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No stranger to BIG endeavors or Morning Drive radio, after a successful 5-year stint in L.A. Harvey starred in five seasons of his own hit sitcom “THE STEVE HARVEY SHOW”,  hosted “SHOWTIME AT THE APOLLO” and the WB’s “STEVE HARVEY’S BIG TIME CHALLENGE”.  His film credits include “JOHNSON’S FAMILY VACATION”, “YOU GOT SERVED”, “LOVE DON’T COST A THING” and the animated “RACING STRIPES” … to name a few. A talent like Steve reinforces our commitment to serve the community with funny and compelling content.  After all, he is the “King of Comedy”.sticker_facebook

Steve Harvey
Steve HarveyThursday, April 27th, 2017 at 7:15am

Until the end of time I'll be there for you! @marjorie_harvey

Krista Farr Luce Continued blessings and much love in your life together. As a mother, I have a true appreciation for how you have raised your children. They know what to expect out of a partner in life or just a date. I also respect the way you two treat each other. You can see the love, compassion and respect each of you have for the other. Continue to enjoy God's wonderful grace.
Dilia Williams That's right Uncle Steve, I saw that mess of a video yesterday we gotta wire up that prayer line. The Lord will keep you from all evil🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Tim Fortune Id like to point out one thing Steve Harvey is completely wrong about, he's stereotyped a large section of the global population unfairly. An atheist is someone who isn't convinced that there are any gods. For many reasons chiefly the lack of evidence or good reason. They're not horrible people. They're people like you and I.
Keisha Nimmons Steve Harvey is a womanizer and dogs don't go to heaven mr. Steve Harvey and Marjorie you need to be ashamed of yourself as a woman
Simone Robinson Wow good morning Steve Harvey and mrs. Harvey God's blessing much happiness to you both praying for peace and your life and family
Mimi Fultz Aaawwww! Love will keep you together, God will keep you safe. You have always done the right thing. We respect you in all that you are and do. God bless you and your familia. 🌈
Minnie Williams All things are Possible with God..Not Man .Doesn't matter how much Money he got..God allowed it not Man. As one might Brag...♧♧♧♧♧
Alicia Hall-Hanson Or until the next mistress shows up.
Colette Horne Yes, and she'll be with you until your bank account runs out...couture that l!
Ann Princess Ann Beautiful. Happy the way you live and cherish your wife.
Jessica McMillan Praying just remember some people can find wrong in anything
Bee Ez Be Happy keep doing your thang good Brother the haters are your elevators
Bennie Gardner Truly an AWESOME couple!!! May the gd lord continue to bless u always...
Marvin Vaughn Beautiful moments for some beautiful amazing people shout out to you Mr. And Ms. Harvey
Rose Cozart When happiness comes, you gotta snatch it up!! Beautiful Pic!
Melanie Evans Trotman Yes Uncle Steve keep on moving forward and ignore the pettiness. Love you and Marjorie ❤❤
Janet Partrick Y'all looking good. We enjoy your work. Very talented individual. Been a fan since the first time we ever saw you. With all your jobs you have don't know how you do it or always look so refreshed. Your biggest fans in Athens al.
Travis Dean Go Head Yall An The Two Of You Are Looking Splendid ✋ The Lord Bless You both💞
Kathy Johnson Gaylord I don't think there is anyone else, as adorable as you two.
Kathleen Cadogan A lovely and Precious couple. May God continue to bless them.
Shonna Marshall Beautiful Pic of Mr and Mrs Harvey, this picture need to be on the front cover of Essence and Ebony Magazine
Kae Freeman You both look awesomely beautiful CONGRATULATIONS on all your success Mr.and Mrs.Harvey♡☆♡☆
Carole Diggs You are my heart and I truly adore you. That's it Steve Harvey! "Adore" by Prince.
Annette Bryant Haters will be haters they will find fault in everything Be bless Mr Harvey and your beautiful wife
Steve Harvey
Steve HarveyWednesday, April 26th, 2017 at 5:15pm

We expose young men at the Steve & Marjorie Harvey Foundation Mentoring Camp to principles of manhood that will help them throughout life. But once they learn, they have to put them in action in order for them to become the best men they can possibly be. #HarveyFoundation #MentoringWorks
Applications are open for the NATIONAL CAMP in Atlanta, June 14-18,...

