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Thomas “Nephew Tommy” Miles

Radio host, actor, comedian, producer, entrepreneur Thomas Miles, aka “Nephew Tommy”, is making his mark on the world of entertainment. As co-host of the nationally syndicated Steve Harvey Morning Show, which airs weekdays from 6-10 AM on more than 100stations, Tommy entertains nearly seven million weekly listeners. The program, which combines heart, humor, music, and celebrities from the world of sports and entertainment, is the #1 syndicated morning show in America.Tommy’s prank phone calls, which are a fan favorite of the radio program, have been compiled to create top-selling CDs; Nephew Tommy’s Prank Phone Calls Volume IVwas released in November 2010. That same month, Steve Harvey Morning Show debuted on the Centric Channel.The hour-long program, The Steve Harvey Project, aired nightly Monday –Friday presenting the best of the morning show and was filmed daily with bits by fan favorites like Sister O’Dell, Eugene, the Pastors, and many others.A multi-faceted entertainer and comedian, Tommy hosted the 2010 Essence Music Festival and recorded a one-hour comedy special in the famed Motor City Casino in Detroit, Michigan. Currently, Tommy continues to keep ’em laughing as he tours nationally in his sold-out stand-up comedy shows. He once toured the U.S. for nearly three years as the exclusive opening act for the late, great Luther Vandross. “I had the choice of hundreds of comics to choose from, but in the end, I choose Thomas Miles. His skill as an actor and comedian fits in perfectly with the classy and entertaining show I believe in presenting,” said Vandross. Though he enjoys a successful career as an entertainer, Tommy has also set his sights on the creation of a broader empire.Listeners of The Steve Harvey Morning Show often hear Tommy refer to his affinity for curvaceous women. With an eye on designing clothes to make plus-size women feel sexy, comfortable and confident, he launched a fashion line called Big Luv Denimcatering exclusively to full-figured women, which hit stores this spring.
At the center of Tommy’s body of entertainment works and business, ventures beat the heart of a gifted thespian. With years of experience starring in over a dozen stage plays and independent films, earning a Theater Arts degree, and working with the Royal Shakespeare Company of London, Tommy has honed his craft as an actor on both stage and screen. He is currently at work on material for an original stage play, and he executive produced and starred in a pilot for the sketch comedy show, Alley Cats. In 2010, Tommy appeared in movie theaters across the country in the feature film N-Secure and co-starred in the one-hour spec pilot Boulevard West. Whether it is for radio, television, stage, big screen or stores, “Nephew” Thomas Miles continues to demonstrate his remarkable talent and exquisite taste to the delight and pleasure of audiences worldwide.


Nephew Tommy
Nephew TommyFriday, October 20th, 2017 at 7:23am

Yep, it's Friday. Happy?

Be Ye Transformed Just watched it last night lol.
Shomonda Jones
Dana Marcia
Lisa Thomas And u ain't got nothing to do
Keenan Keenan Mack YES IT IS TGIF
Sandra Mallory Yes sir
Charmaine Bonneville Yes TGIF.
Mashelia Lachella Williamson Yes!! Enjoy Memphis tonite...
Jeremy Allen Sr. Won’t he do it!
MJeanette Plummer BrandonBey That is to cute
Cynthia Mccloud Have a good one.
Hosea Lynch Jr True dat.
Ashley Clark See you tonight!
Renee Bush 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿
Kevin James Perry
Nephew Tommy
Nephew TommyMonday, October 16th, 2017 at 11:29pm

Most things in our lives require and UPGRADE... even our faith at times.

Don Dada Venttinni Wat up Fam dis 2 pac from chuckle s Memphis!!!😂😂 Hit me back
Don Dada Venttinni Da man made a whole show bout me had dem folks rolling
Emily Thomas Not so patiently waiting to see Momma's Boy at the Orpheum in Memphis on the 21st
Felice Boddie Damn tommy i saw you saturday night in Brooklyn you did a DAMN good job
Candy Champion Pearson TABERNACLE
Jen Sylvia Speak on it
Joyce Henry Yes!!!
Tee Poland Amen, amen, Amen
Anthony Harris Senior Amen
Candace Hicks Yes
Delores Brooks AMEN
Christine Lopp Gm
Sandra Mallory Amen
Monica Caridad Figueroa Amen
DivaEva Patton amen
Cynthia Mccloud Amen
Aleisa Stewart Amen
Nephew Tommy
Nephew TommySunday, October 15th, 2017 at 7:00am

Talking with my buddy Avery yesterday I mentioned, "I love my life." I wasn't bragging or being arrogant but I was being appreciative. Sometimes it feels like I'm soaring, flying high... and I really love it. I thank God for my wings.

