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No stranger to BIG endeavors or Morning Drive radio, after a successful 5-year stint in L.A. Harvey starred in five seasons of his own hit sitcom “THE STEVE HARVEY SHOW”,  hosted “SHOWTIME AT THE APOLLO” and the WB’s “STEVE HARVEY’S BIG TIME CHALLENGE”.  His film credits include “JOHNSON’S FAMILY VACATION”, “YOU GOT SERVED”, “LOVE DON’T COST A THING” and the animated “RACING STRIPES” … to name a few. A talent like Steve reinforces our commitment to serve the community with funny and compelling content.  After all, he is the “King of Comedy”.sticker_facebook

Steve Harvey
Steve HarveyTuesday, March 28th, 2017 at 8:56am

THIS is how you do it! 😂 Let everybody know Dad, including that girl that thinks he's smart. #YouGonLearnToday

Nicole Natasha Lots of comments on what this dad should have done... no one knows how much time he's spent talking to working with encouraging paying for tutors etc, so saying he isn't doing enough is just speculation. Some kids like learning the hard way and the lesson here is exactly what he's showing, his son will miss out on a lot of great things focusing on the wrong things and not doing the one thing he needs to do and that's keeping his grades up. This man is using methods he hope with work for his household, not anyone elses. Parenting isn't an exact science. Geesh
Shayne Gibbons Why so many people butthurt by this? It's called tough love. If many of you would stop treating your children like infants maybe they would learn to take responsibility for their own education and grow up to become proper adults
Denise Marie This guy is dad of the year. These comments from these weenie whiny people who say oh don't impairs your child. Or I think it's disgusting. They're the ones that are too busy trying to be a friend with their child instead of parenting their child. Truth of the matter is ho The sign tells the child to get his grades BACK UP. This means he could achieve it and has achieved it before. Now he slacking when you slack you miss out. Stop making excuses for your kids people stop trying to be their friend and be there. Hold them accountable
Kamelly Saunders OMG... a bunch of people here that are about to cry. Seriously? What this dad did so bad? Embarrassed the kid how? If my dad would have done this to me I would have think it's hilarious and not feeling embarrassed for 1 second. Get a life and start learning how to take a joke.
Kenneth D Aston Jr Why? BI (before the Internet) what a child did good/bad would stay in the home, now everyone knows how bad of a parent HE is because he should've sat there and help his son become a better student! So Dad, maybe you shouldn't be at the game either! #DadFail
Candace Lynn Parker The kid was already punished now his Dad took great joy in embarrassing the kid too. I pray this kid leans on God and doesn't grow bitter towards his Dad, classmates that will tease him, and online trolls.
Ann Williams This is called parenting! There should be consequences for bad choices/behavior. I was in public education for 32 years and I had parents that would tell their kids if you don't get your grades up no sports, games, etc. and then not follow through. The parents that did follow up and took something away from their kids were more successful with their kids. I'm not bashing this guy one bit!!
Michelle Kyne Way to go Dad! Keep it up! We were a little too easy on our daughter and she struggled through high school but thank God she realized how important an education is and now has a great job!
Sabrina Brooks So embarrassing. Like I don't believe in embarrassing kids. But I agree, get those grades up kid. Natural Consequences. Kid will remember this as he becomes CEO or VP of a NBA team one day, how his dad challenged him to do his best.
Neesha Amor How is he embarrassing his child?...99 percent of the people that saw this sign couldn't pick the dad or kid out of a line up lol. Who is Thomas? Riddle me this 😂
Manda Vigil-Griego Here comes all the perfect parents with perfect kids telling everyone what to do 🙄 and the "politically correct" ones thinking this is to harsh while they worry to much about being their kids friend before being a parent with rules.. smh!!! We need more tuff love in this world..
Millie Taylot Dad is not trolling. People hold up all kinds signs. He chose to speak to his son. The sign was not for everyone. I'm sure his son understood. That's all that matters. The son will strive to make the next game.
Erin Miller If the sign said "Thomas, if you'd passed English, you'd be here" I would see a problem, but this dad is very clearly bummed that his kid is missing out and giving him a clear goal to work toward. I bet next game, Thomas' butt is in that seat next to him.
