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Shirley Strawberry is co-host of the nationally syndicated Steve Harvey morning show. Heard on more than 100 radio stations by nearly seven million weekly listeners, it’s the number-one syndicated morning show in America. Steve Harvey and Shirley started their morning show relationship in Los Angeles. From 2000 to 2005, Shirley was the co-host of Harvey’s popular LA-based morning show and it was Harvey himself who dubbed her: “The Best Voice in Radio.” Their program went on to become the #1-morning show in Los Angeles and one of the most talked about in LA radio for their tireless community efforts -from helping students get desperately needed books, to honoring women and teachers, as well as feeding and helping the underprivileged all over the city. On May 23, 2005, Harvey, Shirley and the rest of the morning show aired their final broadcast in Los Angeles. It was a sad and historic day in LA that left a lasting impact on the Southern California radio dial. In October of 2005, The Steve Harvey Morning Show was launched into national syndication by Premiere Networks and Shirley joined the show as co-host. For her work on the top-rated program, Shirley has been recognized numerous times by Radio Inkas one of the “Most Influential Women in Radio.” On April 5, 2011, Shirley released her first book, The Strawberry Letter: Real Talk, Real Advice, Because Bitterness Isn’t Sexy. Based on the popular Strawberry Letter segment on The Steve Harvey Morning Show, she delivers more of the no-nonsense woman-to-woman straight talk her listeners have come to love. Shirley tells it like it is from the heart. Whether the topic is cheating boyfriends, crazy mother-in-laws, job troubles or money problems, Shirley’s girlfriend-next-door honesty has made the Strawberry Letter segments of the show a huge hit. Now, in this uplifting motivational guide, she brings her vivacious, inspirational, and down-to-earth message to women everywhere: Get up, get out, and be the best you can be! For more information, please visit


Shirley Strawberry
Shirley StrawberryThursday, April 12th, 2018 at 12:29pm

Strawberry Letter Live After Show - "Subject: How do I compete with his mama?" ❤️🍓 #sllaftershow #SLLive #AfterShow #StrawberryLetter #TrendingTopic #StrawberrysFreshPick #joinme

Shirley Strawberry
After 30 years, the mother is an old lady she probably needs more attention now.
His mother knows that she is wrong on all accounts. Had she trained him right, he would not be conducting himself like that.
Tristan Thompson just a big How with money!!
She has put up with him too long.... give him ultimatum 3 queen-nites a month or you will find a substitute .... maybe a 30 year old :-)
I Had Deal With Someone Was A Moma Boy it's was a Problem so run the other way
30yrs .. She should have been put her foot down. Find a man for his mother so she can get her’s man back.
‪Mom is Queen Bee.. She better tell her “I am the one he put a ring on not you, so stay in your lane” 😮‬
He choosing his momma everyday pack his bags. Send him to her house get you a man not a boy
Don't try to compete with Moma...Change how you do things with him...He'll notice.
Tell him he can marry his mama, since he's already over there lol
Pack his things and send him back to mama
Afternoon beautiful from Jackson, Mississippi!
if she put that cookie on lock.He'll wake up
Shirley, I love the RED LIPSTICK!!!
Southside Hello to you Shirley..
What goes around comes around...KARMA!!! You Reap What You Sow!!!
It's some moms girls out here too.
Heyyyy, Mississippi MONICAAAAAAAAA!!! OOOOP-Oopp!!! Love you all~
I get the love but wife first
maybe he never had a father figure.that y he a mommy boy.ijs
Send...himm...send him...send him...send him...BACK!!! LOL
Shirley Strawberry
Shirley StrawberryThursday, April 12th, 2018 at 11:34am

Today's #StrawberryLetter #SHMS Join me Today @ 1:30EST on my Facebook page @mygirlshirley to discuss this letter & much more! #SLLive #Aftershow @steveharveyfm ❤️🍓
Dear Steve and Shirley, I've been with my husband for 30 years. He's a great father and a great son to his mother, but he falls short on being a good husband. When I met him, I thought...

Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.
Dang! I'm a Mother of sons, they all live out of town with families, calls every now and then. There are several things to consider. His mother won't always be with him, a horrible thing to say. He married you didn't he, just a suggestion: start helping him to do things for his Mother, he might like or love you more, help him buy things for her on Mother' Day and birthday. His Mother would really show appreciation toward you and help him to remember your birthday, anniversary, etc. Just a thought. I have two daughters-in-law and only, only one shows appreciation towards me. But it's in God's hand, can't be liked by everybody, especially in laws.
Thats a hard one it's nice that somebody gets alone that well with their parent giving her money is like giving back what she spent you got to think about her age taking the trash out is a bit much she can use smaller bags then walk to the big can outside most people make a stop some where after work but the bottom line I'm with you something bothers me about the unusual but how can u complain all of his bases are covered
i am wondering for the women who call this man a mamas boy: how would you feel if this was your son? not saying he is right, just playing devil's advocate
Remember she gave birth to him and raised him. She was the first love of his life. You would not respect him if he didnt spoil her. He has known her his whole life and because he respects her he will respect you. No matter how hard you try you cannot take her place so take your place in this good mans life and be happy.
Been there. Done that. She won’t EVER live up to his mom. I was married to a mama’s boy for 21 yrs. She embedded herself so deep into our marriage that she was juggling ours and hers. I was never an equal partner. I NEVER measured up in his eyes. Eventually I had to let him go. We’ve been divorced for 7 1/2 yrs now. His mother taught me one thing, how NOT to treat my daughters-in-law. I love my daughter-in-law. I treat her well because the way I see it, she loves my son, therefore, I should love her. Marriage is hard enough without ppl interfering in the relationship. I will always respect their marriage.
I’m just saying what are you the wife for ???? Clealry his mother is all he needs and don’t get me wrong but my parents was married for 32 years b4 my father passed nothing was put b4 his wife and kids !!!! My father always told me it’s what your willing to deal with is how a man treats you stay Woke
I didn't really see a problem until she said he makes a special trip back to church to save her a parking spot. 🤔 I get it though...all that for his mom and nothing for her. He should make sure his wife feels special too.
You are not being selfish. You can either dump him or treat him like your roommate and that means, no doing his laundry or cooking.
Don't compete she Queen mom you queen wife if he respect her he go respect you he doing good not knocking no teeth out or beating you
Damitria Stone wow!
Pack his stuff whatever dirty leave it dirty send it his momma house with the divorce papers
Just keep Gods good love he said
Shirley Strawberry
Shirley StrawberryThursday, April 12th, 2018 at 11:30am

Today's #StrawberryLetter #SHMS Join me Today @ 1:30EST on my Facebook page @mygirlshirley to discuss this letter & much more! #SLLive #Aftershow @steveharveyfm ❤️🍓
Dear Steve and Shirley, I've been with my husband for 30 years. He's a great father and a great son to his mother, but he falls short on being a good husband. When I met him, I thought...

Wow really, if it's been going on 25+ yrs, then technically it's ur fault. U let that man and his mom disrespect u and ur marriage that long, than u train them on what's right 4 u,
Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.
It's not asking to much! But 30 years, that's an old dog with an old trick. He's not changing!
Mama will always be #1 in a man's life, but...since he's married, his ultimate responsibility is his wife.
Wow! That's got to hurt, after thirty years of marriage. Even after going to him about your feelings. It seems to have falling to his waistside. My QUESTION if your going to church, what does PASTOR say on marriage? What does He say about husband and wives and their parents? When did your mother in law become so comfortable, in treating her son as if he's her husband? There should NEVER be a comparison with you and her.
My whole thing is, you have been putting up with this for 30 years. apparently it hasnt bothered you that much to get counselling. Maybe you should have a talk with his mother and express your frustrations to her since he isnt listening, but do it respectfully.
Does your husband actually listen to your Pastor preach? When you were married, you were to be as one. Everyone else come second, he's honoring his mother as the bible says to do. However he isn't honoring his VOWS to you.
That's if it's true and this man doesn't have another family somewhere
Never compete with your Husband/Man mother...never ever never ever!😉
You don’t those are two different levels
You shouldn't have to be in competition with his mother. If you have expressed your feelings and concerns to him and nothing has changed then you have to decide what you're going to do about it
You can never trump mama! It is what it is.
Sonda Samuels Vanzant Anthony Vanzant
Shirley Strawberry
Shirley StrawberryWednesday, April 11th, 2018 at 4:05pm

Today's #StrawberryLetter #SHMS Don’t forget to watch me every Thursday on Facebook LIVE for the Strawberry Letter after show! #SLLive @steveharveyfm ❤️🍓 Dear Steve and Shirley, I am a wife and a mother of two children. I've been married for 11 years to my wonderful husband, but I recently found out he had been cheating on me for a year. I found out when the woman started...

