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Steve Harvey is the host of the Steve Harvey Morning Show radio program, and the popular TV shows Family Feud and Celebrity Family Feud, The Steve Harvey Show, and family favorite Little Big Shots. His popularity continues to grow to global proportions, bolstered by his new role as host of the Miss Universe Pageant. Harvey is currently one of the most powerful voices in media, touting a career spanning nearly 30 years as a top stand-up comedian, actor, award winning TV personality and talk show host, best-selling author, entrepreneur, and humanitarian. Harvey began his entertainment career as a comedian, working the stand-up circuit. He grew to have a roster of acclaimed specials, including co-starring in one of the most successful comedy DVDs in history The Original Kings of Comedy, and the hit don’t Trip…He Ain’t Through With Me Yet. Harvey first made his mark in television and film as host of its Showtime at the Apollo. He went on to star in several popular shows, including The Steve Harvey Show and has appeared in such movies as You Got Served, and Johnson Family Vacation. Harvey expanded his reach into radio as host of The Steve Harvey Morning Show. 2017 marks the program’s 12-year anniversary in national syndication with Premiere Networks and it’s the #1 syndicated morning show in America with nearly 7 million weekly listeners on nearly 100 stations nationwide.


Harvey co-created and hosted The Neighborhood Awards from 2002-2016, an awards show that honors local businesses, institutions, and leaders for the excellence demonstrated in their communities. Harvey is also the author of multiple New York Times best-selling titles. His first book Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man: What Men Really Think About Love, Relationships, Intimacy, and Commitment inspired the 2012 box office topping movie, Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man and its 2014 sequel Think Like a Man Too. As a humanitarian and an entrepreneur, Harvey makes it a priority to give back. Through The Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation, he and his wife provide hundreds of teens annually with mentoring and educational opportunities. His company, HARCAL, allows him to create business partnerships that specifically target and benefit the working middle class. Harvey’s list of accolades includes several NAACP Image Awards, a People’s Choice Award, induction into the National Association of Broadcasters Hall of Fame, and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He also won the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Talk Show Host for The Steve Harvey Show in 2014, 2015 and 2017, as well as Outstanding Game Show Host for Family Feud in 2014 and 2017. Harvey is a member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc., and a proud parent with wife Marjorie to seven children.



Steve Harvey
Steve HarveySunday, April 22nd, 2018 at 2:00pm

When most kids fall, cue the crying. But not this little guy. Special thanks to Banquet!

Watch more #LastLaugh at!

Steve Harvey
A long time ago my favorite cousin fell all the way down their carpet stairs & she hit her head on the wall & suddenly started laughing out of nowhere
Lil man is going to grow up being a leader with that kinda attitude. <3 🤗😍
This kid has a youtube channel. He is kinda funny.
Loll, if only I could take things in stride as he does haha,
That's a great attitude in that kid! how old is he again? wow! great!
That bot falls down & then spills.
سليم ابن دعاء اهم شي ينضف حواليهDoaa Nassar😘😘😂
lovely kid
Ariel Anderson
Steve Harvey
Steve HarveySaturday, April 21st, 2018 at 11:00pm

So apparently yoga for dogs is a thing... but why?

Steve Harvey
Steve,I don't know who ever told you that one button buttoned on a suit looks good but it does not. It looks like a sausage trying to get out. We can see the bottom of your tie and the bottom of your shirt. Also, the top of you pants. All buttons done looks so much neater Now, for the bad things you do. Why do you feel necessary to reach over and fix a contestants tie to fix it the way you like it??? When you do this, we switch channels. Makes the person feel like a child.
Your so cool steve love to meet you and your beautiful wife you do such amazing things for people u reall 😘
I worked there as a Prep Cook when Baja Beach Biloxi was first opened... Wish you well in your new location.
"All he do is relax and stretch..."
You are a CLASS Act, Steve Harvey
Farch chhan video
Wow amazing
অসাধারন । খুবই ভালো হইছে ।
Hannah Lynch
Brittany Esho
Kayla Ashlee Fritch
Steve Harvey
Steve HarveySaturday, April 21st, 2018 at 8:00pm

