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Shirley Strawberry is co-host of the nationally syndicated Steve Harvey morning show. Heard on more than 100 radio stations by nearly seven million weekly listeners, it’s the number-one syndicated morning show in America. Steve Harvey and Shirley started their morning show relationship in Los Angeles. From 2000 to 2005, Shirley was the co-host of Harvey’s popular LA-based morning show and it was Harvey himself who dubbed her: “The Best Voice in Radio.” Their program went on to become the #1-morning show in Los Angeles and one of the most talked about in LA radio for their tireless community efforts -from helping students get desperately needed books, to honoring women and teachers, as well as feeding and helping the underprivileged all over the city. On May 23, 2005, Harvey, Shirley and the rest of the morning show aired their final broadcast in Los Angeles. It was a sad and historic day in LA that left a lasting impact on the Southern California radio dial. In October of 2005, The Steve Harvey Morning Show was launched into national syndication by Premiere Networks and Shirley joined the show as co-host. For her work on the top-rated program, Shirley has been recognized numerous times by Radio Inkas one of the “Most Influential Women in Radio.” On April 5, 2011, Shirley released her first book, The Strawberry Letter: Real Talk, Real Advice, Because Bitterness Isn’t Sexy. Based on the popular Strawberry Letter segment on The Steve Harvey Morning Show, she delivers more of the no-nonsense woman-to-woman straight talk her listeners have come to love. Shirley tells it like it is from the heart. Whether the topic is cheating boyfriends, crazy mother-in-laws, job troubles or money problems, Shirley’s girlfriend-next-door honesty has made the Strawberry Letter segments of the show a huge hit. Now, in this uplifting motivational guide, she brings her vivacious, inspirational, and down-to-earth message to women everywhere: Get up, get out, and be the best you can be! For more information, please visit


Shirley Strawberry
Shirley StrawberryFriday, October 20th, 2017 at 10:29am

M-A-DEA is backkkkkk in #Boo2 ! A Madea Halloween! In theaters today!! Thanks @tylerperry for being on the #SHMS today. ❤️🍓

Gwenny Treherne Tyler Perry if anybody would ask me who I would want to meet in Hollywood the most it would be you and Steve Harvey😇
Christy Stevens Nobles Enjoyed you all this morning had me ROLLING
Rena Robinson Hicks I like your new hair due Shirley Strawberry, looking cute!!!
Teresa Burton Beautiful picture, love you Guys!
JoAnne M Taylor The Man “Tyler Perry”❤️❤️
Jefferson Dickerson Nice picture love you guys
Barbara Baltzegar God Bless u all 💜💜💜💜
Lisa Rachal Pearson 💗💗
Shirley Strawberry
Shirley StrawberryThursday, October 19th, 2017 at 2:24pm
Shirley Strawberry
Shirley StrawberryThursday, October 19th, 2017 at 12:30pm

10/19/17 The Strawberry Letter Live After Show !! #sllaftershow #strawberryletter
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Shirley Strawberry
Jennifer Everett Holliday Now, wasn't this letter submitted years ago?
Monica Mays RN I honestly cannot believe she intends to continue with this pregnancy KNOWING her husband has had a vasectomy and it will ruins so many lives
Linda Williams That's a poor excuse of a mother shes suppose to be there for her daughters not sleeping with their husbands the men a nasty as well
Elder Tony Tate Jr. God will forgive her...but idk about her husband or disrespect of marriage vows on her part and her sons in law
Lisa Wynn Rihanna is a very beautiful and confident woman. I commend her for keeping her head up even during her little weight gain. We should all embrace life and be more confident and have more self-love
Angie Broadnax This is a old one who was the father of the child?? Someone else just asked that a few mins ago. Love the show
GeeGee Janele Kelly Hey Shirley this is an old letter. What is the update? Who's the baby daddy?
Ruthie Love Just throw the whole mother in law in the trash....smh....😡😡😡
Lisa Wynn Hi Shirley Strawberry! That’s just sad! It takes a low-down dirty dog to sleep with her daughters’ husbands.
Linda Marts What a Tramp. How could she cross the line like that. Why didn't she have an abortion no one would have ever known, but you and God. Linda from Gardena
Emma Jones-Gutierrez Does this lady has no shame how could you sleep with your own daughter's husband she was obviously not thinking about her daughter at all
Tasha Bradley Prayers needed for this family.. Only God can rectify this situation or at least dismantle the family proper.. I guess.. OMG!
Sharon Bryant Oh my goodness. :(. That is so very sad!!! We need to have more mental health help..people are getting worse.
Gamien Batchelor Come on isn't this a old letter we heard this before
Shaneika Stewart How can you begin to repair a relationship with your daughters after this? The trust is completely gone!
Kisha Cherry She needs to go take care of that baby ASAP... I don't say this often but in this instance she needs to terminate that pregnancy.
Frenchie Powells I don’t like it when I gain weight because it goes straight to my stomach and feet lol! I wish it would go to my behind instead 😂
Veronica Scoby-Rhodes Oh my God!!! I am lost for words.. I have two daughters and I wouldn't do nothing like that.. I am going to pray for her..
Tiffany Carter That whole situation just sounds like a mess and they all need Jesus!!! Not even joking only God can fix that situation
Marissa Martinez Omg that's really messed up and crazy. She ruined her family and I Feel sorry for her daughter. She needs Jesus.
Rushelle Phillips-Jemison I dont undersand..... the consequences from her kids is whats going to break her. It wasnt worth the trouble.
Elder Tony Tate Jr. She's sad and so are the sons in law...she apparently has no regard for her daughters lives or her marriage
Sherri Hamilton It's going to come out sooner or later. Is this going to stop her from sleeping with them or is she still messing with him
JO Owens She needs some type of medical mental help because obviously she has no self control. There is a deeper issue here!
Terrasa Newton I have been happy with myself. Not able to exercise like everyone else but I’m happy and so is my hubby.
Shirley Strawberry
Shirley StrawberryThursday, October 19th, 2017 at 12:20pm

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Alysia 'Lisa' Briggs Today's letter was extremely old... Nonetheless it made me mad to hear it again.. maybe an update on what happened to the family
Honesty IsReal First of all a mother do not go in behind her children...tacky and whacky she is...and then she got the nerve to say i do not want my family broke up I hope Karma give it to her real good....
Deidra Purdie Why are you guys reading old letters? I recognized the story after the first line. 🤦🏽‍♀️
Beverly Barnes That Lady is Just Nasty
Shirley Strawberry
Shirley StrawberryThursday, October 19th, 2017 at 12:13pm

Today's #StrawberryLetter #SHMS Got a Letter of your own you want to submit? Click here . @steveharveyfm ❤️🍓
Dear Steve and Shirley I am a 47 year old attorney who is seven months pregnant. I have three daughters that are grown married and have professional careers. My youngest daughter just moved back home with her husband because they're in the process of moving into a...