Loralee Starrett At first I thought it was funny. Then I remembered what I told my kids. You don't embarass me and I won't embarrass you.. Look out dad, the ball is in his court.
Judy Simera so many comments on 'aww...this is too hurtful'. always looking at the glass as half-empty. I like THIS perspective: maybe dad tried encouragement. maybe he's trying to tell his son, ' hey. I wish you were right next to me. the reward for good grades next time is coming out and having a great time. I miss you. I know you will be here next time." glass half full.
Nancy Garcia We tell the parents to start parenting and then get criticized when we do. Maybe some of you should look up what happened at The IX Center in Cleveland this past weekend. That's one path this father is trying to avoid.
Kiakahi Matsumoto Kids unfortunately learn through via five things: pain, sadness, guilt, embarrassment, and fear. They don't learn any other way (Lord knows I never did as a kid). So, good on you, bub.
Bev Smosny All I have to say is: GOOD FOR THIS DAD!!! Kids today are not being taught there are consequences to their actions. It would have been a lot worse than a sign in my generation, and I am blessed to have been raised when I was. I would give this Dad a hug or at least, shake his hand; or both.
Monique Lucious Omg no matter what you do someone will disagree get over opinion i think this was a great ideal. Next time you will think twice about keeping up your grades. Nba tickets are not cheap.
Monica Taylor He is doing what he thinks is right, and that's fine. I don't know if I would have done it (mine are grown) but maybe I would have. It may depend on the situation, is the kid screwing off?
Melanie Cusack Poor kid. Some things should be handled in your own home. Why would you embarrass your kid in front of the whole country. Shaming is not parenting.
Tracey Davis This is like dude who broke up his kid's laptop by shooting it after she posted some craziness about him. Guess he lost out this time. Get those grades up. This is his lesson and a future Thanksgiving story.
Shawnn Owens People are dissatisfied with the father's display. When we as parents stop becoming the focus of our kids disciplinarian views, meaning cyber parents and celebs have taken over, And we no longer have their ear, we need to go harder. I did and will do extra to make sure my kids make it to the next level and just not barely. Kodo to you dad. I ain't mad at ya.
Robbie Lee I think the father did a good thing he is concerned about his son's future and education but he is showing his son how much he cares about him some parents don't but I'll bet his son will do better just so his father won't embarrass him with any more signs especially on tv he's old school all the way.
Chris Dela Rosa I was at the Rockets/Thunder game on Sunday and a woman had the same sign. I wonder if these people even have kids or if they're just trying to get on TV.
Steve Harvey
Steve HarveyMonday, March 27th, 2017 at 1:00pm

When the Blues is real, you feel it in your soul! Catch this clip of 12-year-old guitarist Toby in his performance at Little Big Shots, and hear me sing my own version of the Blues.

Annette Cress Amazing talent. Don't ever lose sight of your dream, Toby.
Willa Smith This young man has blue eye soul to the bone!!🎸. The next BB King. To bad he passed away before he got a chance to see Toby. B. B. King would have been proud of this genius 😉😊😉😊. God bless him!!
Karen Stricklin You Mr Harvey when we are living thru a time of unrest and fearful things that happen,to me you do your best to bring laughter, talent and joy to us that enjoy the happy loving thing going on .Thank you and continue Please
Christina Hernandez I love that....we need more children to inspire and lead...they are our future and what we bring to the table is what they will become....beautiful and passionate!!!
Todd Atkinson Insane...I couldn't even remember where I left my bicycle when I was 11.
Heidi Rider Amazing!!! I was lucky enough to see B.B King 3 times!!! Keep Reaching for the stars! YOU are Amazing as well!! Definitely a day brighter. B.B would be proud. Keep his legacy alive.
Gladys Santiago You know that the "Blues", will be in good hands with kids like these, that are in to it, and enjoy playing this great music, for us to enjoy, WOW!
Christine Antoine You can say what you want Black is and will always be Beautiful and this Kid just show us how he love us . Hats off to this kid keep it up & God bless you .
Andrew Jeremiah I thought I unfollowed this man... when gave his soul for the seat at the enemies table... I thought God provided enough for you... you needed someone else's provisions?
Andrew Jeremiah This is what you call... a true sell out... you guys are sheep... just like the folks that follow trump... hold this man accountable!!!
