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Thomas “Nephew Tommy” Miles

Radio host, actor, comedian, producer, entrepreneur Thomas Miles, aka “Nephew Tommy”, is making his mark on the world of entertainment. As co-host of the nationally syndicated Steve Harvey Morning Show, which airs weekdays from 6-10 AM on more than 100stations, Tommy entertains nearly seven million weekly listeners. The program, which combines heart, humor, music, and celebrities from the world of sports and entertainment, is the #1 syndicated morning show in America.Tommy’s prank phone calls, which are a fan favorite of the radio program, have been compiled to create top-selling CDs; Nephew Tommy’s Prank Phone Calls Volume IVwas released in November 2010. That same month, Steve Harvey Morning Show debuted on the Centric Channel.The hour-long program, The Steve Harvey Project, aired nightly Monday –Friday presenting the best of the morning show and was filmed daily with bits by fan favorites like Sister O’Dell, Eugene, the Pastors, and many others.A multi-faceted entertainer and comedian, Tommy hosted the 2010 Essence Music Festival and recorded a one-hour comedy special in the famed Motor City Casino in Detroit, Michigan. Currently, Tommy continues to keep ’em laughing as he tours nationally in his sold-out stand-up comedy shows. He once toured the U.S. for nearly three years as the exclusive opening act for the late, great Luther Vandross. “I had the choice of hundreds of comics to choose from, but in the end, I choose Thomas Miles. His skill as an actor and comedian fits in perfectly with the classy and entertaining show I believe in presenting,” said Vandross. Though he enjoys a successful career as an entertainer, Tommy has also set his sights on the creation of a broader empire.Listeners of The Steve Harvey Morning Show often hear Tommy refer to his affinity for curvaceous women. With an eye on designing clothes to make plus-size women feel sexy, comfortable and confident, he launched a fashion line called Big Luv Denimcatering exclusively to full-figured women, which hit stores this spring.
At the center of Tommy’s body of entertainment works and business, ventures beat the heart of a gifted thespian. With years of experience starring in over a dozen stage plays and independent films, earning a Theater Arts degree, and working with the Royal Shakespeare Company of London, Tommy has honed his craft as an actor on both stage and screen. He is currently at work on material for an original stage play, and he executive produced and starred in a pilot for the sketch comedy show, Alley Cats. In 2010, Tommy appeared in movie theaters across the country in the feature film N-Secure and co-starred in the one-hour spec pilot Boulevard West. Whether it is for radio, television, stage, big screen or stores, “Nephew” Thomas Miles continues to demonstrate his remarkable talent and exquisite taste to the delight and pleasure of audiences worldwide.


Nephew Tommy
Nephew TommyTuesday, August 20th, 2019 at 7:31pm

Took a few days off but I'm back. #runner #nikerunning

I'm doing my walking/ steps I be getting it in. I wake up just to hear those prank calls in the morning it be funny it makes my day.
Okay cousin when is our show coming back on
I walk 4 days a week my goal is to be able to jog 👍🏾
You keeping your self in great shape. Looking good Tommy
Hey Tommy, hope you enjoyed your time off
I’m just now beginning to close my walk ring 𗀄 on my Apple Watch... thanks nephew
Nephew Tommy I really need you to play this joke on my brother!! He thinks nobody can prank on him,,,,please help me!!
What’s up Nephew!!
Nephew Tommy get it in Bro
Get it nephew, if you need a partner give me a holla. 🤔🤔
Weed in the church van wasn’t funny
man I can't get enough of the prank calls..Just too Dam funny..
Run Eugene run.
when can you get Steve Harvey to join you
I like your prank calls..T.Rose
Hi went to your uncles church Sunday met more Miles there had nice time
Beautiful smile Nephew!
You keep me motivated...thank you Nephew
Hi Nephew Tommy your the man!!!!😎
Alright now sexy, keep up the good work
You go Tommy!!!👑❤🙌👍
Go Tommy
Keep on keeping on
Nephew Tommy
Nephew TommyTuesday, August 20th, 2019 at 1:33pm

We just added a bunch of new tour dates to my website. Come see me act a fool in your city! #nephewtommy
#comedy #livecomedy #readytolove #steveharveymorningshow #kingofpranks