Being a man myself I can tell you this,he is still seeing this woman. Beating her azz isn't the answer, she's still doing this because he let's her. I once did the same thing I guess that's the reason I'm on my second marriage. But I never cheated on this one. A man has to walk away and not look back,if he don't the side woman is going to keep picking. Check your man that's where the problem at.
He's still seeing her, how else can she continue to contact or harrass you both ...throw the whole husband away and readjust your crown
He's playing both of them for fools, and SHE (the wife) allows it. Until he puts an end to it, the foolishness will continue. HE has to be the one to end his rendezvous with the other woman, but we all know he won't because he's enjoying the company of two women. Personally, she messed up by giving him another chance because 9 times out of 10, he was going to do it again. She did right by forgiving him, but she shouldn't have taken him back. The husband made it clear he doesn't want this woman? I can't tell because he's still in contact with her. As I type this, he's probably at this woman's home now. Ladies HAVE to stop letting these n****s play y'all like toys. If a dude cheats once, he's going to cheat again.
Because you're the only one trying to work things out......he's still doing him. What's the point in beating her azz (or his for that matter)? No real man would have put you in that position to begin with....
Get a restraining order! If he don't want to do that, he may be still seeing her.
Try changing your number, see if that works. I find that if you want ANY problems solved, take it to the Lord. Not married to my Ex boyfriend, during the time we were together, he had befriended a woman, because I had put him out, well I allowed him to come back, he would bring the woman at my door, ( not allowed in my house) she would follow him foot to foot, so one night while he was home, corrections, early in the a.m. like about 1:00 a.m.. She came knocking on my door asking for him, of course wouldn't openy door, talked to her very briefly THROUGH the doo, told her he was sleep. I pulled up the 91st Psalm for protection seven (7) times, she left. The next morning, he found a large butcher her knife at the gate. We never married, he claimed to have put a ring in layway, never saw it. But God showed me he was lying, never intended to marry. Even though I was crazy about him, his mistreatment, I had to put him out. Situation a little different from yours, but what I'm trying to tell you is THIS. If YOU believe in prayers, God, instead of trying to solve the problem alone, take it to God in prayer, HE IS the problem solver, He will also protect, lead and guide you in the right direction and believe it or not, He will TELL you, REALLY, Ttell you what to do. Like the old saying goes, go into your closet, that means any time if day or night alone, tell Him your problems, must be patient, He may not answer you when you want Him, but He is a RIGHT ON TIME GOD! Be blessed.
Although he has changed and blocked that number he has still given her access to him he may have another phone she just has or they were in this relationship for a year she may come to his job. He has not closed the door on that relationship a nd has been seeing her when he can and thats okay with this other woman. Its sad to say but you are the only one working to keep this marriage. Continue to go to counseling to help you be strong for you because once you get clarity on what you will accept and will not accept he will have to either get on board or you will be mentally emotionally prepared to walk away. But you need to get clarity of who you are as a woman and what is expected out of ur husband either he is all in or he's out nothing in between his behavior is unexceptable. Trust yourself that you will be okay when you get clarity.
