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Singersroom.comFriday, February 24th, 2017 at 4:10pm

Harlem singer/songwriter Ran Christian brings us some risky business today with the fiery new single “Dead Or Alive.”

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Singersroom.comFriday, February 24th, 2017 at 12:11pm

Jason Derulo has returned! The pop star has released his Nick Minaj and Ty Dolla $ign-assisted single "Swalla," the lead single from his forthcoming fifth studio album. Produced by Ricky Reed (who also produced Derulo's "Want To Want Me), "Swalla" delivers a catchy chorus over...

Singersroom.comFriday, February 24th, 2017 at 11:17am

Still At It: Paula Patton Accuses Robin Thicke Of Tampering With Custody Order


Singersroom.comFriday, February 24th, 2017 at 10:21am
Singersroom.comFriday, February 24th, 2017 at 10:14am

Mariah Carey Congratulates Ex-Hubby Nick Cannon On Birth Of Newborn Son


The National R&B Music Society Inc.
The National R&B Music Society Inc.Friday, February 24th, 2017 at 6:06pm
Yvonne S. Adair Williams RI.P., Junie. Thanks, for you contributions. My heart and prayers go out for his family and loved ones....
Sharron Fagans I just reorganized my CD's (and my antique cassettes last night) have all of the Ohio Players music. Rest In Love Junie. 💞
La Vonda Harris RIP Junie and my sincere condolences to his family and friends.
Irene Harris Junie, you are Great Musician, icon, Legend, you will be Greatly Missed but, Never Forgotten, RIP JUNIE!.
Bustah Cee Way too young! :(
Paula P. Burket Rest In Paradise Junie.
Janice Smith R.I.P. very sad
Jennie Robertson 😞
Chip Hunter RIP
Regina Renee Mayo-Welch RIP
Zivette Monique Caton RIP
Ron Rex R.I.P
Lg Harvey He was a very good player.RIP.
David Lynch R.I.P. Junie
Judy Jackson-Rivers This was last week 😮😳
Regina Dentmon Rest in Peace Junie
Michael Glover R.I.P.
Dennis Cannon Rest In Peace
Cartellia M. Bryant Condolences to his family, thanks for the funk.
Joyce Sumlin Davis Rest in peace.
Nicole Gardner Napier Kenneth D. Phelps
Darlene Ferguson Rest in peace.
Margaret Guice Rest In Heaven Junie!!!!
Una Powell R.I.P.
The National R&B Music Society Inc.
The National R&B Music Society Inc.Friday, February 24th, 2017 at 5:44pm


Alfred Spears Give it up turn it loose "live in Augusta" probably my favorite all time James Brown jam. No, make that there was a time live at the Apollo...No...OK! Just about anything Clyde was on. RIP brother. I'll be grooving to some James the rest of the evening.
Gail Moore Sad!! Rip Clyde Stubblefield.. we're losing some of the greats lately..
Pamela Jarvis The Greatest, a Whole lot of entertainmers lot n many different Ways to the great man r n b, rap, jazz, funk, pop , etc..;
Cherish Wilson Wow majority of James brown band is gone.. RIP.. they making a funky groove in the beyond :)
Annette Jacobs RIP Mr. Clyde in Soul Heaven with the greats of all times.
Mark Yamassu Hip-Hop..Break Beats was because of this Dude Mr Clyde" most of the funkiest breakdowns you heard back in REAL HIP-HOP" was the DJ Scratching James Browns Funk..that was Mr Clyde on the Drums Riping that S*** UP....RIP FUNKY DRUMER (MR CLYDE )
Marcelino Davis One of the BEST to ever touch the drums....
Lynn Catherine There is gonna be one heck of a jam session up there now💜
Lilla Mitchell Rip
Larry Paxton
Alvin Gist Rip my brother one of the best funky funky funky
Gabriel Isaiah Mckensey RIP to the 423 legend
Dennis Cannon Rest In Peace
Matthew Dunn Mr. Clyde Stubblefield, thank you. RIP
Marsha Lee RIP. Clyde
Joyce Sumlin Davis Rest in peace Mr Stubblefield. The best
Shawn E. Powell Rest in peace.....
Robert Smikle R.I.P. to the " FUNKY DRUMMER " !!!!!!
B Genesis Thomas Rip, My Condolences!!
Jake Brown Gotta give the drummer some
Anita Nieves RIP
Louvenia Dawson R.I.P. CLYDE
Rebecca Byrd RIP
Fashawn Mathews Rip🙏🏿
The National R&B Music Society Inc.
The National R&B Music Society Inc.Friday, February 24th, 2017 at 5:42pm

Singer, Songwriter and Producer Leon Ware died at age 77. May he RIP.