You’re always welcome to come to the Destin/Pensacola area nephew.
My wife and I will be to see you September 7 in Greenville NC!!!!
You were great when you came to Chuckles in Memphis a couple of months ago
Come to Raleigh NC
When is your show coming back on . Looking for love on OWN?
I'm in San Diego now come and make us laugh here!! Love to see Eugene!!!
I would to see and meet you in Chicago
Come to Connecticut please
I see you coming to New Orleans Smoothie King Center according to live shows but when I go to purchase tickets you not on the smoothie king website for tickets Nephew Tommy
Nephew Tommy come back to the Fitz... Tunica Ms casino!!
Come back to Richmond Va
Waiting for you to come to Birmingham Alabama
Waiting for tour dates in New Jersey
When are you coming to ca.
When you’re coming back to the 757 area...
Are you coming to Los Angeles soon?
Come to Florence or Myrtle beach.
#nephewtommy THANKS for playing “Raymond in the Closet” today. I truly needed that laugh!
I can't wait to see you...right here in the SIP!! JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI!
Waiting for dates in Biloxi, MS
Oh I cannot miss this. I’m your BIGGEST fan nephew 🙌🏽
Eric Jones
Nephew Tommy
Nephew TommySaturday, August 10th, 2019 at 2:08pm

My coworker Mississippi Monica has me eating in Neiman Marcus Cafe today. We're balling on a Neiman Marcus Gift Card!!! 😅😂😅 LOL
#neimanmarcus #lunchwithfriends #nephewtommy

The people have been ASKING?
Where is you hiding that caviar Nephew?
Nephew Tommy I hope your ready 2 get that work out in on tomorrow.
Is it good Tommy?
I’m too from the Sip. What city is Monica from?
Good morning Nepew. I have a question. What is going on with the Steve Harvey morning show? We haven't heard Steve Harvey on the air in about a month. And now you all are running old shows from a year ago. What is going on?
your uncle has some issues huh? prank phone call that
Nice picture sorry for your loss Mississippi Monica
Yes girl I am from Mississippi have Tommy to enjoy that true southern charm sitting with him
Mississippi Monica! University of Southern Mississippi, REPRESENT!
Mississippi Monica is beautiful. Don't let them keep riding you.
Mississippi Monica need to bring her a$$ to Mobile Alabama... 🥰🤣
Mmm, Neiman Marcus, chicken and tacos!! Sarcasm
So nice to see a smile on her after losing her dad not that long ago.
Will keep you and your family in prayer, Soror. Enjoy your meal.
Tommy I love your phone pranks 👍🏿. They are the best
Its Nice To Be Nice, Enjoy Your Meal.
Gift Cards work too....
First time seeing Monica,she is beautiful, hey tommy.
Condolences for your co worker Monica and y'all enjoy the rest of the day
Monica.. you look great! Hey nephew tommy.
Those gift cards surely come in handy..Lol
Nice picture....Hey Ms. Monica👋
Hope you went shopping afterwards Miss Monica 😉
Nephew Tommy
Nephew TommyThursday, August 8th, 2019 at 8:38am

Nothing beats quality time with my Mother and my Son.
#familyfirst #nephewtommy #familyvalues #fishing

It's been a minute since we've heard auntie Kate, Uncle you've got to bring her back America really misses her, she's so funny and always makes my day anytime she comes on the show most especially when she's messing with nephew Tommy.
This beautiful lady is the voice we heard when you were orange from lotion and on the hospital 💆🤣
I see you Ethel,I know that you love to fish I told Millie 2 days ago I saw where Tommy put on his story you and a boy had a big fish, I use to go fishing a lot in Port Bolivar, keep up with good work Ethel💯💯💯
Where y’all catch those fish ? H.E.B.?
I see you guys are all the same height
I can see the resemblance between your uncle Steve and your Mother, Ms. Kate.
Where's miss Kate? Tommy bring her back. It's time for her and her home girls to hit the casino.
Where did you catch that good looking fish..
I miss hearing her on the radio! Beautiful picture!!
Love!! I love it when your mother is on radio show it Steve Harvey!! God Bless!!
Love it...we need her to call in soon Tommy...I'd love to have some fresh fish yummm
Yes!! There's nothing like Family!! Good, Bad, or indifferent, and much LOVE that's what makes it Family. Beautiful picture
Beautiful and we need to hear from Mrs.Kay!
Yes, thank you for sharing your wife's and your blessed moments.
That's Steve's Sister. Nice Picture!!
Beautiful picture of your mom and son💜💜
I miss on the radio! You have a beautiful family!
Damn Tommy they almost as tall as you Lol. Beautiful family Sir. Be Blessed
Nice photo of your love ones.
Yes! Family first!
Nephew Tommy please play the prank about ur mom, when she was asking for the money for the trees in the backyard..I 💜that one!! Beautiful family!!
You guys need to bring your mom back on the show!!!
Yes, I agree family first❤️
I finally get to put a face to the voice that I hear on WBLS she is gorgeous
My beautiful auntie and handsome Lil cousin... I wanna go next time!!!
Nephew Tommy
Nephew TommyWednesday, August 7th, 2019 at 9:16pm

