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No stranger to BIG endeavors or Morning Drive radio, after a successful 5-year stint in L.A. Harvey starred in five seasons of his own hit sitcom “THE STEVE HARVEY SHOW”,  hosted “SHOWTIME AT THE APOLLO” and the WB’s “STEVE HARVEY’S BIG TIME CHALLENGE”.  His film credits include “JOHNSON’S FAMILY VACATION”, “YOU GOT SERVED”, “LOVE DON’T COST A THING” and the animated “RACING STRIPES” … to name a few. A talent like Steve reinforces our commitment to serve the community with funny and compelling content.  After all, he is the “King of Comedy”.sticker_facebook

Steve Harvey
Steve HarveyFriday, February 24th, 2017 at 2:22pm

If you know me, you know about my love for cigars. Thanks @cigaraficmag for the cover feature.

Sihle Mvundla Thanks Dad for the great heart and God indeed looks at the intention of the heart ...May God's wisdom, knowledge and Fellowship of His understanding be upon you at all times Steve Harvey TV young man from South Africa #ASK #Believe #Receive
Terry Herman I'm so sorry you've been the object of bitterness by many for meeting with President Trump. My prayers are that you and others will be able to help our nation heal with programs that benefit all. God bless you.
Cindy King Just because he met with trump does not mean he supports him.why don't you people get off his page if that's all you're going to do is throw shade.and by the way what have you got going for yourself
Kourtney Johnson Alright now Mr.Harvey .. I'm so proud of you and your accomplishments may God continue to bless you the crew and your family
Silvia Hernandez Hey I be watching family feud si much I notice when ya feet tired after taping multiple shows I also figured out ya tape multiple shows on my own you just change suits true fan here Steve love me some steveeeeeeee
Greg Silverman I need someone with some influences help. PLEASE Steve Harvey I have US Senator Sherrod Brown in my corner. I need to save my own life. If you haven't seen the video you can go to WSYX ABC 6 website and look up "Over Priced Prescription" MY PRESCRIPTION IS $15,000 PER MONTH. I just want you to listen to me privately and help me get others to hear me loud and clear!!! My plan will not only save me, but millions of others that will suffer. There is a fix. For those who do not know what video I am talking about, I will share it in the replies... Thank you. I will first share my original letter with some background. Thanks again.
Kent Henry Get It, Mr' Steve Harvey..... All the haters do is make you go harder. Stay Up.....
Samuel Morifi Thanks for supporting Trump. Liberals will be on your case. Stay strong
Darryl Richarde That's the greatest smile in the entertainment world today !!!
Crystal Pierce-Morales I'm very proud of you! Keep being a good man and helping others no matter race or gender!
Darcel Kashdan Weldon If you lose friends for having your own mind, you've lost no real friends.
Woody Keys Steve you have no Credibility sell out for a photo-op.By the way have you been called to the White House yet.
Cheryl O Shreve Congratulations and keeping doing you in this world you will never please everybody. Be Blessed
Jerry Gantweni Mr Harvey,i see u brother,i've watched your comedy,tv shows nd needless to say,your a true inspiration nd motivation.
Angela Johnson Steve what's going on i haven't heard from you lately!
Sam Stavroff Good dude from my neck of the woods, or should i say city
Robert Hager Keep on doing your thing sir God has a bigger plans for you love you bro
Dio Neqagga Then why do they say cigar smoking causes cancer of the oral cavity, larynx, esophagus, and lung?
Dehbi Fares Hi, I'm a singer and probably no one will read this, but I'm hoping someone will. I am an artist that I do COVER and I would appreciate it if you spent a minute following me. I do not force you to like me , you are welcome, thank you :) <3
Gezelle Sweetea Bee He still was so wrong
Anna Gardner Congratulations on the magazine cover!!!!!!!! It's a very nice photo.
Jenny Alvarez What is your favorite cigar Mr. Harvey I like the ghurka if I can get my hands on a cigar from Cuba I will be happy 😊😎
Katrina Broome-Pratt My Dude! Love you Steve Congrats
Edward Jones 👎🏾Done with Steve Harvey 👎🏾
D Wakeupisnear Moser You are a self serving sellout!