Oh Lord, here we go again!!! Sometimes I read this mess and wonder if you even think before you send it in for the world to see. Girl, I'm agreeing with Yoshica Russell. You said she won't leave "US" alone!!🤔 You changed phone numbers blocked her on social media. If she reaching out to you, she is reaching out to him. Put his behind on check girl, don't stay for the kids.No need you fighting her getting no charges for BS. You cheat once, you will cheat again!!!!
I think she should tap that heifa right up side her head a few times and be done with it.
Obviously he’s still has communication with her. Take him to the cleaners. Divorce him! Since you have proofs you won’t have a problem using it. It takes two to tango.
What you allow is what will continue. That husband is still messing with that woman and bother you and that woman are pathetic if y’all believe he loves one of you more. Ugh! You females kill me. #LevelUp
A Husband is suppose to love his wife like he love christ.Apparently with his cheating he don't love either..Lady kick this dude to the deserve better.
Why God keep saying people stop fooling around wit this stupid egnorant devil and b yo best great self's like him+ Jesus the greatest lovers 2
Leave him and the crazy woman alone do what steve said put everything on her social media
For the average man (and if he's smart), he need only his woman show him 'crazy'...ONE time. If that don't straighten him out, then she really should leave before she ends up killing him. Tragically, Shirley clearly lost ALL objectivity and injected her own feelings into this scenario, making it apparent that not only has she herself been cheated on, but that she still remains burned from the experience. Steve skirted around the idea of forgiveness. I digress... So the question is what ELSE should the husband do to demonstrate his desire to reconcile? What pentence does Shirley (or anyone else) thinks remains unpaid? This woman continues to be a harassment because either the husband or the wife has not completely cut off all cyber/social access. Is she showing up at his job? Which cyber network you still talking on? Snapchat? LinkedIn? Kik? How is she doing it!!? See... what NEEDS to be said is the fact that this man and woman had an entire year to create a very intimate connection. They had an intimate relationship, so of course it's not going away cold turkey---either for her or him, or both. And that's the major problem with infidelity especially from the perspective of many women, and understandably so if some of us men are going to be completely honest about it.
Not ignoring his behavior, but what was her purpose of calling you if she was still seeing him at the time. And there is no such thing as I was trying to leave her alone. You're a grown man own up to your mess and say I was caught up. If you really wanted to leave her alone you know how. Period point blank!
Girl let it go! He wrong for putting you in the position! Once a cheater alaways a cheater.
How is she getting number
We need to learn from the past it may sound crazy but we to stop living with our spouse or find a whole rabbit cooking on the our stove yes he got himself a fatal attraction and got you in on the danger your in need of help from other people we call them police
File a police report on her for harassment and if she keep doing it beat her but
Ever heard of restraining orders???
Let time heal that
Shantay Franklin-Edwards
Magdala Jean Philippe
Shirley Strawberry
Shirley StrawberryMonday, April 9th, 2018 at 1:30pm

