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Thomas “Nephew Tommy” Miles

Radio host, actor, comedian, producer, entrepreneur Thomas Miles, aka “Nephew Tommy”, is making his mark on the world of entertainment. As co-host of the nationally syndicated Steve Harvey Morning Show, which airs weekdays from 6-10 AM on more than 100stations, Tommy entertains nearly seven million weekly listeners. The program, which combines heart, humor, music, and celebrities from the world of sports and entertainment, is the #1 syndicated morning show in America.Tommy’s prank phone calls, which are a fan favorite of the radio program, have been compiled to create top-selling CDs; Nephew Tommy’s Prank Phone Calls Volume IVwas released in November 2010. That same month, Steve Harvey Morning Show debuted on the Centric Channel.The hour-long program, The Steve Harvey Project, aired nightly Monday –Friday presenting the best of the morning show and was filmed daily with bits by fan favorites like Sister O’Dell, Eugene, the Pastors, and many others.A multi-faceted entertainer and comedian, Tommy hosted the 2010 Essence Music Festival and recorded a one-hour comedy special in the famed Motor City Casino in Detroit, Michigan. Currently, Tommy continues to keep ’em laughing as he tours nationally in his sold-out stand-up comedy shows. He once toured the U.S. for nearly three years as the exclusive opening act for the late, great Luther Vandross. “I had the choice of hundreds of comics to choose from, but in the end, I choose Thomas Miles. His skill as an actor and comedian fits in perfectly with the classy and entertaining show I believe in presenting,” said Vandross. Though he enjoys a successful career as an entertainer, Tommy has also set his sights on the creation of a broader empire.Listeners of The Steve Harvey Morning Show often hear Tommy refer to his affinity for curvaceous women. With an eye on designing clothes to make plus-size women feel sexy, comfortable and confident, he launched a fashion line called Big Luv Denimcatering exclusively to full-figured women, which hit stores this spring.
At the center of Tommy’s body of entertainment works and business, ventures beat the heart of a gifted thespian. With years of experience starring in over a dozen stage plays and independent films, earning a Theater Arts degree, and working with the Royal Shakespeare Company of London, Tommy has honed his craft as an actor on both stage and screen. He is currently at work on material for an original stage play, and he executive produced and starred in a pilot for the sketch comedy show, Alley Cats. In 2010, Tommy appeared in movie theaters across the country in the feature film N-Secure and co-starred in the one-hour spec pilot Boulevard West. Whether it is for radio, television, stage, big screen or stores, “Nephew” Thomas Miles continues to demonstrate his remarkable talent and exquisite taste to the delight and pleasure of audiences worldwide.


Nephew Tommy
Nephew TommyMonday, June 17th, 2019 at 12:52am

My father showed me loyalty, hard work, and that I can do anything that I put my mind to.
Happy Father's day to all you soldiers holding it down, and all you single mothers who are being both mom and dad to your children.
#readytolove #FathersDay
Ready to love season two coming soon! Stay tuned for more real moments like this one!

Nephew Tommy
Happy Father's Day Tommy I hope you had good day
Happy Father's Day How is the guy that was sick ? Sorry I'm tired can't think. Praying he's better 100% Night
I love this show ...good job nephew
Yes no luck just blessed wit Gods love the greatest not no baddest he keep saying keep his good love+ peace wit yo ready 4 love self Mr cool
That's how it was ment to be, #tildeathdueuspart. :)
How is the young man doing i recall he was very sick in the Hospital
Amen Nephew Happy Father’s Day😍🙏
Happy Father's day 🙇‍♀️🙇‍♂️
Happy Father's Day Nephew Tommy!
Happy Father's Day
Amen Nephew Tommy❤️❤️❤️
Nephew us this young man...
Amen Nephew Tommy ❤
Preach Nephew Tommy
Great. How is Alexx recovering. May God continue to bless him and his family at this difficult time.
Nephew Tommy
Nephew TommySunday, June 16th, 2019 at 10:52am