Steve Harvey
Steve HarveyFriday, February 24th, 2017 at 9:53am

My friend Ellen DeGeneres, she is something special. This is a dream of mine, can't wait to make it happen for my kids one day.

Steve Harvey
Ellen DeGeneres
This is one of the most incredible moments I’ve ever been a part of. An entire class getting a 4-year college scholarship. Thanks, Walmart.
Shamona Johnson I own a gown rental company Elegance Gown and Dress Rentals and I would love to sponsor the young ladies of this senior class! I have over 200 gowns ranging from sz 00-30! I would love to make another one of their dreams come true for their senior prom. I for one know how BIG prom has gotten. Can someone point me n the direction of making it happen??? Steve Harvey TV Ellen DeGeneres
Kathy Shea I'm sitting here crying. What wonderful Karma has been created & sent out into the universe. Surely it will come back in a positive way.
Puddin Powell Mr. Steve Harvey, you will achieve what Ellen Degeneres did with her group... however, I was in tears😭😭 ... for the wonderful news... as a single parent...I can imagine the big relief it would be. Ellen DeGeneres is a Walking ANGEL..💕
Darlene Anderson This is a gift from God through these educators, Ellen DeGeneres and Walmart. There are other educators that are doing great things for our children. As a retired educator/administrator, I always told aspiring educators this job is not about money, we're the lowest paid professionals, it's about changing lives for children. Blessings!
Brenda Langston Ellen Degeneres, you're an awesome person! This is magnificent how you make things happen to bless and better other people lives. This is what makes AMERICA GREAT! U! And others with your CHARACTER! Love you! Gods blessings to you! :-)
Casey Fairley Bad idea to watch this at work....sitting in my office with tears streaming down my face! Love you, Ellen DeGeneres, because you get it - EDUCATION IS THE KEY! Congratulations to these students, now go do great things with your life!
Annette Wheeler McShane I have never cried on one of these shows but this one did it in for me. I am crying so hard. Ellen DeGeneres you have excelled far pass anything you have ever done. Amazing!!!
Rosa Young Ellen Degeneres I commend you for your kindness and generosity. You set a bar that everyone should try to achieve. Reaching out to someone in need takes a special character and you have it....May God continue to be a blessing to you and thank you Walmart for your help to make these young people's dreams come true!!!!
Karen Cuniff Dear Mr Harvey,I am watching your show which is airing on Friday February 24th,you showed a tweet that showed a pool with dirty water and the caption was Dating in your thirties I would like to know is that pool empty for dating in your sixties
ShawnTee Thompson People are always so quick to talk about Walmart in a negative manner. I have been with this company for many years and it has been nothing but a blessing to my family and I. I've seen this company do so many wonderful things for others. It is truly an honor to be apart of this company. Walmart also assist its employees in just about any manner you can name. From purchasing homes,fixing credit, buying cars etc. My son will be attending college next year and guess who is helping with his tuition....WALMART!
Trish Campbell Whew.... I haven't cried this hard in a while. Thank you, Ellen DeGeneres and Walmart and these kids and teachers for what they are inspiring in our country.
Carmel Jackson I am sitting here at work watching this and crying tears of joy. Thank God for these two Lovely ladies and the teachers, but esspecially for Ellen DeGeneres for have a big heart of gold and reaching out to Walmart.
Toni Palmer This is wonderful gift for those kids. Ellen Degeneres is a wonderful person and a true humanitarian. One of the most positive and influental people of this day and age.
AnnBrea Sands Crying like a baby at my desk! what a beautiful story.. I think of our kids here at Soaring Eagles and know they experience a lot of the same things as these kids.. they come into preschool talking about a dead man laying on the sidewalk that they saw on their ride home from school (who had just been shot) and I know a lot of their stories of their home life and the shuffling that happens in their homes and I hope and pray that we are impacting them in some way in the work that we do. Love our kids here at Soaring Eagles in Mobile, AL and I am so happy for the kids in this school in New York :)
Rhonda Johnson This is so awesome that these kids will have the opportunity of a lifetime to attend college with no worries about tuition, just study and show yourself approved. Dreams do Happen if you only Believe.
Laverne C. Kelly Totally in agreement...Ellen sure does have a heart from God to be such a blessing to all with generosity (be kind to one another) Steve Harvey you are also doing your best to help (am here to help) May God bless you all and continue to give and you all will be given much more according to the word of God.