Kourtney Johnson Nada wrong with that Mr.Nephew Tommy you work hard .. you deserve all the blessings that are coming to you and what you have already gotten you only live once tomorrow is not promised
Sharon Turner-Blossom There's nothing wrong with that, good deal!😀
Catina Crawford U r blessed tom tom and even though my life isn't the way I want it I still thank God because its always sbody else who life is worse then mine I guess that person is the devil that has been attacking me for 6weeks straight lol and I still laugh about it lol
Billy Harris Well fly yo bald headed ass to Cali, you never give us a fair shake mf...
Eric Spruille Hey nephew i have a crazy question for you. I a Indian gives another some money and takes it back. Is he a indian giver. Ric from Compton.
Wisdom ObieOne I agree I'm loving my life
Daphne Morris Amen. Give God the Glory that is due Him
Stanley LockhartSr Fly on fly on glad for you.
Olivia Net Jones Good morning!!!
Darryl Willis Dig that.
Cynthia Mccloud Good morning.
Cee Q Davis Amen
Adel Halim 4
Nephew Tommy
Nephew TommySaturday, October 14th, 2017 at 7:00am

Love this. What's your answer?

Traci Alston 3.....if I had James Evans as a father.....and got a bad report card...I'm moving in with Willona!!!!😂😋😂😋
Streeb Setzler If you didn't pick 3, you didn't grow up in the 70's
Terence Dobey Bring my report card home, I will mail it to number 3 with a letter stating I'm joining the Marine Corps. Because I'm going to need all the help I can get
Spencer Webb None of them. Are you crazy? You don't bring no all out failing report card home to any black father.
Taylor Kennedy 1, 2 and 4 will have you feel bad by saying they're disappointed in you. While 3 will tear ya ass up! Lol So comes down to do you want ya ass sore or do you want to feel like you let ya parent down? I'll take feel like I let my parent down for $200 Alex! 😁
Stephney Soreal 3 James just look like he thinking about which belt to use
Sharon K Woods Carr James would even whip other ppl kids as well. Come over there acting up and talking back, he'll take that belt off with the quickness... We need them "Daddies" back!
Faytonia S. Graves Man, don't y'all see the look in James's face!! He's definitely cut from the, " I wish a mtfk would" cloth!! 😩😩😩. #AbsolutelyNotNumber 3️⃣💪🏾👊🏽☝🏾️✌🏾️
Danielle Estrada They should make this a family feud question! 100% said James Evans. No 3 without question. But if he found out you didn’t bring home the report card that’s your tail too!
Shaunda Miller 3. James Evans, You already know how he feels about education GOD have mercy on that behind. Back in the day parents weren't your friends, they we're the authority (basically). You had fear in your heart when you messed up bad because the consequences was worse. I remember as a kid my mommy told me she'll always be my parent and when I am an adult then we can be friends. She's my heart and my buddy for life. As a child/kid we didn't know why some parents were so hard on us but as you get older you understand it was out OF LOVE.
Stacey Sutton 3- Remember that episode when Michael's classmate was over, and he didn't want to study? James whooping other people children bout them books!
Darian Stephens Cliff, Uncle Phil, and James Evans! Reasons: I'm not bringing it to Cliff because of Claire. I'm not bringing it to Uncle Phil because he was way too creative in disciplining children. I'm not bringing it to James Evans because I want to be able to sit down that week.
Bobby McCorvey 3.. James whooped ass.. anybody's ass.. remember when he whooped Eddie's ass?? Whooped his ass so good he started reading at a college level. 😂😂 My 2nd choice would be the Cosby home. Forget Bill. Claire look like she didn't play dat
Thelma Randle 3...That damn James... He told JJ I'm seeing A's but I'm hearing F's...🤣🤣 That episode was hella funny...😁
Juana Juana None of those dads would physically discipline their daughters, just a firm talk and punishment. With that being said, I wouldn't want to bring my report card home to uncle Phil because he would take away my car/driving privileges, credit cards, won't be able to go to the party of the century (rich ppl stuff) etc....
Kenneth Holmes These are the best comments! Everybody knows this one's James Evans. He's the type of dad that you wish you could hide every belt including the one he has on his waist .
Shomonda Jones 3- James Evans! You don't even have to watch the show to know, that He's going to beat the black off of you! Take a look at those lips, eyes, flared nostrils, and that parted lawn on top of his head! #dontgohome #sleepwithbotheyesopen #callCPSnow #screamforJesus
Indya Mack Tanksley James Evans.... cliff not going to do anything but give a lecture and uncle Phil will yell, look crazy and go fix a sandwich and Winslow will tell Harriet
Nikkei Gilliam Ross 3. Remember when James and Florida went to the school because J.J. was being passed and knew nothing!
LC Dean #3..he studied the art of belt wielding, from the shaolin masters, in the secret monastery, at the top of the Himalaya mountains, that only the best, of the best, of the best know about. Nope, not tangling with him
Marchelle Robin Bridgeforth Remember what James did to the kid that was taking Michael's lunch and Michael bought the kid home to help him study. James tore his hampotts up with the belt. 😳
Loletha Glover 3 because remember when Michael was bullied and lunch was taken, he brought the kid home for the weekend and James tore that boys ass up cause he didn't want to study/do homework with Michael, so he will beat his children's ass and yours when it comes to education.
Rea'Nada Chance 3 all day every day. I would just run away and join the circus or army cause of I even brought a C+ home to him I would be terrified of becoming albino cause he would literally beat the black off me. Y'all ever wonder why Michael was the smartest and the lightest complexion. Think about it.
AV Hunr I mean everyone is picking James because he would prolly destroy that behind but let's not forget Carl DID try to kick Eddie out the house lol I'll take a belt over sleeping on the curb.
Kelly Mcgee 3, for sure 2 ill be a lil NERVOUS and 1 he would just make me feel bad emotionally .. 4 is a punk I wouldnt even go to school.
Nephew Tommy
Nephew TommyFriday, October 13th, 2017 at 1:24pm