Atewogboye Ojo Keep the flag flying Steve, you're doing a great job. Leadership is by example indeed you're a very good example to our young ones. Bless you with long life and sound health IJMN Amen to continue the good work
Sunday Benneth Proud of the man that you are.... Making dreams real... Thank you Steve
Jon Hill I'm glad someone is steping upto the plate to help young men to know that someone cares about them and wants the best for them. I take off my hat to Steve for his caring and his plan of action for the young men knowing that there is hope for them.
Sandra Davis This is Good. I do feel that there should be a junior mentorship for boys aged 9-12. BECAUSE BY the time they reach 13 they have already gone through so much. Their survival skills have kicked in and the mother have struggled for so long and now it's graduation time for them at 13. ... Additionally, I feel a next level Manhood Development Camp should also be developed for young men age 16-22.
Regina Mohabir I keep watching this because it's so powerful for young men to hear. If you don't love and respect your mother all the women in your life will be doomed for the same treatment. Wow thanks for this Godly message.
Alice Vittorio Bendzula Really Nice Steve, but all colors need this help. love sees no color! I do know you can choose how ever you want to spend your money; but just saying it would be nice if you had the option open to all youth in need. Thank you for the part you're doing.
Regina Brisbane Steve wish my son could be a part of this its so inspirational am sittn here almost in tears this is a great thing tht u are can I get my son affiliated with this steve we here in n.y.c??
Vivian Madison Uncle Steve Harvey may god continue blessing you for mentoring these young men,very inspiring
Jacquelien Bryan Great job Steve, ,,,and with this same lips I call u out😊
Ashur DeKelaita Empowering young boys 👍🏽 Defining Empowering as sending them off to die in unjust wars to make the wealthy wealthier 👎🏽
Lorene Shields ((((((PLEASE STEVE CONTACT ME ASAP))))))
Euphonious Clef Check out my new single Devil Can't Stop Me I'm God's Property
Blair CeeJay Dr. Iyanla Vanzant should get Steve Harvey and his ex wife Mary Harvey to sit down together and talk it out🙄🐸☕
Sara Smith Amen thank you Steve !
Ann Hearyman You go Steve ! Keep up the good work!
Paula Buckley Hi Coleman check this out.
Jewel Shannon I love it
Katalious Bay Bee
Fuseina Sidiali Nice
Wanda Ford Fact
Huong Pham
Jaleesa Fransioli Crystal Simbler & Rushanda Mize
Camille Friend Elijiah Hassell
Lisa Ellis Ufb Jay
Jason Brown
Steve Harvey
Steve HarveyWednesday, April 26th, 2017 at 2:15pm

I got to pat these young brothers on the back, decided to turn their lives around and are doing well for themselves.

