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Steve Harvey is the host of the Steve Harvey Morning Show radio program, and the popular TV shows Family Feud and Celebrity Family Feud, The Steve Harvey Show, and family favorite Little Big Shots. His popularity continues to grow to global proportions, bolstered by his new role as host of the Miss Universe Pageant. Harvey is currently one of the most powerful voices in media, touting a career spanning nearly 30 years as a top stand-up comedian, actor, award winning TV personality and talk show host, best-selling author, entrepreneur, and humanitarian. Harvey began his entertainment career as a comedian, working the stand-up circuit. He grew to have a roster of acclaimed specials, including co-starring in one of the most successful comedy DVDs in history The Original Kings of Comedy, and the hit don’t Trip…He Ain’t Through With Me Yet. Harvey first made his mark in television and film as host of its Showtime at the Apollo. He went on to star in several popular shows, including The Steve Harvey Show and has appeared in such movies as You Got Served, and Johnson Family Vacation. Harvey expanded his reach into radio as host of The Steve Harvey Morning Show. 2017 marks the program’s 12-year anniversary in national syndication with Premiere Networks and it’s the #1 syndicated morning show in America with nearly 7 million weekly listeners on nearly 100 stations nationwide.


Harvey co-created and hosted The Neighborhood Awards from 2002-2016, an awards show that honors local businesses, institutions, and leaders for the excellence demonstrated in their communities. Harvey is also the author of multiple New York Times best-selling titles. His first book Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man: What Men Really Think About Love, Relationships, Intimacy, and Commitment inspired the 2012 box office topping movie, Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man and its 2014 sequel Think Like a Man Too. As a humanitarian and an entrepreneur, Harvey makes it a priority to give back. Through The Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation, he and his wife provide hundreds of teens annually with mentoring and educational opportunities. His company, HARCAL, allows him to create business partnerships that specifically target and benefit the working middle class. Harvey’s list of accolades includes several NAACP Image Awards, a People’s Choice Award, induction into the National Association of Broadcasters Hall of Fame, and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He also won the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Talk Show Host for The Steve Harvey Show in 2014, 2015 and 2017, as well as Outstanding Game Show Host for Family Feud in 2014 and 2017. Harvey is a member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc., and a proud parent with wife Marjorie to seven children.



Steve Harvey
Steve HarveySunday, October 22nd, 2017 at 7:03am

Honor God ALWAYS.

Steve Harvey
Billy Roberts Amen Brother Steve, it’s always a privilege to hear you witness about our loving Lord Jesus .. it’s so true.. God will take you to peaks on top of a mountain that you never ever could accomplish on your own, without his help.. all it takes is Faith and believing that ALL things are possible through his grace and mercy.. love you Brother !! Keep up the good fight..
Stanley LockhartSr Doris Jackson I guess you are the perfect Christian no you need to stop judging and just pray for the brother cause we are all struggling with something even you miss perfect Christian.
Stanley Daniel Steve I love you brother but with God comes power through Jesus Christ and that power breaks addictions, curses and Habits, like smoking cigars, cussing etc.
Dawn Dutch Kuklo Viereck I struggle everyday as a single parent , my autoimmune diseases kick my butt daily but I manage to get to work and get my daughter off to school and provide for her the best I can . I am beyond blessed to have three boys that work everyday and manage to be involved in the community while being full time college students my oldest started student teaching while he manages his ts , asthma , allergies and feet issues all while finding time to run his true love as he is a long distance runner sense middle school and he also pushed through surgery's and he is involved in going to the college church wkly and all their groups as long as he can . My second son is graduating bgsu soon while working and will be looking to teach asap while interning and finding time to get on the ice . My youngest son works while playing hockey and getting an education. Only one son has a car that was given to him . My other two walk everywhere or uber if to far it pains but I know god has all my children's back . My oldest even with his asthma will run to work get an uber to college and run a little to save money . I wish I was a parent that could afford to give to them . I truly can't give anything but they always say mom it's OK . We are fine and they want it for their sister . My daughter never ask for anything but she is the best daughter I could have and a talented artist. Being a poverty level my kids have managed to be awesome ppl . The power of prayer and god is why . ❤❤❤❤
Della Poitier God has used you in so many ways 1 is that you make people laugh and laughter is like a medicine to your soul and there are so many other things that you do so I pray that God will continue to bless you as you continue to honor and be thankful to him in Jesus name Amen
Jakki Able I'm C.O.G.I.C. and I love what your mother poured into you. I believe your mother taught you to respect/honor God with all of your life also. Not about C.O.G.I.C., but the Word of God. You offer and have so much to offer so many people. May God continue to bless you.
Luca Wright You have touched and brightened my life. Can't watch your post 'til my phone is reset, but I know your message is good. Thanks Mr. Harvey. Have a fine blessed Sunday, and Good morning.
Margaret Rodriguez Blessing from God always .. I can relate to what you said Steve Harvey . That's the truth. Love talking about our lord that has his spirit of truth.. Amen forever more
Kuka Ntalasha Amen...... God choose his children well am so happy am one of his chosen ones. Thank you father for what u are and what you continue to be 😇
Keri Freeland Reynolds You are one of the funniest people I know, but know what I love even more than you making me laugh......your love and ode to JESUS!!!!!
Stanley LockhartSr David LaBounty give us all a break God has many names and in many languages so just go back to the kingdom hall with your narrow thinking.
Liz Dougherty Dickinson As a fellow Christian, you would fuss at me if I cursed constantly. The same rules apply to all Christians, including Steve Harvey.
Phyllis Wood I love you for your funniness. Most of all for sharing the the love of Jesus with the world to see. Thankyou God bless you.
Ebraheim Hasaan It was said that we will liberate it from Shubrachabra and it is said from the river to the sea. 0 It is said that Albatusron 0 is far away and we see it nearby 0 We were married to the case! We were the carrot we were rabbits we witness and we are ten years old. Yasmak is a small Zionist is a whale 0 is a ladder and surrendered is she or what is death 0 Ahnaalzhh and we are the police and we are the whale and we whip.
Jesika Marts Yes Steve..preach are right these are things you earn. Spiritual gifts are given by the Lord. Its something money can't buy!!!!
Ethel Carter Jiles God bless you Steve keep on do what you doing I look forward to seeing you on Facebook and hearing your voice on my way to work daily
Ebraheim Hasaan 0 is our land 0 is she 0 is the earth 0 is she 0 is the 0 is the 0 0 is the 0 is the 0 and the 0 is the 0 and the 0 is the 0 is not the 0 is the most expensive 0 is she is the most expensive 0 is she is the appetite 0 is she from the Zionist 0 is in Tel Aviv 0 is 0 is for 0 is the We are collecting 0 قرش 0 is she and نربي قروش 0 is she 0 0 صاروا عبود 0 is a 0 and a Zionist is a 0
Billy Nevils Sr God first always........believing & faith is all things are possible through his grace & mercy that strengthen me!
Suzanne Stokes Amen! God will take you to the top and give you signs to accomplish your goals. All things possible when you believe and have faith
Doris Jackson You need to stop the cussing and smoking God is watching you.
Yolawn Woods For the judgemental comments, We all fall short.,,,thank you Steve.
Sheila Smith Preach Steve Let it Be Known.🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾
Billy Lightning This is the Absolute Truth! I’m a witness!
Sharon Broussard Amen Love you Steve Harvey
Steven BigNinety Picquet Yes, Preach Brother Steve Amen and Amen.
Steve Harvey
Steve HarveySaturday, October 21st, 2017 at 7:00am

