cool ladies, but just not that into them in contrast and those ladies seem used to it. But this is reality TV. It could be in the editing. Who knows?
Males appetite and imaginations runs wild don't bring fish indoors it smells. 👀👀🤔
Some womam get desperate and angry as they get older. The young guy is intimidated by these woman.he needs a 23 year old. Thats why he keep smiling. And the guy wanting to marry because i can still produce babies is out what if i have a accident after the wedding and can't give you kids. Is the marriage over? That leaves one man. Chocolate drop.
Girl you already know...As soon as lite skin walks in; its always ganna be an attention adjustment in the room!!!!! Ya think
How is Alex doing??? There should be some type of update on his health status. This is REAL, not just reality TV. And I hope and pray he recovers.
Please send her home sick of Tiffany
Girl get him
Love ashlee
Nephew Tommy
Nephew TommySaturday, December 8th, 2018 at 2:20pm

Let’s catch you up on #readytolove buckle up and hold on tight. This one is filled with drama.

Nephew Tommy
Watching now for the first time.
Tiffany needs to clam her man or him Go!
It is going to be a bit weird watching knowing Alexx's state. But I gotta ride it out.💖♥️💚🤩
Ganna watch tonight..... what’s up wit ya boy
Tommy is the real catch!!!
That's right! Always date with a purpose baby! I like this show😉
I need u to come to Tulsa ok
Love this show
What Thomas
Nephew Tommy
Nephew TommyFriday, December 7th, 2018 at 3:10pm

I know everyone didn't have a daddy like I did growing up. But there is someone in your life that has invested in your tool box! Tag them now, tell them thank you!

What investment are YOU making into someone else's tool box?

#readytolove #nephewtommy

Nephew Tommy
Best moment in reality TV EVER!
That’s the REAL stuff!!! That wisdom is gold.
Love it!!!
Nephew Tommy
Nephew TommyFriday, December 7th, 2018 at 7:43am

I love Kevin Hart till the wheels fall off. We have all said things that we regret...none of us are perfect...NO NOT ONE.


Hell 45 says dumb stuff every day. And they act like he's said nothing
Y'all keep this same energy the next time a white celebrity is outed for making racist statements in the past.
Why didn't noone have a problem with these jokes,until after he was asked to host the show?
Well!!! I won't be Watching The OCARS In My HOUSE!!! Love you!! Kevin Hart ❤️#Philly ALL DAY 👏
Hell he's the reason we would have watched 💯
Kevin is Phenomenal on and off the stage! He is a Real Human Being and not caught in the “Hollywood Snow Globe” (if u will)! He has remained true to himself, his fam, his purpose! When “they” come after u, its proof u are powerful and have “made it”! The devil is mad bcus God has blessed Kevin and made him an influence in other ppls lives #KeepLivingFullyInYrPurpose @Kevin Hart 💚💚
Does not have to keep apologizing for the same thing. My God
I have gay friends we did not think his jokes were offensive I was going to watch bc of Kevin not no more
Foget them Kevin come and host my familie's Christmas dinner we would love to have you 🎊🎊🎊
Guess who won't be watching!!! I love Kevin Hart and better things are in store for him!! God didn't bring you this far to leave you. Greater is coming Kevin!
Kevin Hart, we LOVE YOU down South!!!! Your past doesn't define who you are....thanks for posting this Nephew!
👏 I love Kevin Hart great comedian, actor, friend and daddy keep rising
Kevin Hart or anyone else shouldn't have to apologize for gay remarks they make or made. Unfortunately everyone dont love the lifestyle. And that's his or anyone's else right. Get a life people. Keep being Real Kevin Hart
I love Kevin Hart because he is a normal person. He enjoys his family n his life. He works hard for his family to have things. Thats cool with me
Drea loves her some Kevin Hart. 👑Queen Tiffany Haddish said Kevin told her to write a list of goals, she did & says that's part of why she's where she's @ today.He lets N.O.T.H.I.N.G. hold him back from A.N Y.T.H.I.N.G. & he's making plenty of 💰💰💰💰💰 which is not bad @ all.😊🤔💯🙏❤🙏
Let's just use that standard for EVERYONE and not just Kevin Hart. Just because he makes you laugh.
Kevin Hart kept it💯 by not apologizing for the 100th time!!! The Oscars knew about these damn tweets, BUT, as usual, Whites will find a way to tear you down once you reach a certain level in your career😒☕ #OscarsOnSomeIsh
Love you Kevin Hart keep doring what you do keep being real brother
I was going to applaud Kevin Hart this morning like you did for holding his ground until I saw that he finally gave in like every other spineless person under a spotlight and apologized. This means nothing to people who are angry, it’s just a little game people try playing to make you submit for pure pleasure. They won’t be satisfied and move on, their game just gets them to move on to their next victim. Misery simply loves company. Stop letting the miserable people of today try and tell you that you cannot become one of the greatest people who ever lived because of something you did 5, 10, 20 or 30 years ago. Let them live in their own past. They obviously can’t empathize what it’s like growing into a better person or they wouldn’t try tearing down dreamers.
No apology need,,,Look at what's in the White House!!
Kevin Hart is a real MAN. His level of work ethic and personal integrity will not be shaken by people who fail to recognize who THEY are, and what their Divine purpose really is on this planet. Im proud of Kevin. It makes me happy to know that there are some good souls still on purpose -Dr. Indigo
Kevin the Oscars would have not chosen u if they thought there was an issue keep ur head up💯
What did he do wrong? Nothing. How dare anyone attack anyone for their beliefs. God didn't make any mistakes when he created us. But the gay community is saying God did cause they was born that way. I can't go against God laws over Trump man's laws.
Thanks for standing up for what you believe in. To many people are being raked over the coals for what they did in the past. Stand your ground and never give in!!!
We all know it was some white, jealous individual that felt because he was black he shouldn't be the host!!!! So they found this tweet and posted it, knowing what the backlash would be!!!!
Nephew Tommy
Nephew TommyTuesday, December 4th, 2018 at 7:03am