Steve Harvey
Great Big Story
In Compton, California, Trap Kitchen L.A. is moving weight. Food, people, food! These former gang members took some professional culinary training to start Los Angeles, California's coolest catering company.
Matthew J. Williamson AWESOME. Jeeez THESE are the AMERICANS I know! I am a white male, BUT I am NONE of the things the mainstream media says I am. I don't care WHAT "color" or RACE you are, stories like these make me think there's still HOPE for this country!
Lois Dixon It looks like you. Guys are doing a great job but also if your mom and specially if you still have your grandmother's get their recipes you can't beat you then recipes nowhere so get all the information you can gather from your grandmother other people's grandmother's and start your little small Cafe and then
Kari Harris Steve harvey can u please message me or get in contact with me. I would really like to discuss buisness with you and getting an amazing group of guys on your show. I've wrote to u several times on the website.
Jim Hubbard I cannot, for the life of me, understand why a major party isn't out in neighborhoods teaching people how to start and run businesses. If any of them really loved this country, that's exactly what they'd be doing.
Kala Martin Nice! Former gang member take professional culinary training. Cooking up a storm
Cecilia Valenzuela Hey Mr Harvey, I know you love to BBQ , you should fly this crew to Chicago and have them cook for you and your audience!!!
Salema Daniels This is the sexiest story I have seen today... Thanks Steve!
Unique Monique Made me smile...ALL the best to you guys...God bless you & oh yeah, YUM!!! ;)
Rolatomasi Rolatomasi That is a great big story indeed! Power to all the people!
Melanie Goldson Jones Eleanor Malenda Sralik here's those 2 guys I was jus telling Irene about😄😁 u gotta show this to Fran
Christine Scales Great success story you can accomplish what you wish if you put forth the effort, congrats
Kenneth D Aston Jr I heard about this dude about 2 yrs ago, get em on your show Steve Harvey
Patricia Blake AWESOME! Young BLACK ENTREPRENEURS! Doing something POSITIVE!!!
Cheryl Chiles Proud of you guys!! Many Prayers and Blessings for continued success🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽💗💞💕😊
JmKadesh Brown Raul Rara peep this bro,,,can't wait to see you on Iron Chef...😉😉😉uve got it in you...i know ❤❤❤
Sharon Davis Roberts Y'all just keep show us , when step out on faith God is in mix of it,May the blessing of Lord keep over taking y'all .😀
Gaston Josiah That's what's up. Truly A-mazing. Much Love and Respect. Truly A-mazing. Keep doing your thing, Doc. Noah's mommy.
Nikki Thawifee Wadlington
Jennifer Ballou Always, can change your life around. Great!
Cheryl Mintz Will we see you interview them on the show Steve?
Rosalyn Curry I am passionate about their PASSION😉
Lelia Eaton Awesome! #Winning
Jermaine Turner Great story.. Been watching them for a bit now
Daisy Fuimaono good job guys
Michael Hedgemond NICE!!!
Steve Harvey
Steve HarveyWednesday, April 26th, 2017 at 9:48am

Teachers are so important, they have the power to discourage or encourage a child. Look at the impact a good one can have. Read this letter, it will bring tears to your eyes.

