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Steve Harvey is the host of the Steve Harvey Morning Show radio program, and the popular TV shows Family Feud and Celebrity Family Feud, The Steve Harvey Show, and family favorite Little Big Shots. His popularity continues to grow to global proportions, bolstered by his new role as host of the Miss Universe Pageant. Harvey is currently one of the most powerful voices in media, touting a career spanning nearly 30 years as a top stand-up comedian, actor, award winning TV personality and talk show host, best-selling author, entrepreneur, and humanitarian. Harvey began his entertainment career as a comedian, working the stand-up circuit. He grew to have a roster of acclaimed specials, including co-starring in one of the most successful comedy DVDs in history The Original Kings of Comedy, and the hit don’t Trip…He Ain’t Through With Me Yet. Harvey first made his mark in television and film as host of its Showtime at the Apollo. He went on to star in several popular shows, including The Steve Harvey Show and has appeared in such movies as You Got Served, and Johnson Family Vacation. Harvey expanded his reach into radio as host of The Steve Harvey Morning Show. 2017 marks the program’s 12-year anniversary in national syndication with Premiere Networks and it’s the #1 syndicated morning show in America with nearly 7 million weekly listeners on nearly 100 stations nationwide.


Harvey co-created and hosted The Neighborhood Awards from 2002-2016, an awards show that honors local businesses, institutions, and leaders for the excellence demonstrated in their communities. Harvey is also the author of multiple New York Times best-selling titles. His first book Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man: What Men Really Think About Love, Relationships, Intimacy, and Commitment inspired the 2012 box office topping movie, Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man and its 2014 sequel Think Like a Man Too. As a humanitarian and an entrepreneur, Harvey makes it a priority to give back. Through The Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation, he and his wife provide hundreds of teens annually with mentoring and educational opportunities. His company, HARCAL, allows him to create business partnerships that specifically target and benefit the working middle class. Harvey’s list of accolades includes several NAACP Image Awards, a People’s Choice Award, induction into the National Association of Broadcasters Hall of Fame, and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He also won the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Talk Show Host for The Steve Harvey Show in 2014, 2015 and 2017, as well as Outstanding Game Show Host for Family Feud in 2014 and 2017. Harvey is a member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc., and a proud parent with wife Marjorie to seven children.



Steve Harvey
Steve HarveyFriday, December 15th, 2017 at 9:00am

The last thing you need this holiday season is people bringing you down... trust me.

Judith Davis Blessings to you Steve...I admire how you have cultivated and showered your entire family with are an example of how God blesses a man who loves his wife and how he instructs and disciplines his family."The Word of God tells us...'forgetting those things which are behind and to press towards the mark of a higher calling.' Continue to walk and let the rest catch up. Blessings and love to you and your family. Each person has to come to the knowledge of God's truths.
Elena Behr Negativity = low self-esteem ! So when some says anything negative you need not to let it get inside your bubble just keep on tracking don't let them in!! Look at negativity like a contagious sickness ! Do no let it get you! Is called the green eye monster! Make you New year resolution be the best one ever if you don't have anything constructive or up lifting to say about someone make it very simple and do not say anything it all! To all of you negative people just remember that stick and stones can hurt my bones but words will never hurt me!! Moral of the story: stay positive and keep shining like the bright beautiful star that you are! You only have to answer to God and those who love you and they know your soul!
Justina Harris When I hear negativity and gossip...I keep it moving because if they talk about someone else to you..they're talking about you to someone else...happy holidays everybody.
John Webb I agree totally with you Steve. . Negatively - try to stay away from people that not good for you. God has a has a purpose in your life, people need to find them a good church govr5 going all the praise.
Hank Lange You are an inspiration to overcome such obstructions placed in your life's pathway. Thank you for telling. "Dream-crusher" is my pet name for my beautiful wife. I got no choice, have to listen to her !
Laura Mazziliano Voth You proved her wrong...big time!!! Instead of helping you, she embarrassed you in front of the class...shame on her! I hope she watches ALL your shows on those tv’s 😜
Jolinda Thomas I unto have People around me like That I Start Praying and God Blessed me for 28years I can't Thank God Enough I was Bless With 3 of My Daughter Children, 1 is Handicap He is 28 years old and I Thank God For Blessing Me Everyday To take Care of Him I don't Need The Devil in My Ear When God Blesses This old Lady Everyday .
Evelyn DelBusto-Vasquez God IS taking care of you Steve praise him and thank our Lord ,God Bless you and your family on this Wonderful Journey !!!!
Irene Supino She wasn't a teacher, a real teacher would have helped you. You did the right thing and sent her those tv's.
Pat Portable You got that right I've got the world's most disgusting neighbors even satan would refuse them#putmoreGodpondem
Muhamed S. Eliwa hello Mr. Steve Harvey I call Mohamed Sayed Mohamed from Egypt and I am 24 years old. I wish I could see my aunt who lives in America, Los Angoulas, and last time I see her from 17 years and she is 68 years old and she lives alone. She is Reda Mohammed Aliwa and you know that it is hard to America and the American Embassy invite an Egyptian to America to visit or work and especially because I am a Muslim,if you see my messaged and help me to travel to American U Masr
Tumelo Tsatsi but sometimes they keep popping back into our lives even though you try hard to avoid them. they are hard to get rid of.
Joye Long So true Steve i tuned them off And I heard the voice of Jesus say "Come unto me and rest..lay down my weary one ,lay down thou head upon my breast ..i came to Jesus as I was ..weary .worned and sad ,He said I would find in him a resting place and he would make me glad . ..
Jannis Lewis That is why faith is important, harden not your heart. 🙏🏿😍💖
Pauline Leger With God all things are possible Amen!! so glad you're on TV :)
Mabel Olu Exactly! Hello Steve. I hope you enjoying the holiday too!
Kathy Owen Steve you are one wonderful man If there was more people like you this would be a wonderful place
The Law Of Attraction - What you seek is seeking you You spend years wishing your parents would get off your back, only to realize they're only the ones who ever really had your back. – Unknown
Doris Raynor We love and respect Steve Harvey!! Merry Christmas to you and your familly!!!!!
Angela Lester Amen Steve Merry Christmas to you and your family !!!
Judy Luckett If I'm out with someone special I do, if not I don't bother
Lorraine Gilyard Yes Steve Love You And Congradulation On All Achievements In Life
Shea M. Bearden Look atcha now. You on tv as hell!! Thanks for sharing this, Steve. It was beautiful.
Shere Wild I do not care to see, hear or be around any negative, mean , jealous folks for the rest of MY life.
Josephine Ianey YES pursue your dreams matter what it looks like
Steve Harvey
Steve HarveyFriday, December 15th, 2017 at 7:00am

