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Shirley Strawberry is co-host of the nationally syndicated Steve Harvey morning show. Heard on more than 100 radio stations by nearly seven million weekly listeners, it’s the number-one syndicated morning show in America. Steve Harvey and Shirley started their morning show relationship in Los Angeles. From 2000 to 2005, Shirley was the co-host of Harvey’s popular LA-based morning show and it was Harvey himself who dubbed her: “The Best Voice in Radio.” Their program went on to become the #1-morning show in Los Angeles and one of the most talked about in LA radio for their tireless community efforts -from helping students get desperately needed books, to honoring women and teachers, as well as feeding and helping the underprivileged all over the city. On May 23, 2005, Harvey, Shirley and the rest of the morning show aired their final broadcast in Los Angeles. It was a sad and historic day in LA that left a lasting impact on the Southern California radio dial. In October of 2005, The Steve Harvey Morning Show was launched into national syndication by Premiere Networks and Shirley joined the show as co-host. For her work on the top-rated program, Shirley has been recognized numerous times by Radio Inkas one of the “Most Influential Women in Radio.” On April 5, 2011, Shirley released her first book, The Strawberry Letter: Real Talk, Real Advice, Because Bitterness Isn’t Sexy. Based on the popular Strawberry Letter segment on The Steve Harvey Morning Show, she delivers more of the no-nonsense woman-to-woman straight talk her listeners have come to love. Shirley tells it like it is from the heart. Whether the topic is cheating boyfriends, crazy mother-in-laws, job troubles or money problems, Shirley’s girlfriend-next-door honesty has made the Strawberry Letter segments of the show a huge hit. Now, in this uplifting motivational guide, she brings her vivacious, inspirational, and down-to-earth message to women everywhere: Get up, get out, and be the best you can be! For more information, please visit


Shirley Strawberry
Shirley StrawberryFriday, December 15th, 2017 at 4:18pm

Subject: Sane Daughter with an Insane Mother!
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Hey everybody. I am having the most crazy time in my life. My mother who I love dearly believes that everyone in the household is putting root on her. Me personally, I don’t believe in the...

Latricia Jones I'm a bit confused by the end of the letter. However your mother needs professional help asap. Contact a physician and continue to pray.
Vanessa Gilbert Ur mother needs to see a Dr. And get a brain scan, check her levels , I hope and pray this is all being done. Quit worrying about urself and see what's wrong with her. God bless u all.
Moore Christina I would step out of that one, I was told by my elders that, that type of stuff only works if you believe in it, it is very clear she does, so there is nothing you can do but leave it be.
Yoshica Russell I got lost at my father my sister myself and I me. Who the heck are these people and WHO exactly needs the help??😕
Kaelani Singleton Sound like the whole family needs help
Anela Tea-ana Claiborne Steve Harvey had me balling this morning when they was talking bout this root work crew
Domonique Borden She needs to a doctor or therapist to help her
Jane Dough
Melissa Hankins Im so lost...
JJ Jaxon Ugh rerun show.
Lisa Praileau
Debra Jean Oladinni Praying
Chuck Woodruff Lol
Shirley Strawberry
Shirley StrawberryFriday, December 15th, 2017 at 3:21pm