Pau Odi Omg!! I am a mess right now lol this made cry of joy😅😍 this is awesome!Thanks to this amazing teacher for his hard work and for being so kind! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Trish Campbell It is so important to take the time to thank those who touch our hearts - with a card, with a hug, or by calling their boss/manager and praising their employee. We need to appreciate our earth angels. Mahalo, Mr. T. for being an earth angel. Special blessings to Markus always.
Yesenia Carrillo Feed me and hug me and love me like I'm your son...definitely not taught in school. This is a person that is living out their purpose and not just doing a job. Congratulations for changing a life.
Gloria Kellum-Bell A very touching letter from this young man to his teacher! I teared up never know how big an impact you make in a child's life. He's a wonderful person and an excellent teacher that cares about his students. Much love to the teacher and all his students!
Valentina Hernandez Contreras Bravo Mr. J! For teaching, caring and sharing with Markus, and your students. His letter is proof that a great teacher, can change a child's life. Your compassion and guidance have touched his heart. As well as mine, and many others on fb. I believe he will go forward and succeed with confidence. Markus will in turn, share the love, kindness and values you instilled in him. Continue doing a superb job, so there will be many Markus's out there. For some day, they will be our leaders.
Erin Johnston-Curley Wow...I work in a school...i assist with lunch and job is to keep the kids safe..and keep physically active...this letter is amazing..Working with students...students sometimes need a mentor and this teacher was a mentor to his student..I know how hard teachers work to be an educator and sometimes a my area of Ontario canada....I have students tell me their deepest dreams,,,joys,,accomplishments,,,sadness, fears and more....I know walk through the school halls and I have students giving me high fives and props...they talk to me when they are angry..afraid...and more..So I love all the work this teacher has done to inspire,,show compassion, empathy,,, and love to not just this one student but all his students..we as parents need to show gratitude to our children's teachers...and heck say thank you for all the work these teachers done for our children...
Lisa Boyce I have been in many schools and I see first hand how some of our teachers treat and speak to their students and it is not positive at all. . They don't realize what kind of emotional effect they have on every child they have the opportunity to interact with. If every teacher across the country sees this letter, maybe they will change their behavior towards the students so they all feel as this little guy does. Kudos to you and those like you Mr. J.
Melani Barr Singletary What an impact this teacher had on this student. The message the teacher taught his student will replay itself over and over again thru out this person's life. I'm sure the student will "play it forward" and many people will reap the harvest this teacher bestowed on this young person.
Lexi Francois That's amazing! What a great impact you had on this young man. Being a teacher is so much more than teaching what's in the books. God bless you and help you to continue being a selfless human being.
Willa Smith Yes it would be wonderful if teachers were more caring like when I was in school which was many,many years ago. I thank God I grew up in the era that I did. People were loving,caring and oh we as children must show respect to our elders 😊and God was revered even if you was a heather😉. Give me the old time days oh! I forgot we could go out have fun no reports of shooting or a killing the next day 😢😢on the news. Yes,Mr Harvey ☝️.
Liz Bell WOW! As teachers we play so many roles in the life of our students. It goes beyond the academics. It is the development of the whole child regardless of that child's age.
Marcela Santos I've had few teachers and principal through out my childhood years who inspired and helped me when I was in need and now I wish I could find them and Ive tried looking for them to thank them ☹️
Nancy James I still remember and appreciate my 2nd grade teacher , because she cared. Wish I could locate her, to say Thank you! You made an impact. # Mrs Tieri#CraigRidgewayElementary
Denise Mgriff Yes good not bad and stupid like yours saying u wouldnot make it being silly and funny when god keep saying dont b egnorant fools b yo gifted selfs wit yo blessed talent we all got why uknow we all got a book wit those 26 lettets. Wit his good love and peace no murdering lyrics just make them yo own thrill it thriller no killers just hate this bad devil
Candy Apple Awww that letter really tear me are a blessing keep on being that great son man, teacher ,uncle,teacher and father we need to Salute our young man.big up
Debbie Robilliard my teacher i hated from grade 3-6, told me to stop thinking i am smart and get no where..i was a kid that was smart, always finish before everyone else, i even jump one or two chapters ahead of the class, i would be done in 15 mins other kids take the whole 40 i started to doodle...became an artist in no time, won art of year awards but the last day of school in garde 6 beofre i went to different school for 7-8..i told her off..called her every name in the book..she said she would expell me i said i didnt care...i started skipping school from grade 6-8 then drop out of high schools many times...cause i had a teacher that said i would not go anywhere but i finally got my high school in my early 20s, went off to 2 colleges and have a decent job...raise my kkids on my own and they r very yes all teachers have a great impact on children to whether they grow up being successful or getting by
Joe Hall You fed me when I was hugged me when I was sad..... I never met my dad but it's ok.... people it's the small things that can change people's lives. Men!!! Father's ARE VERY important in a child's life!!!! Please, please be a part of your child's life...Its not ok that this boy never met his father unless he died before he was born! Shame on any man not in his child's life! I can't stand to be gone away for a few hours without my baby! This made me happy and angry at the same time...smh...Why in the hell are our children going hungry at school???? Wtf?? We feed and house the scum of the earth for free then starve our future??? I cant....this country better get it together because we are judged on how we treat our children....smh
Anna Jane Leinbach Sabbagh I'm sure I wasn't alone when I referred to the children in my class as MY kids. There is a very special bond which lasts a long time. Right Celia?
Brenda Scott Yes! It was truly heartfelt from his heart. Bless you my child remember Jesus got your back. Do the right thing always. He's proud of You!
Jim Hubbard The hungry thing should never happen at school. I still don't understand making kids pay to eat at school. Breakfast and lunch (and after school diner if needed) should just be included as a part of a good education. Kids can't learn when they're hungry. We should be ashamed for turning hungry kids away from school lunch lines.
Dianna Purcell Johnston This is So very True. All children need to be Loved at school first. The rest will come when the child feels loved, and appreciated. If you can't love all your students, Please Don't Teach!!!
Donnica Bell OMG!!! 😪 This touched my heart!!! I had a teacher like this in high school!! Fred Reynolds..I will never forget how dedicated he was as a teacher and father to his own kids..When I felt like giving up on everything, he helped me to stay focused and to keep pushing..There should be more teachers like this in the world..I'm so glad this young man had a teacher that cares about his safety, well being and his future..
Tracy Jonas Walther WOW!!! What a blessing for that student that he has a teacher that truly cares. There are a lot of teachers that care. That is why we need God in our classrooms so he can guide, provide the things that teachers need for their students. Sometimes a big caring heart can go a long way.
Angel McGowan I work at a elm school with some great teacher. They love the kid's in my community were i live i been working there since 2007 to now i always tell them thank you they say no thank you it just put a smile on my face i work at Lasalle ave elm school i am not a teacher but i do a teacher job.
Matthew J. Williamson Shouldn't we be wondering where this child's PARENTS are before we applaud a teacher for taking on their responsibilities? The teacher is without doubt a great teacher and person, I don't mean to belittle what he's done to help this child... But where's the parents?
Steve Harvey
Steve HarveyTuesday, April 25th, 2017 at 2:11pm