Fellas, falling in love in your 20s is VERY different from falling in love in your 30s or 40s. #TruthSeries

Steve Harvey will always be needed & appreciated by all the young men you have met..mentored & continue to advise throughout their lives..they will always look up to you..thank you beyond measure for being there & caring..prayers & much love from KY..hello to all ❤🙏❤
I’m a 40 year old single mom of 2 wonderful Kids!! (My son is in his 4th year of college and my daughter will start this fall so my nest will be empty) anyways...I put my life on hold for years to make sure my kids headed in the right direction and made sure that they had what they NEEDED to survive. Money is extremely tight and I feel like I will never get out of debt. (I don’t want to be rich. I just want a clean slate so I can start over) Although I was involved with a man for the past 10 years it’s not looking too promising anymore. I’m very heartbroken about this. I fear I will never find that love again!! I feel like it’s too late for me financially and emotionally!! I hope things will be better for me real soon!!
If you wait until your 30's you have to either accept you won't have kids or will be a step-dad
Dont really listen to Sleaze Harvey much but I have to give props on this one he gave the brother 100% facts of wisdom and knowledge no doubt. Men really shouldnt be focusing on nothing but their purpose in life until they accumulate a certain level of financial freedom and stability then find you a wife that elevates your purpose. Dont invite a woman into your life as a life partner if you dont have your life in order. Listen to Judah F and itll save you some heartache, headache and stress you understand. Life is amazing when you have high quality options. Patience is your friend. Take heed brothers take heed.
Excellent advice from Steve Harvey! Right on point. I agree with your comments Steve. Stay focused young men and pursue your goals and dreams. Plenty of time for dating and marriage later.
Finding love at any age is difficult especially when you have a disability like I do.
It's a good thing that the young man is seeking A WIFE!! that's a good thing to desire and pursue a helpmate ... Godly advice is the best. It's a shame when men screw around and around and around sleeping with everyone and then wait till their mid 30s to settle down 😑😑😑. Anyhow I like biblical wisdom it's the best 👍🏽👍🏽❤️
This is great advice for men and women. I just told my daughters something very similar yesterday. #dontworkbackwards
I saw this one and if he stays the same hes going to make some woman really happy...that young man in the back who spoke after him almost had me crying. I feel in my heart that he was crying out for help for real when he asked for a mentor. Hopefully steve's camp really help him and put him on the right path. I sincerely pray this young man's dreams come true and he learn what his calling and no one come in between that.
Why in such a hurry to fall in love? There's a lot of time for that later. I don't get why going guys my age always looking for love. I mean will love pay the bills at your 30s and 40s? No, why? That's because that person would've already moved on by then with someone who can pay those bills.
Sara Khan man has a point! Ambition > companions 👌🏼
Powerful advice Steve. Straight to the point and true advice. I love how you mentor our young men out here. Keep doing the mentoring. ❤️ it
Advice I already give my boys ❤️
We keep passing this on down to each generation,over and over again. Thanks Steve Harvey for your mens camp...LOVE YOURSELF\
Waaaw great advise mr Harvey
Kemoney Spratt this is why I want us to wait .
I always appreciate Steve's insight! I could listen to him all day.
Good advice
Say it again so a lot of these men can hear it.
Thomas Michael Hinds, Sam Yvon good advice from Steve and in the comments. 👍❤
I don't always agree with Steve Harvey...but, this is profound TRUTH!!!
Melissa my 20s in a nutshell
Good advice
Steve Harvey
Steve HarveySaturday, April 21st, 2018 at 5:00pm

Would you ever get plastic surgery? If you have gotten it, do you regret it? #StraightTalk Tamar Braxton-Herbert Tami Roman Brooke Burke