We all know stuff can start to get real funny when people start playing with the money! Here's what I told a young lady who asked about sharing a bank account with her husband.

Bill Casale Wrong. If two people cannot share their finances in harmony then they should not be married...surprised that someone who is a such a big family guy would give this advice. Still love Steve Harvey but this is basically saying from the get-go "we cannot be in total union" which is what marriage is all about. If you feel the need to hedge your bets for divorce before even marrying someone then you have the wrong attitude about marriage.
Lyma Santiago No right or wrong answer. Everyone is different. Every relationship is different. If both agree on separate accounts then so be it. If both agree on joint accounts then so be it. People got to communicate and compromise.
Audrey Gould Totally agree! My parents were married 68 years and they had their accounts this way!!! Any other way is an epic failure because no two people spend money the same way
Carmen Gonzalez I love it ! I totally agree.... all these negative comments how many years have you been married??? 24years for me....met him when I was 16.. we have had 5 accounts since day one. Just like Steve Harvey said, except I have a coffee, school supplies one too. It's so true and makes our relationship a great one! How many couples can have 3 girls and stay together 24years=)
Kevin N Stacy McKlveen I think everyone would be better off getting their financial advice from Dave Ramsey instead of Steve Harvey.
Carol Cook I'm all the way down with maintaining my OWN cash. I don't mind a joint acct for the household but I need my own personal stash :)
Sharon Song Byrd Pre-Nup!!! That solves it all! People can be the best together, but when something goes wrong there is no partiality it gets ugly! I believe in pre-nups! Doesn't mean you are going in to divorce it just means all things are decent and in order!
Sherry Mullins Me and my husband been married for 32 years we Pay all the bills together and we split what leftover and has work good for us and every thing is good it should not be a problem if y'all have love and respect for each other and good communication he still gives me anything I wt communication is the key to a relationship if you don't have that and respect bank account and money doesn't matter who bank account it in but it works for us .
Sipho Shabangu Msixty Well, after getting married you become one with your partner you share everything: what belongs to him belongs to her, what belongs to her belongs to him!. If one spends money carelessly then you should talk about it and fix it, but if it fails then you can separate accounts knowing that he's or she's careless when it comes to money! People aren't the same when it comes to spending, there are people who think shortly and spends more and opens many accounts that he/she can't even pay for!, So it's a good think to share every cent with ur partner as you are one. But me personally I would never do that - I prefer separate accounts even after marriage and its ohk it doesn't mean we won't help each other. The reason I prefer this it's because I want both of us to learn to be responsible and independent, I don't want my kids suffer if I die first. Some people get too spoiled and soft when just getting anything easily and forgets! to teach themselves to be independent and spend wisely, then you die first- booom poverty : your kids suffer the rest of their lives because Mommy never learn to be independent .
Anitra M Mathis Whatever...we have two that we both share, and have control over...if I can't trust you with money..we don't need to be married
Bill Schrader Yes, I will take this marriage advice from the guy that's been married 3 times. I will also get all of my financial advice from 50 Cent.
Linda Donley Good to know, I could have used this when I got married. Where is it written that you have to have a joint account when you get married? One always spends more money than the other?
Paula White Money is the root of all evil i seen families leave loved ones in the nursing home for not giving them there inheritance and the one who has it never visits either breaks my heart if you die the money is no longer with you its gone take care of each other love is better
Lynda Harris Totally agree. We can have joint account together, personal acct, vacationing account, etc. it’s better to wise before hand. So many people have broken up over money issues.
Gloria Nydia Rodriguez I say Amen to that ... have been married for nearly 57 yrs. We have always had a together account for checking & Savings, and two separate accounts.
Stephanie Oates Wonder with all that big talk if he actually has accounts that his wife cannot access...i don't think so and he says he does i wouldn't believe him.
Kimberly Harris Way do you needed so many accounts you should have two for the both off you one checking and one saving that all you needed but when you have money I guess that what they do but and the real world what are you hiding too have so many accounts just my opinion
Sandra Furiosi Just my 2cents but this is great advice, whether you have a little or a lot. 34 years ago, after our first 6 months of marriage, I implemented this type of plan with my husband. He too will attest to the fact that by doing this not only did he learn over the years to be more financially responsible, we can gladly look ahead to our retirement future.
Merissa Barker Hubby has 2 accounts , I have 3 and handle all banking. We both have an account that pay goes into and can come out via card. He has a savings that I put $ into for things I don’t want my savings to go to.. he nominates an amount to go to my savings which is there for rainy days and big purchases for the house etc. Then there’s the billing account, we both put half of every bill in it.. been working it this way for over 10 yrs now
Georgia Bryan Neefe This is terrible advice! So sad that people can’t actually be committed to putting your spouse ahead of your own greed. No wonder so many marriages end. People can’t even work out budgets together anymore!
Ellen Johnson My husband and I came to that decision also after marriage counseling. It helped us be at peace with our finances
Berna Badette Posadas I should take this advice. But next year were planning to have two account only, which is one for joint account and the other one will be under his name for a savings account but Im gonna hide the card. Too tired for not having a savings account.
Tasha Cortez Marriage is as one/horrible advice to give someone every marriage is different but togetherness is always the same sacrifices etc being married is a gift from God
Jackie Hemadeaway Just do what works for you. I have separate accounts, joint accounts it's working for me. I have kids my money isn't about to be tide up.. I never know when my kids have an emergency!!!
Riquel Gafford Stewart haha...I barely got enough money to put into one account!
Steve Harvey
Steve HarveyFriday, December 15th, 2017 at 5:00am