EB Du Pree Heard this same letter a few years ago. 🤔 That’s why I stopped listening to the show. Too much recycled material. SMH
Quanda Shuler This story has Been circulating FB for some freaking years. People need a life. Please tell me I'm not the only one that knows this story
Moore Christina I hope this is a lie and read this in some trashy novel and you repeating it for entertainment. but just in case it is not, my best advice is end the pregnancy as soon as possible tell people you had miscarriage. if you think its bad now it will be even worse when the child is born and looks like bobby, Ronnie, Ricky or mike.
Joyce Thrower What kind of Jerry Springer,Maury Povish mess is this? If this is true this "Mother" lacks the compassion,empathy,dignity, and respect to be a decent human being let alone a mother. Steve and Shirley you're scraping the bottom of the barrel with this one. Leave trash in the trash can where it belongs.
Brandi Taylor Since this one was old y'all should start asking for updates to these stories... this one would've been a good update to hear like who ended up being the Papi lol Also where's the messed up people at we need new letters! 😹
Ange Lica Okay is it me or is the Steve Harvey Morning Show going on an repeat with this Strawberry Letter's and Prank phone calls? Every morning it's and repeat of something old. You want to post something, post the recorded conversation Sheryl Underwood and Steve had going on about the Star Spangled Banner History in relations to the taken an knee, facts, etc.... I can't help but to notice y'all was getting too deep for the radio this morning and they threw in an random commercial cutting Sheryl off. I had to check my own station to be sure I didn't go to the next one. Had me feeling more touched then this old letter...... SN: This just trifling and the family will never be the same again.
Kristin Marie Patrick This lady is sick. What does she mean she doesn't want to break up the family. If I read correctly she slept with both of her daughter's husbands smh. All 3 of you are nasty. Its sad you can't even bring your man around your mother.
Dean Jones You broke your family when the thought of looking at your son in law(s) sexually crossed your mind...disgusting!
Felicia Renee Bynum Tell that lady to kill herself. Something is wrong with her. I think she has been sleeping with all the son on laws way before getting pregnant. I can't believe none of the used protection. So no one took their marriage serious.
Gerrie MrSocialite Orion Y'all need Iyanla to Fix y'all life. You have no remorse because you didn't sleep with one but two of your daughters' husbands. The one that caught u didn't tell his wife because he wanted in too. He didn't come to talk he came to slay.
Shakila Spruill That's nasty she nasty he nasty and if I was her daughters I would not say nothing else to her on some real💩 SHE NASTY😡😡😡😡😡
Jennifer Jones That's awful. How disgusting. She was so stupid for doing that. She needs to put on her big girl panties on and tell the truth. You should've had an abortion. Now the situation is going to be worse now that you have a child.
Jacqueline Burnett Jesus! Not a motherly bone in that body. Someone has self esteem issues among many other issues. It should all come out. Her daughters are better off without the mother or husbands. Let them know now and not waste the rest of their lives. They deserve waaayyy better than this.
Christina Owens You broke up your family the minute you opened your legs. This is called Karma... or repeaing what you sow. We are all free to make any decision we want to, but we are not free from the consequences of our actions. You made your bed... (you know the rest).
Lisa Cox When I read these stories I can't decide if people's lives are this really messed up or these stories are made up. She doesn't want to break up her family!!??. Well, you already have the moment you decided to hope in the bed with your two daughters husbands. There is no turning back now. Two son-in-laws down, one to go....SMH
Patricia Moore-Jackson So you were being trifling. you and your son-in-laws should burn for that. That makes no sense at all. Nothing like that should ever happen. Disrespectful and disgusting. Grown people doing idiotic things. SMDH!!!
Faith Skelton This us sad and ya'll need to stop with these letters. I don't think people r not honest or r just plain nasty. I've heard this letter before it's just crazy I don't even listen to r show any more make some positive changes.
Lillian Edwards Nasty lowdown no good could you do something like that to your own daughters ? Their husbands are very wrong too but those are YOUR Daughters Go lick a razor You're gonna pay BIG Time for that....
Honey B Brooks Destined Shaquan Yvette disgusting!!!! I wonder what the outcome was? I don't think I'd be able to forgive either. This is beyond betrayal! Ugh, disgusting!!
Patricia Dennard "One thing led to another"...why/how did it ever get on a sexual level!! Just flat out trifling and all this shenanigans needs to be exposed! You are all adults and knew it was wrong! Sounds to me that you may have been flirtatious towards your daughter's husbands, and they didn't refuse due to temptation!
Jamika McCullough Your family is already broken with no chance of fixing. Go to the corner and stay there until you figure out what's wrong with you. Get!!!!
Veronica Ronni Yancey Logan I was taking the Glambabies to daycare this morning and almost wrecked my car. I only have one son in law at this point, but ain't no way I would sleep with him. What Mom betrays her daughters like that? To be an attorney she is trifling!
Cynthia Clemons WHAT YOU HAVE DONE IS RUINED FAMILIES BUT god will forgive you but u have to face your children your husband this is so nasty and u gut to clean this up and both of your son in-laws are no good to say the lest what type of mother would do this with out thinking who life it could mess up then u don't know who the father is this is so sad even is u did get caught by the other son in law u should have learned were u afraid he was going to tell so u slept with him u need to get this out to your daughters now because u won't worried about their feelings then so don't act like u are now cmh at you.
Vicki Legions I haven't listened to the shms in months because it's the same stories over again. I know new letters have come in but they aren't reading them obviously.
Terika Brookens I'm disappointed that we hear so many repetitive stories. Although they are entertaining we crave the strawberry letter. Surely those lame lonies have more tea to spill. Makes my mornings, lol.
Shirley Strawberry
Shirley StrawberryWednesday, October 18th, 2017 at 4:49pm