Steve Harvey
You can hardly recognize Tammy and the nose job on Tamar is about as bad as Michael Jackson. They don’t qualify to criticize anyone.
Steve laughing but he don’t he have some “chiclets”
No Steve. Even if they give me all the money in the world I never for once trade plastic surgery. I might not have Michel Jackson 's nose and Nicky Minaj body but I love the way I am. I'm unique. Yes that's me
I had breast reduction. guess what? they grow back!
Just love and accept yourself just how you are. No amount of plastic surgery is going to make you happy internally. The benefits don't outweigh the risks in my opinion, unless medically necessary.
Its nice to be a simple & what god's give you,it's my opinion only .peace
I understand where they're coming from but for Tammy to make the reference about stroke overcomers was very disrespectful and hurtful. Those people didn't ask for that nor should we ever refer to them in such a displeasing way. They already have it difficult enough as it is and for her to use her platform and say something like that is very wrong.
This is a conversation that Tamar needs to take sevvvvvvveral seats .. because she’s a prime candidate that looks like everyone else after plastic surgery!!! She has some nerves 🙄🙄🙄🙄
Now...I don't see why K. Michelle went for Tamar, she didn't say anything about her! A hit dog will bark🐕🐶🐩
I don't think Tammy or Tamar should be commenting negatively about others on the subject since they both have been altered in one way or another. As far as the Groupon comment,it works both ways. Even the so called best botch surgeries and there are unknowns that do great work . It's a crap shoot either way.
Why change what God gave us. I’m with “Don’t Make Me Over” in my Sybil voice. I’m in love with how I am meant to 👀! 💥 BOOM!! Besides, I look just like my momma..... why would I change beautiful!!???
They should know. All of them have had it done.
That's y k Michelle said Tamar nose look like its gangsta leaning..
I would not but to each their own what is right for some might not be for others but everyone has the right to decide what is right for them, nobody should be judged.
No. This is how God made me. It would be a slap in the face to Him.
Why go for plastic surgery when you have already been created unique..
I personally will never,have plastic surgery,I am satisfied what with GOD gave me
Breast reduction and lift, liposuction, Brazilian butt lift, chin job and denture implants is what I would get if money was no object.
I’m pretty unimpressed with this subject when there’s so much need in the world. I just don’t know how to reconcile this and ever accept it as ok
So K Michelle thought Tamar was throwing shade at her though?? I didn’t get that she was I thought she was talking in general,🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤔🙄
I had a breast reduction as well in 1996. They have not grown back at all and it was and still is the best decision of my life.
I'm to afraid of surgery I ONLY would do what's mandatory to save my like otherwise as far as "beauty" surgery 😓😓I'm to terrified and nervous I'd just 1.) die on the table or 2.) irreversibly not look like myself at all!!! And look horrible
I don't why Steve keeps bringing that Drama Queen Tamar on your show. Brook can't even stand her.
But all of them has Had it... Especially Tamar sooooooooooo pleaseeeee stop it... If you want go get it.. Enjoy your life and be happy... Boom!
I thank God everyday I am healthy enough to not need surgery, why would I choose to have a surgery.
Steve Harvey
Steve HarveySaturday, April 21st, 2018 at 1:00pm

Thank you, Brooke Burke for opening up about filing for divorce on my show. I think your words might help some people. #StraightTalk