Being fit never goes out of season. #60isthenew40

Steve Harvey
Stevejozie Young Your form sucks. With your money you should be able to hire a decent trainer. Using too much weight can cause injury...
Paul Dainius Are you posting these to try and get more press for yourself?
Cherie Andrews Nice when you have your own trainer!! I'm not that kind of $$$
Christy Wallace What I see by all his post is a huge commitment to his health.
Sundeep Jeerh He is not even doing it properly ..stupid
Malia Montoya I'm 19 and can't even do that...😂
Fred Guillory Broussard And trust me 60 aint the no 40. But stau at bro
Debra Dee Dee Mills For you to be over 60 you definitely look GREAT keep on keepin on Mr.Harvey
Sharon Denise Go Mr. Steve Harvey!! you're putting in the work. I love seeing these videos, keep posting them
Destiny Fatty U are breading so much have u don't eat anything😃😃😃😃😃
Millie Adams Get that fitness Steve!!
Naya Cousins Keep it pushing I see you
Maroua Lalmi Good luck Steve !
Chel'le Eva Feel the burn 🔥🔥
Michelle Williams Nice keeping on going on
Roberto Matamoros get it, get it, never quit
Marylyn Bowens Work it out Steve.💝
Rhonda R Richardson I hope I can do this by myself. 🙁
Meo Ross Nope 60 is 60!
Raily D Newsom Keep at it Steve!
محمود الحسيني Good luck steve
Patrick Alford Get it Steve!
Frantz Prampin Focus on cardio. You already Fast 😄
Mike Lowry Motivation 💪🏽💪🏽💯
Elizabeth Ramirez
Steve Harvey
Steve HarveyFriday, December 15th, 2017 at 1:57am

Getting to the bottom of some crazy rumors with my friends John Cena, Boris Kodjoe, and Gabriel Iglesias.

Steve Harvey
Soufyane Ibezghouten III I see only Steve Harvey and 2 guests but he's asking 3ppl is that means there's a ghost🤔😲
Mely Santana Why can’t Steve pronounce “Gabriel” correctly, its not that difficult !
Mercedes Paxton John Cena was the one that didn’t get the casual dress memo
Cherise Brown Now that's some good bullish 3 i 👍 thanks Steve
Mark O'Neill Someone quoting Joel Osteen 😂😂 put down the Koolaid
Kala Martin Men. Crazy rumors. Talk it out. Set the record straight.
Pat Portable Chocolate heaven...missing chef Kenneth Robinson from the pork chop restaurant
Tanya Feagins Thank you Tyson Beckford..
Melissa Rodriguez Jack Hardin fluffy on steves show!!!!!!
Anna Seeviour Daniel Seeviour & Rob Hill watch from around 2 mins in 🤣🤣🤣
Kimberly Russell John cena❤❤💗
Alex Siacam
Jeremy Nichols Heidi lips 👄 are sealed
Jabu Maisa Just music, want wrong spot a music.
Beet Hoven Steveeee 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Jean Paul Ma man cena looking fresh👌🏿👌🏿
Alex Siacam Love the fluffy
Anna Djajoesman John Cena😍
Jade Hill Guys I swear I just got free.$ from this amazing website: just type in g00gle)=>
Anthony Logan
Lioness Lioness 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Vanessa Cee Rayy Deal
Lawanza Streety Kenneth Kenny B Betson
The Law Of Attraction - What you seek is seeking you “Keep doing the right. God is building character in you, and you are passing that test. Remember, the greater the struggle, the greater the reward.” ― Joel Osteen
Yesenia Pequeno Erasmo Banuelos
Steve Harvey
Steve HarveyThursday, December 14th, 2017 at 5:00am

Showtime at the Apollo: Christmas is gonna be wild! Catch the hot talent and guest performers Snoop Dogg, Boyz II Men, DMX and Fifth Harmony TONIGHT at 8/7c on FOX.