#HappyHolidays & #MerryChristmas from the #SHMS 🎁🎅🏾🎄 ❤️🍓

Regina Cargile Merry Christmas to you both, Smooches
Shinetha Taylor Merry Christmas to the entire staff @ SHMS, Enjoy, Love Yall
Carmen Spann Merry Christmas Too The Whole STAFF 🎄🎄🎄🎄
LaShenda Smith Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and your staff Steve.
Ericka Davis Merry Christmas Steve, Shirley , Carla. & Nephew
Vivian Jenny Merry Christmas, Mr. Harvey, & the morning Crew 🎄
Cheryl Richardson Happy Holidays to you and your family @ SHMS MARRY CHRISTMAS LOVE ALWAYS CHERYL ENJOY 😘😘😘😘
Toni Brooks Happy Holidays Shirley!🎅 Smile Steve...😊
Annette Cohill Merry Christmas to the Steve Harvey morning show🎄🎁
Trina Clemmons Merry Christmas Uncle Steve,Shirley,Carla,Nephew,Jr and J Anthony
Charlotte Ware Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to the Steve Harvey morning show crew!
Allen Harvin Merry Christmas love you guys!!!!
Patrick Jordan Merry Christmas Shirley and Steve. Tell Steve I'm old but I still need mentoring Hahaha
Denise Mason Merry Christmas STEVE AND SHIRLEY STRAWBERRY I love you guy's be safe enjoy
Mary Alicia Robinson
Cornell Elliott Sr. Nice picture Happy Holidays
Janice Fox Merry Christmas guys😘
Roosevelt Randolph The same 2 u n your family
Vanessa Gilbert Merry Christmas Steve and Shirley
Chuck Woodruff Whoops there it is
Cheryl Richardson
Gloria Johnson J Hey Y'all
Sondra J Sanchez Hoping Y'all continue to be blessed!
Tina Adger Happy Hoilday!! Guys
Shirley Strawberry
Shirley StrawberryThursday, December 14th, 2017 at 12:51pm
Shirley Strawberry
Anita Bryer Merry Christmas
Layla Gordon Love 💘
Shirley Strawberry
Shirley StrawberryThursday, December 14th, 2017 at 11:31am

#ChristmasFashionStatement #SHMS 😆🎄❤️🍓

Shirley Strawberry
Patricia Barnett
Shirley Strawberry
Shirley StrawberryThursday, December 14th, 2017 at 10:59am

Subject: How Do I Get Out of This Mess That I Made?
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Dear Shirley I'm a 30 something single most of the time intelligent, successful female. I've been on my current job for five years to make a long story short. I've been dating...