18 Yrs Today!🎉🍾
Happy Anniversary To My Lovely Wife.
Won't He Do It!
#readytolove #relationshipgoals❤️ #anniversary

Happy Anniversary continued blessings
Happy Anniversary. She's beautiful. Happy Fathers day to you
Beautiful Happy Anniversary May the favor of the Lord continue to bless your union
Nephew Got a Baddie ! Happy Anniversary 🤗
Happy Anniversary to this wonderful couple and Happy Father's Day Nephew Tommy❤❤
Happy Anniversary to the beautiful couple. May God bless y’all with many more years of love and happiness together ❤️❤️❤️
Beautiful Picture Nephew💜💜! 🎉🎉Happy Anniversary 🥂🍾🍾to the both of you🎉🎉. Happy Father's Day💜💜
Happy Anniversary and may God continue to bless you both! Also Happy Father's Day! 💖💖
Happy Anniversary Nephew Tommy and to your beautiful Wife!!!!
Happy Anniversary hope you both have a wonderful day Be Blessed
Happy Anniversary and Father's Day! Beautiful couple
Happy Anniversary to the beautiful couple and Happy Father's Day Nephew Tommy
Happy Anniversary to you God keep your marriage long and happy❤
Happy Anniversary to you beautiful people. I remember seeing you in Las Vegas in August of 2013.
Yes he will 2 beautiful people . Happy Anniversary
Happy Anniversary to you both. Happy Father's Day Nephew Tommy
Happy Anniversary to you two!! Keep being in love!!!! 🍷🍷🕊
Happy Anniversary and wishes for many more years of love and togetherness.
Happy Anniversary Nephew Tommy what a beautiful wife
Congratulations 🎉🎈🍾🎊 Happy Anniversary
Such a beautiful couple! Happy Anniversary! Enjoy y’all day, everyday!!
Happy Anniversary! Beautiful couple ❤️❤️
Happy Anniversary. Beautiful Couple
Happy Anniversary.....continued blessings
Tommy she is pretty. Happy Anniversary to ya'll. May God continue to bless you with many more peaceful ones. Continue to give God ALL the praise. ENJOY!
Nephew Tommy
Nephew TommyWednesday, June 12th, 2019 at 12:55pm

6 Miles Deep. 🏃🏽‍♂️
It's Not The Dog In The Fight...
...It's The Fight In The Dog!
#nephewtommy #runner #readytolove

Congrats Nephew Tommy!! You did that!!
Yes uknow 2 wit Gods good love not bad so good that it's great the greatest like we need to b he keep saying not no baddest
Hey Tommy we need you back in Houston not Sugar Land but Houston. Okay. See you then. Love you
Nephew Tommy I think your head is shrinking. Best to get into the house, so the wife can help you. Before Katie comes
Nephew Tommy Ahh You seem to be challenging me Bruh!!! Come on Now dont make me get my Nike's out the closet Boy!!! Ole Otis will run ya down boy !!! lol. More Jokes
Ok 10min mile 👍🏾...
Way to go....
Go Tommy Go
Yes sir.
So true!!
Nephew Tommy
Nephew TommyMonday, June 10th, 2019 at 5:30pm
Okay cousin when is ready to love coming back on our way show you going to be in next come on now I'm waiting is your cousin and Callie
Tommy you crazy... trumped up charges on your dog Apollo. I can't get out my car listening to this foolishness.
That is alright tomorrow will be better
Keep at it Tommy you will accomplish your mission see you when you reach your goal Team Tommy
I'm going to need you to calm down 😂😂 😂😂😂 😂
Still wanna b the baddest and all that?
I Love that show! Ready to Love!
Get it
Warriors. Tommy
Nephew Tommy
Nephew TommyFriday, June 7th, 2019 at 11:06am

Kappa's in Cancun for Mark Boudreaux's 50th Birthday.
This "YO MOMENT" is for you Mark. 🍾🎉🥳
#kappaalphapsi #kappa #nephewtommy #cancun🌴