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Shirley Strawberry
Regina Russell-Davenport Hi Shirley,I love You and Your Strawberry letters!!! 😀 I can't wait to hear the one from today again about the Mistress and Voodoo!!! 😂 Y'all had me Laughing so much this morning on My way to work!
Wickedone Williams Hey Shirley Strawberry this is big Wicked from Compton love your letters love everything you guys do in the morning keep doing it be blessed
Peter Williams You so lazy lol laying down while giving us the information about your Facebook live 2morrow. Your eyes look smaller when you laying down, u go girl
Alton Goethe Hi Shirley... Steve is right about those eyes 👀.
Zachery Hoagland Hey Ms Strawberries. I need to be on ya show. Mega Author.
Patricia Pruitt Love you and your reading of strawberry letters
Clara Moore Hi Shirley!!!
Sonya Michelle Stallworth-Turner Pretty! Ur makeup looks so good!
Trumaine Hefner ❤️
Cynthia Forney Beautiful woman
Shirley Strawberry
Shirley StrawberryWednesday, October 18th, 2017 at 12:39pm

Today's #StrawberryLetter #SHMS Got a Letter of your own you want to submit? Click here . @steveharveyfm ❤️🍓
Hello Steve and the morning crew I have a huge problem. I dated a married man for several months. We had a wonderful time together. We were able to date each other because we are in the military and he was stationed in the same place...

Ny Greggs Ok this is what you do: get three chicken feet, dried sage, a black candle and 17 seashells from the Indian Ocean. With the candle in the center arrange the seashells around it. Make sure each chicken foot is touching the candle. Light the sage and the candle. Set up a mirror and with all of this burning sit in front of it and take a picture of you and the set up. Develop the picture and when you pick it up I want you to see how stupid you look.
Kimberly Davis You need counseling or a straight went straight fatal attraction on them.....chick.....HE CHOSE HER....THAT IS HER HUSBAND....THAT IS HER MAN.....AND THAT IS HIS WOMAN.... learn from this and move on!
Angelique Cheatham Someone who is trying to use voodoo to steal a married man is supposed to be protecting this country??? They need to reevaluate who they let in to the military 😳😳😳 like honestly she is the textbook side piece/home wrecker 😂 the fact that she thought he would leave his wife for her 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ poor girl
Shardae Kirk I would comment, but I'm afraid she's reading these comments and going to put voodoo on me! 😂😂👀👀 So just pray girl, just pray!
Tanika Brookins This has to be a fake letter! There is no way she is this stupid and on top of that thinks someone is going to give her advice to steal another woman’s husband.
Kay Walker Khadeja Nelson these letters man 😂 they get better and better. Like I swear, we are in 2017 and there are STILL females like this. HOW are you going to call someone else's HUSBAND, "your man" smh. Move on my sistah. Just move on
Roxann Ellens Dickson Dear Angry much as you care for him, you knew he was married from the beginning. you went into this with your eyes wide open. and lets say that he does come back to you...unfortunately, you are sloppy seconds. and once he does come back (which he isn't because he's making it work with his wife) you will always be jealous and wondering because he cheated with his ex to be with you...what makes you think he won't cheat on you to be with someone else? It sounds like he was never yours to begin with. So, Angry Mistress...please do us a favor. Go grieve for the loss of a man that was not yours. Get over it. Next time, make sure you are with someone that does not have an wife/girlfriend/friends with benefits. It is situations like what you mentioned that make it hard for good relationships to progress. Have a good day. Signed...a concerned FB person.
Dane Edwards angry mistress, first off i need you to do me a favor: stop calling him your man because he was never yours to begin with. you said it in your opening sentance " i started dating a married man" that right there, that opening sentance lets all of us know that you were wrong from the start. second are you sure that he professed his love to you or was he just saying things that you wanted to hear? He is a dog. He lead you on from jump street so to answer your question, there isnt anything that you can do to get him back because like i said in the beginning, (just in case you didnt see it the first time, i am going to put it in all caps) HE WAS NEVER YOURS TO BEGIN WITH!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a wonderful day
Red Marie Girl, what kind of crack are you smoking? 😂😂
Kendra Carpenter Are you some kind of new fool? I've been a military wife for a very long time and I wished one of you crusty desperate heffas thought about approaching me or my husband, your forehead would be throbbing. You clearly have self-esteem issues, that man was never yours! Yes he was all the way wrong but you must take accountability which is hard for you because you don't see the wrong. If he and his wife are making it work and she has forgiven him who in the hell are you. You are going to mess up your career in the military, in fact I would report your sick behind if I was his wife. Reading this got my pressure up because I can't stand it when people got the nerve to feel in titled when they're out of order. You don't need to be in a relationship because you are coo coo!
Shatisha Gordon She gonna be on Snapped, if I was him I would get a restraining order and get a commander involved..this chick needs some serious help...what she's doing is very dangerous
Jamal Johnson U were what's known as " convenient booty"..just a temporary fix until "permanent booty" returns.. Know ur role...
Franchea Duncan First you stupid a married man rarely leaves his wife and that's what you get for messing with a married man, I don't feel bad for you at all. Make Jesus your man and he will direct your path sister girl! 🙄
Nicole Bracey Sooo let me understand.. you were a side hoe that fell in love with a married man and you are mad because Mr. Married went back to his wife and left you alone like the side hoe you are. Well here is some advice sweetie, find some morals and self respect, move on, accept that you were played like the side hoe you are and move on. Next time you get with a man, make sure he is single and stop trying to build a relationship with someone else’s husband 🙄🙄 look at this crap Jesseca T and Michelle Tate
Blanca Lilia Garcia What did I just read?😒 Lorddddd.... look here lady, he lieddddd to you! He never loved you. If he did, instead of telling you he was going to leave her, why didn't he just do it? Leave them alone. You will find a man who loves you. Never believe married men. Look for a single one instead, if not, it will all end in tears for you. Never get between a marriage.
Phillip Byers If you're still Fallin for the I'm leaving my "husband/wife" doo hickey,then you're in for the dumbest ride for your life.
Tommeka Crank Merritt (How to get "Your man" back) Snap 3 times. Turn in a circle. Say, "Gimme..Gimme..Gimme my man" 4 times. Stop. Take your foot. Lift it high up towards your back and KICK YOURSELF IN THE A$$! #IfYouDontGETCHO!!!👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉
Nyasembo Nyaber Lesson learnt men will tell you anything to get what they want and no boo boo it ain’t voodoo men really do love their wives as much as some still cheat ,oh and voodoo or whatever you called it never lasts for long and if she’s a prayerful woman it will all backfire on you ain’t no man worth voodoo for you will just bring evil into your life and trust me nothing the devil does is for free you will pay for that voodoo magic for the rest of your life and you will be more miserable than you think you are right now
Jacquelyn MoonGoddess Marie Oh Sweetie, I'm sad for you, because somewhere in your mind you believe that a temporary relationship built on lies and deceit deserves love and respect and serves as a reason for you and he to be together forever! I think you might want to consider seeing someone in the psychological field to help you navigate through this!
Dean Jones This is one of the craziest.....First of all shame on you!!! I guess no one ever mentioned to you how messing with a married man is wrong. Two, has anyone ever mentioned that some men will say anything to get what that want. Three, if he was your man he wouldn’t have a wife and you wouldn’t be writing this dumb a$$ letter. I think he put voodoo on you and you clearly need some type of counseling.
Bebe Pearson Angry mistress! NO Voodoo!!!! What in the world if such a thing works. I doubt it! will bring him back to you sweetheart he was never yours from the beginning. It is obvious that he loves his wife and that you was just pastime until she made up her mind of what it was that she wanted to do. this is his wife and it's obvious that he loved her sometime sweetheart men tell you what it is you want to hear and they only do to you what you allow and what you want. Pull yourself up and move on and for heaven sakes never think about using voodoo to get who you want or what you want out of life I personally don't believe in it and it makes you look desperate! move on sweetheart you'll be okay and learn from this experience.
Carnesha Mims Ain't that much d*ick in the world for you to make a complete fool of yourself.... please stop before you end up on a episode of fatal attraction
Michelle Queen Williams I swear listening to this letter this morning I couldn't believe it was real. I kept thinking somebody was just sitting home trying to think of the craziest letter they could write just so they could mess with the morning crew. This woman can not be serious.
Christina Owens Lady, you are ridiculous! First of all, he is not now nor has he ever been YOUR man. He is a married man which means he belongs to his wife. I don't care how many times you slept with him! You knew the man for two months and have gotten all wrapped up in him in that short length of time? I'm sorry, but you're not in love; you're in lust. You need to leave this man alone to work on his marriage. Next time, find you a man who isn't attached. Geesh!!! Oh yeah, one more thing... you were only a side piece for him. Face the facts and move on.
Ilyssa Nichols Omg lady please use voodoo on yourself for believing what he said to you it was only words with no meaning and he proved that to you and you really thought think he gonna leave his wife for you please hold your breath until that happens
Shirley Strawberry
Shirley StrawberryTuesday, October 17th, 2017 at 11:15am