David Terrell The boys are good cute and everything but,Belinda Davis should of won SHE WAS AWESOME 👏!!!!!! the lady who sang Whitney Houston
Norma Kirk I do not know how to contact you. We at Muskogee, OK have a lady who walks to work. She works for Walmart at Muskogee. The community is trying to come togather buy her a car. She brings joy to this area to young and old . I don't know who all will see this but her name is Yolanda. In a world that can be mean please pray we in this state are able bless her with a new car. Thank you all for prayers!
Cheryl White Please show my mom some love Delores Taliaferro Carmack Pittman she will watch any show she knows what time u show up thanks for making Her day and she catches u 2 o'clock lol we love u
Linda S. Green Really enjoyed the show tonight!!! Especially Belinda Davis!!!! Baby boy had me in tears 😭 Merry Christmas to you and your family!!!!
MaryJane Ouellette Steve Harvey you have said your children have Bentleys you have done your thing .Sir ,I care for disabled no Bentleys but done my thing
Cheryl White Send gift s to your fans in. Virginia my mom wish a mf would change channel 5 till 8 she is stoke. Victom 7 back to back u keep her joy and focus on life building her smile and thanks Mr Steve Harvey
Chanda Kimyata Clark Dangggggg she has given me chills #BelindaDavis if I got her name wrong I apologize. #WhitneyHouston SHE DID THAT!!!!!!!
Kim Lloyd I have a dear friend of Michael's who cannot watch this. I would really like to share the last act with her. Do you have a clip of it that I can share with her? Please and thank you.
Cherie Pipkin-Jordan Really?? I expected more from you. This was about Christmas??? Guess I missed it. I’m bummed. Your terrific though. Surprised your with this.
Elaine Latham Great job. I enjoyed it. The lady singing Whitney Houston Did a great job. God Bless
Lureen Fonfa Steve, you rock. The viewers will not be disappointed!
Lucie Mellert Marked it on my schedule!!!
Eric Carrington Thank you God bless and happy holidays.
Darnethea Bowen I'm go have to set my DVR Cavs play tonight. Besides my homie performing Snoop
Santia Duncan Can't wait, Steve since you do so much as a entertainer, I know you can sing too, lol 🤡💜
Shantez Stillmatic Gaither Dmx? Oh hell, I'll look forward to seeing those guess stars
LaJoyce Taylor Aldridge Loved it!! Somehow I missed you playing the keyboards!! Much Love Always!!
Stephanie Eline Should have had Peter Carter the best Michael Jackson ever!
Thomas Reddmann Laws Already got the DVR setup to record it I gotta work :-(
Deborah Torres the little kids were awesome!
Chanda Kimyata Clark #WhitneyHouston is there in spirit, I felt her in spirit....
Chanda Kimyata Clark #ReginaWilson #FireFighter Love that purple dress!!!
Christie Troublec Spencer Can someone tell me what site to get the deal of the day from steve show today plz
Loretta Daniels Great show Steve HARVEY I injoyed
Steve Harvey
Steve HarveyThursday, December 14th, 2017 at 1:30am

I hope Universal Studios Hollywoods lets my man Jack Black and I back after we took over the studio tour...