Only 2 miles today. Not even worth taking a picture.

Be back tomorrow.

Nephew Tommy
Better to have some miles than no miles running you have peaks low and high at my lowest 2 1/2 miles highest 14 miles.
Two beats none keep going
Always the next day💪🏽
Two miles is waaaaay better than zero miles.
At least you did 2..that counts too. 💪🏃👊
Something is better than nothing. Preaching to myself.
2 miles, better than no miles !
But a 9 min pace is great
Always the next day💪🏽
Good time
Let's do it tomorrow 👍
yeah ok!!
Nephew Tommy
Nephew TommyTuesday, August 6th, 2019 at 10:16am

Maaaaan I love my job. Feeling greatfull today. New comedy dates added to my website check them out and see if I'm in yo City.
#nephewtommy #comedy #newdates

Nephew Tommy
No one does it better than Nephew Tommy.
I wish steve would come back to the radio everyday again
You’re the GOAT!! I must listen to the prank call before I even go into work... Boy you keep me in stitches🤣😂before my work day 😆
man you straight crazy..where is yo Work laughing my ass off..
Love you Nephew Tommy you make me laugh everyday God bless💯 🙏🙏
Hail: The Prank Phone Call King !!!!😍😍 Thank you for keeping the tears of joy flowing !!!
Needed this laugh 🤗
Too funny hey Nephew Tommy hey!😏👋🏾👋🏾👋🏾👋🏾👋🏾
Nephew Tommy
Nephew TommyMonday, July 29th, 2019 at 8:36am

Philly!! I'll be hosting this amazing event.
Fri, Aug 2, 2019, 9:00 PM
The Grand Ballroom
3801 Market Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104
#wdas #philly
#kappaalphapsi #milesofgiving

This party was tired Nupe. No flow in it at all and you did nothing to pump it up while it was going on. No walking around, no talking on the mic. Totally different than they way you partied at the 100th! You hype it up before hand with the advertisng but gave zero effort. My sands, my wife, and out friends were sorely disappointed. Surely a non Nupe like party. SMH
And y'all still murdering the hits sounds bad wit people being killed not funny on the greatest show just remixs them he keep saying peace and love only
Have a great show Tiny
Tommy is my boy
Nephew Tommy
Nephew TommyThursday, July 25th, 2019 at 2:01pm

Please don't think my curtain is's just now starting to open wide on the main stage of LIFE.

7.5 Miles! Not Sure What Got Into Me Today!!!

Skinny legs, still handsome
Nephew Tommy
Nephew TommyWednesday, July 17th, 2019 at 8:59pm

Tough day today in the ATL.
Be back tomorrow.
#nephewtommy #nikerunning #runner #readytolove

That won’t help you racing Junior, lol
Go hard or go to the house 🤣great job keep it up ..
My pace is far slower. But it surpasses the couch potatoes so🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️
I hope the show gives the women more men to choose from, instead of just 4 or 5 men who get to have 20 women competing for their attention. #readytolove
Considering you consistently do 3 miles, you deserve a pass.
Keep it up and ..YES...I can't wait for the second season of Ready to Love.
Still calling y'all the baddest fool 1 and #2 agin he said the greatest so b cool ready to love uknow2
Hey nephew Tommy my name is Steven I'm a fan of yours and I know you know how to do pranks and stuff I wanted to know if you know too much to ask you do a prank for me man I need you to break my pops for me I want you to prank my mom too and my grandma appreciate it man if you can having time
Nephew your getting too skinny.
Man you're looking good,keep up the great work.
Tommy how’s Alexx Banks doing?
You should run early before the sunrise or at night it's way to hot don't get dehydrated.
Pace yourself and run 🏃🏾 slow and relax your body great job keep up the good work
Looking good Nephew💜💜
Looking good, nephew!
LQQKING Good Nephew 👏
U look amazing Nephew..❤❤
Your pace is awesome!!!
Keep up the Great work.
You got this nephew :)
Keep up the good work 😊❤❤❤
Yes sir do your thing
Show us that heart rate Unc.🤣
Nephew Tommy
Nephew TommyWednesday, July 17th, 2019 at 2:30pm