Today's #StrawberryLetter #SHMS Got a Letter of your own you want to submit? Click here . @steveharveyfm ❤️🍓
Good morning Steve, Shirley, Tommy, Carla. I'm a 20 year old student in Greensboro North Carolina. I'm 12 weeks pregnant and I'm really feeling lonely at this time. When I found out I was pregnant and told the father of the child he informed me that he...

Angela Manning Oh my lord! This is so sad. I hate to say this but you may be better off without your mothers negative influence. You can continue to try but prepare your heart and feelings for rejection. And please remember that family is not always blood. I'm sure there are a few church mothers who would love to mentor and guide you thru life. Stay strong and God bless you and your blessing.
George SuttonJr Unfortunately you just gotta walk this pregnancy alone, but don't give up on child ,have the baby and be the mother you never had,
Nicole Starks Read the book “will i ever be good enough: healing for daughters of narcissistic mothers” and get connected with someone you can trust at your church. I have spiritual parents who are just as close as biological parents (should be). You’ll get through it, but dont perpetuate ur pain by going back to people who are not equipped to love, there is someone who will and can love you.💕
Gary Brown If you can understand this... Your mother is probably seeing herself through you. When she looks at you it's possible that she sees her own failures. Psychologists call this projection. Don't own your mothers attitude towards you. That's her baggage. Seek support from those who sincerely care about you as well as the new life you're bringing into the world. Work to give your child everything your mother failed to give to you. This is how your new family will win. <3
Ny Greggs This is so sad. You can’t make your mother attentive in your life or supportive for that matter. So love her from afar and be the mother you didn’t have to your child. Break the cycle. Be all that you needed in a mother to your baby. It may seem bleak now but it will all work out. Just stay positive, healthy and prayed up.
Tatyana Neely It's sad because most moms are like this.....when I spoke to my pastor about a situation simular to this he advised me to cut all ties until I'm given the respect I deserve and if that day never happens then so be it. And tbh I'm content with that, of course I would've loved for it to be different but it's not..... when I got pregnant with my daughter I didn't care weather the dad was gonna be there or not, all I knew was I never felt really unconditional love and I needed that. she's made me proud and happy and all the love I wanted from my mom I give to her...... motherhood is hard, it comes with no instructions, and it will either make you or break you. You seem to be on the right path working/going to school... you've got this 💪 keep the most high above all and continue to do what you're doing! Blessings will come ❤
Naja Din Wiggins As the old folks say..."You can lead a horse to water but, you can't make it drink." In other words, you may have to put this situation with your mother on hold. It's time for you to take care of yourself because your child will need you. Seek counsel through your fellowship at church, local support groups and possibly other family that you may have. Unfortunately, just because people are adults doesn't mean they are mature enough to handle being an adult. Give it to the Lord, hold your head high and PRESS ON young sister. DM me if you need encouragement or advice. I'd be glad to help👌👌👌
Kimberly Davis Some people are just toxic whether they are your mother, grandmother, have to learn to love them from need something from her she cannot give.....and you can't make her give it to you.......take care of yourself and your baby.....and stay focused on what you need to do!
Brandi Taylor Realize if you want to keep this pregnancy you may have to be alone.. as much as you think your mom or the baby's father should be there you can't make anyone do right It's sad but true keep working and going to school you can do it
Valerie Parker Curry Smith Sad, but love your mom from a distance. Is their a aunt or women you look up to as a mother figure. Maybe someone from your church. Just keep pressing, going to church, and serving God. Give it all to Jesus and watch him handle it all. Sorry you have to go through this, but God puts no more on us then we can bear.
Gabrielle Langford Do not.. She is only going too keep rejecting u.. Unfortunately.. U have too move on and live ur life and be happy.. Stay away from all of it.. Those 2 will only hurt u and ur baby.. I know.. My experience as well
Jordan Lea I understand you being sad but don't hold too much against your mother because like you said she wasn't there for you in your life so don't expect advice from her that she ha no experience on. You know exactly what it's like to want yours mothers love and attention and you can use that to love your child the best you can! I can tell in your letter that you will be a phenomenal mother from the hurt and pain you've felt from the void of your mother not being there for you. So try not to be too down because your already breaking the odds and being a full time student and working a full time job. Don't give up girlfriend you love yourself and love that baby and keep pushing. I don't know you but I'm proud of you!!
Yoshicka Snow Find you a older lady in the church that you trust to confide in. Your mother is the one with the problem. She is the one missing out on a daughter and her grandchild. Pray and continue to seek God. You will get through this. You will be wiser and stronger. Don't allow your mother to treat you like you are less than. You are somebody. May God bless you and your child.
Thedra Renee White Sadness letter ever, accept the fact that you may never have the relationship you want. with your mother , find a mother figure in your church to give you that motherly love , she may not want to have a relationship with her grandchild either but You please show and tell your child how much You love her , and how much You wanted her Love your child like you Want your mother to Love you. As for as her father put his azz on child support and leave him be Love your child its all about Her now