Me and my WBLS Family.
New York, New York.
This is a big rich town... I just come from the poorest part.

Jean Gray Tommy you ain't poor no more. Heard from reliable source you are a millionaire now too just like your Uncle Steve Harvey. It's all good glad you made it.
Sharon Watkins-Barksdale The play was AWESOME great job Nephew Tommy
Celeste LivingthelifeofRiley Tommy you were sooooo funny in Momma's Boy! I just love you!!!
Anetra Douglas Hey Tommy y'all enjoy
Rekay Remelda K Williams Mr Tommy you owe me some ' Coffee & soda cause i spit both out to laugh when i heard those prank calls 👌🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Christa Germaine I got the "Power" reference 😂😂.
Missy Fletcher Nephew Tommy you were GREAT last night in Salisbury, MD. The play was amazing. 😘
Charlene Brice You were terrific in #Mommasboy last night in Salisbury, Md. Had a great time
Aleisa Stewart Momma's,boy was a good show. Newark nj
Debra Reid Hey Nephew, enjoy ya'll selves👌💜💜💜💜.
Candy Champion Pearson Power baby!
Elva Gales Charles Fifty gon get
Wanda Miles Hi nephew
Billy Harris Baldy you just don't like L.A. huh...
Elder Billie Cooks Love you Nephew Tommy
Jacque Shields Mba Really Tommy
Richard Godfrey leagal or ill-leagal
Renee Simone Be "good" in my city! :)
Nephew Tommy
Nephew TommyTuesday, October 10th, 2017 at 10:06pm

You may have seen this already but I'm posting this collage because the pictures do tell the story. I'm just sayin'.