Steve Harvey
Been with my husband for 11 yrs.. we changed for each other however his mother hates me for no reason.. we both had children coming in.. my family welcomed his, his mother wants zero part of my children.. very very heartbreaking as she has NEVER even sat with me and just talked 😢
I’m loving Tamar’s haircut!!
It starts with FORGIVENESS. Even though it hurts learn to forgive them. So you're not holding on to it. Without forgiveness you can't move forward.
It’s about time Brooke Burke. Your husband was a controlling idiot! I’ll never forget him embarrassing you on national tv on the apprentice 😞
Stop bringing Drama Queen Tamar on your show. She has serious issues, she's going to say the wrong thing and you will loose your show.
I've never carried one relationship into the next one but the guys always want to bring my other relationships up and I still don't bring theirs up I would like to no where I went wrong maybe I should've I just don't believe in comparing relationships always treat a guy as an individual but that ship has sailed now I just think none of them have anything good to offer me
No because all men and women don't go in the same boat like u and my husband u guys R like no others and u never change them after.U can only find a happy medium
My marriage was just the FINAL nail in the coffin all those other ignorant guys I dated was just the starting point
I thought Tamar was getting her own show
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Steve from 2:08 (: (The rest of it is useless crap haha)
Zip Lock bags Tamar, lol
zip lock bags,not reopening nothing,Tamar Braxton hair is beautiful beautiful beautiful
That’s why I’m not meant for marriage
Steve again you're a champion
True story
Lmao Nicole Candelaria that’s why I love Tamar Braxton ... zip lock bags 😂🙌🏼
Pourriez vous mettre en français
Kip Coomer she’s single lol
Steve Harvey
Steve HarveySaturday, April 21st, 2018 at 10:00am

Would you ever put your career over your love life? #StraightTalk Alesha Reneé Cari Champion Dr. V

Steve Harvey
I wouldn't. A job can fire you anytime. Then you'll be jobless and single lol. Marriage/love over a career anyday.
I put jobs 1st so my children had a roof, food and clothes. I had no assistance, my hair was done maybe every 5 years and my hands showed how hard I worked. We did not have the best but we had the best I could give
I chose love life over career. All I ended up with was 4 beautiful girls & jobless having to start all over with no assistance. Mistake on my behalf
God first, and everything else will fall into place.
I’d always put my career first. Which is why it’s so important for me to choose a partner who is supportive of what I do. People seem to forget that making money for the family is also a form of love.
Career first. It used to be love life first but when chosing the wrong partners, I sacrificed my career. As a single Mom, it is far more important to be able to take care of my daughter rather then worry about dating.
By the way you don't have to choose either one. 1. If your partner is not supportive enough; making you question whether you need to end or block your career to not loose him/her... then you should maybe ask yourself if that person is the right one. 2. If your workplace is in any sort of way preventing from having a life outside of your job then you should consider looking for another one. Not changing your career path but look for another company. You can have a fullfilled love life, career and family life as long as you are making your own choices and no one is forcing you to do anything. A fullfilled career is not making tons of money at the end of the day and a strong relationship has two pillars!!
I refuse to. I refuse to 'fix' myself over a man. Why? Because IF IT AINT BROKE, DON'T FIX IT! 🤨
the woman isn the prize. the prize is the table depending on what you both bring to it. what you create together. your skills abilities and character your loyalty. then people have women feeling entitled through gender. this is not the 18th 19th and very early 20th century. women have just as much opprtunity and are slaying the work force. that old school philosopy is dead.
If you're up for the promotion of your life, not married, and your partner isn't ready to make the move with you, all that means is you are not on the page in life and it's time to move on. Too often we are holding on to "season" people, they were only meant to be in your life for a period of time, to help teach you about yourself. The One will find a way to support you and for into your life as long as you're making room for them.
Yes I would.. love comes and go but my career? My money?? I gotta stay on top of that 😁
A person that loves you would not ask you to.
Those are high percentages. As a society seems like we value career over people? Important to take care of yourself and your job does take alot of your time. However, if you're not in touch with your heart, then you're missing the point and best part of life!
Considering I am the only parent and my husband passed away I will always put my career over love just to make sure my kids are taken care of and I can and will be there for them before anyone else at this time in my life
U need balance its not about choice just everything in moderation. U work hard n achieve ur goals n no one to share it with. Everything regarding a union takes 2 so u can work ur butt off n in ur gloden years use thst money to just pay medical bills. Life is more than money.
Yes am going to build my wall 12 feet no little boy go play in my yard .
If I meet a great marriage minded Godly man who loved Jesus and loved me heck YEAH I would put my marriage first....... but since I ain't met no one like that 😑😑😒I'm successful in my career
Anything that comes before LOVE is totally selfish.
I can honestly say I have been in 3 relationships and yess Steve that fence is 12 feet high waiting on my man to jump over and stay there for a long time 😍😍😍😍😍
(Without the details) I can relate to this whoooole thing... wow! And you know, strangely its comforting to know I'm not the only person who's experienced any of this.
I chose career first. Husband and kids came later.
I'm trying to figure who tf said we had to choose one before the other??🤔
When you choose Career over Love, that is a one way street and all failure, obstacles and achievements you have to endure by yourself. But when you choose LOVE over CAREER, you have someone in your corner to keep you motivate towards the goals. That's the Best feeling to have when your SO got your back and cheering you on thru the process...
😁 I laugh at how people try to think they know how it all works. Put nothing before love, hope to find someone who wants to see the best you come to the top. Helping each other up the ladder. Deciding to be a team, that’s all it takes be each other’s biggest fan
I would never put my relationship over my company... My experience wasn't funny. My company first before my relationship.
Steve Harvey
Steve HarveySaturday, April 21st, 2018 at 7:00am