Today's #StrawberryLetter #SHMS Don’t forget to watch me every Thursday on Facebook LIVE for the Strawberry Letter after show! #SLLive @steveharveyfm ❤️🍓
Dear Steve and Shirley, my ex-girlfriend and I had been together for many years, but we recently broke up because she was selfish and didn’t want to get married. We broke up about six months ago, but we continued to have sex because that’s...

You will never get over your ex by continuing to have sex with her 🤦🏻‍♀️ 2nd you will never have the chemistry with the new girl because you’re lusting over your ex. 3rd stay single because you sound confused as hell and don’t know what you want. I want a wife...I want good sex...I have a good woman but can’t fully love her because all I care about is my ex sex smh grow up
Hello Sucka, I mean Dave
its call the 80 20, your about to lose the 80 percent you need to get 20 percent of what you want, beware some will take your 80 from you and leave you with the 20, just teach the 80 what the 20 knows
See if your new girlfriend is open to learning what you really like. Sex is important but the way someone treats you is way more important than that. But most importantly, don’t string along a good person if you have no intention of doing right by them. Let her go now so she can find her Mr Right if you’re just going to eventually cheat on her.
It's OVER bro move on let it go. You found another lady now you make it hot in the bedroom & stop comparing the two. THINK WITH THE BIG HEAD NOT THE LITTLE ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
For you to want to get married SO bad you TOO focused on SEX than the way your woman treats you, you said yourself that your new girl was wife material and she treats you better but you STEADY focusing on your ex all over sex.......youre not ready to settle down and get married it seems like all you want is sex.....good luck on your situation though....
Two solutions to this problem that may seem selfish. If the both of you and ex can't stop thinking and having sex, stay with her and don't expect to get married to her, MAYBE some time in the future she MAY change her mind are you both certain you're the right person for each other? Sex isn't the ONLY thing in life, but important. On the other hand if your new girlfriend IS marriage material, are you both the RIGHT person for each other. You CAN teach her HOW to satisfy the both of you sexually. I don't really know. There is is another answer to your question and it would depend on whether you believe in God, take it to Him.
Why God keep saying stop fooling around wit this bad devil yes the baddest he said y'all know he is the greatest everyday people loving so hate the bad devil and b good like him
You just want a steady sex partner. Please let the new girlfriend go so she can be with someone who's going to love her 100%.
Sex is not everything. It’s a big part of a relationship though. Tell your wifey material what you like in bed and do it with her. I’ve been in the same situation and when all that sexy smoke cleared I regretted continuing that type of connection. You have to decide what’s really important to you. You must believe in trust in a healthy relationship. How do you think your current would feel if she found out? about your sex runs.
You're not ready to be in another relationship if you feel so weak behind your ex.
Look bruh, you say she got wifey skills. You have to get some hubby skills. Right now all you good at is swinging a hammer. Let her find a skilled laborer and you stick to the rough-in
Please don't play with a good women's heart because all you care about is sex with a selfish woman (your words). You have now become her SELFISH!!! PLUS GROW UP!
You need to be by yourself for a while
I swear I had the same type of situation but this guy and I have been friends for years but the sex will have you in the twilight zone.... And we get along...but everytime we have sex he start acting caught up and he tried to tell me I'm caught up....But my mind is to strong when you start bringing that drama and extra craziness I'm good... Basically be ready to deal with whatever that come with that good sex or use your dome and get you some better new new... Oh it's out there on yes dint settle for a quick fix if it means drama
👀👀👀 so you’re willing to trade in someone that treats you better than you’ve ever been treated for someone just gives you sex better??? If this ain’t the 80-20 rule Idk what it is. Man up and do right by your girlfriend before another MAN comes along and do it for you or she finds out about your ex and she leaves.
The struggle isn't real, he's making it that way. There's a reason why you and your ex didn't work out, and you'd be a fool to go back to her for the sex. It's a no brainer, stay with the woman who treats you the best. Don't put yourself in a position to cheat.
Just grow up and stop acting like a big baby. Sex is what you make it and put into it and if that's the only thing you have then you have nothing at all. You really need to check your personal standards because it seems like you don't want much...ijs. Act like a grown man and grown man things will come your way. Oan: grow and pair and stop talking to your ex. Common sense should tell you nothing good can come from it....nothing good came from it when y'all was together to begin with. And please don't be another selfish guy that's going to be the cause of a woman having issues forwver because you know you aren't ready and can't give her what she needs. Ok that is all
Think about this...when you get older sex is over then what will you need? That good womans companionship you passed up for sex with your ex!
The only thing you have is sex, there is no love there.... Seems you don't want to move on because you have convient pussy.....let your new friend go and continue having this so called amazing sex with your ex.... Why inflict and infect her with this poison.... Hopefully you are the only man your ex is having this amazing sex with
You can't have your cake and eat it too. There are plenty fish in the sea.
leave the new girl alone .she will be the one hurt if sex is all you have in. Common you got fence in you're. back yard. get with it.
My opinion is he is clearly not over his ex so to not get into a relationship with no one!
Be truthful to your new woman.🧐
Grow up, very immature
Shirley Strawberry
Shirley StrawberryThursday, April 5th, 2018 at 11:09am

Hey guys no Strawberry Letter Live After Show today! Sorry, but we will be back next week! ❤️🍓