Sanquanette Davis You can’t. Find a mother figure in someone else. Some women are not built to be mothers. They don’t want kids but keep having them. The best that you can do is move on. A mother figure will pop in your life when you least expect it. I wish you the best.
Meshel McGregor I have the same issue, just on a different level. You need to give your situation to God and allow Him to be your parent. Stop hurting yourself. I chose relationships because for some reason, I was addicted to the pain. Give your baby what you long for. Break that curse and move on.
Jacqueline Finley Baby girl you're not alone you have Jesus go to your church family. Family is not always a mother and a father Family can be anyone who cares about you and your child go to your church members ask them for help your mother's not going to change. Stop hurting yourself listening to that negativity you can raise your baby and get your education
Stefani Minnie-Ronè Sometimes the truth hurts and it hurts even worst when it's coming from someone you have always wanted to be more supportive wake up and smell reality called life you think you feel hurt and lonely now wait to you actually have the baby I'm not saying abort but what I am saying is you must accept that you will be doing it on your own just because she's not saying the things that you want to hear doesn't mean she is wrong and don't just reach out to her now that you are in a situation wait to reach out to her when your not going through an issue & try to build something from there but u can't expect someone to be there to guide u emotionally through your pregnancy and time in need when she wasn't there for you before
Angela Fuller-Caziarc Don’t listen to your mother! I can speak from experience that as a young single mother who got pregnant when I was younger by someone who didn’t love me or the baby, that you can do it. You have to put your mind to it and make something of your life and circumstances – something YOU can be proud of and one day your child can be proud of. God forgives as long as we are truly repentant and He did forgive me. I had a lot of people tell me I would never amount to anything – now 2 DIFFERENT college degrees later, I know I can do it. My children are all grown now and they have told me that they don’t know how I did it, but that they are proud to say I’m their mom. Just love yourself and love that baby. Forget the rest of the world! Start by getting rid of those that don’t love you enough to support you and be there for you. I had ONE person in my life that encouraged me to keep going and make sure whatever I do in my life, that I can be proud of what I’ve become, who I’ve become and that at the end, God tells me job well done!
Misti Godwin Nope don't chase her. My friend just told me Queens don't chase...thats how ur crown falls off!!! Baby you told her once. I never had that with my mom either but guess what, she came around. She needs me, we need each other. Fight for ur baby. Stay in school. I have 3 kids worked 2 jobs and was a fulltime student while getting zero child support (or welfare). It can be done!! Ur mom will come around but don't wait for her. Live for u and ur baby. And pray for her.
Lasasha Retevea You can not force someone to love you exspecially if the love for you was never there. Baby this road your gonna walk is lonely but your gonna have to do it with prayer everyday. The sooner you let go and let God the sooner your focus will be a better support system to your daughter or son so that they will not have abandonment issues from you. Because a mothers love alone can take a child a long ways with or without a father and don't worry God will send a man in your life that will teach your son or daughter what a real man is. All you have to do is walk by faith not by sight you have a new meaning in life you have new reason not to give up you have new reason to keep pushing for success so that you will be able to spend more time at home with your baby who will look at every move you make look at how you handle life look at how you handle people who refuse to be apart of your life and how you never let those things slow you down. Get all of your self pitty out now but when that child is born not time for error because what you do from that point on has the full effect on that child. You got this ma sometimes people aren't worthy enough to be apart of your life because God has greater plans for you and that child and it's just for you and that child you can make it if you want to.
MsRudy Bradford Oh lord this is sad. Listen baby you have to face the fact that you are going to be a single mother. But that's ok. You can do it baby with or without your mother. Don't run behind her anymore give her some time she will come around. Cause the more you worry and stress yourself out the more you will loose your child. And you don't want to do that. Just take your time breathe and focus on you and your child and watch and see how God will bless you. Don't worry about no one or nothing. God has you. Stay blessed.
LaTania McClendon Praying for you and your baby. God please send a positive influence in this young lady's life. She needs guidance and support. I pray someone from your church takes over and give you the motherly love and support you need. Your mom may regret not being in your life when you so desperately needed her.
Clarence Gene Lee Jr You can not force a person to be in your life. You can be the best parent you can for your child. Let this moment motivate you to be more then average. This will show your child strength they need to make it. You both will receive better and if they don't want to be in your life God will send you people that do want to be apart of your life.
James Coffey She probably doesn’t know how to be there for you because no one was there for her. Put on your grown woman draws, trust God, stay on the right path, and watch how God brings you through.
Shirley Strawberry
Shirley StrawberryMonday, October 16th, 2017 at 3:00pm

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All right good morning Morning Show family I'm a 28 year old working pregnant woman. Well here is my problem. I began dating a friend of 3 years about a year ago when he resurfaced in my life. He was in the midst of a rough time...