Nephew tell ya frat brothers to show them wedding finger so we see who single and who not😜
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! A Great group of Handsome Men
Happy Birthday 🎁🎊🎈🎉🎂!
Happy birthday Mark!!!🎂🎁🎈🎈🎉🎉 Great group of guys those Kappa men. Have one myself!👍🏾🥰 You guys be careful there, I've heard harrow stories about that place. Much love to you all!!💞
Happy birthday, but nephew you're looking good
Wow handsome men..HAPPY BIRTHDAY 😊
Hi tommy I love you brother
Happy birthday
HBD looking GR8 fellas enjy
All you guys are looking so DAM fine especially the tallest one 😍
Tommy there’s a gentleman in this pic shorter than you😂😂
Wow Luvlyyy, HappyBirthday ✌🏾
Eugene no caviar for you. It is fatty food. Hehehe
I love Nephew Tommy!!! Stand up straight nephew, looks like you're leaning a little ☺☺
Happy Birthday!🎁🎁🎁🎂🎂🎂
All of you guys are showing white supremacy
What it do kungs
Where’s y’all shorts?
This is racist asf
Nice picture
Nephew Tommy
Nephew TommyTuesday, June 4th, 2019 at 12:14pm

5 Miles Today!!!
May 18th was my birthday. 52yrs old. I looked in the mirror that morning...first thanking God for the years he's given me. Then I got upset/disappointed with myself. Why haven't I accomplished some of the goals and desires I set so many years ago. Why am I not further along in this career as I intended to be when I began this journey. Why-Why-Why...

And then I...

Yes are very blessed! GOD’s PLAN alway!!
Happy birthday. Great attitude. Complaining minimizes all the accomplishments, by failing to focus on the “did nots” instead of on the did. Enjoy your day.
Happy Birthday 🎊. And yes Thomas the nerve of you Complaining. You are beyond Blessed. Hope you enjoyed your day.
I know ur AWESOME My Birthday to May 18th, by the way Happy Belated Birthday🎈🎂
Looking Good My Friend! Happy Birthday as well... Thank God! In advance, For what he is about to Bless you with the desires of your Heart...You'll get there.
Belated Birthday Greetings Nephew Tommy. All the best and many more birthdays. Keep up the great work on the Steve Harvey Morning Show. Love it!
Happy birthday Tommie am Happy you came to yourself , Some people's wish they could walk in your shoes for a day .
Happy birthday Nephew Tommy
Thanks for the inspiration Tommy. Time for me to stop making excuses. Happy birthday brother. Enjoy ✊🏿
Happy birthday, Be Grateful for where you are Now !!! Enjoy ....
Happy birthday enjoy your day
You’re truly blessed be thankful and enjoy your best life 😍.
Happy Birthday enjoy your day may God continue to bless you
Happy birthday, Tommy!
Happy Birthday Nephew!!
Many² Happy Returns of the day.May God bless you more and more...
Happy belated birthday nephew. Keep up , the good work
Its okay we all ask that question!! But yet we are still grateful!! Happy Birthday again hope you enjoyed!!
Happy birthday nephew Tommy🎉👍
Happy Birthday and absolutely you are blessed!!
Happy Birthday, Tommy!
You are not complaining at all! But you have noticed a growth in your abilities to be more, do more. There is no time like the present to push forward and accomplish your HEARTS' desires. Let go and let God! Be blessed
Exactly!! Be thankful for the right here and right now.His plan is coming along
God Faithful to you and you are in the right at the time to receive what have for you. Blessing
Happy Belated Birthday Tommy! Keep doing what you're doing!!
Nephew Tommy
Nephew TommyMonday, June 3rd, 2019 at 10:32am

Back on track with my 3 mile run. And look who decided to join in on the workout.
Wifey helping me get it in.
185 lbs here we come!!!
#readytolove #own #nephewtommy #runner #3miles #relationshipgoals❤️