After playing at the prestigious Carnegie Hall three times, 9-year-old Sophia can keep up with even the most skilled pianists. Watch her amazing performance.

What a talented little girl. Amazing
...and I'm happy if my kid does her hw😣
Much love ❤️ from Uganda 🇺🇬 Kampala Africa 🌍
She is straight with that piano. God bless her.
Steve Harvey
Steve HarveySaturday, April 21st, 2018 at 5:00am

Are y'all ready to see a whole new side of Snoop Dogg? Check out this soulful performance of his 'Bible of Love' hit 'One More Day' with Charlie Wilson!

Steve Harvey
Snoop Dogg And Charlie Wilson Perform Their Gospel Hit, "One More Day"
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Love ❤️ Snoop Dog and Charlie Wilson
Michael E Thomas have you seen this?
God draw Snoop Dog even closer to you! Bless his life in ways money can not pay! Good job Snoop
Religious pop. Snoop wasn't himself on Steve, but I've never met him.
Two Great guys but No not gospel. Come on Steve. 🙏🏾. All Off. The Mark.
Very good I love it may god continue to bless y'all always take care of your self .
Awesome. Praise the LORD 🔥🎤🎶
Calvin still had 1.5 feet in the world.
Can’t nobody do you like Jesus He is your best friend Time is winding up live for Jesus he love you
Love it Snoop and Charlie 😊
Snoop looks better.....
What, at the Jones, right beside the Wilson's, sounds like the Phillip family, after Pastor Al snoop is Cedric the entertainer
Love snoop dogs new show jokers wild
Uncle Charlie looked a bit uncomfortable in the snug fitting suit.
He Just Melts My Heart Every time Charlie Wilson Sings 🌎💯💯💯💯❤🙋🌐⭐🇺🇸🌴
Alright Mr jones
Amen Awesome Men
Love Charlie and snoop !
Beautiful song!
Saw them on steve show.
Jan McClain, check this out! Here is your man, Charlie Wilson.
LaTonya Ridges Cedric Murphy Jr Whitley Sharon
JoNathan Thomas
Steve Harvey
Steve HarveySaturday, April 21st, 2018 at 12:00am

Terry has never had a male figure in his life to help him discover his passions. Luckily, he's got his Uncle Steve now! never cease to amaze or disappoint..keep showing others how it is done..God Bless You..hello to all from KY..stay safe ❤🙏❤
That’s awesome Steve! It’s good to see people doing what GOD has called them to do! God bless you Steve!
Steve,the young boy found the right man... luckily!and I celebrate his courage.
Some 30-40 yr.old need mentoring they lose their way sometimes, God Bless Mr.Harvey
I Love You Sweetie, You're BLESSED to Be A BLESSING.
Thanks for inviting him to your mentoring camp.
May God Continue to bless you, so you can continue to bless others, Mr. Harvey!
This show is good
Steve Harvey
Steve HarveyFriday, April 20th, 2018 at 9:00pm

According to musical artist Snoop Dogg, his gospel album 'Bible of Love' has been a long time coming for this reason.