Carla Butler Yes for Clinton, Bush and Obama past Presidents that care!! But for the other one that’s throwing rolls of paper towels at the people instead of handing them to the people 🤐 NO WORDS 😑
Tamster Ritchey What are we going to impeach him I just don't understand how he could have the seat in the White House still
Antionette Taylor Dumpf is just an a**. You can make it up, you can't sugarcoat it. He is not presidential, Hell he is not human. I am waiting for someone on his staff to pull out the anal probe
Bobbie Thomas McNeil U left the U.S. to go see the hurricane aftermath. And the people of Puerto Rico need everything. And the President, who thinks he is helping lift spirits & bring hope. Throws out paper towels....yeah paper towels to people who have lost everything. Wow!!!!!!
Charmell Johnson Ok enough of the President bashing we have a crisis in the world that need us all to unite like never before or we all will burning !!!! Each President has their own style and contribute or made a mistake you can not please everyone....However, every President need to Lead and have respect!!!@
Kiara Tokumei I do not care for any individual, but what is more important to me is are the hugs honest or for publicity. To add, a hug do not pardon the problems that Mr. Bush has caused as a president.
Stephanie J Thomas What did anybody really expect from him? Compassion? Really. People supported this so why cry now. I hope you all voted js. If u didnt you have nothing to say. Your silence then brought out this foolishness now.
Vernon Dove So true we have a person sitting in the chair of the Whitehouse, see the president are gone now but god isn't Amen
Daphne Wilson Nephew Tommy how does your uncle Steve feel about 45 now? Just curious since I don’t get to listen to the show anymore.
Bobbie Thomas McNeil Dude you can't spell anything. Be quiet you can't even spell Puerto Rico correctly. Just hush!!!!! Jim Webster
Denver De Guzman I doesnt not tell all..some are just for show and some are just to destroy especially in the world of politics or let say specifically for politicians...
Dorotha Walker As we all know dumb ass trump, don't have a heart. He is a poor excuse for a man. Everything Is a joke for orange face. He need to be the one to drink the contaminated water 💦.
Jim Webster Your a race baiter tommy, an asshole, you drive a Bentley how much money have you donated to people in need? You think your asshole post brings harmony to America ?. What a privileged progressive militant you turned out to be. idiot
Janet Mincher Holt If he did hug someone, there would be something posted accusing him of being sexist or racist. Just sayin.
Chrissy Ramirez JuSt sad as shit. He is an embarrassment 🤦🏽‍♀️
Travis Tunstall This is fake, it's easy to just put random photos together.
Angie Addison Trump is in the dam way but god is working it out
Tonya Williams Did he think he was at a rally or somewhere throwing t shirts.....a** hole
Wendy Walker The story is #45 is a total asshole. End of story!
Tammy Alexander Those 3 president Clinton, Bush, Obama real men’s
Jackie McCoy A picture speaks a thousand words
Nichole Cartwright I came here to care versus I just came here!
Judith Perry Trump would not hug a stranger because he does not have empathy for others.
Gfaye Long He treat them like dogs fetch
Michelle Davis I personally thought it was rude to throw the paper towels. No charisma.
Nephew Tommy
Nephew TommySunday, October 8th, 2017 at 9:39am

Hanging out with some POWERFUL sisters in Washington DC after a Saturday night performance of the hit stage play: "Momma's Boy."
(Debbie Morgan, Jackee Harry, me & Robin Givens).

Iris Wiggs Heard it was a nice show my sister was there that night she sad your crazy Tommy or as your uncle says (Your stupid lol) Love it keep growing doing your thang.
Debbie Holley Looking good Tommy, be blessed and continue growing, we 're so proud of you here in North Carolina .
Kathleen Slowley Hello Tommy, I am trying to send you the healing information for the cure for cancer and all debilitating diseases, but you do not have a message inbox that will allow me to do so. Please check out my Facebook page, the healing information is there, under "The cure for cancer and all debilitating diseases".
Trish Laboy-Mad Max Y'all were good, Excellent'e!
Tammy McKenzie Awesome play....Great job Nephew Tommy!
Don Evans Love the play........hate that you ran out of programs and popcorn haha
Phyllis Carter Dimpled deb Morgan from all my children,you have not aged
Bianca Fairley Lol they all have dimples....cute!
Chelsea Walker-Mccray Why Robin looking like LaToya Jackson..all beautiful tho!
Asia J. Greene Awesome Play! Great job to the whole cast, you all brought it to the stage. Funny!
Yulanda Gupton A side eye for that Rude A** Robin Givens!!! Girl stop being rude to your fans.....SMDH....JS
Renee Hawkins Great show on Saturday. You did a wonderful job Tommy Butterfly. Love it.
Debra Reid I enjoyed the show yesterday👌💜
Angela Holmes I bet the convo and laighs were amazing
Lottie Webb Day Had a great time at the play it was awesome. You rocked and the cast was great.
Shamanita Floyd All those dimples!!!!! Love it they are aging great!!!!
Dave Lawson Tommy... you get all the pretty ones...
JuDawn Kyle You did an awesome job, you had me ROTFL especially the preaching on brushing your teeth.
Pamela Maynor I have my tickets for Oct. 14th I can't wait.
Lamelia Roan Glass-Davis Hate we got an edited version in the ICT.
Cynthia Rainge You are in mini heaven surround by beautiful women! Looks like a fun time
Mila Gularte Are you guys scheduled for Birmingham, Alabama anytime soon?
Lavern Deshields You all were awesome Friday night! Tell Eugene he was good but Nephew Tommy was great! Lol!
Nephew Tommy
Nephew TommySaturday, October 7th, 2017 at 12:17pm

The upcoming Odell Beckham Jr is... Jhordyn Wesley Miles!!!
Y'all Ain't Ready!!!