Steve Harvey
Brenda Smith Nichole Schroeck You missed it!! Being with these two would have been such a fun trip! I think I would have peed on myself a little if I were on that tram.
Jim Mitchell Steve I was at work this morning and heard your radio show. I glad to hear this and I was very sadden by your show out line. You are Participating In keeping this Races act going. I heard you talking down about whites. I had a lot of respect for you. Until hear this show. I'm very sorry for you and your callers with there rants and you feeding them. And yes I turned it off. I'm going to turn you off of my feed
Naya Cousins I would love to come to your show#....i don't have a computer and i do not know how to work my phone all the email and things you have to god say this is good enough. Look forward to meeting you💛
Lisa Short Man i would love to meet Steven Harvey❤❤❤
Melissa Walters Ason Chris Ason too bad you weren’t driving lol. Jack black!!
David Paredes And thank you for visiting Disneyland -Steve Harvey
John Griffith I love you Steve Harvey!
Valerie M Dahan Darn we are going on Sat!
Jessica Bowman Alyssa Lou omg I would have died.
Steve Briggs My man my man. Thought you were married not gay
Anne V. Taylor Adge Delgado wish we would of saw some celebrities one at least on our tour lol
Megan Sweeper I’d be asking for a follow up tenacious d movie!
Chels Lynn Colbert Monty Steve, you really looked scared!
Elizabeth Mora-Stahl Love me some Jack Black
Wanda Gale I hope to meet you one day Steve Harvey
Vanessa Jimerson McDaniel You rock whether you’re giving advice or making people laugh, Steve!
Alana Piggott Brooke Piggott was low-key hoping something like this would happen
Tammy Matney That would have been so much fun
Kristie Carty Oh man! Too much fun. Hope our tram gets hijacked by a celeb sometime....
Larissa Gascoyne Ben imagine if this happened on our tram!
Jeff Clifton Steve thanks for being positive about everything you say or do
Lili Oudi 🤚🤚🤚you are really talented ,steve
Hanna Head Lawrence Head we need to go back but on a weekday so we maybe see more
Tiana Ah Mau Kekoa Biroan we have the worse timing 😕😒 AGAIN
Ferris Daji Reina Daji oh man why didn’t they turn up on our tour 😂😂😂
Steve Harvey
Steve HarveyWednesday, December 13th, 2017 at 11:06pm
Annette Hamm-Brown Yeah Yeah Yeah. I’m going to say what most readers won’t say. Steve You & Marjorie Get On My Darn Nerve. You Both Look So Darn Perfect Together It’s ridiculous. Your Darn Dimples and Marjorie Beauty....Love It.
Jessica PurposeSeeking Smith Marjorie and Michelle Obama are two beautiful women of all times!
Elnora Manning I will always love the lady, she was good to me and my children, her mother and father was there for me also, sent from heaven if you ask me, love always nookie.
Amanda Changsoon haters in this world!! spread some love & respect for yourself & others folks, dont hate on others, count your blessings one by one
Betty Merkerson She is a believer, wonderful personally, beauty not just on the outside, but within as well! I love to see you as a beautiful couple. Maybe one day God will bring a wonderful husband into my life. Love you both!
Wanda Fox God bless Steve u finally got the love of ur life keep appears you'll reach ur high level within ur life I'm not speaking on ur $ thtz materialistic I'm relating to ur faith less stress now within God.. Steve as my father the late Pastor Fox use to say for as a Man concern u have reach ur last stage of completion meaning from God..he drove it in me only "God" can complete man not no woman but he must go back to his maker which is the Lord to complete his 3 stages of life.. Steve May God continue to bless u ur family Merry Christmas
Cathy DeCost Knotts Always beautiful! Love seeing her snapchats of her travels and especially the ones with her grand babies 😍 Totally in love with her wedding set too😉❤️
Debra Haynes I love to see Gods manifestation of his blessings if you have faith and believe in him and continue to elevate Him. Steve Harvey is truly an example of when God opens his windows of heaven and pour out an abundance of blessings. He’s the evidence that God’s blessings are real not only for Steve & Majorie but for all of God’s people. Thank you Steve for standing boldly in the world and telling and showing us God’s greatness in man.
Joann McKinley Dunbar Most people have a past that they would like to forget. It seems that Majorie & Steve have done just that & they are sucessful & happy. If God can forgive them so can the world. They are building their future and society must look beyond their past & gain insight of what they are building and that is a future for themselves & their family.
Barb Carey you have to give it to her for being pretty and snagging Steve but otherwise, she doesn't seem to have much depth to her. Before she married Steve, I'd never heard of her. What did she do?
Shelia Crawley I love Steve and Marjorie Harvey, they are a beautiful couple❤️❤️ Continue to love and take care of each other! Also I love what great parents and grandparents you are! Be blessed🙏🏽
Alf N Chelle Love watching you interact with your family on your shows! You are a very blessed man with such a beautiful family❤️❤️
Santia Duncan Happy Holidays to the most beautiful couple, it's almost like a fairytale story, thanks for sharing Steve. 💚💖😊
Shon Norman- Davis Steve besides my Mother, you have the most beautiful wife in the world!! I love your love story. Reminds me of mine..Still get butterflies when I hear his voice after 20yrs. Yes, rare this day and time. Please give Marjorie my love all the way from Louisiana!! Maybe one day my husband and I will be blessed to rub elbows with one of the cutest couples alive😘
Wanda O'dell Lanier Happy for the Harvey family. They have a Christian woman to keep them on track and happy. Everyone looks to the women of the house.
Patricia Lucky She's Beautiful ppl jealous when u talk down on ppl u don't even freaking know...Jesus hates a poison tongue.
Chasity Bryant People at my job say I look like her. She’s beautiful, so I will take that compliment.
Jeni Green It's funny how some people live in other people's past. It's about time you all go make your own lives matter and get out of the woman's past. There is no doubt she is way past all the mess you all typing here, so something must be wrong you all living in people's past while they move way past it. Go get help people.
Pat Portable The only thing I see Steve is proof that good things(aka good woman) come to those who wait aka 2 divorce,endless beef
Angela Parker Hold on now... beautiful yes she is. But what they did not mention that she was married to a well know drug dealer in Memphis
Tiny Seshoka I love this two so much that I wish to fly one time to USA to be at Mr Harvey s show but I have nothing just my wish I watch your show every day I burn my food almost every day watching you show ahi
Linda Darlene Darley Ossom Steve,you are blessed not only is she beautiful and incredibly sexy ,she is intelligent too,way to go Steve...
Kettly Guerrier This is one woman you will never let go of...She got you wrap for life.... she is so perfect for you Mr. Harvey
Barbara Dotson I am so happy 4 Steve 3rd time is a charm and he gives back which I think is his gift back.he helps in every way 2 less fortunate.
Naveena Dash she looks like Stacey Dash, somewhat.
Steve Harvey
Steve HarveyWednesday, December 13th, 2017 at 7:00am

Tag someone in your life that gets down to Christmas music like my grandbaby Rose. 📸:

Steve Harvey
Shelia Jackson I want to dance right with her. I love the Christmas holiday! I have learned to enjoy with myself🎄🙏🏽 Dance Rose 💃🏼
Rhonda Destiny Ok look loves i have a very low low cost on my products please do share with others if you will. 11 /23/ 2017 12/20/17 MARY kay products BLOW OUT SALE $175.00 2 lip STICK 2 lip gloss 2 power foundation 2 Foundation liquid 2 eye lines 2 eyeshadows 2 foundations liquid 2 foundations power 3 nail polishes WIN WIN SALE $ 175for ALL that yes indeed ALL that..
Darlene Dean Mr. Harvey I think this is so cute.....I have been trying to communicate with you...I was born in Welch West Virginia.....I think you look like relatives of mine...Did you know or heard of a man by the name of Emanual Steward? He owned the Kronx Boxing business...
Debra Williams Rose is working for her Holiday. She is really growing. # I love my family.
Nikki Taylor Lol lol, she's loving it too.
Mildred Williams Wow she is getting so so big ..go go rose
Pat Portable Christmas has nothing to do with it GIRL GOT SOULLLL
Estée Scott Hey Steve! PLEASE PLEASE Read!!! News Tip: NCCU Grad Terminated after being racially profiled by OrthoCarolina CFO!! I am emailing you on behalf of a situation I found out about today that happened to a very educated man I know named Jovon Berry. Jovon is a loving Father, Husband, Friend, Coach, Brother, etc. He is hard working, professional, educated, and will do whatever it takes to provide for his family. Well, on today, that stability to provide was stripped from him right before the holidays from Ortho Carolina who he has labored for, for some time now. Mind you, he is professional, shows up to work consistently and timely, and is always dressed in either a suit or a shirt and tie daily, as well as produces quality work. I've known him since 2002, and he is one of the most persistent and consistent men I know. He is a college graduate of North Carolina Central University and has always strived for excellence. Ortho Carolina terminated him today, because the CFO was in the building, who happens to be a Caucasian female and apparently felt "threatened" by his presence. She began questioning him and asking him if he was lost and if he worked there, while he was on his way to the rest room. Little did she know, he was an employee of the company and not just any employee but a very dedicated employee of the company. I'm just not sure how you can feel threatened by a man dressed professionally on his way to the rest room! Well he has spoken out about this via Facebook and I honestly hope this situation goes viral and get national attention. I have included those screen shots below and he is more than willing to discuss this via the news. If you have further questions, you can reach me at 937-344-0017, and I can provide any contact info you need for him as he has given me permission to share it with news and media professionals. This story is already getting much attention via Facebook, but Please help him and his family take this story global! This is my God Son's Father and this is quite devastating for their family right before the Holidays! Please Help! Warm Regards, Ms. Scott
Leah Madden-farineau A little excited for
Dewana Horne Rose gettin down wit the get down,dance like her granddad Lol much luv steve!!
Sharon Grisdale God bless her heart Steve she must bring such joy to you
Rebecca Bangoura She is learning how to dance Rose u are beautiful
Da Silva Rose you are growing up so beautiful happy holidays Rose stay forever bless.
Barbara Hutt Such a cutie, I get down to Christmas music the same
Bonnie Largent That is so darn cute!!
Connie Myers no sound on this end
Debbie Oppong Too precious...You are blessed
Justina Harris Awwww.get it!
Marva Priestley 🙏🏾 One of Jehovah's gifts🎁
Lana Pham SO CUTE..
Mamasea Angel That’s so Cute Mr. Harvey.
Mercedes Chambers She is to cute
Tina Anderson U go rose
Teshia Davis Carr Work it Rose♥️
Beverly Robinson Get it Rose!!
Steve Harvey
Steve HarveyWednesday, December 13th, 2017 at 1:00am

Damn, this boy right here can sing! Check out The Melisizwe Brothers' amazing rendition of "O Holy Night."

Steve Harvey
Tyreke Joye #2017 Lil Michael Jackson. He will definitely go far. God bless them all 🙏
Deborah Anders 👏👏 Love these boys! Been following em for awhile and they are great! Their career has really taken off! That little Zach is a amazing singer & he can play bout 10 diffnt instruments! 😍😎👌
Thabo Vitamin T Machika Melisizwe is South African zulu for stand-for-the-nation....sooooo proud right now ☺☺☺
Laurel Dionne Dennie Beautiful. Their parents are from St Vincent & the Grenadines- a beautiful little island in the Caribbean. So proud right now. 784 represent! Yeaaahh!!!
Alfonso White A true voice of an Angel such a sensational and wonderful performance may God continue to watch over these Brothers. Congratulations
Charlene Dixon What a talented trio! I love this song. I couldn't help but think of Micheal Jackson and his brothers. I which all three of these brothers love, success and many blessings. 😍
Brenda L. Skene Thank you, Steve Harvey for having these boys from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. We have great Canadian talent. Bless you.
Yolande Laidlow God bless these young happy to know the meaning of their name(melisizwe) we may have been dispersed to every corner of the earth but mother Africa remain in us....God bless mama Africa.
Tonia Drysdale So happy to see our children play instrument and sing so beautifully. Positive images are excellent role models for our future generations. Very proud of these boys
Tracy Lee Taranto Thank you Zach!!!! You and your brothers are so talented!! I felt the Holy Spirit!!!! God Bless you all and have a very Merry Christmas🎄❤️🎁
Sandra Chin-Brown I cannot stop listening ....tears..sooo beautiful...Merry Christmas...Happy Chanukah..Happy one love all....remember those less fortunate .. the sickk..the elderly....God bless and keep you all safe
Deniece Turnbull These amazing brothers have such beautiful voices and poise. May God continually bless them. To their parents you have raised some awesome young men.
Kathy DeCroix He could be the next Michael Jackson as he grows up...
Darlene Woodbury Downing They did a wonderful job but we know on Facebook and YouTube that they been blowing things up wonderful job guys. I'm glad that Steve put them on his show so they can get more Nationwide coverage
Belinda Newport He is such a good singer and the two young boys that are with him are awesome too. He looks like he loves what he is doing.
Janet Kos OMG-This kid has such a range and he has it all down- the gestures and the facial expressions and just his whole performance was outstanding.
MamNompilo Sisipho Mgaga Siyanihalalisela bafana! ! SIYABONGA Steve for assisting The Melisizwe Brothers raise the South African flag high HALALA! !!!
Angela Passmore I love these brothers. They have beautiful voices & they are very talented. I follow them a lot. Keep up the great work guys. God bless you all!!
Ke Ke Wow go Brothers awesome that was totally fantastic beautiful I was blessed with that song yes I was AMEN
Daqueennancy Appleby Standing ovation well done 👌👌 God bless them may God continue to shine his love upon them !💟 beautiful voices !😍 Glory To God !
Norma Price Heard them yesterday on Steve Harvey Show. I think they can go far if given a chance. This is my favorite Carol, great job Guys.
Courtney Vail Thank you for featuring these talented brothers on your show. I've been following their page for a while. They are phenomenal.
Emmanuelo Osuji This is beautiful. I'd avice he still stays and remains black because I am done seeing a black man having a sagging nose and a sleepless nights.
Kyan Englehaupt Beautifully sang young man! Such a powerful and gifted voice! The voice of an angel! May you always be blessed with joy, love, health and prosperity!
Sharon Bell Holy Night, that little man can sing! Great harmonies boys. I love how his big brother watches him with a smile.
Steve Harvey
Steve HarveyTuesday, December 12th, 2017 at 10:00pm