Alonia Ford R.I.P He will truly be missed and He will never be forgotten. My condolences to the families and friends. May God comfort you all during this sad time.😢😢😢😞😞😞😞😞😢
Cathy Jordan Diggs I'm so saddened by this news!! At 18 I was hip to his music!! Not only did he write for several awesome singers, he also had several albums of his own that were awesome.." rocking you eternally"' I'm just saddened..May his soul rest in "eternally" peace...😪😇
Ray Harry Rest In Paradise Mr Ware. Truly a unsung musical icon but still managed to leave his mark if not through the many artist who sung his compositions. His solo efforts are a treasure trove of soulful excellence.
Tamara Shortt NNNNNNOOOOOO! RIP Mr. Ware. Condolences to your family, friends and fans. You were one of the best. I spent countless hours listening to your songs.
Rick Lewis Loved this brother's work. He and Marvin Gaye left an indelible mark on American music that will never be forgotten.
Gregory Hollins I actually got see the Jackson 5 perform "I wanna be where you are." Marvin Gaye's "I want You" is classic and was featured in Why did I get Married? God bless his family and I thank Mr. Ware for his beautiful productions. RIP
Bernard Linda Winn Love Leon, tremendous talent with a great body of work.
Bryant M. Urban Surely the least known great, influential, soulful man of all time!
Deborah Harper The music he wrote is timeless, it will live forever. May he rest forever peacefully!
Maria Richter He Was a wonderful artist! He will never be forgotten!!
Anthony Watson A legend has been laid to rest but his music will live on .
June Crockett Sanders Bad man right there. Listen to his joint" musical massage" Rest in peace
Daughtea Marley He wrote for Marvin Gaye and you must look up Phantom Lover one of his top tracks and From Inside
Matthew Dunn Mr. Leon Ware, thank you for sharing your talents. RIP
Daviunna Barrow Rip to him donot know who Leon Ware is,
Earnest Scott RIP MR. Leon Ware.
Sandra Letang RIP Leon Ware
Beatrice Gwendolyn Bell RIPARADISE Mr. Leon Ware!!!!
Doriann Dawkins Rest in beautiful paradise 🙏🏾
Kristopher Roseboro My Condolences
Raanee Shabazz SIP Mr. Leon Ware
Tammy Garry Leon Ware R.I.P.
Karen Terry I enjoyed the songs that he wrote. :(
The National R&B Music Society Inc.
The National R&B Music Society Inc.Friday, February 24th, 2017 at 5:19pm

The Queen, Ms. Aretha Franklin...

Lonnie LuckyMarble Setentasiete She's retiring after 61 years in the music industry that she did throughout her career and she started with Gospel and later changed her music style to Soul and R&B that she did over the years back then. #QueenOfSoul
Robert Jr Wilson A well deserved well earned retirement! Thankfully we have her on the "record" (No pun intended) Again Thank You very much Aretha Franklin!! Truly The "QUEEN OF SOUL"!
Natalie Ruffin Natural beauty... the days before all the makeup that is worn by entertainers today!
Rosa Williams No one else can compare to Aretha Franklin, we love you!!!!
Wanda Thompson always the queen of soul happy retirement you erned it
Carmichael Gray Enjoy your retirement, you truly earned it, and thank you your beautiful voice.
Paula Brown Carry much harmony Skills came as a descendant of the realest Greatness
Thea Van der Tiet Diana Ross and Aretha Franklin: my fav. singers
Stevie N Selene Parris Aretha Franklin, the one & only #queenofsoul!
Marilyn Washington Beautiful
Lyn Francis
Rosi Santos
Rebecca Purvis Ms. #Franklin❤❤❤Au Natural #Dope Attire
Veronica A. Perry I love her, 💝💝💝
Toni Meridy Beautiful Queen of soul
Sandra Munoz Beautiful picture
Suzette DeLisser The Queen of soul
Chyonne McKay She truly is a "QUEEN"
Carolyn Jackson Beautiful
Sonya Hogan My favorite singer of all time THE QUEEN OF SOUL
Mohamed Kalokoh She's great
Michael Bernard Simmons Priceless....!!!!
Kevin L Wallace Beautiful