Christina Nicole Richmond Tuwanda Harris it's teachers like this and like you that make a difference in these children should future I'm so proud of all the hard work you've done and your passion to make a difference in these children should life's, I love you T your amazing
Devonne Sullivan This is truly a Blessing being a parent myself , I would loved if someone gave my Daughter who is a Senior in High School 2017 (Walmart ) please send a representative to Washington DC
Zenobia Lewis Spencer You, too, can help another group of youths through The Steve & Marjorie Harvey Foundation Simply Donate or order a 'What Would Steve Say? JUMP!' Motivational Wristband.While you're there, check out the Jumpers' List.
Valérie Gagnon In the mean while in Canada every kids can go to university almost for free no need to wait for walmart...thanks God for beeing born in the right country.
Mary Sekan Nkhwamba Phiri May God keep on blessing u Ellen. I pray these student shud not mess up this opportunity, some of us wish we cud hv chance bt it never happened. Keep up the good work teachers.
Heidi Kniskern Chambers It was an incredible moment but don't underestimate what you are doing. One of my students is going to your Dream Academy next month and I know it will change his life!
Charrisse Smith Ellen has ALWAYS been about helping people! Much respect to her and to you also, Mr. Steve Harvey! #YouAreOnYourWay
Teresa Wilkins When I watching this episode you would have sworn one of those young adults belonged to me, because I was jumping up and down screaming yes, yes, YES!!!!!
Rodnshelli Cripe I tape 2 talk shows and one is yours Steve the other one is Ellen you both give back to people who need it god is sure smiling down on both of you .
Steve Harvey
Steve HarveyWednesday, February 22nd, 2017 at 3:26pm

Teachers are some of the most underpaid people out there. Special thanks to our partners @greendotcards for helping Barry in a big way!

Alyssa Tromp Are people in this comment section for real? Hahaha the $25 is an advertisement of the visa card...I don't know how much he was given, I don't even need to open the link...but I know the $25 is an ad. I can't believe how many people don't realize or know that. It's kind of
Krystal Gower Philyaw I can't believe you endorse a company that STEALS tax refund deposits by blocking the card and making it impossible to verify your own identity. I have kids to fees and they sit back and I take from hardworking Americans. It isn't right!
Dee EX Dont be fooled. The man with the $25 check is in on it. Who would be that proud knowing they're underpaid just to be rewarded with an underpaid TAX REWARD check of $25? Maybe the teacher is the sole owner or partner at greendotcards hmmmm...
Candice Mize Gullatt As an educator (guidance counselor) for 17 years...this school year marks the first time in 10 years that I have received a raise which didn't reflect much.
Andrew Harmon 40-80k plus bennies for 9 months a year plus Christmas break. Yeah I'd rather work nights, weekends and holidays 60 hours a week for 80k
Linda Marie Stick to your guns. A great meeting with Trump for thoughts on the inner cities. Don't let outsiders who are shortsited on the goal, detract you from wanting Trump to help those in need. Shake it off. You made a good decision for a meeting, and those who disagree, are only being less smart toward the end goal of trying to fix things. It can be done, with the help of people like you who have infulence among a great group of individuals.
Yvonne Bonner This was so nice of this young man I wish of young man would pursue their dream in the black community giving back to young children to lift them up with support and motivation and Steve you did a good deed of blessing this school teacher and may God Almighty continue to bless you on your success spiritually and financially in the name of Jesus Christ amen.
Melissa Stout Steve Harvey, I just want to say thank you for helping and praising the people who help and stive to make the world a better place. I know my words are few of so many. But please never stop being you. And thank you again.
Charlotte Pinkney Yes I am Steve Harvey I been a teacher for 25 years living from paycheck to paycheck to feed my family but I love bei g a teacher and Educational to all my students I have work with ages birth 24 months now am working with teenmoms I have 15 of them with their babies I also attend classes at night working toward my degree Steve Harvey to get a better job working helping families with housing resources and food with clothing am a domestic violence survivor also I have a book coming soon thank you
Yvonne Bonner I see why we as a black race our whole race doesn't own own businesses like all the other races in the world we are too busy tearing each other down over honey jobs promotions no matter what the situation is he is a black young man not on the streets selling drugs in gangs shooting innocent children through driving opening fire through our own people homes with that being said I see why our race is mock and cursed still rebellion against God Almighty since the bible days since he brought our forefathers out of bondage in Egypt!