Well Folks I had to try it. This new Face app that allows you to see what you're going to look like in the future. I think I can rock this look later in my life.
Give it a try and see if you like the LATER YOU. 😉 #faceappchallenge
#faceapp #nephewtommy

I just read 2 news article stating that the app was created by Russians. When you use the app you are granting permission for them to access your camera roll and other information even if you delete the app. The information is being used for facial recognition. It looks like fun but it's deceitful. Beware.
FACE APP DANGERS - Russian company behind FaceApp is sharing all your information when you use the app. "You're getting the access to your phone so all of your contacts, all of your pictures. Once you allow that you are giving away everything,"
They are storing all your photos!!! No thanks, not going to try it
lol This is the BEST one I've seen. GOD bless you, Nephew Tommy. <3
There's speculation that using/having the app allows hackers into your phone...
Face app created by Russians and if you read the privacy settings they now own your picture and can do whatever they want with it...
The Face App costs money, so No Thanks. But you look great, Tommy 🙂
People better do some research before using these apps.This was created in Russia,just like a lot of those apps during the last Presidential Election.
You can rock that tomorrow if you stop dying your beard
In case you are interested...the App is owned by a Russian company called Wireless Lab. Ijs
Article on good morning America about this. Not a good app. Created in Russia and it gets all private information
This app is stealing your personal information this is a Russian company
Folks, if what I am seeing and reading is true, stay the hell away from this app. A possible phishing situation going on here, and our community was targeted in 2016, so it’s not far fetched to think this is the new tactic to get us again.
Oh, now the evil Russians have you face biometrics lol
Just saw on ABC evening news that this app shouldn’t be used, invented by Russians, may be able to get into personal data and other photos of yours.
Was on the news read the fine print no thank you.
The Russian own this app along with all your information read the privacy terms folks
Russian hackers will own your pictures.
Technology is going to kill us all, people really don't want to know your future what happens when they make a app to tell you what day you going to die!
I just saw something about this on the news
Your gonna age like Farakkan.timeless😁
You know Black Don’t crack !! Drink water .. moisturize... excersise 🛑 Stop giving up your privacy with these apps..
You look good in your old photo Tommy. But some of these other ones Woo I don't know. LOL!!!!!😂😂😂😂
Look at Tommy ,you are going to age perfectly well , looking good
Tommy you still look handsome. Just look taller. Lol
Nephew Tommy
Nephew TommyTuesday, July 16th, 2019 at 7:51am

3 Miles Piedmont Park. ATL
"The Early Bird Gets The Worm...I Just Don't Know Why The Worm Keeps Leaving So Early"
#nephewtommy #runner #nikerunning #atl #readytolove

My daughters (5 and 7) do 3 miles 5 days a week 😁. You got us beat by about 4 min.
Still ain't gonna show that heart rate.😆 But that time great Unc time for the triathlon.
How anybody want to b the baddest still wit to many bad people killing acting likes fools being stupid God keep saying not him so b cool wit his so ready 4 love ,+ peace
Keep it up boss.
Get it in Nephew
WTG! Keep up the good work!
I think I can... I think I can... you can do this!
We got to prank My wife!
Agin the greatest he said
Good job
Get it in
Good run
Ok Nupe 👌🏾♦️
Nephew Tommy
Nephew TommyFriday, July 12th, 2019 at 1:21pm

Prank calls on random people about random situations..."Joy Toy".
“We don't even have a pet...!” 🤣 .
Listen more here ➡️

Available on : @itunes @spotify @googleplay

I listen to you religiously.Thank you for keeping me laughing while going through all the BS at work. While listening to you Steve, Shirley and the rest of the gang I find myself thinking of what a blessing it must be to work at a place full of laughter and happiness.Keep spreading the joy and inspiration, we need it. And Thank you !!
Keep on na...😂
You gonna get some1 Ojayed 🤣🤣