Yolanda Boyd-Thompkins To be honest he is never going to help you. That why he was in the shape he was in when you found him. He is a hobo! And he going to move to the next women who will take him in. You need to move back into a one bedroom until you can save for a two bedroom. Your child going to be in your room anyway so going and save some money. Deal with the fact that you are going to be a single mother.
Ebonie Nicole Peters You let him move in with no financial help. Asked him about a job and he said he's not the type to work then you get pregnant and expect him to get a job? He's never going to work sis. Now what? You have a baby to prepare for. focus on the child not him.
Sanquanette Davis What are you stuck on; stupid? Open your eyes and see that you are being used and he is not ever going to get a '9-5' job. Let him move in with his mother because that's what you are to him. Now you are pregnant by a bum. You made your own bed on this one and now your added on to the issue. Good luck but baby girl. let that man go, he's only going to bring you down.
Cita Mae I'm saying this from experience and love..... Never let a man live with you!!!!!!! Not even another woman. People are looking to be taken cared of. These men do not want to work!!!! From this point on you are no longer responsible for him. Of he hungry, he need to feed himself. You need to give him a time frame to have a job (30days) otherwise he got to go. Take this as a lesson learned and welcome to the single moms club. You have a baby now. Oh and keep them legs closed next time until marriage. It's hard out here as a single mom.
Gail E Jelks Please ladies, do not take care of a man. It never works. Every man knows that a man with self respect will take care of himself. Now you can't even count on him to take care of his own child because you have spoiled him for months. From his standpoint, what is the incentive to take care of your family when you have a woman that is doing too much. You need to take care of yourself and of course, your child. File for child support in case he does come into some money....someday. I would suggest you seek counseling to figure out why you give too much for people in your life. Maybe some counseling can improve your self-esteem
Christina Owens He needs to practice being financially responsible for himself before he can learn how to be financially responsible for a family. And when you met him, he was in a bad way... well, now you know why... Let it go.
Brandi Taylor Ugh... 🤦🏽‍♀️ it doesn't seem like he's gonna change you let him come in doing nothing that's what he's comfortable doing now.. I don't know why people are picky with a job but are broke? 🤔 If you're serious with this tell him the baby will be here soon and we both need to help financially if he can't do that then you have to go..
Clarence Gene Lee Jr First you need to give or send him a 45 day notices that he has to leave. Then start the court process of putting him out filing the paper work. If he cares about you and the child before this process can be completed he will have a job to help out. If not you can't let emotions run your life. You have to get a hold of them and focus on what is best for you and your baby.
Karen Smith He has shown you who he is, believe him. What he is doing now is what he is going to continue to do. Get rid of him now and concentrate on taking care of your daughter.
Lasasha Retevea Girl please you ain't foolin nobody you thought that baby would change his girl bye you have someone who knows how to give just enough cause he knows your going to justify it and still hang on an Even harder now because he gave you a baby oh an by the way he planned on giving you that baby unless we don't know somethin.
Jada Coleman No it isn't right. If he still hasn't changed and he has a CHILD on the way, then he's not going to anytime soon. If you are more than capable of taking care of yourself and your daughter, then he needs to go because at this point he is dead weight. What you look like taking care of a grown man? It's no longer tragic at this point, now he's taking advantage of you and your kindness. And he's doing it because you have taught him that it is okay to mooch off you and bleed you dry. There is a little innocent life in the mix. There shouldn't be any pride in this when there is a child involved. Real men would flip burgers if it meant that his child is supported. So it's ultimately up to you, but you need to get rid of him.
Shelly Jones Poor thing was blinded by the "D" and got pregnant by someone who was not even worthy of you. It's not about the money. It's about his ability to take care of the child he made and pay for the roof over his head.
Sharon Lofton-Cox Lady!? If you don't open the door and tell him to kick rocks you better. It's obvious his "artistic" skills are not bringing in any money. Any man knows that before the ship comes in you have to row the boat. You've made suggestions and that didn't help, and the worse thing you can do is have your parents looking at you sideways. You should have kept your small apt because hun, You're on your own. My biggest piece of advice is to let the utilities get cut off. And he will either help you or leave. Let them get turned off and don't you do anything until he does. My mama taught me that, and it works!
Sandy Craig She's not stuck between a rock and a hard place, she is right where she wants to be. According to her own statement, "I never asked him to chip in for anything. I was actually glad to help." This alone told him that she was a self-sufficient, independent woman who needed nothing from he gave her just that! Then she goes on to say "So several months went by & he had little to no money coming in & it was starting to wear on me financially & mentally. I asked him about getting a job. & his reply was that he is not the type to work for someone making chump change when he can sell his designs making hundreds a day." So now she wants to mold him to be what she wants him to be!!! He wasn't working when you hooked back up with him, so don't expect him to do it now - silly woman! Ladies, we can't build these men into the Android or robot that we want...they are who they are...a lazy man at first date will be the same lazy one in a year. It won't be long before he moves on to someone else who doesn't nag him, leaving her with the baby to raise alone.
Martresa Wheat She is going to have to let him go, she will be doing everything while he is trying to be a artist, work and do that on the side. He has to grow up and get off his pride, before he is living in a homeless shelter.
Christina Owens Why would he help when you are consistently supporting him? I'm not sure what your question is because the writing is on the wall. Mr. Lover is a dead-beat. Drop him like a hot plate and take care of you and your child. Ask for child support, but you probably won't get it. Good luck.
Yoshicka Snow Girl he used you. He found him a shuga momma. You were foolish enough to get pregnant by someone who couldn't support himself. Take it from experience. Move on don't waste your time and keep your coins. You are a single mother now. Let him find his own way. Kick him to the curb and run Forest run.
Felicia Lindsey Get rid of that dead weight .... Love don’t love nobody and Love don’t pay the bills. But I guess you guess can love each other in the dark and pin the cloth diapers on the baby and live like the Rainbow 🌈 ppl... lol😂 but seriously rethink it.. tell him this is not the end, you just want him to get himself together for the family... then he can move back in.
Vanessa Gilbert Drop him, u can see now he has a baby and still don't wanna help u, kick him to the curb, u was making it before u met him, u don't need a bum to validate u.
Shari Antoinette This post was wayyyy to long! You already know what you need to do so just do it. Leave him alone and take care of your child. Unless of course you want two children.. Him and your daughter.... An irresponsible man does not make for a good partner. (Trust me I know from experience).. Move the hell on. #ToughLove
Janet Harts-Camack This man is a straight up loser. He's s not going to take care of you nor your child. Look, you don't need no man to get your lights and water cut off. You can do bad all by yourself. Leave him in the dark where you found him. If he wasn't working when you met him what make you think he want a job. I blame you as well....and you going to have a baby for this man you just as stupid....what you do is find you another place to live while he's somewhere doing nothing and when he returns you and your daughter will be long gone. Don't feel sorry for someone that don't feel sorry for himself. Let this be a lesson learned!!!!!
Alease Hobson Girl keep your said you were glad to help him.HE lied to the counselor and your family ,he wants to be a kept man,so girl if the D is that good take care of it.but lay down. Your rules no extra money for him if get some money you need a bill paid Be the boss you can do it.Remember your child comes first.😁💯💪
Saday Rivera Honestly is hard my husband is that way kind of...he would rather work commission based jobs than hourly bc it pays way more n you can make your own hours...honestly it was super hard bc he didn't get a pay check till a month later but it was a good one...u should tell him about a commission base job
Kisha L Elder Moral of the story.... Never lay with anyone you are just helping out.... YOU made that monsta now deal with him
Ernestine Hundley Your not really stuck. Put him out. He'll never be good for you. His emotions won't help you feed that baby. Those kinds of men aren't good for nobody. Your do better if you didn't have to feed that grown child.
Shirley Strawberry
Shirley StrawberrySunday, October 15th, 2017 at 8:53am