I learned what love was years ago through my parents example.

Love is not temporary... Love is for the long haul... through the good times, and bad times.
Love still prevails.
#readytolove #NephewTommy

Nephew Tommy
“T”, I watched this episode last night , and man I can’t tell you how proud I am to know you , I never met your father , but I know you mom, and I after listening to your testimony last night , I know Jackie and the family truly appreciate the man your father and mother made you . Don’t forget to pass the toolbox !!
I knew your Dad and I hug your mom every Sunday at church. You’re talking straight facts!! Your dad was an old school man’s man who loved and lead his wife. You had a GREAT example in Brother and Sister Miles. 🙏🏽
This was a powerful & compelling display of love, respect & admiration for your parents.
Nephew Tommy I cried watching this episode you definitely spoke powerful words. My mom and dad was married for 61yrs dad was always in the home my parents never argued...fought or separated and that was truly as blessing for me. And my dad instilled the same thing in my brother's and my son. He said you take them vows for better or worse and when he passed two years ago my mom did she'd a tear because he gave her the best years of her live.
Those were my parents too!! So Powerful!! Prayers for Alexx as he battles his Illness
Powerful testimony Tommy.
That's" Real Talk" straight from the roots of growing up.
So touching hearing what r father taught, u need to share those tools in the tool box.
Tommy, it was nice seeing and hearing you in this element, outside of radio. A more serious influential Tommy. I think TV is your niche. You look comfortable. I love that you shared you’ve been committed to the SAME woman for all these years. God Bless you!
Love this show! There are a lot of lessons that may not be apparent to the naked eye, but for those paying'll get it.
Great father figure....he never left his seed behind.
How bad for you all to still say you R the baddest fool #1 and2 sounds so bad he said just change it to the greatest and coolest show that's best
Yes he said uknow his good love is all that why he did not say bad morning and bad afternoon and bad evening and how Stevie Wonder letting it b known he one of the Greatest not baddest and that list like him for some people to b so stuck on being the baddest wit this bad devil's mess going on from foolishness u all no so egnorant not from R so cool great heavenly Father he said uknow yes peace and love thanks being funny
Great sentiment and I LOVE the show!
AMEN everyone is not so blessed enjoy. 🙏🙏🙏💖💖😔😔
Had me crying 😢
Love the show
Beautiful ❤
,'s AlexNephew Tommy II
Some of these idiots out there need to hear this.
Nephew Tommy
Nephew TommyMonday, December 3rd, 2018 at 5:41pm