Shirley Strawberry
I understand girl the show coming back next week
All love Shirley strawberry 👍🏽 ... #Life
Love that scarf Shirley 🍓
Shirley you have to pick up from the letter from today girl.
Ok Shirley!!!
U need to call me sap 1323)898-3550
Shirley Strawberry I missed your show today! See You Next Week!
Such a sweet voice
Hi my name is Nakia King-Bolden. I am 37 years old. I live in Detroit MI. Ireally hope that my story can get to the right person. I was adopted as a baby in 1980. Taken away and was adopted by a loving social worker Clemmie King whom also was strict and didn't take no stuff in Detroit MI.I recently found my birth family and their story will bring you too tears. There where 6 siblings There were rapes, beatings, mental illness, adoptions, and a real life of pure sadness. My older sister is 54 now and her story brought me to tears. I found my biological family after almost 38 years. I want her to know that she is so loved and all my siblings Sadly 2 of my siblings died before I could meet them. I want to find all of my family members to let them know that I am alive and well. I found out that my cousin was Myron Jarrett a Detroit Police Officer killed last year by a hit and run driver. Im so excited. I want the world to know what my siblings have been through. My sister and all my living siblings need to know that they are loved. Their stories of survival will surely bring you too tears for sure.
Shirley Strawberry
Shirley StrawberryWednesday, April 4th, 2018 at 10:09pm

Ran across these at bed bath and beyond!
#Itsamovement 😂❤️🍓

Yes how cute wit Gods love 2
Shirley Strawberry
Shirley StrawberryWednesday, April 4th, 2018 at 10:04pm

Ran across these at bed bath and beyond!
#Itsamovement 😂❤️🍓

Shirley Strawberry
Shirley StrawberryWednesday, April 4th, 2018 at 3:35pm

Today's #StrawberryLetter #SHMS❤️🍓
Dear Steve and Shirley, I begin this letter by saying I hate my husband of 12 years. I feel as though he has made a fool of me and I feel stupid. The thought of him makes me sick to my stomach. I want to say kiss my butt. I'm at the point in which I don't even care to confront him for what reason. Another stupid...

If you know all this about him why are you there. You're young, wasting time. Both of you need counseling, if this isn't working, divorce him. Why waste your time with this mess. Pray, ask God for help and directions. He will NOT disappoint you. He may not be the right MAN for you, especially after 12 years.
I read this one before. You running out of letters Shirley? Lol
file for divorce, get the paperwork, meet him as the woman on line and serve him
1. once a dog, always a dog. 2. maybe try talking with some counseling and see where the disconnect is and try to fix it. 3. just get up and leave, i don't see what is the problem in that if you know that he's cheating on you, you have every right. You decide.
Get a plan together make your moves and say nothing to him. Silence is best
No time like the present!!! Do what you gotta do and GO👋👋👋👋👋
Old letter. Miss, you already know what to do. How many times does he have to show you who he is before you finally decide enough is enough?
Girl you are thinking to much just leave. Keep your self respect.
U dont need to write here for no answer what u are gojng through in ur marrage should clearly tell u to put an end to ur situationship ur husband of 12 yrs is planning to meet two woman he meets on a dateing site really and u really want advice how to move forword girl dont let him tell u one more time him dont want u
Alot of time wasted...and now U all in ya feelings 😏...U betta get out now before he starts puttin' hands on U!
We all have profiles if you done you done it won't matter the looks
What is Steve Harvey's answer?
This is an old letter
Mmmm mmmm chile *Phaedra voice*
Wow !!!!
Shirley Strawberry
Shirley StrawberryTuesday, April 3rd, 2018 at 12:30pm

#happytuesday #SHMS ❤️🍓

I’m loving your purse 👛
Shirley Strawberry
Shirley StrawberryTuesday, April 3rd, 2018 at 9:53am

Today's #StrawberryLetter #SHMS❤️🍓
Good morning everyone there in the studio. I got this problem that I always find the perfect woman. Well sort of perfect to be with me. I'm a tall dark and very handsome young man trying to make it in life, but right now I don't feel that way because I thought part of being a man is to treat your woman like you would care for...