Psalm 61:2 #Amen 🙏🏽❤️🍓

Donna Jones Amen💝
Caroline Jones And Amen Again...
Leander Beatty Amen.
Codylloydromero Augustelynch Happy and blessed Sunday to you too.
Nitha Nicole AMEN.
Mary McKenzie AMEN!!!
Drake Pearl Denise Amen.
Marthap Carter Amen
Chitema Moye Amen
Deborah V. Manley Amen
Rita Billups Amen
Rhonda Watson Amen
Latasha Bradley Amen
Rhonda Young Amen
Cantrell Logan Amen
Melissa Cherry Amen
Charles Conway Amen
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Shirley StrawberryFriday, October 13th, 2017 at 11:42am

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Good morning to the morning crew I've got an issue that my lady started and now I don't know what to do. Basically one day my lady asked me what was my sexual fantasy as any man would say to be with two women at one time...

Carol Florida Hagan-Evans So your girl likes girls, and you thought this was about you, dude she used you to be able to openly have sex with women. Now that she's doing that she probably won't care what you do.
Tracy Blackmond Did everyone else miss the part where he said him and the lady friend have been seeing each other without the wife... just throw the whole relationship away... you are both messy.
Sanquanette Davis You just answered your own questions. Anytime you open your bedroom 🚪 to another person, be prepared for the devastating results. Unless y’all discuss together about an open relationship, just be prepared.
LaSaundra Jones So basically you and your wife are in an open relationship but just haven't made the announcement officially yet.😂😂😂
Candace Jazzylady So you and your “lady” are doing the same woman on the side!?! I’m sure she has not stopped being with the other woman.. You said you came home and they were already in the act when you walked in..So did you ever think this was her fantasy/plan all along..Just remember we are always three steps ahead of yawl..💁🏽
Rhonda Stroman It was her fantasy to be with another woman all along. Looks like it back fired because now he's messing around on her behind her back. Where do these people come from.
Miriam Billups Ok a couple of things. Your girl did not bring someone over she just freaking met to sleep with y'all. No that was already someone she was feeling. Two you wanted the trois now you changed your mind about YOUR fantasy!!! Then you and this other woman who freaked you and your girl sneaking around what you gonna do when she decides she wants the kitty again cause she bisexual. You put yourself in a no win situation. But since you said it's draining you. Just walk away they probably won't notice that you are gone.
Terese Jones Ok let me gets how dum are you no woman out of the blue ask you what's your fantasy is. She had this planned out already and used you so she won't look bi...😕
Doris Robinson Your girl (and I use that loosely) is probably double dipping on the other side too! So no big deal Mister Man - whatever floats both y'all boats...keeping paddling until one, two or in this case three of you rocks the boat! 🤣🤣🤣
Kay Bee Jay Well don't be surprised if you find out that your lady has been seeing the same lady friend on the side without YOUR knowledge, homeboy.
Stefani Jones Mba Lol, you were "Punked" she had you thinking it was all about you, when it was all about her. Now you are in love with sex of one of tghese women that you both had sex she still having sex with your woman also. See you have gotten caught up...look at the relationship of Robin Thicke and Paula Patten or Mel B and her husband both started with a second woman in the bed, and then that women having sex with both of them separately and the couple divorcing looks like you on the same path. OH, and that woman in both cases moves on, in their cases "sues"
Mo Taylor Maybe let your girl know you dont want to continue the sex trists...easy! Your girl doesn't want you anyway, she clearly prefers women. Time to end this relationship and move on to someone that will be into YOU and you only.
Annetta Jones-Williams Your girl has already left you mentally. And once you come clean(I bet she already knows)she's going to use that as an excuse to leave and live HER life...
Melissa Fickens All I know is someone better stop for someone gets hurt or killed. People always thinks it's ok to play with people emotions. As they say it's all fun and games to someone gets hurt.
Adenike Nickay Garvin This is a good topic cause I actually lived this life once before!! It turned out that the man left the other woman and I ended up being with him for 11 years, he asked me to marry him along the way, I said yes and right before I was gonna marry him, I found out he was using drugs and cheating with another woman, long story short it’s over and I’m no longer living that life style anymore!
Cherish Chandler I’m sorry but allowing a third party into a relationship is not safe. I believe some things are meant to be kept a fantasy because your whole situation is now messy. If you were single and did this then maybe...But once in a relationship you have to learn what fantasies are actually worth bringing to life. This was a setup for failure the moment you opened your mouth up to her lol. She’s not into you and you’re not into her. Move on and grow up!
Shunta D Rush Quick note. Not sure if this helps but ummmmm rather you screw 1,2 or 5 women that you aren't married to the upper room won't be your destination. Just thought I'd throw that in. Hope this helps 🙄🙄
Elizabeth Wiley You want to know how to deal with this in a respectable fashion ? 🤔 After your girl gives you your fantasy... Then you double dip with woman #2 without your girl's knowledge?? Take accountability and nut up.
Moore Christina no we can not, you did not start off in respectable fashion, so how do you think it should end in one. but to help you out, you girl seems pretty open to anything, tell her what you want, really want she probably will say ok
Allean Showers Unbelievable and he said it all at the end. Spirutally he's doomed and they are too unless they do some serious changing. Sad situation for all involved.
Lasasha Retevea Well looks like your ole lady likes it more than you think and not to mention why not just be swingers if that's the case seems like both will be happier
Stefani Minnie-Ronè Doesn't matter what route he takes because his lady loves ladies more than she loves him lol
Ammoni Roane Give a man an inch and he’ll take a mile.
Tasha McKenzie This is beyond my understanding. Peace be with you sir
Yoshicka Snow Dude In my DJ Khalid voice you played yourself. She used you to do what she's been wanting to do. She shaking a leg somewhere else too.
Shirley Strawberry
Shirley StrawberryThursday, October 12th, 2017 at 1:01pm

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Dear Steve and Shirley I am currently in a relationship with a gentleman who brings me flowers just because runs my bathwater gives me back rubs and foot rubs. So what's the problem you ask. Well the bedroom. He's a 30 second man. No exaggeration. This is...