Dane Edwards You say its difficult to leave but its really not. the reason you say its difficult is because you are enjoying the perks. in actuality, you are using him to get what you want and dont see a problem with it. you are in a relationship with the status that you have dating your boss. Let me ask a question here: if he lost his job, would it be so difficult to leave him then? i dont think so. So be a big girl and stop dating him
Sheshe Woosa I stopped reading when she said she wants the best for his marriage...REALLY!!! If she really wanted the best for his marriage then she would've never started sleeping with him!!! Some females are so dumb and gullible!!!😱
Latricia Jones You said you've done everything to break it off but yet you are still accepting his gifts and probably still having sex with him. Words are not enough, actions are required. If you really wanted to break it off, you would have already.
JoAnne M Taylor Are you really intelligent? Do you hear all this mess that is going on in the news with upper management having affairs with employees! You can get out if you want. Home wrecker!
Barbara Marshall She's just pouting and feeling sorry for herself, because he has made it clear Shes the "side chick!"....Get a new job and move on, and or GET A LIFE and enjoy your singlehood with your "girls" .....he's gonna dump her sooner or later anyway!! Then what????
Jameka Poole U know what u need to do. U don't need us to tell u. Stop complaining about something u can change. This is on u. Only u can fix it. That is if u really want to.
Sheila Webb Put on your big girl panties and do what you know is right. You don’t have to change jobs, just do what you know is right. Just think 🤔 he’s not your husband and will never be. These material things, will stop when HE gets ready. No no, no, you be in control. Get out before it’s really to late. Stop hurting yourself, go find you a real man that you can really love and be loved. Think about it. Your Sister 💕
Mary Elizabeth Barron No you just want someone to tell you, your the victim. And that he manipulated you! Well No your not your a selfish home wrecker who has no morals. And yes he's a dog and no good for nothing but have allowed him to pull you to his level. You say your intelligent you might want to rethink that. Sounds like you have your job because you are easy lady with no self have the nerve to call his wife a sweetheart so sounds like you know her. How do you smile and speak to this woman knowing your sleeping with her husband. You want to change leave that job. Leave that man and leave your dirty ways!
Chi Mo You fell in love with her husband that's why you are stuck. You thought because his B!tch @ told you all his business that you could do a better Job than his wife he would leave but here you still wet and lonely. You will reap what you sow so need for me to go on Karma don't need no help. Best of luck and may he catch an std.
Doris Robinson Little girl get real! This married man is playing you like a fiddle! He nasty...You nasty! The only person I have a heart for in this situation is his wife and possibly a slew of kids! You're want to get married but yet you're destroying a marriage? Grow up! You're just candy he's stealing..
Patricia Sahai First, what the bringing in GOD got to do with this??? if God was really in the picture none on this mess would have started. Second, if you want it to stop, then stop!! end of f... story, what's your problem really? you just want to have the cake and eat too and apparently have a guilt trip about it. Not judging but clearly you have to put an end to this if it really bothers you and if you really want "God" put bring you a blessed man for you to marry. (kinda laughing a little). Thanks.
Lasasha Retevea Well honestly looking on a professional side I see why it's difficult because those raises and bounces are helping you to keep up with a certain life style you love. But I'd find another job first because he can really be messy and ruin your career or some how convince him itll be better if you get another job an when you do get it break all contact with him and move gurl. This could really ruin your life honestly.
Jeannette Lindsey answered your own question of what to its on u to do it..get another job and dont use him for a reference!