Great pix! Wifey looks amazing!
Your wife is beautiful.
When will we see a new ready to love and an update to the last seasons couples that stayed together
Keep up the good work God Bless you Both
You both are looking good.
Keep it up team work , i love it
Keep pressing, theres a BLESSING in YOUR pressing!!!
Make it a family affair both of you are looking good
Beautiful! She's got your back! Success! With her Ain't No Stopping You Now!
Team work makes the dream work . Keep grinding
You can do it tommy put yo mind into it...determination is the key
You getting ready for next season of RTL
Who Better than the 'Missus'..👍🏽🙌🏾😀
See, you ran into the storm. But, mother love had to step in. Nephew Tommie. There is no I in team. Lol
I’m sorry. Please explain to me why I’m supposed to care how far you ran today?
Beautiful couple
Good job guys
Good luck Tommy ✊🏿
Lovly couple keep up the great work
Teamwork makes the Dream work! ❤ it.
Lovely, loving couple👏🏽⚘💪🏽
Good morning Mr. and Mrs. MILES
PUSH! You can do it 👏👏
Keep going....
Nephew Tommy
Nephew TommyFriday, May 31st, 2019 at 11:57am

Not good today yall.2 Miles is unacceptable!!! 😭
Terrible Pace!!! I shouldn't have gone out last night. 🍷
#nephewtommy #runner #nikerunning

Don't be so Hard on yourself... There's always tomorrow!
You got up and did 2 miles. Someone got up and didn't do a thing. Keep pushing!!!!!
.2 is better than 0......celebrate the .2!😊
Bless you and “COUNT IT ALL JOY”.
But u did something...more than a lot of us.
Some activity is better than none .. well done
That's a message telling you too sit your azz down! U older now n rest TODAY! Start over tomorrow! 😆
It’s all good, you got up, went out and ran. It’s a good day! 🤩✨
Hey I just ran to the toilet and that was a personal record...
gosh dont stress over it least you're moving
Something is better than not running at all 💪🏽
You should’ve walked with the folks behind you. LOL
do better tomorrow champ.
That’s ok you can make it up next week!👏👏👏 C for effort!
But you did some. Always better than none🤗
Yeah but keep it up nephew no excuses there's always 2morrow
Yeah, but you still did complete what you started.
The only bad run is the one that didn’t happen! Cut yourself some slack and get back to it tomorrow!💪🏾🙌🏾👏🏾
You were productive but tighten up. 2nd season ready to love 👏👏👏👏👏
Your going to have good days and not so good days. Keep pushing it no matter you do 2 or 5.
You are being punished for all those prank calls !!!
That’s all right Tommy! You’ll get em tomorrow! Just keep moving!
You can do it next time 🌱🏃🏃
Better than nothing! Keep striving! 👍🏽
Nephew Tommy
Nephew TommyThursday, May 30th, 2019 at 9:06am

We are at 9 miles for the week Family. Sub 30 this time.
"Won't He Do It" 🙌🏽

Going for 15 miles a week. No carbs, No Sugar, No red meat...
But...I'm gone drink some RED WINE on the weekend!!! 🍷
Whatever...WHATEVER. 🤷🏾‍♂️
LOVE YALL #gettingreadytolove #readytolove #nephewtommy