THANK YOU to everyone who played in the Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation Golf Classic tournament. #sandandsoulfest2017

Michelle Wilson Had a blast at your Sand and Soul Festival. I was waiting to win the Bid Whist Tournament like I used to at your Steve Harvey Table Classics back in the day.(smile) I'm looking forward to the next Sand and Soul Festival and hoping it's in the Dominican Republic next time.
Jennifer Doyle Steve! You are such an awesome person, between you own show and family feud you always crack me up, you're such a good person! Thank you for what you do :)
Della Poitier Congratulations Mr Harvey keep doing it for the kids God bless you and your family 😊
Musconga Musicgh Watch these little kids with the most hilarious comedy skit
Sand Naylor Wow thanks 4 helping others your a hero
Glen Douglas Gray I see you Uncle Steve! Them workouts paying off!
Rodney Gaines Congratulations Steve keep blessing the game
Kae Freeman You and your wife are awesome I love You both♥️
Freddie Jones My favorite TV show I'm one of his number one fans
Glenn Brickhouse Have a good day and i am asking for your help. ..
Chris Eddings Steve eye heard you got a pretty good stroke on the green
Friday Sharai Mufwesha Is This Talk Show Only For Americans
Adam Monnroe thank you for your generous commitment to the human society...
Wilson Kaingwe Hi Steve. I love golf and I play golf
Rose Bangura Yasssssss...Mr. STEVE!
Tumelo Thobejane U welcum
Mary Carmen Hernández APPEAL OF JESUS-GOD ​​IN THE BLESSED SACRAMENT TO HUMANITY: My children, I tell you again: be prepared because everything is about to unfold. Many will say: Lord, when will this be? The days are passing by and nothing is happening and the world is getting worse and worse. I reply to them: I will wait until the last thousandth of My Mercy is exhausted because I am faithful to My Word; that is why I'm feared. I'll wait for everything to be consumed and that is about to be fulfilled. Only when the last second of My Mercy is consummated, will I give sway to My Justice; before that , No. You think like men and always seek punishment and revenge; but for God the most important thing is the Salvation of humanity. Amen
Michael Stewart I vote Republican
Sand Naylor
Sand Naylor
Quentin Sharone Carson I will be there next year !!! God willing! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Stephanie Warren I hope it went well.
Sweettee Villiere Congrats Steve
LadyScorpio Mcphee You are welcome Uncle Steve
Steve Harvey
Steve HarveyFriday, October 20th, 2017 at 5:01am

Anybody miss the old Steve fashion? 😂 #FlashbackFriday

Della Poitier I liked those suits for that time but I love ❤ the way you are now you still make me smile 😊 especially when you ask Steve just keep up the good work and you will be there for a long time God bless you 🍷
Peter Rini i think Mr Steve should have a nostalgia show and show off some of these old duds. Not that they would fit mind you nor would Mr Steve have them anymore
Ruby Griffin Steve, It like I know you personal. But I don't. See? I goes back to the days, Steve. With "LAFFS FROM THE HOOD STAND-UP COMEDY." When you was taking tiny step.And when you move on to bigger step with THE KING OF COMEDY. I was there.And when you bursted loose in so many more blessing, I'm still here. Because you made your character matter to so many....
Tracey Davis No, but we evolve in our taste. Look at some of the stars when they started out. Lawd their taste was only in their mouths. This happens
Florence T. Harrison lol, yes cause you was pimping it then, lol, but in style and class...I adore you Steve. God Continue to Bless you and Your Family!
Ke Leonard No, I had 9 custom made suits Steve Harvey style back in 2005-2006. Was sporting them for 7yrs, gave all of them to a thrift store.
Eric Epps's different levels to this....back then he was..dressing ...player he rubbing elbows with..white corporate you change the game...tailored suits..refined silk know the most Elegant fabrics money can buy.....ya dig!!!
Olivia T. Jones Your sitcom steve when you were the music were stylish....I have never seen a guy in so many different color suit as you Steve oh there was a guy in the neighborhood where I grew up everyone called "Super Fly" very stylish man like you...wasn't afraid of colors. Most men won't go outside of black..tan...brown...and navy blue...not you. Steve
Shanna Brown Noooo Mr.Harvey, Marjorie done did you right, she was a blessing sent lol, No but then again that was probably the style back in the day
Linda Moy Gorgeous then finer now, your just class Mr Harvey, wish I had the money you spend on suits and shoes I could pay off all my worries which are called love ya Steve stay humble my brother such a great look on you. God bless you and your family
Steveo McCracken i heard Steve Harvey say on the radio Thursday morning that our National Anthem is a racist song and written with words that are meant to demean blacks......Steve Harvey....I will never watch any of your shows again...Im done with you
Leticia Bush Yes, I miss you on stage. I remember you coming on stage to so fresh and so clean with those tailor made suits and a walk so swag. Just come back one more time for the fans.
Olga Colon Dont miss it although u was always best dress as u r now. But I say you went from Chicago style to millionaire style. Love u new looks I'm sure Margie had a lot to do with it. Motivation wise.
Jessica Chmielewski Yes I watch a few of your comedy ones they were Great!!!! steve Harvey. Congrats on Everything that you accomplish your Awesome buddy. Still one of my mom's All time. Jess
Shirley Ann Webb You look good no matter what you are wearing...its the Man on the inside shines throughout express how much God's love him always touching other people lives
Barbara Canterbury It worked for then. And your change is working now. You are one of the Best Dressed People I know and respect.
Charmaine Bonneville No Indeed, now Mr. Harvey is looking very high in money. Tailored suits that's made to fit him perfectly.
Vicki Gabriel I love all of Steves looks. But, I think his life change, and the fact he's changing his life style was a Wise choice of SEXY CLASSY. He's grasped his lessons, and blessings from god. He's has a new walk and style. ;-) ♡♡♡
Bella Kgabo I'm currently reading your book into stitches reading Stop Existing and Start Living..the part when you had to give up those suits and that box-cut afro :) :)
Tina Loving-life Lott No matter if Steve is 35, 45, or 65 he will always be handsome, talented, funny, sexy, and always rockin his wardrobe. Love you Mr. Harvey
Celeste King I loved you back then Steve Harvey, but I love you even more now, the way you dress now I love more!! You n your wife compliment each other!!
Barbara Jewell Huitt I had a purple suit just like that. I bought it in the men's department. I wore a hot pink blouse and pink and purple shoes that matched! Wooooo hoooooo!
Janice E. Keegan I miss the old Steve morning show. Now it is a cross between an ordinary talk show Hit & Run guests and some game show thrown in to take up sometime.
Joyce JorKriev I just want more videos of his chubby little grandson! That sweet, drooling mouth was as cute as those legs.
Leonora Wilson Mr Steve you've always been a great are a great and wonderful man.. continue to walk in greatness.much luv.
Steve Harvey
Steve HarveyThursday, October 19th, 2017 at 5:10am

#tbt to #SandandSoulFestival2017 with my ride or die.

Dirk Taylor I'm sure any woman on the planet would be his "ride or die" with the size of his him go bankrupt, and his "ride or die" will "get up and leave".
Ruthie Maney Some of these comments are so sad! Church folks can be something else. Yes, I said church folks because born again believers have a filter and they call him the Holy Spirit! SMH
Thelma Charles Steve, get rid of the stinky cigar with that beautiful woman. Handle one at a time. Your cigar should be enjoyed by you along. Just trying to help you out here since you are always helping others. Enjoy your beautiful vacation. ❤️️😜🌹
Keasha Nunez Nice picture beautiful wife y'all make a cute couple and also you going to have some haters and some jealousy people keep doing your thing God bless both of y'all
Fredie Bryant Kudos to Steve and Marjorie. There is nothing more beautiful than to see a loving husband and wife appreciate each other! Timing is key.....when God join two people together, he beetle's a mighty blessing upon them! Enjoy your Blessings!
Cheryl Minton Very Beautiful couple his hand doesn't bother me he does it with dignity. There both beautiful I don't understand why people have to speak negative I'm sure she's with him out of love not money
Karen Gomes Yes little tacky w ur hand on her butt..but considering your a dog like every other man..ur hand there is wat u guys do..your 3rd wife right playa😅😅....not impressed by these people neither one..
Janette Cintron She's into because of his money! People...look at her history..I so don't respect this woman at all!
Cherie E. Johnson It's so nice to see a loving couple enjoying life. May God continue to Bless you, Steve & Marjorie....& always use the weapon of prayer. No matter what insults may be said here, or anywhere. God loves you, no matter what. 😊💞💞💒
Pamela Merrell Move the hand ..more respectable Picture for public display , after all WWJD ? As far as the cigar , no scripture about smoking , but it does ruin the healthy body God gave you ! Always enjoy your shows STEVE, you are an awesome Man !
Judith Davis Critical spirits reveal the heart of the man. Steve, you are legal and have the covenant marital rights to do exactly what you desire to do as long as your wife is in agreement and I believe that your wife was the best thing that could have happened to you. It is written": He who finds a wife finds a good thing and that the marriage bed is undefiled... Your relationship is between you, your wife and the God of your salvation. Keep loving and keep giving, truly, "a real man is a giver" You were born to give and produce. Love you and Marjorie. you're real people. Your marriage is an example for others to know that marriage works when you commit to Jesus, the Christ. Marriage is ordained and honorable. Blessings and long life with Marjorie your loving wife. Let this marriage be the legacy for your children and your children's children. Shalom
Bertha Jones Just beautiful!!!!’ Mr. Harvey exercise is really paying off for you. Keep up the great work and God Bless you both. I feel like family I have been watching you since the Steve Harvey Show.
Konradas Pukinskas You never dissapoint me my nigga,you are a legend my nigga,hope you two are having lots of fun,we will always remember you,God bless you my nigga,keep it up and always live life with a smile on your face:)
Verna Murray Let's be all honest folks even Steve said he's not a handsome man but his pocket it... She wouldn't want him if he were broke and struggling
Dawn Harris I like the picture . I am fan you Steve Harvey I love watching on Family Feud everyday you are very funny on Family Feud. I have a question when do you have time to go to the bathroom.
Melissa Diamond Nothin wrong with this picture. I’m sure his wife doesn’t mind his hand on her butt. ( I know I wouldn’t mind) lol. Beautiful pic of them.
Joy Lynn Smith Beautiful couple I think people are so ignorant and also stupid for saying all the negative things. They should congratulate you on 10 years of marriage and a beautiful family and all of those people you help.. thank you Steve and Margie for being real people I love you both and may God truly bless you even more
Janelly Rodriguez Beautiful couple! The hand on the butt not nice in public because it makes her look well not nice. Now a kiss on the forehead would of been priceless.
Barbara Brown Beautiful couple God bless you and family on have greatly successful life together dam the of those Hater they to need get a life love you and wifely you have awesome beautiful relationship together dam the rest other people
Richard Smith This is a cool beautiful picture! That’s his wife and he can put his hand where he wants to on his wife! Past wives don’t matter if it wasn’t meant to be. He’s matured past those life lessons and is probably grateful for them! I believe it took a lot of time, healing and forgiving himself for past mistakes, like we all have to do! Smoking a cigar is his choice! When a person smokes a cigar it’s for the flavor.. in most instances they don’t even inhale the smoke. His wife obviously doesn’t mind by the way she smiling! So.. why you worried about it? Being on the beach with the women he loves is his business. I believe she sincerely loves him. She looks very happy! Stop hating! The Harvey’s got it going on. Thank you for sharing this beautiful picture Steve Harvey! Beautiful and blessed couple! They look happy! 🖤 #Blacklove
Olivia T. Jones Ohh I thought Essence had posted another picture ooh Steve did. And the next post under yall Essence....was that planned. Anywho...never heard of the Sand and Soul Fest. Where is that at? But you and Marjorie make all the places you be look like fun. Yall lookin Good.
Esogenwune Nacho You can be a Christian and still be dominated by flesh. This is dangerous because it leads to death. If you behave like unbelievers, you get the same result they get. Renew your mind by the word of the living God.
Nate Cyr Steve when you go to a commercial on your shows, say 'here, we will be right back, instead of don't go away. Steve the human mind cannot concentrate on the reverse of an idea, When you say, don't go away the mind only hears 'go away. check it out.
Vanessa Harrison May God continue to bless you both, keep being the example for those who admire you, and keep turning the heat up on those who hate.
Tanya Miller Great picture! Love the hand on the booty pose! Oh and Steve your legs look amazing like a 25 year old man . Keep up the good work
Steve Harvey
Steve HarveyWednesday, October 18th, 2017 at 5:09am

I know I’m not the only one excited for #BlackPanther next year. Chadwick Boseman

Eileen Baumgarten Smith Dear Steve My name is Eileen Smith. I am a semiretired psychologist and spend a few months each year in State College, Pa. where I met my husband Steve, a retired lawyer, 46 years ago when we were both undergrads attending Penn State University. While we are in State College we enjoy running on the Horace Ashenfelter III Indoor track and this is where I met Michelle Wheeler, an African-American paraplegic woman and single mother in her early 30s from New Jersey. Michelle participates in all the races and has traveled everywhere in the US and abroad with the help of sponsors using her hand- racer and has won most of the races where she is a participant (even when they are uphill). She depends on the prizes awarded to help with her expenses, although the compensation is significantly less then is awarded for able bodied athletes. Michelle was born without any spinal injuries, but was so physically abused as an infant by her abuser that he severed her spinal cord and left her wheelchair bound for the rest of her life. She was lucky to survive. Fortunately, she was adopted by a loving family. Her adoptive family already had two natural children and adopted 4 more children who were also handicapped and wheelchair bound. Michelle’s adoptive family taught her and her siblings to be self sufficient and to not pity themselves. Michelle spends her time (when not studying or caring for her young 8 year old son) counseling others via FaceTime. She is articulate and a truly amazing role model for everyone. I watch your program daily and have been a longtime fan. I pray that you will meet Michelle and perhaps ask a sponsor to help her as she strives to accomplish her goals in life. Thank you for your time and for all the amazing things that you do. You are invited to our home any time and we can go to a Penn State Athletic Event. Eileen Smith Teri Jordan ( is the athletic coordinator for Michelle Wheeler Michelle Wheeler ( Sent from my iPhones Dr. Eileen B. Smith
Nancy Sanford Hi Steve, I just watched your show when you brought down a women who,s husband has to out do her.she played Harvey's cash.she won $300. You gave her $1000.00. I was having a bad day,you turned it around for me.thank you for helping me as well. Peace to you. Nancy Sanford, in bennington, vt
Lori Abbott West There was a man on your show that aired 10/18/2017 and he read a couple of stars so I guess you would call him a psychic. Anyway I was wondering how I could get a hold of him. I would really like to speak with him, if I could, I don't have a lot of money, I'm on disability, and I have had a lot of heartbreak in the past few years. I think it would do me some good to talk with him. I'm sorry I can't remember his name. Thank you
Geraldine Boakye Hello, Mr. Harvey, I would love to get a reading today, to clear up some unanswered doubts from my past and to better understand why the things that are happening to me also why I ended up in another country Please and thank you, Geraldine.
Sheryl Lyons I can not navigate so well on the web. Getting old. But i wanna tell ya about 2 peas. Ne snd my girl coming to ny 4 halloween as salt and pepper. Should be. On everyones table no matter what.
Angela Henderson It would so awesome to have the opportunity to meet with Chadwick. I don’t have a big family but do wonder if grandparents who have passed and a few family members that I have lost are ever closer than I think
Debra Williams Hi Steve our family enjoy watching your TV show. That's our laugh for the day. My granddaughter says when Steve come on Granny and she is 22mths old and love her some Steve. Keep making our family laugh. We love you Steve.
Lillian Poling I watch your show every night. game show Family Feud 2 hours at a time you're my favorite TV host. You make me laugh so hard there's never a dull moment never change who you are. Tonight the Berry family you getting on to them about them answering questions about your face I literally was crying laughing it was just too funny. I got to admit I know this show very well and I'm answering the questions
Patti Ferrara Maroon Patti Ferrara Maroon Dear Steve since my mom death I have been struggling with depression.The day before she died I didnt visit with her.I spent most of my days hanging out with my best friend,my mom.My heart is so broken and I need her to tell me one more time And Patty dont cry when Im gone
Alicia Cicero Hi Steve , I’m in the east coast, just watched the show and will love for chad to tell me about my mom . When she died I never had closure with her because I didn’t had any money to go home for the funeral.
Deborah Allender-Lawson Hi Steve my name is Deborah Lawson and I have had a lot of deaths this year I think I just need to know that I am going to be okay and know that I did the right things at the right time
Sharon Geiger Hi Steve,watching the show today was amazing, the idea of using physicists before your guest for me,no no. My faith is my strength and i really connected with him. Thank you for having Russell Brand on, im reading his book now. I watch your show faithfully, my mom and dad grew up in Cleveland and I get something from you everyday, today was inspirational and uplifting. Thank you from Brewer,Maine!
Kathy Taylor I just watched your show. I am always excited to see what u do next. I am 65 and in a elder sewing group. We sew for hospists and the homeless and a hospital for children in Paris tn. Would love for u to tell the elder women of America they can make a difference in lives. For hospists people by sewing prayer quilts. So join us in doing so. Mercer baptist church. In Mercer tn. Love your show. Keep up the good things u do every day. GOD BLESS U AND YOUR FAMILY
Richard Scott Braddix One of the best things in Captain America: Civil War. I was hyped like a kid on Christmas when he came on screen in costume.
Tammy Leona Preedom OK Steve 1?why did gyou move your show I'm not a big fan of this new one love the old one wish you would have stayed in Chicago but still love you
Rosemary Villa Hi Steve I'm a big fan of urs love your smile😚 with that being said I've had a heck of a life nd I would love to meet Reginald if I can
Dawnyette Glover Hello Steve,We are reaching out to ask for support in opening our community center in GA. I do not get paid or take a salary at all. All services are free. We are completely transparent and really need help to complete our bathroom and kitchen at the center. Our pictures are on our wall. 678-832-3452 We are tax deductible, donations can be made online. We could use the blessing. #gabriellesplace
Rica Ca Hello Steve I'm iquring about the young man that was on your show the can read people I need his help asap please
Christine Brown Tired of not having extra money for bills, groceries, etc?? Inbox me if you're looking for an REAL and LEGIT opportunity to make money online...
Slimbody Freedom Steve i would like to meet that black mind reader my dad passed and its something strange to me about his death i need closure plz help me steve my name is kym
Rodney Green I don't like the new Steve.... You need to go back to the old format 😡
Mary Badinger I would love to be connected to Chadwick Boseman
Jackie Beukes Hi Uncle Steve,how u?I am from Zimbabwe. I like your cool
Musconga Musicgh Watch these little kids with the most hilarious comedy skit
Clodagh Bradshaw Aine Hughes IM SO EXCITED!!!!
Steve Harvey
Steve HarveyTuesday, October 17th, 2017 at 10:41am

This never gets easy… #60isthenew40 Obi Obadike

Steve Harvey
Rose Hargrett Steve I'm very proud of you, stop acting like it kill you. I just finished figure competition. I trained for 7 months and more. I placed 1st and 3rd place. I'm 56 years old. You got this. Come on now. Lol
Linda Tibbs proud of you but please don't loose no more weight!!!you can really tell you've lost weight but when you smile its pretty but it's just different love you steve harvey you are sooooooooooooooo good at everything you do, you keep a lot of us wanting to keep on keeping family fued,little big shots,but your show in calif, is just different liked the other one you steve
Bevelya Jackson Keep up the good work I just started exercising today and I pray I pray to Jehovah God in Jesus name to keep it up each and every day you motivated me Steve Harvey thank you
Konradas Pukinskas You Go My nigga,work hard play hard,go get them muscles,may god bless your soul Steve,you are lots of peoples Idol,dont let them down,keep on keeping on my nigga!!!
Andre McFadden Hey steve My name is Andre McFadden...Im 28 and been out of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice after doing 8 years in prison since August 2nd of 2017..Im contacting you because Ive been compared to you since I was 13. So its only natural I tell you while I was in prison I wrote 3 children novels, 3 urban novels, Poems, Inspirational writings, and movie idead, and inventions and business plans. I would like you to help me. I have a 9 year old daughter name Camille, and her nickname since birth is Ladybug. So I wrote a book 2 books which is a series. Then I have another book I wrote for her too.I dont think I should ever have to struggle when my brain moves in the ways that it moves. But I been struggling getting my foot in the right direction. I need a job as of right now. i been getting screwed over because of me being in the felon column on applications! So if yoi have a job for me at the least and put me as a you in the younger version of you in a movie!!!!!!Naw man but I need helo Steve. The world is cruel out here. Help!!!!
Roda James Awesome Mr Harvey...i need to borrow ur trainer n the treadmill for a few months IJS trying to get my new 20s on
Hilaria Fermin Dear Steve could you send me that fryer another am from Trinidad an Tobago name is miss Hilaria Fermin love your shows
Sam Hill If it was easy.... everyone would be doing it ... :)
Tim McGowan Hurts my back watching that move, lay down and do knockouts to hit those triceps
Cappy Suz If it gets easy, you’re doing it wrong.
Cecil Fluker Me on the News fighting against the County jail
Mapaseka Mampuru I love you Steve! This is the cool kid from south Africa, I am your biggest fan!! Love you!!?
Trina Gibson That’s all you can do Steve I can do 100 of those 30 lbs
Lynett Hawley That wifey got you going huh?..Keep up the appreciation for her motivation..
Megan Patel It may be hard but you’re doing it! Beginning is half the battle!
Cecil Fluker Put me on your morning show Steve it's about the crooked Cleveland county jail
Royalt Banks Thats impressive for a 60 year old!
Gettie Collins So proud of you but concerned as well. Please don't overdo.
Anthony R Coleman just give it time the more you work out the stronger you get
Anthony R Coleman If so you can call me
Anthony R Coleman I'm calling lawyers around this area but they seem to be clowns you have someone you can recommend
Janice Moye Your doing great Mr Harvey and looking handsome
Angela Padilla Get on a treadmill with those in your hands, now do 4.5 and walk fast lifting those!!
Gam Murphy Great job Steve! You are a inspiration to all of us! God bless you and the family !
Charmaine Bonneville Keep up the good work Steve.👍
Steve Harvey
Steve HarveySunday, October 15th, 2017 at 10:46pm
Audrey Ross Finish cut not seen very talented. What happened to Mr. Steve or Mr. Harvey? I'm from the old school we had to address adults as Mr. or Ms.
Monique Monay Seems like he has skills. have to be a respectful young man also. But he's Mr. Harvey to you.
Manuel David Castillo Dude is funny and talented.. having a good time I couldn't stop laughing when Steve bump into him and little dude was like.. Steve for real...lmfao
LaTrice Brown If this clip was about a hair cut why did I see everything but a haircut ... also that child's mouth seem to be a little disrespectful ... funny or not get some manners ... respect goes a long way
Zonda Barnes I need to see the rest of this.... Over here crying laughing... Asking that man how much he charge... #donottryitmrharvey
Rosalind Renee Steve, this show proves your comedic genius.... I am still laughing out loud!.... you turned that situation to a Steve Hilarious moment.... the pimp voice...too funny!.... yes the little boy was disrespectful.... calling you Steve, getting smart, & asking you to sweep proved the difference between a comic & comedian... #funnyman #steve
Christianne Petersen Erwin Love those Scooby Cuts. I'll be lookin for those Scooby Cut salons in the future. Move over Happy Looker ...Scooby's on his way !
Dominick Lewis He still a tad bit disrespectful.. but he got time to learn... I’m sure it’s some openings at Steve’s mentoring program ...
Mizsd Scott Steve should've had someone with an afro that was willing to cut it off to sit in the chair. All Lil Man had to do was outline the old cut. I wanna see his true skill set....
Kenneth D Aston Jr What about Child labor laws and where is his license? Nice "talent" but that lil dude would never cut my hair lol
Gloria Stuart-Wade Steve, I know you are a comedian, but you stretch your jokes out way, way to long. Just do the joke and move on. Don't keep going with it.
Ida Bekker Gryseels Dearest Steve. I can feel & see the love & compassion you feel & show to humanity and it's just so beautiful. Much love. I #nobias #unconditionallove
Rhonda Allen Congratulations to the Houston station. I glad my children adults can listen to the Inspiration section in the mornings
Angela Jones Clark Scripted or not..his time was real limited on the show after his communication skills were put to the test and just a blink of the end result was shown..that speaks volume to other kids when they are on the matter the age..just my 2 cents...
Lori Buell-Harris What channel are you on and what time? I DVR you and they are not recording. What shows? I have family feud recording.
Kandice Nelson Mays Congrats lil scooby cutzs Memphis is rooting for you everybody in Memphis knows you are talented and going somewhere
Nichole Blansett Please take a min to read our family story. My 3yr old son has leukemia, very high risk. Every share and donation matters. Thank you so much. P. S. this is not fake, spam or scam. Please keep Negative thoughts to yourself.
Kristy Starr Ritter Omgosh that's hilarious!! Coming from a hairstylist, we will hire that young man😅😉
Cece L. Frazier Teach em young. Boy has plenty of potential 👌👌
Tiffany McLeod Some of these comments are pure fuckery.... Why won't y'all let Lil baby shine.... He has an amazing talent and skills .....why do y'all keep talking about child labor laws .... He is not working he is PERFECTING HIS CRAFT.... AND HE IS NOT THE ONLY KID THAT HASNT ADDRESSED HIM AS MR.STEVE OR MR.HARVEY
Michelle Brown I wanted to see the final cut
Charlene Todd Awww we didn't get to see the results!!
Carl Morrison "Great sportsman ship" "Praise da LORD, AMEN"
Sand Naylor Check the little man he's got it going on
Kat Hudson Hopefully it was scripted if not he needs to be taught mannerism!
Steve Harvey
Steve HarveyThursday, October 12th, 2017 at 7:20pm

These two little ladies may give some of the best advice I’ve heard...

Carmen Carter I saw the show yesterday and these two young QUEENS 👑 👑 are definitely wise beyond their years¡¡¡ I envision ALL kinds of speaking engagements in their future❗❗❗
Al Khaldi Mary There cute but teaching and allowing children to be young divas will. Be bad in the long run may God bless them and all children
Gina Marie Therese Still do not like the new Steve- he is arrogant and acts self entitled. He is not Oprah or Cher. I wouldn't be surprised if ratings drop.
Michelle Rhoden Omg I just show my their video about call Jesus now I am watching them on Steve Harvey show lovely 😊 all good things 👌👍👊😊
Mayme Pett Hope they Are home school. Too much Attitude, for public school, but they are adorable
Esther Tine-Iulun They looked so cute in your show yesterday.
Annette Harris Love this segment, Steve. I hope you keep them apart of the show.
ChelieChelie Lark Thomas I was definitely impressed...
Lauren Dehaney They're so funny and smart the little psychiatrists they're going places.
Atinka Natreise Rarly My 5 y/o acts the same way. Has all the answers 😏😏
Doreen Lupo I loved them! They should have their own show!
Margaret Goshorn I can't get your program... Don't know what channel or time.... please help me.........
Larketta Anderson They were so cute on the show. Bring them back Steve
Paul Simon Look at those faces....adorable!!!!
Author Shanell Kyles I hope my letter to be a guest on the show will reach you Steve!!!💓
Ty Jonez Steve I have a song 4 Jump how can I get it 2 u
Marcell Vincent The sisters they look so cute I hope you still go to school and learn. I need to sister do not worry about having a boyfriend you get a boyfriend when you grow up you got plenty time to get a menu life I'm staying school go to college OK take care and God bless you
Diane Jordan Takes some advice from these two little girls #women
Sabrina Gales-bell Not cute at all a little girl should stay in a little girls place that's what I teach mines ijs 😕
Nancy Griffin Too much attitude, thier children.
Sharon Patterson Adorable and wise. They got it going on
Kyla Rathbone Nicole love them!!!
Mary Carmen Hernández APPEAL OF JESUS-GOD ​​IN THE BLESSED SACRAMENT TO HUMANITY: My children, I tell you again: be prepared because everything is about to unfold. Many will say: Lord, when will this be? The days are passing by and nothing is happening and the world is getting worse and worse. I reply to them: I will wait until the last thousandth of My Mercy is exhausted because I am faithful to My Word; that is why I'm feared. I'll wait for everything to be consumed and that is about to be fulfilled. Only when the last second of My Mercy is consummated, will I give sway to My Justice; before that , No. You think like men and always seek punishment and revenge; but for God the most important thing is the Salvation of humanity. Amen
Mayme Pett
Steve Harvey
Steve HarveyThursday, October 12th, 2017 at 5:34am

Pray every day.

Sally Mokgadi Uncle Steve,tobe honest this week from monday i didnt pray,maybe i prayed too much or i cry too much,i know God will never forsake me but this time i feel like the world turns against me.i will find strength again
Kimberly Duncan Steve Harvey you inspire me so much. Life gets me down, and I come to your page. Saw you a couple of Months in LA when you were filming family feud and your words after the show really resonated with me. Thank you for being a beacon of hope and light in a world where hate is easy and sadness is easy to succumb to. Pray every SINGLE day.
Sandra Baker I do pray everyday. I have financial problems and health issues. I also have 4 great kids and 15 wonderful grand kids and 3 great grand kids. Love your game shows. God bless you and your family.
Venise Vinegar Yes! YES!!! I do pray every day...I say the Lord’s Prayer every waking day in an attitude of gratitude before I start my day! God does answer prayers. I was blessed with an opportunity to travel to South Africa in August. However, as I was preparing to leave for my trip, my 84 year old aunt called me in distress. I was able to get her the health care services she needed at that time and the process has been ongoing. I didn’t think I would be able to take my trip to South Africa, but God is always in control. Upon my return from SA, I have been there for my aunt as she struggles with her health care issues. She is now in custodial long term care. Prayer has been my strength and my rock. I have been blessed with a very powerful and spiritual prayer support group that is keeping me balanced and focused. That prayer group includes my 92 year old uncle. Prayer continues to bless me with the love, sensitivity, understanding and wisdom I need to support my aunt through a very difficult and challenging life changing event. She is now having "visions and conversations" with friends and family members she believes are there with her in her nursing facility and talks to them even when I am visiting. Prayer is more than amazing it is God's grace, protection and gift to us. My 92 year old uncle has a wonderful acronym that he shared with me: "HBO." Hear, believe and obey the word of God and your prayers will be answered. Thank you for this post Mr. Harvey. It is right on time for me. So grateful for you and may God continue to bless you and your family and all that you do to contribute to making this world a better place for us all to live in, right here and right now. Peace, love and light
Lydia Rovira After huracane Maria Puerto Rico is a nightmare.. no power, no water,, no gasoline and no signal for 13 days and still without .We all are doing our best so Puerto Rico can stand up like we use too ...just wanted you to know that you keep me going ..always have good and happy memories of your shows and you ..I haven't see you for a while and miss you so much..because you make so happy God Bless you Steve Harvey hopping to see your shows soon...Lydia Rovira Puerto Rico se levanta...!!
Lisa Johnson Brother Harvey, I love your show and the love you have for your family, but we only have so much time, so share the Gospel more,only what you do for Christ will last, God has call you for this time, USE IT FOR THE GOSPEL AMEN !
Della Poitier Prayer 🙏 is the line from earth to glory and he is always on the line Good morning 🕗 Mr. Harvey and thanks for your encouraging words God bless you and your family 👪
Christine Scott Amen steve!!! I have an story to tell steve,nd I hope that 1 day I can come in your show to tell u bout it nd I have questions that only u can anzwer!! Thank 4 allowing me to b apart of your circle.
Mark Davis Lord, thank you for Mr. Harvey and his family, watch over them and direct their paths today, thank you for the joy you have placed in Mr. Harvey’s heart, that he shares with us and also the hope we have in You, Amen!
Jennifer Sanders Steve Harvey I pray every day. Sometimes I wonder is he listening to me. I wish I had someone like you that I could talk to. I pray for my marriage and family everyday.
MsNiki Woodruff I'm loving this thread. Such positivity in a world filled with so much hate and anger. I'm being so inspired I don't want to leave. Be blessed everyone.
Carolyne Crawford hello steve I pray everyday for some help...Our school is in the need of busses and I was hoping you can help us. Our school is a charter school it has been open for about (6) six years we are trying to raise money for our school..what I would like for you to help us to purchases some buses or give us a donation toward buying some busses. maybe thats asking a bit to much but I am trying to help our school. our schoolis located inErie,Pa. and I am a grandma at the school and also the president of our RFO which stands for
Aracely Andrew Flentroy Steve I really need your help. I Sant to surprise my husband he is doing a great thing for the community and for the homeless kids. Please please contact me so I can tell you about this wonderful thing he is doing
Candice Hick Yes sir, We open with a prayer each day And Between the hours of day . Close by thanking for Allowing Us To see , breathe and smell The gift of life🎈
Tess Roberts Steve know what prayer build on still call him sinner he selfish some of time didnt send no funds houston or Atlanta for homeless in atl all around where he work and harvey victim thank for help we did receive much from fema but Steve just post sorry havery
Lora Wilson Steve I pray everyday. Because of the things I have being through of losing a mom and two children and I pray for you that god keep you continue to bless you
Julie Stull Steve just wanted you to know thanks for all you have done with your fans and I still wish you and your wife would come to Gettysburg pa and meet the people here
Nicole Ortega Sure wish I could meet you Mr Steve, any chance you could pass through Santa Fe new Mexico, I could use some help!!!!!!!!
Katrina M Jones Yes Sr. Mr. Steve Harvey! You have a powerful ministry built within you too Sr. Thanks for the laughs! God was you and your in Jesus name!😊
Geraldine Mayfield Steve Harvey, I pray every day, and thank God for letting me see another day! Can't make it without praying first thing in the morning. God has been so good to me!!!
Britney Meler STEVE seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these. things shall be added unto you.
Sharon Berry Like the words in the Song Christian Automobile sung by the Persuasions...PRAYER IS THE DRIVERS LICENSE..FAITH IS THE STEERING WHEEL #GoodMorningSir
Terri Lynn On October 8 2017 KCMO had their 113th homicide victim Marco Green they took a father a son a brother and a high school sweet heart from us....My daughter is left behind with 4 beautiful children who's father had recently purchased a fixer upper home was starting to gut it out before he was murdered...its taken A WEEK AND ONE DAY and the family still falls 2,000 short of burial funds....his 3rd child Miah is having a bday November 2....His only son in December.... He was the provider Steve he worked non stop to see his children have all they needed and most of what they wanted...haha his baby Bella is a pancake addict they spent a lot a lot of time IHOP.... He would take his oldest daughter on "dates" open the doors for her get her nails an toes did lol and tell her "any knucklehead who don't or won't treat you like this YOU DONT AND WON'T"..... PLEASE HELP THIS FAMILY STEVE
Tamaira Velasco Moore I was raised and taught to pray 🙏 it really works. Pray everyday not just in trouble times.
MsNiki Woodruff All day everyday. Before i go to bed, before my feet hit the floor. And all throughout the day
Steve Harvey
Steve HarveyWednesday, October 11th, 2017 at 12:31pm

Ladies, here’s how you know when it’s real.

Steve Harvey
Catherine Robert that's so true, Steve Harvey...I met my husband 20 years ago in an AOL chat room..or rather he was in the same chat room and then IM'd me out of the blue...we started 'talking' to each other every night, then we started speaking on the phone every night, then he asked me to dinner. I met him in person..looked in his eyes and I knew...I don't know how I knew, I just did. And, it wasn't an ah ha was like a habitual thought...just there. 'There he is. My guy'. We moved in with each other 6 months later, got married 9 months after we met. Our 20th anniversary will be this December 13th. :) Just about literally..he's the peanut butter to my jelly, my mac to his cheese, my yin to his yang...we are a unit together but while we can stand alone, we ARE each other. <3
David Britten Ok I love Steve Harvey but when did he become the relationship Guru . Hes on his third wife and I hope his current wife is the one and they seem to be very happy . But maybe relationship advice isn' t his strong suit just like I wouldn't get financial advice from someone who's broke. I don't think I would take relationship advice from Steve Harvey . That being said Family Fued is still the bomb.
Siyabonga Kubeka There are some good ladies out there who do not look for material or money from men.........they loved their poor men or boyfriends unconditionally.
Donny Spoon Tell her Steve, cause if she gotta ask, then she doesn't know! Leave that bird alone, he ain't the one for you!!
Raya Sellam omg, is that Toni Braxton? Maybe if she covers up her boobies she will get the right guy. Just saying ;)
Gregory Allen Steven should know he had a side piece. Fo 15yrs den yall bought his book, gon listen to an adulterer who married his sidepiece
Sabrina Sunshiine Huston So on point, my husband calls me all day everyday... just to say" I miss you, I love you, how are you doing " he's very consistent and he never misses a day!
Annette Harris I love you Steve. But... need to be careful what you say. How do you think your other 2 wives feel when they hear something like this? You didn't think about them when you on the road? You couldn't breath when you was married to them?
JH Checa Hall God has the perfect partner for you. The one that loves you more than he loves himself. The one that works for you and your kids. The one that loves your family. It will be like a guardian from heaven. ❤️
Michael Climer Communication is the way you'll find out. Find out who he is before sleeping with him and having that distort your views.
Patrice C. Davis So true. Sometimes we want to rush, force and make it happen. The Bible says, "he who finds.a wife, fines a good thing. Key word: 'he'. Amen
Robert Fleur People look for hapiness in the wrong places and enhance that by using the wrong bait. Generally speaking. If you dress to reveal your body regardless of how beautiful you are on the inside or outside. How is he going to be attracted by your mind? If you would look for a man to value in every way then make sure he can instead of looking for pointless fights over the smallest things. If you claim to be strong and secure. Then don't become a controlling woman. To look for the right person become the right person. People tend to reflect. Your catch will be as good as your bait. Respect yourselves and a respectful man will try to become the one to bite your bait.
Corey C Johnson The only truth he spoke was "God will make sure it's right"... when this guy learns to be faithful and stays with just one woman, THEN I'll see his word as being valid. His earlier words were practiced by ppl who still turned out to be counterfeit and not GODSENT. The only thing real he said was "wait on God".
Patricia Sahai again, i think she cheapened and devalued Steve's message by coming on the show dressed like a hoochie mama
Cynthia Brewton Steve you have the best advice. You just described my husband. We are now going on 16 years happily married. Took me three times to get it
Nicole Thompson Yes so true and when you have a man in your life and he feels the same way about you after 3 yrs like he just met you then you also will know he don't change he do the same thing or even more you know at times you meet a man and the first 6 months the sex gets less but when you have that man that still turns on every time he sees you then girl you know I remember when I pray and say to God I want someone that love me and only have eyes for me a devoted man that respect his woman and am telling becareful what you ask for cause I don't regret it's so nice to know that someone loves and care and that secure feeling and am telling when you have that feeling where you don't have to worry if he is gonna look or cheat that's a great feeling.. And he is not rich we are doing it together and ladies trust me you will know as Steve say when you find him. When he gets up and tell you he loves you every morning still for 3 yrs call you and check on you still when he just leave the house and still call to ask if you OK as what Steve say not in a obsessed way or controlling way but in a caring and loving way. When you have a argument and he can't eat remember now ladies no relationship is perfect teeth and tongue must meet but it's the making up part and remember the respect is very important on both sides.
Lynn McNulty Shultz I have to disagree about the not being able to breathe without a person. Being your own person and have someone enhance or help you grow but know with or without you will be ok is important. Breathe without means obsession and not healthy.
Tyara Nielsen Steve is right but I would hope by age 50 you wouldn't have to question anyone else about knowing who is the right man for then you should have lived and learned something.
Donna Miller Stello why does she have to dress with half her chest hanging out??? And they wonder why they get crude comments!
Alexander James-Palmer Steve, I honestly believe that you should have a late-night talk show instead of doing Daytime. You are a funny guy, you have the late night desk, the microphone, you're set! Just move over to ABC or Fox and make it some friendly competition for the other hosts.
Kay Keetsimone He is right. You will know within your spirit. Just like her I kept asking how will I know but recently a spirit of calmness came over me with my mate. I am walking with a spirit of knowing especially because he feels the same. Before I was hesitant with moving forward with a guy if my spirit wasnt at ease and his ills would be a problem for me. But now..... Only when you know will you know what "knowing" means.
Tina Drayton-Nelson The first thing you have to do is build trust mutually. That is the biggest hurdle. If this area is mishandled, it doesn't matter if he calls 10 times a day.
Stephanie Warren Steve, God will let you know if you want Him in your business. Sometime we want someone so bad that we will ignore God's red lights. There maybe stop signs everywhere. God will then allow you to have the person you don't need. It's all about letting God have His way in our lives.
Lynn Fleur The amount of quality time he's willing to spend with you. If he's always around, that's probably him!
Silvia Willis When you DON'T have the answer......., rely on the old "God will let you know & you'll just know it!" BS, my dad always told his girls a woman's intuition is the strongest tool & weapon she has!, learn to trust that ladies!! Your internal female, I don't care if you name her Sasha fierce or your ego, she will always know & if you pay attention to the warnings & messages she sends, she will never steer you in the wrong direction!
Steve Harvey
Steve HarveyWednesday, October 11th, 2017 at 5:01am

Man, I thought I was about to pass out... #60isthenew40

Steve Harvey
Brian Achevi Mkweli Great Steve Harvey I want to reach that age while am still active like you or even more . I like your fitness motivation.
Minor-Beanie Bowens Steve you look great, keep up the hard work. We at 60 and can still do what we do when it comes to working out is outstanding. You’re not playing up, you’re setting new standards. 🏋🏾‍♀️
Allyson Dennard Dang, Capricorn. I almost didn't feel like going to the gym today with my 42 year old behind, but after I saw Mrs. Harvey's Birthday picture I was like okay I'm going. So I understand what you gotta you gotta do.
Asix Nelson Come on mr. Harvey if you knew better you do better. Our body is our temple if you try or attempt to play catch up ya body will resist. Stay focus and keep health first for you and ya fam . Much love A6IX
Janet Partrick Your dedicated and is working for you. You already looked good in everything you wear but this is going to be even a better Steve your biggest fans in Athens Al
Carnel Creary Wasn't sure of the best way to get this message to you Steve but : If the NFL is so botherd with players taking a knee, why don't they suggest in lieu of the players kneeling, have their team captains before every game and the playing of the national anthem read a pledge to stop racism and also police injustice in communities while all players wear an arm band just like soccer that state the same? I bet they won't even consider that because the corruption is so deeply rooted into their politics FIFA (the governing body of football (soccer) require each team captain to read a pledge to stop racism. Not sure if your voice can suggest this option
Margaret Williams Yes Mr Harvey u doing the right thing workout is not easy when dem chainer dem with your body u no gd for your self when I get home from the gym I get to sleep befor I take a shower omg Lol
Gettie Collins Please be careful. We love & need you. The Lord has given you a Gift that the world really needs. Stay Humble.
Robert James Young gives us a break. who cares if you excersise. just another bs stunt. go help the blacks. your show is all liberals. well you did vote hillary. your phoney.
Regina Johnson Keep going Steve. Your heart will thank you!
Francisco Medinq No... 60 is still 60 40 is 40 . You old , but goddamn you still have it harv
Pauline Eleanora YES IT IS..LOL my dad works out and he is 84 years old...and people get my age wrong also..
Justin Butler Glad to see you keeping at it man. Love your spirit.
Debbie Fusco That's right keep moving
Valencia Porche Awesome...I agree 63 is the new 43...Work it!
Lynette Perigord Great job Steve. This inspires me to keep moving
Anthony R Coleman Working out is really good for you stay healthy
Brenda Carter Gm. Steve keep on pushing. you You will soon have that six pack. Good job.
Adrian Barden 60 is the new 50..... but I like your thinking🤗🤗
Sherry Davis Good morning beautiful day nice picture, video looking great.
Janet Boone not to bad steve dont over do it take it slow little at a time
Krishon Code Can you please bring back the Neighborhood Award weekend
Julian Jarvis Getting that work I see, keep pushing. While others exercise their thumbs.
Cassandra Richardson Who da hell would work out in a dress suit? Nobody but Steve!!!
Steve Harvey
Steve HarveyTuesday, October 10th, 2017 at 5:29pm

Happy birthday to the love of my life, Marjorie. What you've given me I could never repay I know you're feeling grateful about today but I'm way past that so go on and throw your hands up cause mine already up

Al Khaldi Mary Your a beautiful classy woman but why u have to hang ur breast out it does not make you more beautiful it’s like on the verge of trash to much
Mayor Jo Opacic Borato Happy & Blessed Birthday! You're a blessed man Steve Harvey Beautiful wife & family! Love all of your shows! And your inspirational message.
Michell Nichold Hyman When a man declares a woman the love of his’s worth more than 1 million gifts. Happy Birthday to your beautiful wife ♥️🎈
Olivia B. Dorsey Sorry for the haters comments, you are a beautiful women, you and Steve have a great marriage and family. God has blessed you both. Everybody can not swallow your success. Keep your head up and continue to do you. Enjoy life to the fullest. God Bless.
Michael Boskett Hey she's looking great she must have had some work done cuz she looks like she's 30 years old. But I ain't mad at her if I had her money I have some work done too
Teresa Mccormick Happy BIrthday Birthday!! I love everything about you. The way you're a wife, mother, grandmother. Your beautiful, a strong woman, & very classy. Keep being yourself cuz you are blessing so many women. So njoy your day ❤.. 🎂🎁🎉🎊🎈
Marian Marks Not very classy looking. You're a beautiful lady. Do you think having your boobs out and your legs wide open adds to your beauty? I think not.
Faith Wama God have mercy everyone here is wishing them happiness while they live ADULTERY chaii... sin has blinded many... no one is zealous for God... look at this woman she is half naked everyone is celebrating her instead standing for truth n rebuke n correct her am sure they read the comments... God looks from heaven n cry
Debra Reid Happy🎂🎁Birthday to you Marjorie! May you have many more beautiful birthdays💜. Enjoy your special day🍷🍷🍾🍾🎈🎈🎈🎈. May God continue to pour out his blessings for you and Steve. Much love to the both of you💜💜💜💜💜. Congratulations!!!
Alex Thornton-Pinckard Happy birthday Mrs. Harvey Grandmother has fallen in love with your husband.... it's so cute.... she's 96 and she just thinks he is the coolest thing ever.... God Bless you both of you... you bring such beauty to this world and a smile too so many faces .....and oh my God Marjorie you're beautiful..... you too Steve just ask my Granny!!!! 💘 💘 💘 and more 💘
Tee Johnson Please Steve go to Lindsey's Facebook page and read about her story! Here son Ayden is 3 years old battling stage 4 cancer! The doctors have given little Ayden 3 weeks to live (2 weeks left), they have given up on Ayden, every clinic his mother calls refuse to give him treatment. How can you ever give up on a child?? Lindsey and her precious son Aydens story is absolutely heartbreaking and at the same time inspirational. Lindsey's love and bond with her son have inspired so many to be better parents and never ever to take anything for granted. She shares her story and show the reality nobody talks about when it comes to childhood cancer!! Please everyone go to her page and share share share so more people get to know about this and maybe we can change/ improve cancer treatments for our children! 🙏🏻🙏🏻💔💔😢 — with Lindsey Licari.
Wangechi Wa Judy Cover your chest and breasts. It's disgusting. Embarrassing indeed. How old are you? A teenager without parental guidance.
Pamela Bailey Happy Birthday my one enjoy your day to the fullest. May God continue to bless, keep, and shine down upon you much love.
Jeanne Sims Interesting lady-like seated position. I remember seeing a photo of Cindy Garvey (beautiful ex-wife of Dodger Steve Garvey) and wondered why she did that. Mothers from the past are rolling over in their graves when seeing this. But to laugh . . .
Shauntai Leach Happy Birthday Beautiful Woman! To all the people posting about her sexy look obviously her husband loves it because he chose the picture Be you and let her be herself Women need to stop trying to put shame on this woman because of her showing breast somewhat It's her body and she's gorgeous so get over it
Jon Hill Steve has no shame letting his wife show her breasts to the whole world. What's wrong with Harvey? I guess he got no backbone to tell his wife that Jesus don't like you showing your ungodly breasts to the whole world.Cause we are supposed to love Jesus and do what he say not what we want to do or hell is waiting on us.
Ann Harbin Happy birthday to beautiful 😍 🌹 and may God bless you many more to come and enjoy 🎁 🛍️ 🎂 🎈 🎉 🎊 and for yall sitting here worrying about how she looks please stop ✋ because what she has on don't define who she is as a wonderful mother and wife take several seats backkk until you fall I mean really people
Holly Beth Conway Happy Birthday Mrs. Harvey. You are simply beautiful. Mr. Steve Harvey you are a lucky man. Have a day filled with memories that last your lifetime.
Gemini Major Mr.Harvey, you are a inspiration, a credit to your race, I have much love and respect for you. May God continue to bless you and keep you and yours in the palm of his hand .Happy birthday to your beautiful wife and may she have many many more.
Moe Lubie If you got it show it, she has it why not?she looks sensational,what's age? Age is a number right? This world is full of negativity omg__mr.Steve Harvey you got a beautiful and classy wife love her and cherish /\i love you both*God bless you and your families
Debbie Jordan Happy birthday, beautiful Marjorie!!! I know you already know this, but you are so blessed and are such a blessing!! I hope you've thoroughly enjoyed your day!
Ruth Rieder Happy Birthday Mrs. Marjorie. You are a beautiful lady and have the most gorgeous eyes. Mr. Steve is awesome. Handsome & full of humor. God Bless You both today of all days.
Ana Murray Happy birthday Pretty lady U R so Blessed with a wonderful Man that Loves the Ground u walk on! God's blessings to you ALWAYS nothing but great wishes for you on Your special day😍👍👍👏👏💋
Deirdre DeLaughder Happy, Happy Birthday!! :) :) :) LOVE, LOVE Steve Harvey, the comedian, the entertainer, the nice man. God blesses those who bless others, your life is a testimony of this. Have a wonderful day celebrating your beautiful wifes birthday! :)
Melrose Edwards Man she is truly beautiful and fabulous. Happy birthday Marjorie. Have an awesome day and wishing you continued happiness, success and many blessings.