Jennifer Parrish We saw this and it was amazing! My dad got to play with BB King once in the Delta and he only took my brother to the gig 😢 not sure I will forgive him ever lol
Gina PowellErdmann Sorry for posting this here, but can not find anywhere to post it. Once again I am sorry-----------To ANYONE who can help I am not sure who if anyone will even get this. I am sure that you get tons of emails and letters every day. So if this does get read by, I guess you would call filter readers, I pray that this moves your heart in a way that you will let someone who can help at least read this. You know every once in a while you will have someone come into your life, and the only way you can explain why your life paths crossed with that person can be explained by "God works in mysterious ways" My name is Gina Erdmann from Savannah, Georgia,(even though I now live in St Louis,Mo.) Last January the 28th 2016, my baby sister Barbara Brown passed away. My sister and I were extremely close, and everyone used to say we looked so much alike. Well, my sister's passing sent me into a downward tailspin. All I could do was sit and stare at her pictures and cry. One night I was sitting here in my basement just looking and posting pictures of her on my FB page, and up popped a live video. Now here is where the story gets strange. The live video was a man down in Louisiana. In the small town of Hammond, whose name is Clyde Cain. I do not know him nor anyone that was linked to him. So to explain why his live feed video popped up is a mystery. I have never even been to Louisiana but I sat and listened to him and I actually participated in the conversation to ask for prayers to please make my mind accept the passing of my sister so my heart would stop hurting so bad. This man had a thousand other things to do, with hundreds if not thousands of people needing him, but he took time out of his day to send me his personal phone number so I could call him and talk. He has the kindest heart and the careingest voice you'd ever wanna listen to. And he did not stop with one call, every time we would hang up he would always say; now Gina, you call me anytime and we can pray together or just talk. I am better now because I have something else to focus on I guess. Through my listening to him every night I have found out that this one man has taken on the mission of helping everyone around his Parrish (still not sure what that is, I'm thinking neighborhood) Lots of legal stuff with FEMA holding up the issue, and I am too old to try to learn legal stuff. I am asking if you could find time to watch a few of his live videos and see if there is any way possible you could work your magic and help him. His poor Tahoe is on its last leg to the point he is too afraid to even let his grandson ride in it, and you would think he would ask for help getting him a decent way to transport the bottled water or blankets or food or all the other things he has to take to the poor people of that Parrish. I mean we are going on 8 months and FEMA has still not come thru with the money. There are families still having to live in mold infested homes. To see this grown strong man sit and talk and pray with all of us while constantly fighting the tears due to he had just come from yet another funeral of a young person due to living in mold infested home. His videos can explain a lot more than I can here and I will give you his link to his website. Now, I am not sure why I feel so strong about this, and to be honest my own family would probably grumble for me begging for help for strangers before our own family. But that is OK, we may not be wealthy, but we have a roof over our heads and Turnips in the belly so we are blessed. Any questions you have you can call me anytime at home at 314-351-1115. If this does reach the right person to help them, thank you for your time and any magic you can make happen for him. His website is the Louisiana Cajun Navy and the other is Truth Seekers of course you can always look him up by his name Clyde Cain. God Bless all of you, Gina
Melissa Miller I watched this young man last week and you can tell by the way he played that he loves doing it and it is as if he has like BB King's soul in him when he plays
Shane Nonstop-Train Joe Bonamossa better be careful, this kid will pass him up on Rolling Stones greatest blues guitarists....that will surely piss off Mr. Joe B 😜😜😜😜
Gustavo Domingos Steven my she's pregnant and and her with just decided to to put your name on the baby because we love you and your family so much.
Teddy Fikre Steve Harvey thanks bro for the like, keep up the good work, I'm going to write about you tomorrow, in a good way of course, thank you for making people smile and not letting the slings and arrows some throw prevent you from making other people laugh and happy. peace and God bless, you are a man of distinction
Komeca Koko Jackson Phillip Ware Toby is the truth! Thought you would appreciate this lil kid lol
Trish Lepour LOOK OUT MOM & DAD.. LADY KIKLER HAHA I met BB back in the 80,'s in Las.Vegas he was definenly a man of soul... Continue the legend young man! You ROCK!