Mis Reddone James Poor lil tink tink. Decide which is worth working on. You can work on sex, but being kind & a gentleman , loving, and attentive; that goes without saying.
Willie J Lott Go back to the thug if you can't appreciate what you have. With a little guidance and patience you probably could get the nice guy to break your back
Meshay Grayson And im reading the comments and yall are basically sayin because hes such a good man it doesnt matter that his sex is whack.. so i conclude she just stop having sex all together.. hes a good man so it doesnt matter if she just stops right?!
Paula Emerson You sound selfish and not worth the gentleman you have😏. Why couldn't your first thought be, let me help me, maybe it's medical, maybe I can teach him, no you're only thinking about how the other guy sexed you and clearly any other woman (so he's had more practice😄😄) but didn't value you. Let him go be with a woman that's going to appreciate what he's doing and you go back & continue to be just a roll-in-the-hay.
Atlee Croom Make it fun, bring out some toys and I hope that tongue is blessed. You need to express your needs and I pray he understands because baby, he seems like a good guy.
Stefani Jones Mba Gurl, why waste time writing a Strawberry letter, when you can teach the new man what you like. I know he doesn't think he's your first, so start training, if that doesn't need to prioritize your relationship...what do you want a gentleman or sex? You can have on it.
Joseph J. Forbes You cant have the best of both wanna be with him...then make it think that thug only breaking your back??? just available on Tuesdays and Thursdays!!!
Melissa Fickens Well basically you got what u ask for so stop comparing him to the ex cause if his sex game was all that good u would have been still with him. So work with you gentleman and he will get better.
Ny Greggs Don’t romanticize the past. What you had - you HAD. Work on what you HAVE! Perhaps he should see a physician. Or the two of you should seek sex counseling to determine what can be done to improve your sex life.
Letonya Baugh-Lawson I feel that he does all the other things because he already know that he's 30 second or 30 minute man..So he feel if he do all the things he does she will forget about how quick he cum...It may be medically or mentally. he may not know how to control himself from cuming so fast. She need to ask questions and maybe he'll tell her..
Joi Smith Let the nice guy go if you don't feel he meets your expectations. No need to continue to make yourself frustrated with a small flaw he has. There are plenty women who wouldn't complain about being treated good and a little 30 second bang. Its more to a relationship than sex. Do some soul searching to find out if you are truly ready for someone.
Lori A. Smith The only way to improve this is to talk to him. Go to the store and get him that staying lube....or go through stroking him to teach him how to control the urge...or get him to the doctor. It may be a medical problem. He sounds like a great guy...he just needs someone who will work with him and not break his spirit. If he's not willing to work with you, then you may have to walk away.
Andrew J Parker II Talking don't do anything. Give him some head to get off that edge. Dude is overly enamored with you. Once you become a common everyday woman to him, sex will be better.
Omeka Outten Have a serious conversation with ur man n let him know its not 2 offend him explain how u feel...take a trip 2gether to an adult store both of u guys can pick out toys games n gadgets! N remember always fore play mayb he should do this a while longer 2 keep things stimulated n make sure u r satisfied then go in for the kill! If this doesnt work(which it should) there r alot of sex pills lubricants or even natural stimulants that will help him 2 stay aroused n makes him go longer! Research n Enjoy!!!
Marla Anessa You can train a man in what you like. HE CAN'T READ YOUR MIND DINGY! Yet you can't change a person's character. You can't raise a man. Thug is a Thug s Gentleman is a Gentleman. Thug is hard a Gentleman is Gentle
Shannon Oatis Aww hell, look you either want a thug who's going to make you call his name, are do you want Steve Erkel thats going to treat you right, you cant have them both, now what you can do is get some oils, that is called Extense, and they also make condoms, that are called long lasting, and that will help him go the extra mile as well, but don't be so quick to toss him to the side, hell I will take a minute man anyway, then no man, I hope this helps you!
Revis Brown New relationships bring new things. First get out of your past or you'll never have a future. Two, kill the foreplay, you're making him wait too long. Sex is mental the longer he has to wait the less concentration he has. Surprise him one day and when he walks in the door have a washcloth in hand and wash and suck. The element of surprise will cause him to last longer. Build up his confidence and stop tearing down his character.
Andrew J Parker II You want him to stop popping off fast, make that your job to get that first one out the way with either your hand or your mouth. The cooda monkey Killa you was with had nothing else to do other than prove a point in the bedroom with you every time. Pathetic.
Lashaunda Saunders Go to the couples store, get you some games and work on new positions. The more you try different things the better he'll get and he'll last longer. You have to show him how to last longer. He can't control himself so he must be taught in a gentle loving way.
Honesty IsReal Yes honey 30 seconds goes by real fast and you have to be honest with yourself....cause he can have all the good qualities...but to be honest a car will not run with out gas....
Frank Smith Jr There are treatments for this, not sure what they are, but here mind has to be made up with what she wants(great sex and mistrust or trust and not so good sex). What's most important?
Hattie Berger I had a 10 second man so you did much better than I did. And he had the nerve to think that he was doing something that was a one-time deal.
Sanquanette Davis Not much you can do. I’m sure he’s aware of his situation. Y’all just gotta be creative or let him go.
Frank Ward The old 30 / 30 rule syndrome bet you young whippersnappers never heard of that one (hell naw just mad it up) that's when the cookie is so good it makes you cum in 30 seconds. Well the answer to that question is 30 minutes after he came suck on that cookie roller get back right and there you go. Stop trying to be so mean and focus on that cookie roller you will be alright but that's your problem you don't work it out with your man . You run to the arms of another man now you compared the two old man can't hang with young buck but I bet young buck pockets can't compare to the old man so lady what do you do but your not a cheater if not how you hook up with young buck. LADY YOU ARE A LIE
Miriam Billups Send him over to all the great women looking for a great man and disappear!!! The end. Thug life is for you!!