When you're in The Man Cave with Nephew Tommy....bring your A Game. #readytolove #realtalk #relationshipquotes #blacklove

Nephew Tommy
Love this show! Watching the ladies made me realize a couple of things about myself that I need to change. Might be why I am still
Show is beyond my expectations. Hope for season 2.. Aaron needs to
Great show! 👏🏽👏🏽 Prayers to Alexx🙏🏾 Please get well🙏🏾🙏🏾
What I like is how the women carry themselves with dignity & respect for themselves and each other. You can tell they are cohesive and are not fighting with each other. Yes, they are human an have disagreements, that’s normal. But it refreshing to finally not see Black women yelling & screaming at each other& throwing drinks. These women are professional & some of them even exited with class. Finally it’s great to see this on tv. Black women don’t always act angry and loud, like the media likes to misrepresent is, with awful reality shows like Atlanta housewives, love & hip hop franchises ect
Om Tellin Ya,,,
Nephew Tommy
Nephew TommyMonday, December 3rd, 2018 at 2:11pm

A good brother is critically ill. If you watch OWN’s reality show “Ready to Love” you probably know him as the soft-spoken, sensitive truck driver named Alexx or perhaps simply Mr. Chocolaticity. But right now this good brother is in a fight more real than any show produced. Alexx is battling what doctors are calling a dangerous form of the flu—brain flu. This condition causes inflammation of the brain and can lead to destroyed nerve...

Nephew Tommy
Nephew TommySaturday, December 1st, 2018 at 9:31pm

Columbia South Carolina @thecomedyhouse
A 6 Show Sold Out Weekend
Thank You-Thank You!!! 🙏🏾🙏🏾
I Am Humble And Grateful

Nephew Tommy is really great ! He resembles Jeffrey Osborne 💯 too great icons of mine
My DVD did not have sound
We soooooo enjoyed the show!!
I absolutely love at the end of your pranks,that hilarious laugh of yours makes my entire day😿. Much Love and support!!! 💗
Cant wait to see you tomorrow!
Trying to come check you out today!
Heyyyy Mr.Nephew Tommy you should come to Tulsa! We could use a good laugh!
How did I miss this?! I’m so mad!!! 😢😭🤬
U can dress Uncle God keep U
What’s up nephew!!!
Congrats from H-Town!
Enjoyed the show
Awesome Show Neph
Yo!!! What's up Good Nupe!!!
Lmao. Nephew. Tommy.....♥️
💖you go boy!
Nephew Tommy
Nephew TommySaturday, December 1st, 2018 at 5:28pm

Let's catch you up on what's happening on #readytolove tonight on @owntv 10/9 C

Nephew Tommy
Tommy. Thank you for the "real talk" about your father. It was heartfelt.... how he gave you a toolbox and how he was stable in your life. Men really need to hear this from another man. Loved it!!!💖
Aaron is starting to irritate me.. He playing.
I may shed a tear when I see Alexx 😢
Nephew Tommy, do you have any brothers. Hell I'll take an uncle or cousin. Just watched Ready to Love. Your description of your dad and moms marriage was beautiful.
You are doing an EXCELLENT JOB with READY TO LOVE!
Thank you for sharing how it's done, and marriage is til death do you part. It's the covenant to God that you to make and seeing that it works keeps hope alive. I've been married but he did not uphold his part. I know my Black Knight is out there.
I agree with you my parents were married 45 years before my dad passed away my dad was always there through the ups and down, the good and the Bad, that is exactly what I'm looking for stable commitment till death do us part and for the Long Haul. Sorry for the loss of your dad. I am enjoying Ready to Love, thank you😁
Nephew Tommy
Nephew TommySaturday, December 1st, 2018 at 5:22pm

Let's catch you up on what's happening on #readytolove tonight on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network 10/9 C

Nephew Tommy
Arron needs to go he is leading a lot of the ladies on that are truly looking for love
I want to see the women without make up.
I love you hosting this show! Keep up the good work!
Can't wait to see what's gonna happen tonight. Alvina Beaupierre, do you think that the men/women should've been an equal number??
Tommy what you said about your dad had me crying.... much respect