Man ! I miss hearing you on Steve’s radio show. That made my day everyday. When will you do a Ready for love in Houston. I’m ready for love .
Good morning nephew Tommy good job.💕💕
Good morning Nephew Tommy
Thanks good morning Nephew Tommy yes won't he do it I love listening to you guys every morning great job
Hey there Nephew Tommy!!! Keep push listen to you guys every morning & happy belated birthday!!!
Good Morning Nep Tommie beautiful teeth❤
Great job you could do it
Ready for Gods good love not bad uknow the greatest love he keep saying uknow
Tommy you good looking I don’t care what Steve H saying about you on the morning show!!🥰
Thanks 😊 job well done 👍
Goodmorning Nephew Tommy." Yes He Will Do It"!!! Enjoy😊❤
Stay Humble Baby Boy God Bless U
After your show in Memphis 😊 I gotta lose some weight. Thanks for your motivation.
wow you're gonna mess around and get healthy😎
What's Up Nephew Tommy, Hazelwood, Mo. Njoy Your Day.
Nothing wrong with the red wine as long as it is dry!! Try 14 Hands Cabernet Sauvignon. Perfect for your diet!
What station are you on in Houston! I miss you guys on the radio!
Great goals, keep going!
👏🏽 That’s a lot of running for them little legs of yours LT✊🏽
Get it Nephew Tommy 👏👏! You can do it!!!
Red wine is a fruit!!
Cheers!!!! One for you...two for me
Are you getting ready for another race with Jr? Keep up the good work
Looking Gud..gone have yo wine....
Nephew Tommy
Nephew TommyWednesday, May 29th, 2019 at 10:46am

Just a little better than yesterday.
♥️Ready To Love Season 2.♥️
Here I Come! 🏃🏾‍♂️
Only on @owntv #readytolove #nephewtommy #oprahwinfreynetwork

Can’t wait love this show.
Ready for it!! Did Alex ever get well? I hope he's doing better.
Did I miss it who won season 1? Did that guy ever get well he was really sick?
What happened with Alex AKA Choclaticity???? I hope he’s well ❣️
How many steps, Tommy
You better go get it nephew Tommy!
Happy for you!
Great show!!!
What do you have to do to get on Ready for love ?
I am ready for the show 😁
Can't wait to watch it!
Get it Nupe
Nephew Tommy
Nephew TommyTuesday, May 28th, 2019 at 5:55pm

After 6 comedy shows in Memphis Tenn...a cookout on Monday....3 Miles Tuesday morning at 33 min...52 yrs old.
I will take that. Not what I wanted...but I will take it. Be back tomorrow. #nephewtommy #runner #nike #50andfly

I had a great time at the your show in Memphis.
We enjoyed you in Memphis , I’m still laughing 😆
It was a great show on Sunday...
Hey Nephew Tommy,. You & your crew did and amazing job in Memphis TN. We're still laughing 😂😂
I do understand at the 54 I will take it that's what I tell myself #stayinganthegame
Great job nephew..!!💪
Keep it up 💪 you and your crew did an awesome job in Memphis. I enjoyed it very much!!
Takes me back to military days. My wife and I enjoyed the show very much, we also thank you for supporting the Veterans this Memorial day weekend ❤🙏😊. God bless
The show was awesome Saturday bro!
Hello Nephew Tommy love you miss hearing you every morning on Steve Harvey here in Fort Worth TX
You got this Nephew Tommy!
Enjoyed the show in Memphis on Saturday! #dontstop
A good man , Enjoy it
I love his character Butterfly!
What going on your uncle still mad at you for not coming to work because you claimed you didn’t have to work I’m still laughing 😂
Hey Tommy, Looks like you've got some sun. Looking Good out there! 😉
What's up Mecca???
You were hilarious! #Memphis
Didn’t get my walk in today this weather in NJ Tornado watch🙁
That's what I'm talking about get up and do it 👍🏾
Hey nephew tommy..i love the morning shows...yall make so many folks day for real
Did you make it to work though???!!😜😜😜 I was off so I didn't listen.
50 and fly..thats alright😊😊
Hey Nephew Tommy!...🤗
🤦🏿‍♀️ Somebodies feeling himself, alright now Nephew
Nephew Tommy
Nephew TommyMonday, May 27th, 2019 at 11:44am

Memorial Day is to honor the hundreds of thousands of service men and women that have paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms. Take a moment to remember them and their families, and honor them by paying it forward.

Honor All Served & Those Stood By Them‼️ SmilePrayLove 💋🙏🏾🧡
Remembering the one's that lost their lives fighting for Our Country God Bless all of them😘
Happy Veterans Day
Thank y'all Amen.