Kathleen Slowley Hello Tommy, I am trying to send you the healing information for the cure for cancer and all debilitating diseases, but you do not have a message inbox that will allow me to do so. Please check out my Facebook page, the healing information is there, under "The cure for cancer and all debilitating diseases".
Gladys Carrion Let him be the upcoming Jhordyn, Beckham is a fool!
Catina Crawford He's too cute lol he look like u tomtom
Robert Swinney Jr salute from Charlotte nc
Rhonda Young Get him ready!
Jeff Baker Look out now!
Cee Q Davis Alright nah!!!
Monica Allen Go Jhordyn!!
Jacalyn Harris Lol
Elmina Paul ICU
Nephew Tommy
Nephew TommyFriday, October 6th, 2017 at 9:32am

Good Morning Washington

Velma Wo-wo Moses Hello nephew Tommy I really loved your performance and Mama's boy in DC the first night open on October 5th you laid it honey i love your Eugene butterfly ass looking all good out there keep up the good work bro see you again soon I don't never miss a show with you in it be blessed
Catina Crawford Tommy a Cross-eyed person is better at doing crossword puzzles. Lol I don't know who holla the loudest me or Shirley u crazy lol
Debora H. Royal Good morning MOMMY'S BOY was the BOMB Nephew Tommy was off the chain...the entire cast was great
Jill Goodman Good morning y'all make it do what it do y'all
Andrea Leon Loving those smiles & that jacket johnny is wearing !♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡Lol.😂
Teresa Arrington I saw you last night at the stardome in Hoover
Kizzy Watkins Good morning
Sarah Minns Looking good guys love you both
Cheryl Straughter Hey My Handsome Brother!!!! Looking Good!!😘
Debra Reid Good Afternoon, nice picture💜💜💜
Anthony Harris Senior Good Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Valerie Overton Philly in the house!!
Robert Swinney Jr Salute from Charlotte nc
Constance Lewis Good Morning! Them smiles! <3
Myra Brummell Good Morning Y'all
Reggie Jackson Good Morning Nupe.
Jacalyn Harris God is good Love yall
Linda Barksdale Good evening
Tawanda M Cannon Sunday 3pm can't wait
Ethel Whitfield Good morning
Janice Moye Both of you look great. From Washington DC
Rhonda Watson Good morning Tommy and Johnny 😎
Felisia Fair Gm Nephew Tommy And Johnny Gill
Jacalyn Harris Looking good
Nephew Tommy
Nephew TommyWednesday, October 4th, 2017 at 10:37am

Las Vegas is dear to me: I meet there, I perform there; I party there (recently had a big birthday bash); and I work there (The Neighborhood Awards). My prayers go out to all of the families and friends of the victims--who were simply there to have a good time in a great city. RIP for the fallen. Get well soon for the injured.

Kāsha Monique I've only ever stayed at Mandalay Bay all the times I went to Vegas which was for the Hoodies. This is very disheartening but I won't let it stop me from going back.
Thomas Mccourt Amen I'm coming there October 25th
Helen Davis Good morning nephew Tommy i love you and amen
Elva Gales Charles Nephew Tommy II. How are you after the accident?
Constance Lewis Amen!
Geneva Savoy Amen GM Nephew Tommy !!
Jacalyn Harris It's always in God's hands
Andrea Leon
Karen Buck Well said Nephew Tommy.
Monica T. Plummer-Chandler Prayers
Linda Arnold I agree nephew Tommy.
Bridget Wimbush Well Said
Sharon Harrison Amen amen.👏
Red Tonya Amen Tommy💜
Sandra Mallory Amen
Aleisa Stewart Amen
Angela Peterson Amen
Carol Jackson Amen
Rhonda Allen Amen
Joann Owens Amen
Nephew Tommy
Nephew TommyMonday, October 2nd, 2017 at 7:18pm

Did you know anybody who used this to repel mosquitos?