It's easy to forget just how many aspiring comedians got their start on Showtime At The Apollo...

Regina Hager Mr Steve Harvey I have a very priceless Air Force One Crew Jacket Obama was president for $500,000 I would love to sell because it’s the only thing of value I own that could give my two girls a permanent home and change they’re life. My name is Regina Hager I work for Camden Military Academy Camden SC 803 669-0405 believe me when I say this would change our lives. I really would never sell this priceless jacket I really would not. But I want our two girls to have a better future then we ever had.
Jackie Lincoln Scott Seven months ago, my bff/man, walked out after 15 years. But, Steve you have become my bff. You keep me laughing on Family Feud, if I ever get the chance, I would love to meet you in person. May God continue to bless you and your beautiful family...
Dana Calhoun I'm a big fan of Steve Harvey TV. However, I do have one criticism. Hollywood seems to forget that half of the nation (perhaps more depending on who you ask) are patriots and support our POTUS. The constant negative comments from liberal guests is depressing. These comments put a damper on the show. If the subject is politics, then that's fine. But the little undrehanded rude comments about President Trump and the digs in the middle of a conversation which has nothing to do with him is rude and disrespectful. Little at a time I am deleting tv shows from my DVR along with millions of other Americans. This is me being honest and I hope you take this seriously.
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Sanquinettea Cole Dear Mr steve I have a friend who passed away Sunday I am trying to help her family get her body ship back to Mississippi the cost over all for her and her kids to rent a van is 500 .00 and to shop her is 1000 I am turning to any one that will help
Chola Seliya Holle mr chola seliya am 28 years old and a single mother with a 7year old daughter,i have been an orphan on mother or father,am ask for a help ,i need to take my daughter to school please help me.iam turning to any one that will help me
The Law Of Attraction - What you seek is seeking you No matter how difficult the past, you can always begin again today.
Chola Seliya My phone number +260967674616 please help.
Spinner Man Foxx
Steve Harvey
Steve HarveyTuesday, December 12th, 2017 at 9:00am

#60ISthenew40 and I’ve never felt better. Thank you for the encouragement and support. You guys keep asking me questions about my workout and nutrition, so I asked my trainer Obi Obadike​ to share the wealth. We’ve started a series, 60 is the new 40, to get you on track.

Lisema Petrus Mashale As i was saying, good day Mr. Steve Harvey i would like to ask you againg for you suites and old shoes, i am very fond and in luv with all your suites and shoes and i am wearing size 09 shoes and 39 on my trousers in South African sizes. I have ask God to give me an angel so that they will take my request directly to you and you can hear my prayers, my contact number is +27840210394, i will be happy and God will be answering my long time prayers as i am always watching you everyday during the week on etv late afternoons weekdays. Hope and pray you can discuss with your wife and give me you old suites and shoes. Thank you in advance
Patricia Rogers you better say so - I believe when you give into anything, it becomes your master. I do not give into my age, I celebrated my 69th birthday yesterday and if you think you can't stand me now, wait until the big 70 next year. Show them what you are working with Steve.
Deneen Jeffries Thanks for this I am 53 with arthritis both knees. When I do try working out I was frustrated due to my lack of range of motion .. this helped
Rhonda Destiny Ok look loves i have a very low low cost on my products please do share with others if you will. 11 /23/ 2017 12/20/17 MARY kay products BLOW OUT SALE $175.00 2 lip STICK 2 lip gloss 2 power foundation 2 Foundation liquid 2 eye lines 2 eyeshadows 2 foundations liquid 2 foundations power 3 nail polishes WIN WIN SALE $ 175for ALL that yes indeed ALL that..
Denise Mgriff Hay Steve yes u looking good uknow I heard u asked jr 2 come up wit some thing bout his attack on his body 2 from the baddest devil mad at the greatest so how bout B healed people by him+ Jesus and stop taking the bad stuff giving it 2 u and keep being the greatest radio show like he do wit everything uknow no fooling around no action stupid just b cool like he do everyday wit his good love+ peace
Julia Lujan Many blessings for sharing such knowledge. Happy Holidays to you and your beautiful family.
Stephanie Warren Mr. Steve I really enjoyed Mr. Obi. Thank you for sharing. He seems to be a great motivator.
Gemma Charles Heyyy,you got that right only i my case is 39and 3/4,lol
Romana Jo Forcados 60 is 60...
Lisema Petrus Mashale Good day Mr
Diana L. Thomas Oh....
Shere Wild No, it's not.
Sharry R Brown good
David D Lausell Thank you for sharing.
Christina Kennedy Jamie Latta-Corson look at our old work friend Obi Obadike. So great!
Katrina Maria Dianne Boucher
Steve Harvey
Steve HarveyTuesday, December 12th, 2017 at 5:00am