The Harvey dictionary is real different than Webster's LOL. My smart friend Akash tried his hand at spelling some of my words and well, it was nothing but comedy 😂

Marilyn Balogun You're too much Mr Harvey! Hood as it gets but funnier than ever!😂...I love you because you make it ok to let the Hood out once in awhile but for you it's everyday and you get paid big bucks for doing it!!!!!😂👍🏾
Sharon Smith We just love your show. It is a bright light, a great escape, and your interaction with these wonderful children is the best! Keep it up Mr. Harvey. We're loving' on you, sir!
Jeremy Pettit Steve... I've told you before, but my son would amaze you. He just turned 6 years old. He's been reading since he was 1yo, spelling since he was 3yo and even spelling backwards! When I say he can read, I'm talking about reading things like Charles Dickens novels! He knows his alphabet backwards! He knew what a rhombus was before I even knew what a rhombus was. You have to meet this kid!
Diana Mullins I absolutely love Askash, America's future President, he is a blessing to the world! He makes my heart sing when I see his handsome little face. He has such a kind and loving spirit, his wonderful smile gives me such joy! I love love love love love love love him!
Jessina Stokes Mr. Smooth Harvey, I don't care what no one says Akash is my favorite Little big shot kid. I just love and adore him so much.
Macayll Jones Steve that girl this morning with MS, thought Jay Anthony Brown was the Gospel Singer Anthony Brown, the one who sings Worth and that's why she mentioned Praise Dancing to his Song !!! #Lmbo
Ayesha Riley I wrote your show in hopes of being a guest. I recently lost 113 lbs through diet and exercise. No fad diets, surgery etc... My hope are to spread awareness and become a health advocate for residents of the inner city. I would love to share my story on your show. I wrote your team via the website and I also sent a DM on Instagram.
Loretta Williams Noiel Gotta love Steve! he has his own dictionary of pronunciations and definitions! LOL!
Khew Shin Yi I love this show so much but recently some weird and not even consider as talent came to the show... such as the snail whispering🙄
The Law Of Attraction World A new beginning is on your horizon but you must have the courage to push through. Declare your struggles over. Declare your enemies defeated. Declare yourself victorious. Do this with passion. Your own self-talk is a very powerful tool in cultivating your belief system and ultimately your results. If you are defeated in your thoughts you will be defeated in your life. If you are a champion in your thoughts - your success is inevitable
Sandra Denise Patterson-Lemons Akash is so cute !! Love him. He will probably end up with his own show one day. Lol. Big Bang 2
Jessica B. Garcia Maria Villegas we need this Hood dictionary 😭😭 I hella laughed when he used "ENNO" in a sentence 😂😂
Mary Carl That was so funny my husband and I love your show.
Angel Davis Powers I so love this little boy.. him and Steve Harvey have a great friendship..This lil boy will always remember Steve Harvey
Jeannie Perez-Carrion Love the Show Mr Harvey and Love Akash my little friend!!
Jay O Gastelum Awesome ....cant wait for my son and his group to come out on your show next sunday 😄😄
Anne Sullivan Luv This Man...the kids are cute but Steve makes it happen!❤
Ebun Hazlewood Akash and Natalie are my favourites. Love all your shows Steve Harvey!!
Aundrea Taylor Oh my goodness, this was too funny. Love the show.
Miki Kim This motivated elementary student will touch your ❤️! She is no different from other children! Like, comment, and share! #kids #children #dance #like #love #share #comment #support #motivation #inspiration
Pauline Bailey Collins Steve can surely keep ur heart happy,ur the best .God bless you Steve harve
محمد محمود مصطفي sorry steve harvey.barak obama look smart than you because hes to learn me fast word
Annie Marie Torres Brenda Olvera Martínez this is how we should've done the Spelling Bee bahahaaaaa
Brittany Cole Emily Diaz Rachel Lynn this was my favorite on Sunday 😂😂