Is he still a pothead???
The Law Of Attraction - What you seek is seeking you People may hate you for being different and not living by society's standards, but deep down, they wish they had the courage to do the same.
Got my copy of CD on iTunes last night; love ALL the songs I’ve heard thus far - CONGRATS SNOOP!
Snoop Dog! Baby!
Some of yall are such haters!! So what if he smokes weed. What yall doin out here everyday saints??..Thought so😚
Great Show Steve! Thanks for having the Snoop on. Grandma's teaching is like God's word. It will always be there. Thank you Grandma! Hallelujah!
Amen Snoop! Let the Lord use you. He can anyone who is willing...
I love the title. It is a bible of love
Sarah Hernandez, am I reading this right? Lol
For shizzle my nizzle, praise the lord jizzle! Tess OBree Kate Riley Johnston
The album banging snoop good job awesome work 🏆
I think it wonderful He, (Snoop) has a Gospel Album!!! Awesomeness!!!
Steve stop putting the winner of show time at they Apollo o n your show Steve before it shows because you showing us who won 2weeks in a row
This is awesome it's good to praise the lord
Alright good thank God for a praying grand mother now after this one make another one
AMEN I LOVE it every knee shall bow every mouth shall call God's name and Surrender to God
Love you Snoop Dogg and Charlie Wilson I like that new song you got Charlie Wilson one day
Yes he is
A great talent and Martha Stewart's bestie. I love their shows...just too funny.
God Bless You Snoop and Charlie!!
Nice album it’s uplifting and I enjoyed it.
Change can be a BLESSING.😃🙏✌ Not a snoop fan, but always wish other the best Life has to offer you.
Oh wow! !!
Steve Harvey
Steve HarveyFriday, April 20th, 2018 at 7:00pm

Wait a minute! Did Ejyp Johnson just try to snatch our souls with his deep voice? Just in case you missed him yesterday on Showtime At The Apollo.

Steve Harvey
He has nice deep voice but if u really listen he can not carry a toon
He did that. We need a singer like him with that old school sound and he's fine, too.... Looking like he from Wakanda for real.
No Barry, but he sexy as heck so he has my vote!! Got that Nick Ashford (Ashford/Simpson) look.
Haters on here probably can't sing a lick, trying to tell someone that made it to the Apollo what to do
Ya, he's alright, just have to teach him how i like it.he almost there.
I love his choice in song, but he can't sing to me he was off tune but the ladies just remember that old time drop your panties music.
Lord have mercy!! The lucky woman to have him sing to her every night!
I didn't think he could sing at all.
I love a man with a deep voice!
I was wondering what happened to all the men with deep voices. Seems like the guys nowadays want to sing with the high voice. This was refreshing.
He did his thang last night, if i just would listen to his music and not him i would have thought he was the one and only barry himself
Am telling you all the hairs on my body stood up lord have mercy love you man. Love this song that voice
First of all a man whose name is Egypt number one turn on number two dark skin Plus and that boys I'm ready to get married LOL
Next time don't hurry threw the song, slow it down, find areas of the song where you pause, long enough to focu on 1 person, then break away singing to the crowd! At the end do your low bass, slow it down, looking 1 person in the eyes, & grab their soul♡
He snatched my soul. He's got sex appeal emunating from every pore in his body and infiltrating the TV waves. Hit me hard!
He was a lil nervous but I like him....r n b is missing deep baritone voices they all sound like women now lol
LoL he just melted the entire crowd with his smoothness. 😋
He may not be able to carry a toon, but he's obviously carrying something! And these women love it!!
He needs to sing songs that are low and slow not high pitching that’s where it don’t sound good but he has a voice in the right hands he could be really special
He has a deep voice but I think that's the distraction from the actual singing cause he can't sing the tune is off I'm not hater that's just my honest opinion
He can sing... but where is KeKe??👀.. I don’t like the white washing of this show... Apollo was all we had .. at one point and it was that 🔥🔥🔥.. now it’s ⛅️⛅️⛅️
I gave "new Apollo" a chance but they have mainstreamed it and whitewashed it for a paycheck. Bring the old Apollo back with the harsh audience that give true opinions... not clap at everything...put it back on late night where they can be real...too commercial for me now...disappointing....its like a new star search instead of Apollo...why do ppl feel the need to change a method on a show that doesn't need to be fixed...Apollo was appreciated as such in its own right...if you going do Apollo like this just leave it alone as it was...I bet Bernie Mac rolling over in his grave to see it done like this...hey but that's just my opinion
What are you sure that's your voice pouring out of that little, body, Steve for real, is that him, is that voice really his? .Oh my I'm just really over whelmed right now.
Luv a man wit a deep voice especially when he's not bad-looking his singing was ok but dat voice winning
Steve Harvey
Steve HarveyFriday, April 20th, 2018 at 6:00pm