Bebe Pearson Stop flattering yourself... if you knew in the beginning that this was wrong why did you do it? if you are so smart, and intelligent, then you should have been intelligent to know that this was the wrong thing to do. stop flattering, yourself and patting, yourself on the shoulder about how intelligent and smart you are because obviously this wasn't a smart and intelligent move on your part just stop all the procrastinating and leave the man alone. it's just that simple because as sure as you live you going to reap everything back that you did to his wife. And I tell you what when this happened to you write Strawberry Letter and let us all know how you feel about it when Karma comes back on you.
Yoshica Russell Getting another job isn't going to solve anything if you still accept his phone calls, etc. Get a new job. But then delete and block! Your cutoff game has to be strong. Then go repent
Wanda Kirkland Okay, first let start by saying I think you should change jobs if you truly are sorry, change your number and so on. I have skeletons in my closet and I won't fake the funk on you, if you want everything you mentioned marriage and a family how would you feel to be the who's being cheated on.
Kimberly Davis Start looking for a new job right now, stop accepting g gifts, bonuses phone calls from him.....Stop all communication unless it's about work.....but you have to leave that hob...the whole place is tainted by this...time to start over.
Mo Taylor Leave the job and stop communicating with this man. No sympathy from me. You compromised your morals for material things. Grow up and take your lumps.
Clarence Gene Lee Jr First you are going to have to find another job. You could report it to personnel explaining everything saying you want a peaceful end to this. The only thing it might cost him, his job and maybe even yours. You both benefited at the company's expense. Changing the environment helps you both to move on peaceful. Change contact numbers and let him know you fully moved on and he should do the same. He has a good women at home tell him to rekindle their relationship. One thing about God yes He does have the one for you. You just have to be willing to wait on Him to present him. The time will be right when your mindset is right.
Leona Porcher He has the best of two worlds. The wife and the side chick. Thats your title. You can get out if you want too. But you choose not too. You will always be # 2. Dont you think you deserve better?
Shkira Wiliiams Talk to him tell how low you feel in your down time. If he cares anything about your well being he will understand let you keep your job and move on.
Karyl Oglesby "He makes me feel like the woman I am". So, you feel like a sidepiece? You are too grown for this BS!!! Get you life right and stop blocking the blessing that is meant for you!
Moore Christina if it quacks like a duck, walk like a duck, its a duck, no matter what you claim to try to do, its about what you done and probably still doing
Ieshia Gipson Really? ...if u wanted to Leave you would've.. simple as that. It's not like he's stalking you and making it difficult for don't want to.
Melissa Fickens Same way you got into it then get out of it. It probably would make sense to start with dating someone single.
Shirley Strawberry
Shirley StrawberryThursday, December 14th, 2017 at 10:44am
Shirley Strawberry
Travis Harris Happy Holidays To You 2
Chuck Woodruff Hey Shirley
Shirley Strawberry
Shirley StrawberryWednesday, December 13th, 2017 at 12:41pm

Holiday fun and a photo bomb from #JAnthonyBrown #SHMS
#Reindeergames 😂❤️🍓 @thejspotcomedyclub

Chuck Woodruff Hey Shirley I was at Steve show yesterday when Ashant was there
Teresa Baker Hey Jay, I see u back
Abbin Key Tell J stop talking so much
Carlos Benitez There is that famous megaphone haha looking good guys
Tiffany Burden LOL @ the bullhorn in the background too. 😂
Helen Davis Hey Shirley looking good
Barbara Oliver You look nice lady
Patrick Jordan Beautiful💛💛💛💛🌹🌹
Richard RichGame Gerard Hey SHIRLEY!!!! 😉
Tabitha Tameka I love me some J!!
Shirley Strawberry
Shirley StrawberryTuesday, December 12th, 2017 at 1:01pm

Subject: My Husband Donated His Sperm to His Ex
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Hello Steve and Shirley. I just found out that my husband has a two year old child with his ex-wife. When I confronted him about the child he told me it wasn't...