Doreen Lupo I was very happy to see you honor this wonderful teacher! I saw his story on the news and was hoping you'd have him on! Great influence on young people!!
Vaneta Hylton Hi mr h I have been trying for a long time now to get your book jump now I am trying to let my friends them it too thank u soooo much sir for this book sir so much to learn about what we mist out of life the Bronx
Nabongo Geofrey Steve Harvey-The great thanks for that merciful heart. I pray you extend that help to more. Stay blessed. We love you. Steve Harvey- If possible Sir I would love to share with you. I pray you see this message and we see how to link up. Thanks.
Faith Imbornone Ferguson Steve Harvey TV perhaps you can have her a a guest sometime.. she is amazing & very inspirational ....Ernestine Shepherd-World's Oldest Female Body Builder
Lisa Neumann Green Dot bank DO NOT OPEN ANYTHING WITH Green Dot they are scammers and they steal peoples money! Steve Harvey I wouldn't want my name on a brand that steals peoples hard earned money. I have seen reports of tax fraud with this company and reports of Green Dot actually blocking accounts and not letting people have their money and reports where they have closed this Green Dot account and never received a check for their money. They are the worst. They have done this to my husband and me too. I have reported them to FDIC, BBB, IRS and I am talking to a lawyer about them not giving me back my money.
Susan Singer Teachers should be paid more than entertainers (sorry Harvey), actors, sports figures, etc. Our job is much more important. Our country cannot reach its full potential until we start REALLY putting our kids FIRST (some do, but not enough), not just lip service. Thank you for recognizing the value of teachers, Harvey.
Kettly Guerrier Is that $25 or $2500? If that is $25 why is that on Facebook??? That's embarrassing
Jim Sanders I'm guessing we don't have the same political views. I think you showed great courage meeting with President Trump knowing that there would backlash from the all inclusive left.
Lamont Cox Thanks Steve. My wife is a teacher and she loves her students to death.👍🏾
Kissy Denise $25 dollars??? Geesh, I know I'm bourgeoise, but this ain't nothing to post to Facebook about.. At least give the brother $100. Sh*t. It's black history month. I'm just going to assume this pic isn't telling the full story.
Dwight Holmes Mr. Steve Harvey doing bad things I'm proud of you my brother assalamualaikum
Carolyn Southerland He gave him 10,000 that's just the amount you get if you load your income tax check on it!
Mattie Townsend Thank you Steve for your big heart your true love for people.You really want to do much more 💘 than you are able to do.💘
Bonnie Jean Alison MacNab Does it make you feel good that you were played by the Cheeto? Speak out.
Darryl Richarde Steve ...ur the man .. Thank you for helping others !!!
Steve Harvey
Steve HarveyMonday, February 13th, 2017 at 11:36am

This Valentine’s Day, don’t freeze up and DON’T fall into a trap fellas! Go With What You Know – like setting up Direct Deposit with Green Dot and getting paid up to 2 days early! Now that’s something sweeter than some chocolate cake. Subject to your payment provider’s process and timing.

Gail Bloodworth Head Hello Steve Harvey - I love watching ur show - both talk and Family Feud - but my question, why don't u ever find a match for us Seniors - I was married for 43 years and have tried a couple dating sites - but haven't had any luck - I would love to find a guy to travel and share things with! Know u probably won't read this but I'm trying!!! Not asking much - just a date!!!
Latonya Patterson Do you still think Trump is sincere? That line of bs you sold to your fans. People like you are the problem just as much as he is.
Verna Mae Wilson Hi Steve my husband left me for another bed he are preaching and gift play Arian and play gospel music I told him I tired of lives style went move out my apartment I throw the bed away now doo have no bed at all for his car I buy him 500' 00 tire Togo on the car he sold after my mom die inaugster of this year she were 96 year old he real hurt my heart and then mom die in Louisiana and father from branch Louisiana George Wallace Wilson and had put truest in him and then he song my mom funeral I am on the field and then song he in battle land and watch I need help I stay in Houston Texans I I all way too care of my self and kids dad die at age 40
Jerry Ewing I'm not happy with the idea that girls are good and the guys are bad. I have have a few girls friend and I have been merried 2 times, never have i treated them bad or cheated on them, and yet ever one of them has cheated on me. And its because I treated them as you think some one should. I am here to say that is all wrong. them girl need to figure out it's a 2 way street!