Brenda Johnson I couldnt play outside in the projects, during the summer unless I was lathered up in this mess. Mosquitoes didn't get me but I was dirty as hell and the bathtub had a serious ring around it. LMAO
Walterene Miller-Morgan The way it smell it can Repel Men too, Ha Ha ha
Cynthia Laverne Kirkland-Artis Yes! It’s great! Take it from me, an Avon Representative, who’s customers rave about it! It really works!
Rick Marshall No disrespect Ladies, but we would put this on our horses to keep horseflies and mosquitoes away. Work well. It really did.
Karen Coleman Stop Playing Nephew Tommy; You know this bottle is in almost every black household..LOL.. But I also found that Cutter Skinsations is also good.
Jacquista Powell My guy friend and I went to a cookout and someone warned us about mosquitoes. I mentioned that I put on my SSS before I left home. The look on my friend's face when he said "you had SSS and didn't say anything before we left the house" was priceless.
Paula V. Turner Yes, and it works! Coconut oil works better especially if you don't like the smell of the Skin so Soft.
France Nehemie Rendel My daughter is allergic to mosquitoes. She used to have whelps. My pediatrician told me to use that on her. Since then, she hasn't had any problems with mosquitos
Sharan MzDutchess Jenkins Everybody's momma in the south lol 😂
Erika Morgan-Turner Heck yeah!!!!! That was the last THE ONLY thing my granny used on me for those St. Louis mosquitoes. Oh and Campho Phenique. Lol
Mckinney Indinia It's not as strong as it was back n the days. From experience, I've bought it here in Ga. The mosquitoes have bitten me for 3 yrs straight. Last summer I stopped wearing any and all things perfume. Tried this because nothing else worked. I still got bitten. 🤷🏽‍♀️
Dionne BrownSuga Payton Naquita Payton every time I see this or hear some one talk about it I remember when u said u almost fell because it was slippery AF 😂
Joyce Owen It does work, been using it for years. I think the mosquitos just hit you and slide right off....LOL before they have a chance to bite. And so do the men...LOL
Muriel A. Heard I enlisted in the United States Marine Corps in the summer of 1989. This was the absolute first time I was ever introduced to this stuff at Parris Island, SOUTH Carolina. We were told that it was used to repel the sand fleas that are notorious in that part of the country. And yes, it definitely works.
Gail Washington Yes, it really works. I could literally feel the Mosquito touching me and falling off my legs. Great stuff..
Donald Bailey Stopped the Sand Fleas at Parris Island but was horrible for spit shining your shoes and cleaning your rifle.
Kawaini J English-Duson I still do! I get the single packets and use them all summer on myself and the kids. It works wonders... find an Avon rep!
Sylvia Johnson Yes,it is used for many different things as was as mosquitos. As a Avon representative using the original skin so soft bath oil is awesome for keeping those pesting bugs away. You can visit mt site at
Marva Campbell Me. I must tell you, it did not work. Those mosquitos disrespected this mess from the time I step outside until the time I went back inside 😡
Nikei Chambers It works..middle daughter them..she 12been using it since she was for now they dont bother her..Hats off Avon.Thanks
Karlene L. Scott There's also Skin So Soft bug repellents/sprays by Avon, I swore by them when I was pregnant. They are great.
Denise Presley I never knew this was used to repel mosquitoes. I remember my grandmother used to put a cap full in my bath water when I was a child. My skin was so soft afterwards.
Deborah Lynn Oh yes! I'm allergic to mosquito bites! Mom & dad had a cabin on the river. Every weekend we'd go down. It was miserable. BUT I bought some SSSOFT and used it before going down. EVERYONE ELSE WAS scratching and itching but me. NO BITES!
Nisha Renee Yes, my mom use to sell avon and buy it. We used it to fight off mosquitos & fleas lol. It works , I love the smell of it. Skin so soft.
Atina Llah i dont use the shower gel but the SSS lotion is the bizness...mosquitoes love to drink my blood and im allergic...the lotion stops all that
Nephew Tommy
Nephew TommySaturday, September 30th, 2017 at 11:09am

I'm on the road performing in the hit stage play "Momma's Boy."
But I wish I could be home experiencing this moment with my little one.
Word of advice: "Take advantage of every moment before it's too late."

Jackie Simmons Don't worry your a good Father and provider and there will be many more opportunities like this for you to be apart of. He knows his Dad loves him dearly.
Wanda Miles Yes I'm sure you are a great father and provider
Stephanie McNeal Brewton Y'all should come to Nashville!!!!
Jacalyn Harris Providing is loving. You are both missing each other today but he'll understand by and by
IamTony Hayes
Candace Hicks Yes
Cynthia Mccloud Amen
Kimberly Wilson Hi
Keditha Harris Yes you in Columbus georgia tonight