Dear What should I do here, I'm going to try and be as respectful as I would want . First off what you have is not a problem what you have is a decision on whether you wanna go to jail or to remain a free man. Think of it like this . You go out to buy a new jacket . The jacket you like is the coolest jacket and you think it compliments you . But this jacket people get killed for robbed for so what do you do buy this jacket cause it's in style and wait for someone to rob you of it ? Or find a better jacket that's ideally complimentary to your style? You stated you found a perfect women , Correct ??? If so that perfect women shouldn't jeopardize you ability to be a free man. Just because she's damaged don't make her not worthy of love . Just not your love . You need to let that go .
Honestly, I would go.. Leave fast... because her mindset is toxic. You could lose everything with someone like her. If you're a good man find you a good woman who can accept your love and give it back to you. You can't help her, she needs God and a professional therapist.
RUN DON'T WALK. You're heading for trouble if you stay. Even though you love this woman staying would hurt you more than leaving. This woman wants a rough neck and a thug. Kept being the person you are. Don't down grade to that level.
Dont walk RUN AWAY NOW!!! I was like you thn i had a woman like her but i was still young and i allowed her to change my took years of counseling to reverse the problem so i cld be happy with my wife now
Run if you stay when she ruins everything you worked so hard for it’s your fault what happens to you. Let your absence hit her.
She needs help, and you will too if you stay!!! #simple
She is really messed up in the head.... U need to find u a woman that appreciates u and how u treat ur female friends. If she wants that kind of behavior, she needs a PIMP... Ikj
Okay, here goes's obvious she's either abused both as a child and adult, try sitting her done and explaining to her what love means to you and if she doesn't get it, then I would walk away.
How old are you?????......hit her......."really???" she is emotionally ill!.....don't run...."SPRINT" outta there!!!!
Find another strong black woman whom is not crazy. Do not give up on us and go to a white woman. It's a lot of beautiful sister out here whom do not look to be abused by her man. Just pray and move on to another beautiful sister
If you have to ask this question you already know the answer. You don't need permission to take that step.
leave that crazy b--------------- alone, something is really wrong with her if she want you to hit her, to much drama, you will find the right woman ,but leave that one alone.
Why should u even ask what should u do? Don't throw your life away. Guaranteed you hit her u will be catching a charge. Nobody needs that drama
He has two choices: 1. He gives her what she wants and smacks her around a few good times. 2. He can leave this toxic woman before he loses everything he's got going for himself. She's not worthy of a good brother like yourself, so the best course of action is to leave and not look back.
It always start like that and ends like Chris Brown or a episode of I'D investigation somebody on death row murders and homocides
Stick with your morals and leave that nut. If she wants somebody to hit her, tell her she has the wrong man . Your queen awaits you out there in this world who will appreciate the good man you are. God bless you brother. Peace.
Bye Felicia and that’s what I teach my boys to never hit a woman unless they are trying to body harm to them
There's plenty of fishes in the sea😳. Now 🏃🏾🏃🏾🏃🏾😂
she has deep social and emotional problems, most likely the girls your mother tried to keep you away from, they have problems that will rub off on you or your children if you have them together. its not worth messing up yourself and generations of yourself, walk away kindly and never look back
Leave she don't appreciate you nor your love.
Yes, he should leave, save himself, before it's too late. Who wants drama...Heeeey Shirley-Have a blessed day!😊
Could be what she really wants is for him to he a little more aggressive all around and she wants some bedroom kind of spanking, etc. Ask her, or just do it next time yall are intimate. You'd be surprised at what goes on in people's heads sometimes lol.
Kick her to the curb. Find someone who appreciates you for your goodness. Wait on the Lord to send you your queen.
You need to run 🏃 away ASAP.
Shirley Strawberry
Shirley StrawberrySunday, April 1st, 2018 at 10:43am

Happy Resurrection Day!! HE LIVES!🙏🏽 ❤️🍓

Yes they know they need to show up sap on all this stupid egnorant foolish devil's mess like y'all forgot to say it's Marvin Gaye Bday 2 day 4-2-18 and today uknow the day his stupid dad murder him why j need to stop murdering these hits and just remixs them like Tommy need 2 stop saying he is a fool and he gonna act egnorant when God keep saying u only being funny like all the others uknow like him wit the best jokes and everything we got to know the greatest not the baddest like the stupid foolish devil wit all this bad stuff going on and him+ Jesus 4 love and peace everyday agin keep living and loving like he do everyday call me Shirley sap thanks
Yes lives he rose on. Yesterday for. Us. all
He has risen and reigning indeed...Happy Resurrection!
Happy Resurrection Day !!!
Happy Resurrection Day!
Have a blessed Easter Season!
Have a beautiful day!
Same to you and your family
Happy Easter!
Happy Easter