Lasasha Retevea The lord will provide him with the tools of getting over you , and the lord will provide you with a man that will provide you with children an not be on some ole foul bs
Kimberly Davis Lack of respect for you and your marriage this should have been a discussion....but he didn't even give you a chance to say no..."if that's the way the child was conceived"....either way can you deal with an outside child?
LaSaundra Jones It's a no for me! Omission of facts is the same as a lie. This took place during the marriage so............ I REALLY don't believe it was IVF............and I'm sure you don't believe that either!!!
Falessa Ashley He said " The lord will provide them when its the right time. So why didn't he tell the ex wife the same thing. Pray my sister. What ever u decide. Just take ur time.
Stephanie Miller "I left him" was the best thing you said in the entire letter! Period! If they could discuss something like this between the three of you, he has no respect for you or your marriage whatsoever! An "Ex" is an ex for a reason!
Patricia Sahai first, any which way you look at it, that is his child. it's his sperm no matter how the child was conceived, how stupid is that?? the sperm wasn't created in a lab and therefore you can't say you have no connections to this child. Second, this "the lord will decide for when it's time for us to have kids" crap is crap!! and third, stay with the man or not, YOU are the only one that can make that decision. You have to work things out and see what is more important and if he truly says he has no ties with his ex, then move forward. His child will still be his child, and you will have one with him once you work out all other issues at hand.
Ny Greggs The fact that he can make a baby (tube or otherwise) with his ex-wife and not let you know is beyond disrespectful. Then to say he has no ties to the child at all. That should turn you completely off. Keep it pushing mama!
Mia Woods Sooo ya'll been married for 4 yrs and the baby 2 yrs old 🤔🤔 okay so your husband made this decision without consulting you first, he told you there is paperwork but hasn't shown you the paperwork for the IVF and ya'll don't have any kids together. Smh where was the respect for your marriage, communication. Sounds like he cheated and if she did have an IVF he should've charged her for the sperm IVF is not cheap.
Ti Ti Willis Okay so first i would wait to see if he can provide the documentation stating that child is indeed a result of ivf. If the child truly is then maybe sit down and talk to him, do counseling and then maybe you guys can work it out. However if the child is not i would leave. You also can’t tell him he can’t be a part of the child’s life if he wants to be. The child is innocent. However, if you do decide to give him a second chance, be prepared to deal with all of the drama that comes with him and this situation.
CJ Slaughter The simple fact is, he donated his sperm AFTER they were married. This child was created during the marriage without so much as a conversation. It's disrespectful. That's a HUGE decision to make without checking with your partner.
Kymberlie Wms the current wife is not good enough to get your sperm, but the ex wife is...this means he is, was and has continued to sleep with her, anybody can create a documentation to cover up lies and deceit. Girl keep moving on, tell him bye bye bye
Katt Eyes He was out of place for doing it behind her back,if it was so important to him he should of included the decision, we know the answer would of been no but it was the fact that she is a part of his current life.
Latricia Jones His story sounds like a lie! If it is true he should have asked you if it was ok to father a child outside of your marriage. If he could provide documentation he would have already. As far as he feelings, Pluck his feelings!!!! He didn't care about yours when he told you No to children but made a decision to have a child with his ex. He's gonna be alright. Good riddance ✌
Browny Baddass Am I the only one who feels like this is not a reason to leave it’s something that should of been discussed but the reason why you should divorce him is why is he not a man to that child regardless of the situation a child is here and just because you haven’t been blessed with one now doesn’t mean it’s the end
Christina Owens If he has been honest with you throughout your relationship with him and your marriage with him, then you have no reason to doubt that his intentions were honorable with his ex-wife. She wanted a child but was not with a man. He went in, squirted in a cup, and now she has a child. He has no ties to the child or his ex. So, why did you leave and why are you seeking divorce? Has he been deceptive this whole time? Accept the fact that he was trying to help his ex and go make your amends. You say you love him, so why give up on him and your marriage? Accept his apology, get some counseling if you need to, and get your marriage back on track.
Natasha Traynum I'm so sick of men trying to run a game on somebody let alone there own wife, and when they realize they lost a good woman now yu want her back, bull. Divorce!!!!! Find someone that's going to respect yu and the marriage.
Mis Reddone James I betcha he wasn't depressed or suicidal when he was up in it. Cut your ties and losses while you don't have any children from him. That was one of the most selfish things he could have done to you.
Shambia Tolliver He said he had documentation. If she didn't believe it why not call his bluff? At least she'd have no doubts she made an informed decision. He should have spoken with her about it before he did it. That is on him. From what she said, It sounds like he was just a donor though.
Natacha See Graham I’m no, see, if you go back to him, this is why they feel like they can do whatever without any consequences..... just think, if you go back to him, his ex wife decides to take action or when that child grows to want to know his/her father and she tells the child and the child comes knocking on your door, how are you going to feel about it? I have to live with something like that everyday and it’s not fun. God has my marriage otherwise it would probably be a different turn out.
Clarence Gene Lee Jr Both of you have to be open and upfront wit one another. You both need to go to counseling if this going to work. Both have to be determined to fight for the relationship if that's what you both want. Second you both also need to talk to his ex-wife to see if in any way she may need help. Doing the right thing will help to make your relationship stronger. This also will allow you two to clear the air a d move on in a positive and productive way.
Revis Brown I don't want to say anyone is lying. Bottom line is there was some deception on his behalf. Putting myself in his place....I know his current wife would not approve of his donating his sperm to his ex. Being the man of his relationship he made an executive decision to do what he thought was best for him and his ex. Dumb, dumb, dumb. How did she find out? Man you're sloppy! From experience, this relationship is over. I know you both say you love each other, but, what's love got to do with it. It's about respect and communication which this marriage is lacking. A child is a hurdle that can't be crossed. Cheating you can get passed, std you can get through, a lie can get passed, but a child is a stop sign. After reading this letter I know you're going back you just want Steve and Shirley to approve it. Do what you can to preserve your marriage and if you can't, pray for guidance and God will direct you if you believe.
Nathaniel Reid Theirs more to this story than we're led to believe in a nutshell he broke the bond of trust an with a women that is not an easy fix in this situation he might as well find someone else .
James Coffey Of all people, his ex??? Really??? No sir that’s definitely grounds for divorce, actual intercourse or not. 🗣BYE. I’m GONE
Roosevelt Lucas Lord ladies your husband slept with his exam wife and they are having a babie test tube my @ss he used his tube to insert her Ladie. This is original this is a good lie he told
Tameka TMac McFarland He just a wants somebody to help him survive after paying that child support! Oh yes! She will come for him regarding that!
Shirley Strawberry
Shirley StrawberryMonday, December 11th, 2017 at 11:09am

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I date both single men and married men. I find nothing wrong dating them. Most of them need love too. The man that’s married made the agreement with someone else not me. He's the one breaking it not me. Why should I feel guilty?...

Kendra KP Johnson Karma is real, and the day you accept one of your “many” proposals, someone will think the same about you and your Husband’s marriage 🙃
Honey Bunn At a time where mental illness is a major epidemic....I hope she doesnt mess with the wrong woman's husband....ijs!!!
Ieshia Gipson You'll find that one man, and love him deeply and say yes to his proposal...then comes along a girl who has this same perspective & get her a few "in the moments" with your husband then you'll finally know what was wrong with it.
Tristin Fleming You said all that for what? You didn’t have a question you just wanted to get that off your chest huh? Umm 👌🏾 you’re a happy home wrecker. Congrats. You’re right no woman can make a man do anything he doesn’t wanna do but best believe that karma will come back to bite you. Bless ya heart. You said this like we were suppose to empathize with you
James Coffey You big dummy. You not truly happy. Happy people don’t hurt people. You might not see it now, but you’re hurting people. You childish. When you do mature, you will see you wasted your life and lives it miserablely
Latricia Jones You really just have low self-esteem. You date married men because you believe that they are choosing you over their wife which gives you an ego trip. Real question, what was the purpose for this letter?? You didn't directly ask for help but your letter screams "I need help and direction." It's clear that you're miserable by the 4 "happy" you ended the letter with. Seek counseling and evaluate yourself.
Shelly Jones Ignorance is bliss. You don't know your value....otherwise you would never settle for for being second to anyone.
Tranet Lake I see you have no morals, much less good character. Just know that what goes around comes around. Not to mention, one of those wives got something for ya. You think its fun and games, better watch yourself!!
Moore Christina I think that's great that you are so truthful, real and accepting. I hope you feel the same way when some woman is one dating your husband, true love or the father of your children. believe me it will happen as they say what comes around shall go back around, good luck.
Melissa Fickens This is sad on so me levels I don't know where to start. But all I know is that as high as the crime rate is I would suggest you stop it for your safety because your fun can quickly turn to danger.
Kimberly Ennis SMH. You are right that the man made an agreement to a women and not you. But why help them break that agreement?🤷If the shoe was on the other foot and you had a husband i bet you wouldn't feel the same. Were are your morales? Married men are off limits! Send them to their wife and kids. Tighten up chic. You ain't right in God's eyes. Remember he's 👀 at you.
Jacquelyn MoonGoddess Marie It's pretty simple. If being yourself hurts others, then it is a problem. Just because you don't see it as a problem, doesn't mean it's not one! Cheating regardless of who does the cheating is extremely selfish! When you are truly happy, you don't need to convince others that you are. I hope you find yourself in all of this, and if you do nothing else, just know you are responsible for how you show up in the world, and stealing time with another woman's husband is wrong on his part and yours too! If you are so extremely happy, what's the reason for the letter?
JoAnne M Taylor Just remember the way you win your man is the way you will lose your man. Karma is no joke! Go back and play with dolls.
Nakia Wilkins Sounds like she wrote this letter to convince herself, that she's not doing anything wrong by sleeping with married men and justifying why she's sleeping around. JMT
Mo Caffie Baby why are you writing this letter when you see nothing wrong with what you doing. You obviously not happy with yourself if you took out the time to write this mess. 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️
Kevin Smith You feeling some type of way about it, or else you would be living your life like it's golden and not writing into a show segment designed to give people relationship advice. You telling yourself you're happy is not the same as actually being happy. There would be no desire to sit and type up a letter if you were truly happy and satisfied with your decisions. Also, people need to stop deflecting any wrong doing just because they're single. If you know the man you're seeing isn't single, then you know you're wrong. Period. You wouldn't want your man or husband dating other women when he's supposed to be committed to you, so you're still wrong for facilitating a person who is choosing to cheat. You're not innocent and stop lying to yourself as if you are.
Angela Williams Too funny I couldn't get pass her saying I date single and married men when you can't date a married man. Sad that in life she has low self esteem she can't be really happy she has to have someone that is attached and need to get with someone that is unattached. Always be mindful that what you put out in the world you get back. So if you continue to date the married man and you decide to marry someone might do the same to you.
Elizabeth Wiley I was going to comment. But everyone else here has had already addressed it. And as you can see.. you may be "happy" with your decisions to date someone else's husband, but it doesn't make it right. You want people to condone your behavior? You're wrong as hell, sweetie.. and ain't nothing special about you being a side chick. I guess, us, real women brag different.
Akilah Brayboy This makes me think of the woman who was caught in adultery and brought before Jesus. The scribes and Pharisees were prepared to stone her to death for her sin. Jesus said, "Let him who is without sin among you be the first to throw a stone at her" (Jn 8: 7). Then crickets because all have sinners and fall short...Jesus hoped this same woman would repent and sin no more. Even when it seems impossible, the love of God can bring us to our knees no matter the crime. I have stuff and I'm sure everyone here has stuff they could repent for. God is the judge. Praying that the mercy of God covers her...and brings her to too for that matter.
Tracye Smith Instead of bashing the thot, a smart woman will listen so that she can at least attempt to secure her relationship. I rather agree with her to a certain extent. A woman dont owe you anything. But its easier for women to blame another woman for her mans wondering ways. Also you either single or married. There is no gray area here. If you not married then you single and should govern yourselves accordingly.
Olympia Terrell I won't bother commenting on this person's choices. However, I am curious, if they're so happy and having such a good time, why stop the fun to write a strawberry letter to a national syndicated radio show?!? It doesn't appear they're asking for help. So why write?!? I will offer very careful messing around with married men. Consider that there is more to loose than just your lil feelings sweetluv!!
Karen Davis Scales I know of a woman just like this. She loves for the man to come her way when there is trouble in paradise. When he is mad at his wife. She says that, it makes her look good. She loves comforting another woman's man. She loves the vulnerability that she can get from a married man. Just like the Strawberry letter. Truthfully, women like this, prefer dating men that are already married. He is relationship minded. Something that is uncommon in single men. Sad that she does not fear karma.
Jazzie Wise GIRLLLLLL.....DO YOU....MEN been doing this for decades.....PROTECT YOUR SELF and F*** their feelings because at the end of the day do what's best for you..
Revis Brown You're dumb. You're going to burn in hell. The same thing that's making you so happy is going to make you miserable. Why did you write this letter? If you wanted attention you could have walked in front of a bus.
Barbette ChosenbyGod Johnson This letter doesn't even warrant a response. If she so happy why is she writing in in the first place? #stuckonstupid
Shirley Strawberry
Shirley StrawberrySunday, December 10th, 2017 at 11:39am

#amen 🙏🏽 #happysunday ❤️🍓

Denise Mgriff Yes he said wit his good love and peace we all need uknow not the baddest nothing from this bad evil devil why we must stay wit the Greatest yes r good great heavenly Father the #1 boss he said so b cool like him+ Jesus do the best love+ peace we all need he said y'all know so keep it everyday thanks
Shinetha Taylor Hello, Shirley Strawberry
Lucy Belon Bernardez
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Marilyn Pinson-Barron Amen
Carol Mouton Webb Amen
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Barbara Holly Love you Shirley ,
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Shirley Strawberry
Shirley StrawberryThursday, December 7th, 2017 at 1:58pm

#aboutlastnight before the race. All smiles #SHMS 😁❤️🍓

Shirley Strawberry
Chufon Marie After careful and multiple reviews of the race, I along with a few others, have concluded that Tommy THREW the race! Yes for a good he clearly threw that
Denise Mgriff On the greatest radio show God said not the baddest like the stupid bad devil just being cool like him+ Jesus allways do he ssid
Lisa Brewer Hey guys 😍Steve need to come home to Chicago and throw a Big party for everyone we really miss you Steve 😔
Renee Bush The show is everything... really need to laugh and it was all for a good cause #AllInLove
Detris Quinnie It looks like Mississippi Monica is going from holding up the piece sign to the middle finger lol
La Dawn Howard Hi Ms. Strawberry! I hope all is well with you and yours. I would like to invite you and the Steve Harvey Morning Show to comenout and see my PLAY; Exes, Love Them or Hate Them, We All Have Them! It's January 26th & 27th @ the Madison Street Theatre in Oak Park. Doors open @ 7pm show starts @ 7:30pm. I'm a relatively new Playwright from Chicago and I would love for you all to see my work. This is an encore show/s. It's also my 2nd play. Steve said jump so, I'm trying. I did my 1st play in 2015 & again in 2016, named was A Daddy's Girl, Something Every Little Girl Should Be. Which I intend to do again this March. Please check out my page, either La Dawn Howard or BlackWings (with BlackWings being one word) Productions. Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon. P. S. The race was hilarious!!!
Patricia Barnett
Teneshela L Allen
Renee Smith Mississippi Monica needs some moves
Minnie Clark-Kirkwood Heyyy Morning Crew!!!
Bridgette Hewings I love the SHMS
Layla Gordon Love YALL!!
Shirley Strawberry
Shirley StrawberryThursday, December 7th, 2017 at 1:54pm

#aboutlastnight after the race celebrations! 🎉❤️🍓

Charisse Vaughn I know this was the after race celebration but I couldn't help but notice Steve drinking Essentia water. That is my favorite!!!
Denise Mgriff Yes looking so cool wit Gods good not bad good love +peace he said no fooling around just cooling around like him+ jesus do everyday yes the greatest everyday
Felicia Sumpter This was too funny this morning😂😂😂 love it!
Shinetha Taylor I Love me some SHMS, y'all have me moving in the morning,
Lisa Brewer sending my Love to you guys 😍
Patricia Barnett
Chuck Woodruff Mississippi Monica much love
Patrice Session I love y'all.
Yvette M Stewart Hey Everyone and Mississippi Monica and im NY Monica 👅
Renee Parker Booker Just blessed
Sharon Harrison Hi y'all. :-)
Joanna Metoyer You guys Rock❤️😂