Teddy Fikre How music intertwines the past with the present, it's like melodies escape the clutch and gravity of time and give us a perspective even as history lies. This is the beauty of art and in this video that is referred in this article, the past is discovered through reflection....the bible is alive, this is not about religion, this is a retelling of historical facts #Sheba2Aveva
John Ivey Diggs Richard Harris check out this little fellow!! Man he makes me want to go to Buddy Guy's tonight!!
Lovellyc Bradford Tears to my eyes he is talented. And i feel the blues!!!
Charm Crumrine Linda Shaw Tillman, what do you think? I want to see this kid in 10 years!
Susan Woods Absolutely incredible!! I'm sure he has been signed to a contract. Keep it up young man.
Engr Clem J @steveharvey plz what is name of the blues you just sang on this video?
Steve Harvey
Steve HarveyMonday, March 27th, 2017 at 9:25am

A little something to make you smile this morning. Shout out to all the educators who go the extra mile!

Steve Harvey
KIPP STRIVE Primary School
▶️ • LOVE performs on one of the busiest streets in Atlanta - Peachtree Street! #AYSTAK2017
Sharron Taylor My baby is in this group!! I have been nothing less than proud and blessed for her to have​ had an opportunity to be apart of this group for the last five years under the leadership of Adam Bursh !! All my daughter talks about is being on your show!!!!
Shanta Brown So Steve I watch u everyday! Although my son isn't apart of the L.O.V.E. group he is apart of the KSP Family. Not only are these kids amazing, the man who's responsible for all of this is phenomenal! I think he need to be your next Harvey Hero!! Check him out Steve! Adam Bursh
Karen Andersen God has given them a spirit of peace, love, & of a sound mind. Their Coach/Teacher, God has prepared you to carry a torch tht lights a new generation of Kings & Queens. May the Angel of God be encamped around each of you till God says come home. Enjoyed the reindition of our anthem the best. Luv you much yng people will be keeping you lifted in my prayers...
Aleita Williams These children are awesome, we need this in every state in every school spread the love, and joy and knowledge for the children. Great job instructors!!
Denise Marie Loved This!! It is great to see uplifting and positive messages and images from our youth and their educators that truly care on social media! Lets make an effort to post more of this and less of rachetness!. Thank you students and your coach for making my day!
Rylee Black Hi everyone!! I have a story to share about my incredible father. My dad was diagnosed with head and neck cancer in June 2015 and it has since spread to his lungs. He will never eat or drink again due to the radiation, he has neuropathy and restless leg syndrome from the chemotherapy and this week he got a trache put in because he has serious trouble breathing. A family friend offered to set up a donation page for him and my mom to help with the piling medical bills. They put aside their pride and finally accepted her offer because they're mentally, physically, spiritually and financially exhausted. I'm writing this in hopes that someone in these comments could share this link so that the word can get out about the donation page or even donate $10 to his fund. I know money will not solve all these problems, but I know it takes a weight off my parent's shoulders and gives them a slight sense of relief. My dad is my hero and my mom is our rock, I love them so much. If you even took the time to read my short novel or send some love/prayers our way, it would be deeply appreciated! Thank you 💓
Dazetta Terry My baby is in this group as well...LOVE my KSP and all the wonderful teachers... Adam Bursh is awesome at what he does with our children...they need to be on your show!!
Geneva Weaver KSP and Adam Bursh are a blessing to our young scholars, raising their voices in beautiful harmony and setting a strong foundation for our future leaders.
Ilivefor Musicthree Steve Harvey Please bring the Love group out to the show. These kids have early mornings preparing for shows. They must maintain good grades and great behavior to be a part of this amazing group. The school itself is great and the students are amazing. You and your staff will be amazed! The world needs to see them!
Trina Moreland Im the grandmother. Of Nikirrah Taylor who is in this group she is one of your biggest fans Mr.Harvey we watch all you show Family Fued. You talk show and faithfuly the watch little big shots it would be an honor if they were. Invited to you show thank you.