Tommy Morrissey 7 Year Old One Arm Golfer is proof that ANYTHING can be achieved no matter the circumstances.

Steve Harvey
This Child is amazing! AND, Steve Harvey is a wonderful person, he likes bringing out the best in people, he inspires people. And he is so funny on family fued. We need more people like Steve Harvey in thiss world. Thank you for sharing! God Bless Tommy and his family!!!
this proves that the guy that lost his hand in Happy Gilmore was a quiter lol
My dad lost his hand when he was twelve. He golfed played ball ran track etc. Nothing stopped him feom living. This little boy is amazing. And for those who have to be negative i am quite sure that you would not have as much control
Truly inspiring. He didn't let his one arm stop him from living. He hit that golf ball as skillful as a person with both arms. Even much better.
Am so emotional with such videos I don't know why but thanks for turning disability into such an amazing talent
Congratulations god is good he doesn't do anything without a reason!!!!
People who are born different never let their disability stop them, my mother is blind and do everything except drive. If you have a spare car she would try and drive. My sister was blind and she sewed for the Military.
That's nothing. Some idiot found $450 on the street near tesco today. He tried to give it to a police officer but the officer thought it was a prank and wouldn't accept it. So this idiot bought himself a phone and groceries out of the store with the money. This is where it gets hilarious. The idiot kept tapping on ...... See More
With God, Nothing is impossible... All you need is a TARGET and you go for it!.. Thats what I've learnt
Sugey Arias no matter the circumstances, it can be achieved!
He is an inspiration. Tommey keep doing what you doing
Absolutely amazing and inspirational!!! He shows that no matter what disability you have you can do anything!!!! He’s going somewhere!!!!
God is a good God he made him for the purpose
All heroes don't wear capes💪💪💪
All praise and glory be too Almighty GOD(LOVE-I AM).,major congrats to that youth who's truly amazing and an inspiration unto me and a many I'm sure.
Good job Tommy may the lord continue to protect you and perfect everything that concerns you... Amen
He is an exceptional little man.
Am inspired as I was complaining bcs am going thru hardship right now but am two armed . God is always great ......Yes me neither brought tears to my eyes Jeannie Crump ....
Tommy is a very inspiring kid that has a lot of skills an has a lot of potential.God has given him a blessing an I know God will keep blessing him an keep giving him strength an guidance.
i watch this 50 times love it
Brought tears 😭,God bless him and protect him and Give his parents the best patient to lead him to his dreams amen ,
Trace Carter this kid kills the ball with one arm I can’t even hit straight with two arms.
Andrew Cullen though this kid might be hand for you to watch so you can keep playing while injured
Ellen, I thought you might like this one.