Sharon Warren-Nicholson Hi Steve, Maybe I am old fashioned, but what the hell do these kids know about love, come on they should be studying, planning (career)for the future. Not girls, they do not need their little *%^& growing too soon.
Shirley Kaser Hello Mr Harvey I was watching your show today, just wanted to tell you that is my dream car also. I was born in 1957 also. I was also born on the 57 day of the year. I will be 60 on this Saturday. I dont know if you see thie . Happy belated Birthday.
Lloyd N Ella Burnett Steve all that negative stuff that comes up about you is junk to say it mildly. I thank God that a man like yourself is bold enough to take it with a grain of salt,but give it back with bold assurance in himself. God continue to bless you and your family.
Sal Diaz Steve how can you be a pokes person for Green Dot. They are horrible, they have ruined my Valentine's Day this year. I have had nothing but issues, I can't see why a respectable man like yourself get entangled with such a horrible company. You have to do your homework on a company before putting your face to it as an endorsement. Not only did they ruin Valentine's day for me but I have a father daughter dance that I might not be able to go to because of Green Dot. I really wish you could help as a the face of Green Dot, hell me get my money back so I can close out my account.
Mozato Chickilato Dear Fellow African brothers and sisters living in South Africa. The South African citizens are planning to kill foreigners who are living in the country, fellow African brothers and sisters let me edge you that this is our time to show South Africans and the government of South Africa what foreigners are made of. We are declaring war to all South African who doesn't want to stay in harmony with some other African citizens who happens to be foreigners in South Africa. Let's make South Africa a war zone if they dare start what they are planning. We have put in place groups of well trained foreigners, from all African countries who are very good in using machine guns. These groups of people are in all Provence's in South Africa. The major reasons for establishing the well trained groups in to defend all foreign nationals who are in South Africa. We shall deal ruthless with anyone who want to cause torrid time to any foreigners. We have a back up base in Mozambique, Lesotho and Swaziland where drastic training is being done to counter the 24 February xenophobic attack. We advise all foreigner to group together wherever you are and fight back. In the case you are losing ground there will be back up base it the following areas: Gauteng Boksburg Jo'burg Mamelodi Rankuwa Krugersdorp Hamanskraal Spruite Sosha Limpopo Makado Marblehall Polokwane Mpumalanga Nelspruit Middleburg Springs Quaga Kwamhlanga KZN Port Elizabeth Richardsbay Durban Capetown Kayelisha Table mountain Cbd Some other bases we will post them in due course. We want to give a strong warning to the government of South Africa and all the South African citizens that enough is enough, we shall never sit back and look while an African kills an African brother because of your laziness. If you don't stop your dogs be geared for real war, and we shall fight for sure. So to be warned is to be foretold, if you want to see how ready we are go ahead with your planned xenophobia. Forward this message to all people in South Africa, all foreigners be ready to brutal kill stupid South Africans who have xenophobic minds.
Denise Mgriff Steve uknow its so bad tommy and yall still want 2b acting like stupid. Fools sounding so egnorant when god keep saying uall r just being funny wit his love
Lisa Coates Steve Harvey I just want to say how Good God is I look at you and say wow God has blessed this man! Baby it's just your turn!
Kenna Collins In regards to today's show, I don't think God just makes millionaires. I have asked and believed for a lot less than a million bucks and yet to receive it. I don't think God wants us to rely on money even though this carnal world depends on it. May God continue to bless you. Maybe I will receive what I need.
Mary Worley Loved watching your segment with The Travel Mom today on romantic getaways. I LOVE seeing The Travel Mom (Emily) on your show and on Facebook. I think it is great getting so many inside views of places to go and the giveaways are amazing, my husband has end stage liver disease so I enter any close by because we are working on his bucket list and so many places yet to see. Keep it up!!!
Virgie M Thornhill Hello Mr. Harvey, I love your show and all the advice you give women. But I would love to see a show for older women who would love to have a man in her life. I think we deserve to have love and happy ever after. Can you put a show on for us older women. We would have loved this Valentine's Day, maybe next year for us.
Amanda-Chris Williams Bwaaahaa green dot cnt help our Valentines??Even with getting paid up 2 days earlier...We work our butts off and that money is spent weeks before we get still good seeing you Mr.Harvey...
Kathryn Hazen Dame My husband and I love all of your shows. Your wit, facial expressions and laughter bring a lot of pleasure to a disabled guy. His only request for you is to not move around so much. This seems to bother his eyes. We will still watch even if you continue to shuffle. God bless you, Steve.
Laura Stockdale Steve Harvey= I / we need your help! I have been emailing you - I know you can make things happen! my roomate has Several inventions that need to get out onto the public market - this of course would give us a better life, & make lives easier & better for others! we tried going thru that inventions help it cost us over 10,000$ all we got was a BOOK! telling about the product! That was ALL! oh, & a very high bill! very disapointed! Please help, also tried to get on the Sharks - nearly impossible! thank - you so much!
Dwight Lane my rirst time here, you are so obviously problack, I respect that, love your show and your game show, and your wardrobe, do you have any suits you would donate to a white guy supporting an crazy eskimo lady
Marcia L. Baumbach T Dear Mr. Harvey, I enjoy watching your show and it is VA!Engines Day! All I am asking of you is for prayers! I have had two major back surgery, 1991 and 1999 and may have to have another one! I had a shot in my lower back yesterday that hurt so much I thought I was going to die! I just had total right knee surgery in August and wanted to get my left knee done but then my back went out! I have a wonderful husband and love him very, Jim with all my heart but feel sorry that he is stuck with me! I woke up today finding that I am so depressed ! I have always been raised as a Christian but now find that I am broke and there is no way even after insurance can I pay for another back surgery or even pay my charges! My house is paid for but no one will give me a loan or help me! I know I should have never used my charge cards but I did so my family could have a nice Christmas and do things for my husband and myself! I think my husband should find someone better but I need him esp now! I am just so depressed and don't want to live like this but NO I would never do anything wrong! Please pray for me! I know that God has done a lot for you and you are blessed!!! Thank you for your prayers! At the end of my rope! Marci Theisen in West Peoria Illinois..
Lisa Neumann I would never put my name on the Green Dot corporation. Steve Harvey this corporation has stolen peoples hard earned money. They have stole mine as well.
Terry Daly Commean Hi Steve, WFTV Channel 9 Has moved your show to the 3pm time slot and put TD Jakes in the 9am time slot. This is a terrible decision, but they are looking for a good lead in to their 4pm news show, which is sad, because they show the news from 4pm until 7 pm everyday, so there is plenty of time to catch the news. I just wanted to let you know. I am recording your show, but I am missing my morning laughs and morning coffee with Steve Harvey every morning and I detest TD Jakes show and I will NOT watch it
Anjeanetta Holmes I really want to see the turnout of those mothers picking a mate for their children. People should pickout their own mates and learn life lesson. Didn't you finally find the right one on your own.
Shelby Canuette On the Family Feud, the questions are very suggestive, then Steve acts surprised to hear ugly answers. I am disappointed in this show and no longer watch it. There's enough ugly stuff on tv withouth this show acting ugly.
Denise Mgriff Steve uall still want 2 fool around wit this stupit. Egnorant bad devil. When uknow God said hes the coolest and the greatest. Like we r all here 2b2 wit his good love+peace being yo best selfs he said like him+jesus
Todd Wilson Dude,th8 played Bubba Gump is right....was nice to hear....him being part blackfeet,makes him one of my relations.....there is the blackfoot tribe,blackfeet,an burnt thigh tribe......there is over fivehundred nations inAmerica alone....guess what,they all were fighting an trying to keep terroist out of this country....too bad Columbus,the walking sess pool,didn't get atravel ban on
Steve Harvey
Steve HarveyWednesday, February 8th, 2017 at 9:46am

I love what I do! There's no better crew than @steveharveyfm. All this week we're broadcasting live from #comfortsuitescaymanislands

Debbie Graham Hi i look at your show every day i in nurse home you make me laught when i have bad day or when my room mate get lot attendion i dont i cant spell i just down on my luck but i do have few hobby keep me busyies i cant wait your show come on i can get good laught love ya
Jennifer Fleece Done with the coon artist. He rich, and use to admire him. But so, so DONE. My opinion, you can have your own. Kiss the ring of cheeto I'm DONE.
Sharon Crowe I read recently that Harvey preaches alot about love advice, but he is married now to his ex mistress. Is he a hyprocrite or what . Well just wondering how he can be an expert to others or did he learn later in life he messed up again. Interesting.
Pamela Parker Hope you will find some time in your busy schedule to perhaps enlighten yourself about the stunningly stupid comment you made about atheists and moral compasses, that one has to be connected to religion to be a good and moral person. Ellen, one of your big supporters is an atheist and a really good person, maybe better than you. You may have horse shoes in certain places but I don't think you are very intelligent. I have no respect left for you. You, a cheater, how dare you say such a thing.
Shirlene McColley Just here to see whose hating and whose loving lol. <3 U Steve. If you need some advice on how to help the hurting, dying and misguided, I'll not only tell you what I think is the problem but offer my what I think will fix it. Ok.
Rex Lee Please do the right thing and deal with the issue in which Green Dot / Turbo Tax has had my tax return since 2/1/17 and it is all documented and audio recorded, with all that said not only do I not have my return 8 days later, but I am being told by Green Dot employee's that they are not even allowed to try to locate error or resolve the issue in any form. I am planning on a campaign starting tomorrow if the supervisor do not do what they promised to do today. If not I am writing the Word Press Theme tonight which I will plan of launching at least 100 sites nationally to create separate communities to get my message across. Of course all social media outlets will be created for each site. The content strategy will consist of a very professional and active flow of content from the many relationships I have acquired tonight with many frustrated customers of Green Dot / TurboTax. The story I have collected myself personally since Friday does absolutely illustrates the worst kind of customer service possible using third world employees at extremely low wages to deliver this horrible service. The disrespect and insults I captured on audio while just merely trying to get a claim started on my missing tax return without any success is so beyond acceptable that the public will assist me in going viral with this needed message. Yes, all I was requesting was a claim to look into my missing tax return. What I got like I said was insults and disrespect and lies which once again is all documented from the IRS, TurboTax, Green Dot and my recordings. Another funny aspect was when any lady in the Philippines answering the Green Dot service call was very clear that they were trained to hang up on the customer if the call was being recorded. It was such a guilty action that was being illustrated every time I listen I am still surprised. I know now is the TAX SEASON. My plan is to work 20 hours daily starting tomorrow until I see dramatic effect on the stock price and get media coverage. I will not stop until someone tells me about my tax return. I have been very mad, frustrated and allowed this to truly effect me negatively until a few hours ago. Once I really got into writing the code that is developing the template for all the web-pages I started to realize this is much bigger than me. This is my best work and I am starting to think this was meant for me to take Green Dot / TurboTax on. Everyone may think it is impossible, but I know I can and will! I will have with in a few day's all 100 sites live and within a week I will have built community ( Very reasonable to hit 2-5K database in lager city environments in a week) from each site and the social media campaign will allow me to ramp up in only week giving me the audience large enough (200,000 to 500,000 the first week ) to have influence. I am excited, you? Let's get busy, yes?
Alycia Lawson Mr. Harvey, Thank you for trying to show people that we just need to try to open our hearts,minds and souls to all sides...there is bad and greatness on ALL sides...put our differences aside and make what is hard and sad into helping and's all going to be ok....make fun of "all sides"...take the good from all and get our stuff together and move up and forward....You are a shining positive light with a lot of love....thank you sooooo much!!!!
Alisha Sutton A friend of mine listens to your morning show, and for the most part it is uplifting and positive. However, I would question as to why your pranks are quite the opposite often times. Your "freedom paper" bit this morning seemed to be in bad taste given the current national anxiety over deportations under the current administration. Can we have some positive humor please?
Leslie Brown Thanks Steve Harvey crew for making my days keep me laughing my mother passed right before Christmas, your show was the only thing that kept me going through laughter .thank you for your services
Tomeka Ramsey A very good friend of mine is getting married in Cayman today....please please please crash the wedding...this would be the best gift ever!
Anthony Keith You are a class act Steve...i can always count on you for a laugh. I hate game shows but watch family fued when i can because i know you will pull something....keep it up !
Teresa Brooks He said he met with him because he has a right to which is true. However we feel really means nothing as the other person is sitting on the beach somewhere sipping margaritas. I'm over it and wish him the best. I love the beautiful smile Marjorie has.
DeAnna Tetreault I'm headed to Grand Cayman on Friday. Maybe we can catch one of your broadcasts live. What time do you tape the site and how do we get tickets to be In the audience?
Della Daniels Mr. Harvey I need to ask Steve By the Grace of God you will see this. My pray is that you will see this so you will be able to contact me Della Daniels. I really need help. God Bless Della
Eba Cordero I would love to spend a day or even just an hour with Mr & Mrs Steve Harvey. He doesn't know I have Cancer & I watch family Fued & he makes me laugh so hard I cry & I forget about my pain, my illness. I love the way your wife presents herself because her heart is confident with her man. What a blessing! God bless you both!😊
Sherry McCarty Not sure how else to contact you, but I help host the West Virginia Roadkill Cook-Off and Autumn Harvest Festival in West Virginia. I understand you are from West Virginia! Anyway, we would love for you to come and be a celebrity judge. Marlinton is no Caymen Island for sure, but would be a really unique and fun thing to do in your home state. We have about 15,000 in attendance each year and feature some recipes you wouldn't believe!
Gregory Allen I'm peeping yo TV shows, you're trying to do damage control, having black folk on all the week, you usually have some old azz white lady on talk n bout her dog or bird dat fell out a fuk n tree,keep dat up' you may get yo black card back Mr Kuhn
Gordana Stolp So wish they would telecast your Family Feud programs in Australia. Visiting my aunt in NYC i couldnt miss a night of you!!
Carolyn Richardson I couldn't hear you all this morning on 96.3...what happened..this was around 6:15am-6:30am are you off the air since you're on the islands? 'Traveling grace go with you all' Happy Wednesday!!⚘ Have a wonderful day!!🌹
Jamie Ann Mitchell Why would black people bash a black man for wanting to help other black people???? I'm white so am I missing something?? Like he should be racist and not work under a white President??? Or something else???
Valerie Lathern Steve, I love you but please don't endorse Green Dot before thoroughly investigating them. They are not user friendly for African Americans especially young men. Which is NOT what you are about. I would love to send you the data that proves my point. They are trying to open a school in Inglewood and we are fighting it. Just had a hearing with the LA county of Education. I know you don't need the money and are for our people but this is not a good endorsement. They cherry pick students and NOT our. They bought students to the hearing and it was one AA girl they bought to speak. I would love for you to speak with us regarding what we have developed. Please vet them a bit further before you become their spokesperson. NOTGOOD for US. You do so much...ask your mentee's I am sure they have had experience being kicked out of a green dot school
Melissa Miller I look forward everyday Steve to watch your shows, Steve Harvey & Family Feud because you always make me laugh. Which brings my spirits up & if my depression is taking a hold of me that day, you bring me out of that slump. Love ya Steve keep doing what your doing
Mary Ellen Rice Steve the vascular ultra sound lady has the EXPERIENCE that can't be bought . It takes working at that job to gain the knowledge. She obviously enjoys her job and helping people so it isn't a JOB to her.
Adrainne Thomas Love Steve and crew but I simply don't care for the Cayman there is nothing to do on that tiny and I mean tiny, small island NO THANK YOU!
Michelle R Scoggins I am absolutely a fan I have gotten blue in the face defending are my Frat brother and Uncle. I can't believe how your own Que brother's are dogging you DL Tony Rock... I am so sorry because I do believe you think you were doing the right all are so funny on the air I use to not be able to breath getting out my car to go teach my 8:00 class my students thought their professor was on drugs! Then your TV show and the Feud I work in the evening and have to watch both before I leave out. I am a huge fan. I love your books and you have motivated me to be even better. So unfortunate that some can't appreciate what you do for our community. You are a wonderful person with a beautiful family I was just so hurt by the fact they dragged your wife into the mess.... I hope you are not going off the air we need the daily laughs I know for me the last two years have been hell so you all lift me up. Michael Basiden now this is absolutely horrible.