Maude Sleepy DeGrasse Steve Harvey well I have had the pleasure of having both of my youngest " scholars" to be a part in the "KSP LOVE Group" in the past 5 years. In fact they started the group. I really believe that you Steve & Steve & Marjorie Harvey Foundation would be so delighted to hear our kids in person. They travel, work, dance and step all under the talented instruction of Adam Bursh! Please feel free at any time to reach out and hear "Let Our Voices Echo" sing for you. #kspparent #LOVEparent #classof2029
Traci Carlton Welch What the world needs more is L.O.V.E!! My daughter is a part of this remarkable group and I'm so incredibly happy that they are sharing a SMILE with so many hearts today!! #KSP #TheSchoolThatLoveBuilt
Natasha Green Reynolds Love the babies and the talent but why are we performing on the street? And was this a school day? I'm sure this talent could be showcased at much better venues.
Brenda Gallishaw Bibbs This is not even my Facebook page, but I had to get on and support these kids. My son is a student at KSP 2nd grade GSU! When I go there daily, you never know what you are going to get....all the staff is highly energetic and full of LOVE for our children. My son probably is the least talented but I support the MUSIC this man brings to our lives! Hands Down the greatest with the kids! Dr. Miranda White/KSP Parent
Ana Maria Yessssss. This school is amazing. U can literally feel the love!!! I love my KSP!!! It is the school that love built. #ksp #kippstriveprimary Adam Bursh u rock
Hajja Zaynab Nasir These children are very talented and they are trying to receive a great education let's continue to give support to this school, KIPP STRIVE IN ATLANTA. Great educators are dedicated to teaching these children.
Judy Morgan This is a excellent school. My daughter attended kipp strive. Learning skills are excellent, very respectful students. I could go on and on about kipp.
Cecile Prince I got goosebumps just listening to the young generation wow what an inspiration so lovely Productive and encouraging keep up the Strength and the good work!!! Nicely done all over the Globe need to do this !!! Jah bless you!
Carolyn Eaton Lovely organized and. Confident Love their message we have voices of unity choir here in Ft Wayne Indiana would love to see more of community events to put His word out We need this shown to our legislators on how to get work done An example for these or them?
Debbie Perry Loved it. They put a smile on my face this morning! God bless them.
Barbara Baltzegar That was so Good ,n Uplifting ! What a Great job! Thank you KIPP STRIVE Primary School's ,n special thanks 2 educator God Bless u all <3 <3 <3 ...
Shante Turner Nasir My baby is in that group!! They are blessed to have a great music teacher. They love to sing!! They need to be on your SHOW!!!
Lucie Mellert First on my fb and good wake up call. I loved it. The youth are the makers and shakers. Thanks for sharing THIS!!!!
Shimeka Lockett That's my daughter singing!!!!! Go KIPPsters!!! We love our scholars!!!
Teddy Fikre How music intertwines the past with the present, it's like melodies escape the clutch and gravity of time and give us a perspective even as history lies. This is the beauty of art and in this video that is referred in this article, the past is discovered through reflection....the bible is alive, this is not about religion, this is a retelling of historical facts #Sheba2Aveva
Steve Harvey
Steve HarveySaturday, March 25th, 2017 at 5:19pm

It is my honor to be able to help an incredible young man like William, he's an inspiration.

Steve Harvey
Steve Harvey TV
I was so inspired by William's story that I had to help his family in a BIG way. This full show is going to air the week of April 24th. #StayTuned
Jack Frost Emn what was his story?
Rose Hall Thank you Steve Harvey for continuing to be a positive influence in not just the lives of our children, but in the lives of all. Keep allowing God to use you in the process of your transformation of becoming all that He created you to be in the earth realm; HE is proud!!
Oliver Crowell Hello Steve Harvey my name is Oliver Crowell. I have a son named Sean Crowell he is 8yrs old and about to have his 3rd heart disease in Boston Massachusetts at children's hospital. He had the first surgery at 3 months and the second when he turned 1. We were notified a few days ago that he will have to have his third one in the the next few months. He is a huge WWE fan. He knows all the superstars but his favorite is John Cena and Roman Reigns. It would mean the world if there was a way he could meet either one of them. I know it may be impossible but if there is anyway it can happen it would mean the world to him. Please let me know if you can help if not I will understand. Thank you so much for all that you do.
Ruben Aceite Thank God for people like you Steve!! I'm working hard to do what my father didn't get to do and is help people. Help people the way you do! Love you man!!
Kay Blanton Thats why i like and respect Steve Harvey because he is funny as heck but he always giving back helping folks. That how you show a person what God is by doing his work. God Bless.
Terri Neal Good Deed Steve! I'm getting My granddaughter ready for Lil Big Shot's! She's 4 going on 24 in a good way! Smart as hell! We coming from Las Vegas Baby, our home town!!!
Nancie Welsh Benson What a story! This man will change the world in a way he couldn't have otherwise thanks to you, Steve Harvey! ❤❤❤
Enola Elija Tyler I wish someone would help me I drive a school bus full time, I am the only working live paycheck to paycheck, cannot afford a car, most the time I do not have enough food to last from month to month, I do not qualify for food stamps I make 9.00 to much and I am in college full time. I have anxiety out the roof that just recently started it's crazy but I keep doing what I need too, just to survive I figure it could be worse.
Sandy Hiner Porto God bless you Steve and all that you are doing for entertainment and for the underprivileged. You are an amazing man. Oh. And you are quite funny as well!
Lester Ringor Your all in the media telling bow wow snoop and TI to respect the president but u.nothing when Obama was being disrespected please we dont need another house nigga we have plenty
Sheryl Dorsey It's so incredible the way you give back to other people Mr. Harvey! Helping this young man get a college education is a very kind thing to do!
Kristen Bazella Brown Sources confirm that Eddie Murphy is working on a script for Coming to America 2 that he will produce and Kevin Hart has been casted to be Haseem's son who is preparing to take over the throne. I WANNA SEE THIS!!
GianPiermaria Barbieri dear Mr. steve I live in southern Italy are a tenor opera singer graduated from the conservatory in a southern TITO SCHIPA I'd love to be able to audition in your transmission
Barbara Kramer-Calis You are a great man Steve Harvey and God Bless you and your family
GiGi Santos you Mr. Harvey and Ellen are two amazing people, never stop helping people.
Jamie Eldridge Steve Harvey Can you please reboot kids say the darnedest things? You would far surpass Bill Cosby!
Ricky Antonellis The lord has a special , glorious place for you Steve Harvey ❤
Sonya Brown This young man is a great poet I can't wait to hear more from him. He is awesome
Ernest Whittaker Who cares what people say about Steve Harvey a man with a heart .May God bless you
Penny Rusbatch an intelligent and articulate young man .. brought tears to my eyes..
Caroll L Bailey Miracle are coming in different ways, God is good ,always have faith the will come to you .🙏🏽❤️🙏🏽❤️🙏🏽❤️🙏🏽❤️🙏🏽❤️
George Stan you are a true man of God,,,,if i could be half the man your are ,i would die a happy man,,,you are truly a good person .hats off to you sir! well done. well done
Marguerite Paull You are the best Steve Harvey, love you and your kindness, charm, wittyness and for all you stand for. Gd Bless you <3
Leslie Henderson America loves you, Steve !! Thanks for bringing joy to so many people !! 😘😘😘❤
Guadalupe Rosua Vega You are a man with a beautiful soul. Thank you for helping your brothers and sisters, Jehovah notices it.
Steve Harvey
Steve HarveyFriday, March 24th, 2017 at 7:05pm

My new friend 3 year old Claire is guaranteed to make you smile! Another episode of Little Big Shots is coming your way this Sunday, 8/7c on NBC.

Natasha Jean I am telling you Steve and Ellen are the only two people that can interact with children and make them feel comfortable on stage. LOL!!! She is a cutie pie!!!
Elizabeth Colón She's so precious. Her dad's done a bunch of videos of her singing a ton of Disney songs! So proud of this little girl for singing that whole song on a stage in front of that big crowd!
Diana Dunaway She's the one who sings You've Got A Friend In Me with her adorable!!!!!!
Joan Reaves The very best show on tv. It's mind boggling to see so much talent and /Steve is so good with the children. More programs with Steve Harvey. Please.
Jacqueline Pappas I know this little girl is so adorable she sings moanna and beauty and the beast songs too she's really talented just because she remembers all those songs so young I can hardly remember the words lol
GregKrichelle DCardines She's got music running through her naturally and her parents made sure to nurture that about her in a fun loving way Her pitch is spot on and you can see that she does this on her own and seems to enjoy it She's still 3 you can see her other videos or performances when she's not full on performing or u can see she is kind of not wanting to do it Its quite cute , you can still see her toddler self :)
Britney Lawman Wow I mean let's think this out. Not only does she know all the words to the song and sings it all cute and pretty BUT most 3 year olds I know would never get up on a stage that big and perform it in front of all those people. She didn't even get tripped up when they clapped and giggled. And she was sweating! Those stages are hot. I mean, that takes courage and dedication..
Kifa Holloway Aww i just want to give her a big ole hug she too cut and the way she sang that song was amazing...she needs to play in a children's movie singing for a character
Brittney Sabula That has got to be the cutest thing I've ever seen ♡ Impressive that she can remember all the words at such a young age and even hit all the notes! Superstar! ♡ Love Steve Harvey!
DonandMary Stanton She is so precious! I had to watch the whole sweet!
Joset Dell She melted my heart, knowing that my daughter is now 19 years of age and this was her favourite Walt Disney.....Lani oh I missed these days when i used to give you your little baths, for you to go off and watch Little Mermaid until you falls right asleep; then I would pull your blanket over you.......aka...Aolani Watson got to love you some more....💕 forever😙
Holly B Eddie Lawrence If we had more men like Steve Harvey in TV shows and programs, this world would be a better place!! He seems to be able to help to leave no fear in the children to do their very best!! The young girl is amazing and such a beautiful child!! The parents deserve a hand for the confidence she exudes!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Cynthia Chaput OMG! Such a little sweetie. Reminds me of my cousins grand daughter. She could hold a tune before she could talk. This one sings so nice for 3 yrs. That's how u know it's a gift.
Cris Creamer Look, she's even acting with her facial expression! So so much talent I can't even comprehend how extremely blessed she is. Disney I'm sure is waiting for her to get a little older so she could appear on their movies.
Maggi Mendoza Dear Dad if adorable child, don't let this sweet child into entertainment business. Money isn't everything. Look at the Disney Kids and how they have suffered. Lindsay Lohan, Christina Aguilera, Demi Lovato, Brittany Spears, Jaime Spears. It's a machine that kills their souls.
Anne Doherty Bialeski Claire is not only brave for getting up on stage in front of all those people she is simply adorable and has the sweetest voice! Walt Disney World should be offering her a job ;)
Kellie Procter She truly is sensational..Hugs to you little one. Keep up your good work. I believe you will be so famous one day cause you already are😀❤️❤️❤️
Allyson Shoda She's precious & amazing. This little girl can certainly turn anyone's frown into a smile. She represents a little girl whose parents are loving, kind, & have manners. Thank u Claire for always brightening my day by sharing ur great talent. U will certainly be one in the history books. To your wonderful parents, keep doing what you're doing.
Camille Mastro 3 yrs old!!! Some 3 yr old can hardly talk or do potty, she knows the whole song!!! Amaaaazing!!!! Adorable. My granddaughter could recite Whole Duty of Children " at 2, thought that was some thing, or I'm a Little Teapot???? This girl carries a tune....adorable......performer!!!!
Hollie Austin Stephanie Vierboom I look at these things now and I'm just amazed at how well developed her phonemic inventory is, and how she has resolved processes way advanced for her years!
Cindy A McCormick that is amazing! i have a home video of one of my daughters singing the Mulan 3 years old. amazing how well they can sing these songs....well, they did watch the Disney movies over and over again.
Caroline Roberts- Morgan This wasn't an enjoyable thing to watch....yes she is talented. She also looks petrified and was crying at one point. Why would you do that to your child at such a young age? I'm not a hater, or keyboard warrior. This was IN MY OPINION horrible and uncomfortable.
Gail Allen Poplin Watching this reminds me of Sarah's Kindergarten screening and they asked her what did you need/ require to dance. Appropriate answers were music or radio. She was a huge Little Mermaid fan and promptly replied...legs...cause that's what Ariel said.
Diamond Delgado Gotta start teaching Arabella to memorize entire songs word for word and market her cause she sings like she's not 4 years old. Killing that Arianna Grande already. lol Victoria Farsi it's all about marketing and who you know 😂
Peggy Sue Coleman Tilden She is precious...and Steve Harvey is a wonderful man. I love how he adores these kids he features. You can see it on his face.