#bluechristmas (credit: Jeff Leatham)

Sheri Brown Johnson Whatever happened to “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.”?? I guess I’m missing where he asked for critiques or criticism. I think the tree is beautiful, but even if I didn’t like it, I can still appreciate it & the time it probably took to decorate. I wouldn’t want to hurt someone’s feelings by calling it ugly or saying I didn’t like it, but that’s just what I was taught when I learned manners, I guess.
Connie Johnson 😍 gorgeous! Merry Christmas Steve. Thanks so much for your Daily Morning Inspiration segment which directed me back to God. I was lost, but now I'm found, so grateful 🙏
Arthur Fair I'm a big fan of Steve Harvey, but that tree is pretty ugly and that's okay, it's just not my type. People are quick to reply on your opinion when you don't agree with something like the rest of you.
Earnestine Washington So nice life the penguins. How do you keep the grandchildren from bothering them. My little one would stare them out of curiosity touch and see what it do can do lol. So beautiful, enjoy.
Betty Walston Merry Christmas and happy Holidays to you and your entire family! Steve Harvey "Beautiful Christmas decoratings. Love it.
Jacqueline Switzer In the famous words of Tamar Braxton, "that ain't cute". It's it's it's, well idk it's too busy. Maybe it looks better in person. But, if y'all like it, i love it.
Joan Harris That tree is so geogious wishing you an your family a happy healthy merry Christmas 🎄🎄an happy new year!!!!!
Mechele Lee Esemuede This is beautiful. Can your family send my family some gifts thanks in advance for them am also one of your number one fans if you go back to your taping of us bringing in the new year of 2014 Mr.Harvey me and you was stepping on the show
Jean Manning I’ve always loved being different and decorating outside the box ! This is Simply Beautiful... I can only imagine how Gorgeous it is in Person! Merry Christmas Harvey Family!
Eleanor Ferguson Im not a Fan of the tree but im a fan of you Mr Harvey bit i do lknow if Christmas is not found in the heart it wont be found under a Tree ....God bless Lady E
Dee White Wow! That is just simply gorgeous beautiful Awesome yes indeed God Bless you and your Family also your Friend's I'm wishing you the best of Everything and your family's I will always call your Family the GQ and the Vogue magazine yes indeed you are so awesome beautiful person God bless you all, you like a friend and my head a merry Merry Christmas to you all love always amen smile word OKAY!
Sheree VanCleave The tree is very nice but not my style. Doesn't matter because it's Steve Harvey's and he likes it! Are those penguins next to it? Love them! I love penguins! Those are cool!
Ashley Potts Your Christmas tree is beuitful. I love the penguins. Merry Christmas happy holidays to you and your family. I watch your show every day your a fun person.😍
Shinetha Taylor Beautiful Tree, Steve, Thanks for the Encouraging Words every morning and also the laughter, May God Continue to Bless and Keep You in the Overflow, much love!!!
Jane Garnett My sister just signed me up next year to help decorate a Christmas Tree for Children's Hospital in DC. We need a tree to be auctioned off for the children's hospital. Your tree would be perfect for raising money. If you do a different tree each year, we would love to have your tree next year. We love your tree!
Sandra Lawton That's my style I love it I use too do different theme a year got away some from usual red and white jazz it up some to be elegant
Ruth Crooks Love the tree and it is beautiful and I just love you Steve, I watched you on all of your show I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas
Nicole Ortega I'd like yo meet you some day Mr. Harvey, could you come through to santa Fe new mexico some day soon!!!!! Merry Merry Christmas to you and your wife & all your family!!!!!
Sandra Baker Merry Christmas Steve. The tree is OK I don't even have one can't afford it. Can't buy presents for my family or buy a tree.
Debra Harris Merry Christmas mr. Steve Harvey and Marjorie Harvey and family have a blessed New Year of the tree is so beautiful God bless
Debra Reid 😲OMG, it's so beautiful💜💜💜💜. Steve and Marjorie, your Christmas Tree is simply breath taking💜💜. God Bless you both and Happy Holidays.
RickyLynn Canales Next year is going to be the Christmas for my kids we have to find a place to live and get furniture but next year hopefully will have a home blessings to you Steve Harvey
Deneen Jeffries The tree is beautiful ... but you better keep them grandchildren away.... toddlers tear down everything ...😂
Marilyn Derry Merry Christmas Steve to you n family .You are loved n truly blessed ..Enjoy your holidays ..🌲Your tree is simply beautiful ...
Veronica Gamble The color scheme is nice! Next to those big penguins 🐧🐧Your christmas tree 🎄looks perfecto!👼🙏✝🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎅💡